Short comic strip I made for one scene of a fic I wrote called, 7 Romantic Things You Don't Want to Do with Your Vampire Boyfriend.

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Published: January 08, 2023 Updated: January 08, 2023

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1. Playing Mini Golf (Comic) by DeamonQueen - Likes: 25 Comments: 18 Word Count: 5 Hit Count: 473 Published: January 08, 2023

Hello! So I dabble in drawing when I get bored, but I've never found the courage to share my work. However, after lurking and checking all the beautiful art from artists here on EF, I was inspired to share mine. 

Anyway, as stated in the summary, this is a comic strip of a scene from my fic. I loved this scene in that story so much that made this for fun. Just take note of the numbers in each panel so you would know where to start. That's all I have to say, please enjoy!