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Challenges by Sunalso
Categories: Holiday Fic, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Andrew Wells, Buffy, Spike

Holiday Oneshot-

Can follow as much or as little canon as you'd like. Set post Chosen, and during Angel S5. Buffy writes a Christmas Card to Spike that she (obviously) never means to get sent. Andrew finds it and helpfully mails it off. 

The story can entirely be Spike recieveing the card and reading it, along with his reactions to what's said. What Buffy has written is entirely up to you- but I'm hoping for the angst to be turned up to 11. (ie do your best to make me cry). 

Your choice on the ending- it doesn't need to be happy. Spike could even just tuck the card into his coat and the scene fade to black. I do like the idea of him carryin the card with him and rereading it periodically- maybe right before the alley? 

Must Have: A clear discription of the card- what would Buffy choose for him?

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

When Willow does the Tabula Rasa spell in season 6 she manages to hide the crystal somewhere safe and the spell is not broken. Now it's roughly four months later. Giles and Anya are married and run the Magic box together. Willow and Tara are still a couple and have started a home based business together of a witchy sort and are contributing financially to the bills/mortgage. Alex (aka Xander) can be doing anything you think is fitting, as long as he's content with it. Your choice if he's in any kind of relationship. Dawn is a carefree student (potentially she could even have been adopted by Giles and Anya). Of course, our heroes Randy and Joan are out nearly every night fighting the good fight against the ridiculous numbers of demons that seem to end up in Sunnydale. They've been going out and could even be engaged. Either way it's an completely above board and well established relationship. 

The house on Revello Drive has been sold (no memories to tie any of them to it and it was creepy to be constantly reminded of what they've forgotten) and they've purchased a larger home where they can live together as fellow survivors of whatever memory problem as struck them. It's a close knit and very happy bunch of people.

They can have already taken out the Trio if you wish.

Enter Riley. He's come looking for Buffy as in canon and ends up wildly confused at what he's found. If you're feeling particularly devilish you can have him call Angel.

I'd like a fairly fluffy, happy story. If you want everyone to recover their memories at some point- make it far down the line and have them integrate who've they been for the last four months. 

Lots of chances to play with the situational irony here- have fun with it. 

Small list of nos: No major character death, no super whiny Dawn, and absolutely no Buffy/Riley. 

Small list of musts: The rating is up to you- but smootchies of some kind please! Joan learns to drive, and please at least one big family dinner scene with everyone talking/teasing/enjoying each other. 

Have fun!


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: None

Simple: write a one shot or short chaptered fic with the craziest premise you can come up with and post it on April 1st or as near to as you can.  Doesn't need to be crack!fic, but that's not discouraged. 

Let your imagination loose! (Unless you're going to do PMSing feral!Buffy, because I've already got that one reserved) 

Author's choice of title, of course!




Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Gort and I were emailing back and forth and somehow this developed. Neither of us have time to write it, but we thought it might inspire someone else:

We want a version of BtVS where Angel is Creole-French (living in France turned during the French Revolution-he’d clearly be a revolutionary- think Alexander Dumas' father) and it wasn’t until his soul was restored by a voodoo priest in Louisiana that he regained his sense of justice and the desire to fight for what’s right. 

Spike would be a Argentinian lover/fighter/poet who is always throwing himself heart first into anything. Now, after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend he’s in Sunnydale looking to bring her Buffy’s head as a grand gesture. Of course he just goes and falls in love with Buffy instead. 

There could be a love triangle going on that’s not very clear about the outcome- does Buffy, still our blonde California girl- want the man that holds liberté, égalité, fraternité above everything else, or does she want the man with his heart on his sleeve that loves her for who she is and who is always struggling to make something more of himself?

We'd be okay if she can't make a decision and wants both...

Could roughly follow the outline of one of the seasons of the show if you'd like.

Only other requirement: No Willow or Xander bashing

Categories: Holiday Fic
Characters: Ensemble

(Author's choice of title) I admit I'm a total sucker for those convenience store romance novels that have a Christmas/Holiday theme. I read a ton of them every November/December but would *much* rather be reading Spuffy versions.


