Summary: Someone comes upon a knitting demon.
Beta and Sensitivity Readers: None
Artists: None
Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Between Seasons (any), Post-Series, Alternate Reality, Canon-Compliant, Missing Scene, Challenge Response, Drabbles
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Dawn, Joyce
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy, Lighthearted
Warnings: None
Event: Drabblemania 2023
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 620 Hit Count: 185 ePub Downloads: 6
Published: July 10, 2023 Updated: July 10, 2023

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Story Notes: a Drabblemania submission, using the prompt: Knitting Demon, from column 2, row 2, of Board Two.
I offer a heartfelt thanks to Cawthraven, for illustrating the Drabblemania Bingo Boards, and also to the mods, for allowing us to use pieces of those boards for our notes and banners.
I don't own the screencap used in my main banner. It's from, S5E14 "Crush," which mcgnagallsarmy directed me to, via the shoutbox.
I don't own any of the characters from Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, and no copyright infringement is intended; I am just having fun imagining Spike as a knitter, who doesn't want anyone to know it, so, of course, it gets discovered and out of hand, in more than one way.

1. Stitch by JustWriter - Likes: 10 Comments: 7 Word Count: 620 Hit Count: 185 Published: July 10, 2023

The drabble's word count is 626, so I have named the chapter, fittingly, "Stitch," although there is only one chapter.