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Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
Characters: None

What if Buffy never hated Spike? All the fighting is still to the death, but it stays lighter, with quips, laughs and no hard feelings.

what would happen if they had truce extending to the Bronze area, where they could become actual friends between their fights?


should have:

- Buffy/Angel ending their romance early, without scarring the girl for life.

- Vampires being more like Spike as a norm, bloodlust and killing yes, Angelus type evil, no. Buffy knows of Vampire brothels, but she leaves them alone.

- Spike going to Joyce after getting the chip, where he promises to never try to kill the slayer again.

- Buffy and Anya being friends.


Shouldn't have:

- Spike trying to kill any scoobies,

- Scoobies being bashed. Willow doesn't become a selfish superwitch, Xander doesn't become a drunk or a hateful, bitter man.


Finally, Buffy should for once stay a helpless romantic, bravely wearing her heart on her sleeve. 

Categories: Season 5, Season 4
Characters: None

Buffy decides Riley isn't for her. Still miffed at Willow for the My Will Be Done spell, she decides to do the opposite of what all her friends seem to push her towards, she asks Spike out.


I loved the fun banter between Buffy and Spike, so it would be fun seeing it when Buffy was the one embracing it. She is stubborn enough to rehabilitate Spike just to prove to everybody, including him, that she can. How long until she falls in love and realizes it, is anyone's guess.


must have:

- Buffy actually enjoying dating Spike

can't have

- Scoobies being the villains, or over the board controlling,

- Spike being more useful than he was in future seasons.

- Buffy giving up, especially when she realizes she is in love.