What I'm looking for:


  • Obvious holiday theme
  • Spuffy fairly quickly: there should be a plot besides them getting together. A terribly thin plot is fine. Like the money Joyce had set aside to buy Dawn and Buffy presents goes missing in S5 so they all make do and then Spike finds the envelope behind the fridge the next day. Nothing too angsty please, this is meant to be fun and enjoyable.
  • HOT! (NC-17 or AO) and make it count early and often. There's lots more than just getting the D in the V as possibilities. Over the top UST in the beginning is A-Okay.
  • Medium length so 20-35 K ish. Not a hard and fast rule.
  • For this challenge no AH please.
  • Holidays are meant to be spent with family- so I'd prefer settings that have Scoobies around instead of Buffy and Spike trapped alone somewhere.
  • Happy Spuffy ending- so it can't all be for nothing at the end with Spike and Buffy forgetting how their holiday went.
  • Any season, post-season, etc. is fine- but I really don't like the comics (just as a F.Y.I.) Or time travel would be nifty too! (Victorian Christmas, anyone?)
  • And again- light on the angst. Conflict: yes, Buffy meditating on the meaning of life while crying and arranging matchsticks: No.
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN.

Categories: Challenge Response
Characters: None

Yeah, Baby! It's that time again!

Write a drabble, one-shot, or multi-chaptered fic with the craziest premise you can come up with and post it on April 1st. Doesn't need to be funny, though those are most certainly welcome. Could be totally crack!fic if that's where your muse takes you (Spike is Buffy's pet llama!--that one probably shouldn't be NC-17). Any ratings welcome. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

April Fools 2016

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

Authors choice of title, of course!

Figured I should put this out there so it doesn't disappear into the ether.


AU Season 5.  Sometime after OOM but before The Body.

While going through some old papers of Giles' the gang finds a picture of him dressed in drag (I'm thinking like when ASH played in The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Spike is there and hears them giggling. He goes over to see what's so funny and Xander tries to keep the picture from him, so he ends up leaning over Buffy and accidently groping her in some way. He snags the picture and is looking at it while Buffy (to her embarrassment) gets completely turned on from what Spike did. Spike can sense/smell her arousal, but he thinks it's over the picture of Giles.

He is never going to let her live it down.

And of course Buffy can't deny it or she'd have to explain why she really got turned on.

I'm envisioning a one-shot, possibly a episode rewrite where the scoobies have more to worry about than just embarrassment.

Up to you how it's resolved. Does Spike show up at the Bronze in drag to woo Buffy away from Riley? Does it work?

Any rating welcome...but y'all know me ;-)

Note: This is not, at any point of time, meant to hold transpeople of any kind up for ridicule. Let Giles be proud of his past. The humor is meant to come from the situation, not from disparaging a demographic.

Please no scoobie bashing of any kind!

Categories: Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Title of your choice!

For those who don't know...May is the Merry Month of Masturbation (at least in some AO3 circles). The only BtVS one I saw last year was Bangel (boo). And there's just not enough masturbation one-shots (ha! I kill myself!biggrin) as it is. So the challenge is to post a one-shot of any length you wish that features Buffy or Spike (or both?) getting themselves off solo and post it anytime during the month of May. Can be any season, AR, AH, whatever floats your boat. Can be a sad!wank or everyone having a great time. Throw some voyeurism or exhibitionism in if you want! Make it as dirty as you like (um, obviously NC-17 and above here, folks!) Have fun! Enjoy!  devil

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Drusilla, Riley Finn

Author's choice of title.

I don't have time for anything else right now, but this won't leave me alone so it's getting a challenge.

What is it with South America and exs on Buffy? Dru ends up there...Riley ends up there...

