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Challenges by Nyxella
Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Maggie Walsh, Quentin Travers, Spike, Tara

Futuristic AU. Buffy is the Slayer, but humans have accepted demons and the like, making it hard for Buffy to do her job. She lives in LA with her sister Dawn, their mom is already dead and their dad left. Buffy is eighteen and Dawn is still in high school. One day when Buffy is out Dawn gets taken to a home outside of LA for human, demon, and vampire children. It's run by the Watcher's Council, trying to keep children vampires as they never grow up. And raising demons to be "good". Spike is a vampire, but he has a friend whom he is close to that he thinks of as a kind of sister who is human, Tara. She gets taken too and Spike needs to go in and save her just as Buffy needs to go in and save Dawn. Also Professor Walsh is the doctor there and secretly doing experiments. Other Scooby members can be there too. Maybe Xander's a security guard and Anya is a staff member and Willow could be one of the children too and end up with Tara if you want. It doesn't matter. Even Giles could be in it in some capacity. And the name can fit the story in whatever way. Maybe the name of the home. I'd also like the home to be very nice looking on the surface. Like no one could think bad things are happening there, secretly. And Spike and Buffy working together to save their family and falling in love and maybe a tiny bit of smut if you can fit it in/find some way for it to fit. And who they will disguise themselves as. Like Buffy can pretend to be a child living there, as she looks young. And Spike could be something else. Let me know if you need more info, as I'm not even sure any of this makes sense. It did in my head!

Categories: Alternate Reality, All Human
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Spike, William

William moved from England during middle school to Sunnydale California with his dad. His best friend is Dawn Summers, and when he meets her mother, Buffy Summers, he falls for her. Being too young though there's nothing he can do. Now a senior in high school and eighteen years old, having changed to Spike but still very much William inside and still best friends with Dawn, he decides to finally confess his feelings to Buffy. They must end up together at the end, I would like smut too, even if just a little. All characters can be in it and Dawn's father can be Riley, Parker, or Angel, meaning they're not still with Buffy. It doesn't matter which one. Make it what you want, as long as it has this premise and a happy Spuffy ending. Idea from the song Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne.

Categories: Season 4, Season 5, Holiday Fic
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Title can be different. Around Halloween. Spike goes to sleep one night in his crypt, naked, of course. Can be during season 4 or 5, and wakes up to find himself turned completely into chocolate. Maybe with a little cream filling. He’s still shaped like himself, though more chocolate bar sized and still naked. Buffy comes along and finds him and can’t resist having a taste. She ends up licking him until he’s nothing, no biting, maybe a nibble. It even felt so good to Spike, he cums his cream filling from his chocolate cock. blush Buffy realizes what she’s done and maybe says "At least he died happy". Then they wake up. Maybe they both had the same dream or Buffy could have dreamt it. Ends with Spuffy all around.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Angelus, Dawn, Drusilla, Ensemble, Other, Riley Finn, Spike

Takes place in an alternate universe where Buffy is called Elizabeth, at first. She is an alchemist, someone who makes things in a cauldron, kind of like a witch. She can make medicine, poison, bombs, food, whatever she puts her mind to with the right ingredients. She lived with her husband Pike in a small village. One day a Lord known as Angelus comes to the village and decides to take Elizabeth for himself, but she refuses. He kills Pike and forces himself on her, before leaving.

Elizabeth won’t let that break her though and she decides to get revenge. She travels to the city where Lord Angelus rules and buys a shop there, opening up an atelier to take jobs and make what people request. She renames herself Buffy, and makes friends with two other women who live nearby, Anya and Drusilla. She also befriends the witches that lives outside the city, Tara and Willow.

Giles can be in it too, maybe he works at a bookstore not too far from Buffy’s shop. Dawn can be there too and be like a little sister to Buffy as she admires her alchemy and wants to learn it too.

Xander and Spike can be knights that work for the city guard. Riley can be a hired goon for Angelus that also ends up wanting Buffy. Darla can be Lady Darla, Angelus’s wife who knows of her husbands activities and doesn’t care. There can also be OC’s if you want to add them.

In the alternate universe there is electricity and running water, but it’s more medieval time otherwise. I know it’s a bit complicated and probably not everyone would know what alchemy is. She could also just be an apothecary, mixing herbs and making only medicines and poisons. She’ll eventually need to get revenge by killing Angelus, but other than that of course, is a happy Spuffy ending.

 Let me know if you need more info!