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So, this is total crackfic that I have been forced to write by my terrible (wonderful) friends. Please blame (or alternatively thank) Micrindle23 and Twinkles.

One Shot

Buffy’s mouth hung open and Willow paused the movie to stare at her.


“You just…” Buffy shook her head. “Sorry, mind blowing a little here. Are you serious?”

Willow frowned, glanced at Giles’ old, tiny TV, then back to Buffy. “About Liam being short for William? Yeah. What’s the big?”

“Oh, my god!” Buffy stood up and started pacing.

Willow again glanced at the image of Liam Neeson’s paused face and set down her popcorn. “Seriously, what did I say?”

“I just can’t believe this.”


Buffy stopped and turned. “I have too many Willies in my life!”

There was distant laughter that Buffy tried to ignore, and Willow was looking more perplexed than ever. But wasn’t it obvious? It should have been obvious, but somehow Buffy herself had only just made the connection. Okay, time to spell out my shame.

“You.” She pointed to Willow and began counting on her fingers. “Willy the snitch, Billy Fordham.” Buffy clenched her jaw. “William. And now you’re telling me Liam is short for William, so that means William is Angel’s real name, too.”

“Huh.” Willow got that expression she had when her brain started whirring. “Okay, so you know a lot of Wills. A little weird, granted, but not, like, Sunnydale levels of wig.”

Buffy shook her head again, the feeling of dread sinking in her stomach. “No, it’s worse than that. This means…” She looked left and right, then lowered her voice. “It means I have a type.”

“A type of what?”

Buffy threw up her hands. “A type of guy I like. Didn’t you hear me? Billy Fordham, Liam-Angel, and William.”

Willow’s mouth dropped open. “You’re saying you–”

There was a crack and a crunch from the bathroom, and then Spike ran into the living room, trailing his chains behind him.

Buffy felt her eyes bug out in her head. “I knew you could get loose!”

“I knew you felt it too!” he exclaimed, eyes intense, and then he’d closed the distance and smooshed his mouth to hers. Spike was kissing her. Spike was––damn, he was a really good kisser. That hadn’t just been the magic. I am so screwed.

Willow started giggling and Buffy pulled herself away from Spike to look at her.

“Want to share the joke with the rest of the class?” asked Spike.

“Oh, it’s just…” She blushed and waved a hand, clearly still fighting laughter. “Kinda puts a new slant on the ‘My Will Be Done’ thing, huh?”

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