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Came to Buffy in a round-about way and almost 20 years after the show began: the way I do most things. Just discovered Crowded House, for example. I live under a rock.

How I found Buffy: Liked Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries TV series, and from the TV show I progressed to the books by Kerry Greenwood, then discovered her other detective, Corinna Chapman, who is a baker & amateur sleuth in Melbourne (Australia). The Corinna characters are sly re-imaginings of Buffy characters, all human. Corinna is a fan of BtVS. So, I was curious, got the DVDs from my library, and have been an obsessed fan ever since. Spike/Buffy is my favorite OTP of all time. I love their stories in this fandom, whether they're Slayer/Vampire or all human.

I've never written anything but performance reviews, but I'm an avid reader and a good editor, so happy to beta if asked. There are some excellent writers in this fandom. I'm so impressed by the talent on display here. Some day I may try to write something, but I don't really know how. I do have a few story ideas...we'll see.



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