Summary: Updated! Buffy and Spike both go to the Renaissance Faire to escape from their lives for a bit, neither of them expecting to bump into each other. Shenanigans ensue!
Beta and Sensitivity Readers: ClowniestLivEver, squiddz
Artists: None
Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Between Seasons (any)
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy, HEA/HFN, Humor, Lighthearted, Romance
Warnings: None
Event: Mystery Month 2024
Completed: No Chapters: 3
Word count: 3,997 Hit Count: 425 ePub Downloads: 4
Published: July 07, 2024 Updated: July 21, 2024

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Story Notes: Set in a sort of "Lost Summer"esque time between a Season 5 where Buffy didn't die and a Season 6 where she doesn't get yanked out of heaven. If you can't be wildly self indulgent in fic...
NB: title subject to change, I have less than no idea where I'm going with this!
Also honestly content, rating, more or less anything else subject to change; I will flag up major rating warnings, actual warnings, etc, and anything that feels like it changes the character of the fic in a substantial way. Frankly, I think it's unlikely that this will go dark, but it may get smutty. However, please do look after yourself and make sure to check the notes/rating on future chapters just in case hug

1. Chapter 1 by flootzavut - Likes: 19 Comments: 15 Word Count: 1,460 Hit Count: 179 Published: July 07, 2024

much thanks to Liv for super fast beta feedback, any remaining mess is on me hearts

2. Chapter 2 by flootzavut - Likes: 13 Comments: 11 Word Count: 1,059 Hit Count: 131 Published: July 14, 2024

muchos gracias to squiddz for wonderful feedback, as usual, any wtfness left is on me! heart

3. Chapter 3 by flootzavut - Likes: 4 Comments: 5 Word Count: 1,478 Hit Count: 115 Published: July 21, 2024

me, posting in a rush on Sunday evening and hoping my internet doesn't give out? it's (even) more likely than you think!

thank you Liv for more beta-ing, and to booth Liv and Stiney for fight scene encouragement hearts

also new (and hopefully improved) title!