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Summary: Spike's life, as told via his poetry.
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Story Notes: I was looking for a challenge for Challenge Month, and realized the Danish Bird had written one that I'd already had saved; so that was easy!  Especially as writing a poetry/epistolary format story is fairly swift a project for me, in comparison to the twelve million other stories I'm currently attempting to complete.  So, here we go, then.

Disclaimer:  All characters property of He Who Will Not Be Named, but also a lot of other amazing writers, artists, et al who get equal credit, up to and including the BRILLIANT actors who brought them to life, and with whom we work in glorious tandem to make these stories blossom.  (And, I guess, Mutant Enemy.  And apparently some people at, I guess, Fox, now?  Who can even keep track anymore.)  All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, yadda and blah. (OCs if any are MINE, ALL MINE!)  I am in no way associated with The Flawed One, Mutant Enemy, UPN, Fox, or any other media franchise.  I intend no infringement.  I intend sexy shenanigans and JUSTICE FOR SPUFFY!

Pairing(s):  Always, Spuffy is endgame.  But as this is a collection of poetry drawing upon all the long years of Spike's existence, we'll of course have to put up with Cecily, first, and spend some time with Dru and Angelus, and go on through hating Buffy, then loving Buffy, and all the steps before, after, and in between.  (Oh, and put up with mention of Riley, bleh.)

Rating:  PG-13, I think, since poetic language is like that.  I've changed it to R for adult language.  Dangit, Spike.

Author’s Note / Dedication:
  This one’s for The Danish Bird, for posting such a lovely challenge!

1. A Tale Can Be Told In Verse by Touchstoneaf - Likes: 12 Comments: 7 Word Count: 2,952 Hit Count: 272 Published: April 10, 2022

It's been interesting to show a sort of evolution/"devolution"/rebirth of William-to-Spike-to-squishy-Spike-as-recapitulation, via forms of poetry.  I hope it is both subtle and indicative, here, of his many evolutions; from unaffected child, to a trammeling by rhyme and meter and linguistic foibles of an era (and the resultant self-mocking/harsh internal editor), to freedom from all strictures, a rambunctious, uncaring willingness, back to patterns as guides in chaos... and from thence to a new understanding of self.

One of these, "Scraps Of Words (Scraps Of My Heart)" has already been posted as part of my "Souls In Bondage" series.  Like that series, and in case you wish to read these as a companion to that series, these poems end on a positive note, with the assumption that Spuffy get back together and make a go of it post-series; hence the HFN/HEA tag.

Note:  If you want to know the inspiration for the one about electricity, the below video is RIFE with information about the Victorian home (and why the death-rate for kids back then was pretty damn high despite all the scientific advances of the time... and often because of them).