What I'm looking for is either in late S5 or you can change things around however you need to and make it in S6 instead, Dru (having got wind that Spike is all about Buffy) shows up with her new toy...Riley. He can be a vamp if you want, but I'd prefer if he was still human, just really into her. (He always did like getting bit)- no thrall. (That can be proven by the scoobies, if needed). She had been planning to make Spike jealous, but Spike and Buffy are really more confused and rather amused. Plus, it turns out she kind of likes her new pet.

Everyone else is aghast and clutching their pearls.

Spike and Buffy's relationship is outed during this whole ordeal, of course.

Bonus if you can work in Angel somehow.

Can have Spike being a little jealous but never a serious threat that he's going to leave Buffy. Buffy's just done with Riley at this point romantically. She can offer to help him, but he's good where he is. (In fact he's rather upset when he figures out Drusilla was originally toying with him to get back at Spike, though she's since become attached to him).

Double bonus if Riley actually wears a collar and is otherwise a "pet".

Please no excessive scoobie bashing, or turning one of them into some kind of villain. This is all meant to be light hearted and fun, with a happily ever after!


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: None

Author's choice of title.

Buffy is nearly always portrayed in fic as being physically attracted to Spike right from the start...but what if she wasn't?

Spike can be horribly scared for whatever reason you wish (holy water burn? fire he was unable to fully recover from? Could have been intentionally done by Darla or Angelus). And he needs to be pretty bad off- most of his body. Possibly causes him lingering pain.

Spike still takes care of Dru, but she is not attracted to him and they do not have sex (or not often she can give him pity access to keep him loyal).

So how does Spuffy come about? Does Spike pull a phantom of the opera routine? Maybe helping Buffy learn to be a better fighter, but all she hears is a disembodied voice? (If you go this route Spike will have to disguise his voice when she sees him as him)

Do things proceed to much later in the series and Spike has to work even harder to prove himself to Buffy? (Harmony would have nothing to with him, he'd be so alone!) Does something happen that shows Spike's heart to Buffy prior to when she sees it in canon? How does she see past the exterior to who's inside?

The only big DON'T is that somehow Spike can't be magically healed. He's scared. Buffy's kiss or tears or whatever isn't going to fix that.

Any rating is fine (though y'all know me), if you want to address sexual dysfunction of some kind that'd be great too, but not to the point that Buffy is just fine with a sexless relationship. If the main show can't happen there's still plenty of other things that can be done wink

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: None

(Author's choice of title) 

This will need to be very AU, but could be a great vehicle for character study and interactions. 

Im looking for a retelling of Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians", but heavily changed to fit the Buffyverse characters. 

The location of the remote island is up to you. Windswept English coastline or tropical paradise? Whatever you end up doing I'm hoping setting will be a major part of the story. 

The number of people invited and who they are is at your discretion, though of course two of them should be Buffy and Spike. None of the characters should have met before (unless two of them have a secret history together). If Dawn is included she can be Buffy's sister.

The identity of the person doing the inviting is also up to you (Dru? Ethan? Warren?) 

im looking for this to be a longer fic and any rating is welcome. It could be AH or all the usual spread of supernatural elements. 

And yes, you'd get to kill quite a few characters off however you wish. It could be very cathartic!

My only other requirements are no character bashing please and Spuffy should be together at the end. 

Happy writing! 

Categories: All Human
Characters: None

(Author's Choice of Title)

Buffy's a young starlet in Hollywood during it's golden age (1930s? Can be your choice of decade), she's married to a studio exec (Angel) and enjoys her life of luxury. She's somewhat of a spoiled mess. When her husband starts seeing a new girl (Cordelia?) Buffy finds herself slowly shut out. However, she's still slated to star in the latest big-budget movie (can be whatever you want it to be) as that contract was inked before Angel started seeing Cordelia.

Her co-star? Spike.

He's a new-comer (read: the studio didn't have to spend a lot of money on him) and Buffy does NOT like working with an unknown. Of course he's actually good at what he does.

As the movie goes on his acting makes Buffy rise to the occasion. It turns out she's not just a pretty face.

Spike finds himself falling for his costar, even though she seems so far above him. What he doesn't know is Buffy's falling for him fast, too.   

