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Gingerbread – Protection Spell

Canonically the first time Willow put a spell on Buffy without her knowledge and consent was during Gingerbread. She claimed it was a simple protection spell, that couldn’t possibly do any harm and that now Buffy knew about it, it was broken anyway.

But – Amy was also part of the group that cast the spell and it is at least implied canon that she had dealings with Rack prior to her ratdom.

There are many possibilities for what that spell was intended to do and even more for what it actually did.  My top three picks are –

A) Rack had Amy cast the spell to try and tap into the power of the Slayer line.

B) Rack had Amy cast the spell to try and capture Buffy’s soul and/or part of the Slayer spirit after her (presumed imminent) death in the Cruciamentum.

C) Amy casts the spell on her own behalf, with the intent of siphoning off the Slayer power to sell to Rack.

In all three cases I can see the Law of Unintended Consequences and/or the Primal Slayer coming back to bite everyone in the ass. 


The Challenge?  Pick one of these scenarios (or go with your own ideas for the spell) and write the story.


Things to Keep In Mind

What was the spell intended to do?

What did the spell actually do?

How / When / Why was the spell discovered.

Why was Willow included in the casting? I do not suggest she was a knowing participant in the spell, but can very easily see Amy handing her a spell, saying ‘This will do what you want.’  And Willow not bothering to check.

Does Amy being a rat affect events?

If you’re going with the spell being intended to activate at Buffy’s death, how does her mystical death by portal and subsequent resurrection change things.


Timeline – you’ve got a pretty free hand between Gingerbread and Rack’s death at the end of S6.


Must Have –

Long term consequences to Buffy and/or the Slayer line, the sort that cannot be hand waved off as no harm done.

Spike being involved in the solution somehow.

Buffy not immediately forgiving Willow, especially if this is set in S6. Yes, it is carelessness rather than intent on Willow’s part, but it is still Buffy who has to deal with the consequences.

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Riley Finn, Spike

In the spirit of the new direction of the site and so that Drusilla is not neglected.


With a slight adjustment to the timeline Dru arrives in Sunnydale while Riley is going to the suck house and turns him as a gift for her daddy.


Several ways it can go from there but must have -

The scoobies knowing about Riley's little habit and being fully supportive of Buffy.

Someone other than Spike passing on the bad news.

Spike and Buffy getting together.

Angel training up Vamp! Riley as a vampire.


May have -

Any combination of souled/unsouled Riley/Angel/Drusilla.

Buffy telling Riley exactly what she thinks of him.

Other initiative personnel showing up.