Summary: Updated! Part of the John and Buffy Series, this longer fic takes place after Spike decides he wants his memories back. They come with a few surprises....  Giles hadn't wanted John/Spike to remember some of it. Buffy is more than a little pissed off at Giles when she learns about those memories. And the surprises continue - and Giles is even less happy about it. Written for the Truce challenge at EF.
Beta by the eagle-eyed All4Spike. Any mistakes are undoubtedly a result of my constant fiddling after the fact.
Series: John and Buffy Series
Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Giles, Willow
Genres: Drama, Established Relationship, HEA/HFN
Warnings: Adult Language, Human!Spike, Sexual Situations
Completed: No Chapters: 7
Word count: 19,460 Hit Count: 1,411 ePub Downloads: 5
Published: October 27, 2023 Updated: November 25, 2023

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Story Notes: In John and Buffy series- In the first story, Buffy runs into (literally) a man in a mall who appears to be human Spike. Needless to say, they are very attracted to each other. There is some conversation about whether or not the Coven can help him get those memories back in the next fic. And in the third one, Buffy has brought him home with her to the Council complex where she lives. Giles is not welcoming, although the witches learn some important things about John from his aura. The earlier, much shorter, fics are:
 John and Buffy
A Happy Life Togo
Made For Each Other
Disclaimer:All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Chapter 1 by slaymesoftly - Likes: 16 Comments: 6 Word Count: 2,379 Hit Count: 384 Published: October 27, 2023

John has second thoughts about getting his memories back - Giles is not pleased at the idea.

2. Chapter 2 by slaymesoftly - Likes: 12 Comments: 8 Word Count: 3,099 Hit Count: 176 Published: October 31, 2023

3. Chapter 3 by slaymesoftly - Likes: 9 Comments: 6 Word Count: 3,073 Hit Count: 153 Published: November 05, 2023

Beta, as usual, by All4Spike

4. Chapter 4 by slaymesoftly - Likes: 10 Comments: 5 Word Count: 3,019 Hit Count: 170 Published: November 10, 2023

5. Chapter 5 by slaymesoftly - Likes: 9 Comments: 6 Word Count: 2,706 Hit Count: 186 Published: November 15, 2023

6. Chapter 6 by slaymesoftly - Likes: 7 Comments: 4 Word Count: 2,542 Hit Count: 167 Published: November 20, 2023

7. Chapter 7 by slaymesoftly - Likes: 8 Comments: 6 Word Count: 2,642 Hit Count: 175 Published: November 25, 2023