Eventually they give into their passions and spend a wild night together.

The movie is a hit, but Buffy's life goes into free fall when the scandal breaks that she's pregnant, and her estranged husband files for divorced.

Spike's star is starting to rise, does he give it up to for Buffy or keep quite? What happens?


Must Haves

Classic cars!

Cameos from other actors/ Hollywood personal of the age you choose

Other Buffy-verse people in roles you choose

UST between Spike and Buffy at the start that's thick enough to cut with a knife


A Few Nots

No Spike/other

No having Buffy miscarry or otherwise loose the baby

Buffy can't spend the entire time being a bitch to Spike, there needs a be a genuine basis for them being together

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 2
Characters: None

(Author's Choice of Title)

When Angel is resouled at the send of S2 he runs off instead of just standing there and letting Buffy run him through with the sword (exactly why is up to the author), Spike dither didn't leave with Drusilla or he returned. As part of Angel's bloodline his blood can also close the portal. Buffy grabs him and puts the sword through him, but he's pissed and grabs her arm and doesn't let go. The hell dimension they end up in is a very much like an Alaskan on NTW/Yukon arboreal forest. It's not quite winter yet. I want to see the two of them struggle to survive in this extreme climate, eventually coming to rely on each other and that blossoms into love. There can be a mix of demonic creatures and regular ones (to provide a food source).

You can so as much/take as long as you like over the first part, but eventually it becomes clear that they are here for the long haul. They build a cabin, maybe Spike carves dominos out of deer bones, Buffy figures out how to make candles from rendered fat, etc. etc. They are there for A LONG time, with no one but each other for company. Find some reason Buffy doesn't age. This can be decades or a century or more. I'm picturing this being a good 2/3 of the fic.

The last third, however...

A portal finally opens and Buffy and Spike are pulled through, back into the mansion. They've been gone for perhaps a month in "real world" time. Now they have to try and navigate a world they no longer know and be questioned about a relationship that they've been a part of for years. How do they navigate this? Have fun with them being shocked by the modern world, and I'd love to see things like Buffy being unable to sleep until Spike comes to hold her, but then they both can't sleep because the bed's too soft, so they end up wrapped around each other on the floor.

Must Have

  • Eventual understanding on the part of the Sunnydale people and a Spuffy HEA
  • A polar bear (can be a zombie)
Can Have
  • A claim: perhaps Spike and Buffy communicate almost entirely telepathically and have trouble speaking aloud when they return
  • Dawn
Can't Have
  • Buffy being an endless bitch until she suddenly changes her mind, she doesn't have to be thrilled with Spike at the start, but don't have him being extremely nice to her and her only being a pain in return (also he can be a jerk at times too)
  • Any other sentient beings in the hell world
  And that's it. Any rating you'd like, though y'all know what I like! wink

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

(Author's Choice of Title)

In OOMM Spike actually gets the chip removed. He still attacks Buffy, but is scared off before he can more than barely bite her. Later on he has the same kind of dream (perhaps slightly altered) and realizes he loves Buffy. Only he has no chip...and she knows it. What happens next? How does S5 progress? How does Spuffy come about?

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 4
Characters: None

(Author's Choice of Title)

Either Spike or Buffy in S4 are caught and chipped by the Initiative, only it doesn't go according to plan. What exactly happens is up to you and can be as silly, sexy, or angsty as you like, as long as the end result is Spuffy. The only hard and fast requirement is a HEA, but I'd like to see as many canon problems as possible get lobbed at the scoobies and see Buffy or Spike have to deal with them while also dealing with the problem the chip causes.

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: None

(a little nod to Rezol87 as this idea grew out of her EC chapter, however, this story isn't mine either ;-)


Author choice of title.

