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Honestly not sure if I would have become such a BTVS fan if Spike hadn't driven into Sunnydale and into my heart. 

I remember the first moment I saw him and was inistantly in love with the character. 

I RL...I'm a mom, grandmother, artist, writer, lover of all things rabbit. 


I Love this site!

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Challenges by Cryptwarmer
Categories: Season 6, Missing Scene, Historical
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Other, Spike, William

Spike never expected to see Cecily again, and certainly not in the role of vengeance demon and a friend of a friend. Isn't it a small world?! 

Fic should include some fun, awkward, possible snarky and certainly revealing interaction between Spike and Halfrek that divulges some of their past. And lets see Buffy reacting to it all...and likely poking a little fun. 

What a fun way to find out more about William.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: None

Assume that the Buffy show was just a series, based on a book, based on reality. What might have gotten lost in translation? 

What is the real down low on certain characters, events, time frames, etc before

 they were embellished, dressed up and made over for TV?

Maybe some of the characters we know are actually composites, or created purely for dramatic or comedic effect! 

Were names and places changed to protect people's privacy and identity? This is your opportunity to out them!

What do YOU think the untold story really is? 

The fic can take place at any point along the Buffy timeline. It can be as short as a missing scene, or an episode rewrite, or you can tell the whole long tale if you're inspired. 

No all human fics, you can do gender bending, reassignment of supernatural features etc but keep the Slayer/vampire dynamic intact. Vampires exist, Buffy (or her alternate name) is The Slayer. Beyond that...rock out!

As far as the category or style just about anything is fair game.