Post Chosen (and ignoring AtS S5 and the comics) Buffy and the crew are facing a new evil, the nature of what it is, is entirely up to the author. The kicker is, they need Spike in order to beat it. Do whatever handwaving you need to for the reason behind that and for the method by which Buffy steps across dimensions to pluck a Spike who is about to die away from his dusting with milliseconds to spare. The Spike she grabs is from S2 and he'd just had the tables turned on him by Angelus and was about to be ended in the Crawford Street Mansion.

Now the Scoobies have their Spike, but he's soulless, chipless, and still devoted to Drusilla. None of which a heart-eye'd Buffy really had time for. She's so overjoyed to see him that she keeps sort of throwing herself at him, much to Spike's embarrassment. I'm hoping for a few chapters here of sexual frustration on both their parts (bonus if they both are getting themselves off, angrily of course).

Mostly what I want to see is a Spike that's attracted to, but not in love with, Buffy, being snowed under by the full force of her love. Eventually, he's of course going to fall head over heels for her sooner or later (smut is good!).

Drusilla can show up at some point, but I really don't want Spike running off or boinking her in order to figure out he doesn't want to be with her. Buffy being jealous would be a bonus, though.

I'd also like angel to show up and for Spike to be floored when Buffy won't have much to do with Angel and his soulful act.

In the end, the defeat the newest evil monster and live happily ever after.

I'd like to see Dawn forge a relationship with this Spike during the course of the story, who despite himself can't help but care for her. Maybe Dawn can get herself kidnapped at one point and Spike is the one to save her.

The "nos"" are: 1) no evil scoobies, no scoobie bashing, no reading Xander, Willow or Giles a long list of everything they did wrong and Buffy yelling at them that they should pay for it. 2) no torture of anyone at any point 3) Spike can't murder and eat anyone. He can get close, but just no. At first Buffy is watching him like a hawk, and later he realizes that he really doesn't want to risk the new life he's found.

Pretty much anything else is fair game! I'm hoping for lots of snarky banter, sexual tension, eventual smut, and a HEA.

Have fun!

Categories: Alternate Reality, Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series
Characters: None

Author's choice of title.

Any season.

I'm looking for a nuanced story in which Buffy is transgendered. S/he can be anywhere along the spectrum with regards to her change, but with being so young s/he most likely wouldn't have had sexual reassignment surgery. S/he may not even wish to take that step.

Male to Female: Perhaps Buffy is called while she is still male, which greatly confuses Merrick. There could be a lot worked in here about internal vs external gender identity. She could become Buffy during the first part of this fic and move to Sunnydale. Do her friends know her biological identity? Does Giles? Angel? Of course the end game would be that at some point Spike shows up and falls in love with the Slayer, and she with him...only Buffy's worried that Spike isn't going to still be interested once he knows Buffy's biological gender. Of course, we the reader know differently!

Female to Male: Buddy (or whatever much better name you pick!) was born female, but knows that's not what he is. Being called as the Slayer complicates matters since only girls are Slayers. Matters are complicated because either Buddy is either bisexual or gay. Again, Spike roles into town, and after being initially confused he's just fine with what he finds.

I don't mind some jokes or humor related to issues around transitioning, but if you have a very bigoted character it can't be one of the scoobies. Her/His friends are still that. They can ask questions, be confused, and not always be comfortable, but there's a world of difference between that and making fun of Buffy/Buddy.

Spike needs to be supportive. No having him freak out about what's in Buffy's/Buddy's pants. He'd probably know long before Buffy/Buddy said anything anyway. You can have Angel wig. Because he would.

Please no comics canon.

You can focus on one tight point of time, one season, or dip in and out of the whole arc of the show, but please don't skimp on the part where Buffy/Buddy and Spike are falling in love/getting together.

Please no extreme violence/torture/mutilation.

If your comfortable I'd like smut, because I think it'd really show how accepting Spike is. And Spike can reassure Buffy/Buddy that any changes they undergo (perhaps there's hormones involved?) are welcome and accepted, along with any changes in the future.

I can't write this fic because it's not a world I know, but I dearly hope that someone with more knowledge than me will tackle it someday in the future!

Thank you!

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Anya, Buffy

(Author's choice of title)

I'm just looking for a one-shot here...

At some point of time (you don't have to spend a lot of time on the set up), in a AU timeline in which Anya and Xander and Buffy and Spike are established couples, Anya and Buffy sit down together to have a girls night. (The guys can be off doing whatever MacGuffin thing). A few drink later the girls start spilling the beans to each other on all the crazy sexy-time scenarios they get up to with their significant others. I'm thinking role-playing Anya describing Xander playing sexy pizza delivery boy and Buffy talking about how she plays sexy nurse, etc. etc. Have fun! This is just an excuse for some sexy silliness.

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Twenty-six letters, twenty-six weekends, twenty-six sex acts. 

Buffy has things she'd like to learn, about sex and her body, after all, one night with Angel, one with Parker, and anytime spent with Riley, doesn't really count. Spike is the perfect partner. He's got the skills, the time, and she probably won't physically break him. There are a few rules, like absolutely no kissing. 

Letter selection is random by drawing from a bag, no switching. The sex act must relate to the letter selected, either by starting with it (H=Handcuffs, R=roleplay) or it could be looser (R=risky=doing it somewhere they could get caught). Who chooses the act switches off every week. 

Will the no kissing rule survive very long? Will Buffy be able to be intimate with Spike for all 26 weeks and not develop feelings? Will the end up friends and doing more than just boinking? 

Could squish this into a happier S6, perhaps? Or even S5. Could be completely au. 

I'm okay if you want to have Buffy cheating on Riley. 

I'm writing an AoS version (here) but would love to read a Spuffy one. Based on THIS tumblr post (nsfw). The Twilight fic that @ughfitz based her prompt on is here. It looks popular, but I haven't read it so can't vouch for quality. 

Categories: All Human, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: None

Ideas for small fics from all seasons. Can be any rating (though I'm partial to smutty stuff ;-) 


1.  During the episode Nightmares, Spike is in town and finds vampire Buffy before anyone else, he's down to show her the ropes of being a vampire (this would be best done from Spike's POV) because she's the most adorable vampire he's ever seen. Maybe contrast with Angel stumbling onto her as a vampire. The spell breaks and Spike is horrified and fascinated by her being the Slayer, and swears he'll be back. 

2.  During Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, rat-Buffy finds her way to Spike, then turns back into Buffy. Naked Buffy. What's a wheelchair-bound vampire and a girl to do? 

3. During Lover's Walk, Buffy orders everyone out while she has Spike pinned to the counter. Once alone...she doesn't stake him. 

4. During Something Blue, there's a claim. The spell breaks...but not the claim. What now? They can't stand to be together or apart. Who gives in first and realizes they could be brilliant as a team? 

5. Family: the invisibility spell for demons goes on longer than in canon, and Spike things he's going to spy on Buffy, he does, but sees her and her family hurting. Rolling his eyes at himself, he makes what little things he can better for them. It blows Buffy away when she learns it's him helping. 

6. During Tabula Rasa Spike and Buffy think they're married and behave accordingly

7. The night before Buffy faces the first, Spike offers to massage her, and he talks to her about the past and future. Whether they snuggle or boink is up to you!

Angel Season 5: Soul Purpose: During his hallucinations, Angel sees Spike and Buffy boinking, but it's pretty tame on the show. What if it was more like Spike and Buffy *really* boinking, and Buffy laughing at any and all of his "shortcomings" (snerk) Even better if Angel can figure out Spike and Buffy are really in love and he gets over himself enough to call Buffy. 


  • I love meet cutes of all kinds. I'd love a AH AU where both Spike and Buffy are stood up and they start chatting and it goes from there. 
  • Spike being a busker and Buffy always stopping to listen to him
  • Buffy walking in on Spike getting himself off in his crypt because, seriously, learn to knock, Buffy.  
  • Buffy and Spike are dosed with truth serum, or even better, instead of the my will be done spell, Willow casts her truth spell on Spike and Buffy in Season 4...and the can't shut up about everything they'd like to do with each!