Chapter Notes:

To be honest, I struggled with this chapter, but I think it is setting up the final chapter pretty nicely. It is pretty short, but I have something up for you all! Hope you enjoy.

Buffy strolled out of the bathroom with a big fluffy towel on, and her hair wrapped up in a towel. “Soooo much better. Did you call Mr. Walpole and let him know where we are?”

Spike smiled up at her from the couch, “you ask, I do.” He then nodded his head towards the table behind her. “Room service was delivered just a few minutes ago."

Buffy turned and removed the cover from her food and popped a piece of grilled chicken from her salad in her mouth, “mmm, that’s good chicken!” She then removed the cover from the other plate of food and popped a few French fries in her mouth. “You’ll love these! Crispy and salty! So good!”

Spike laughed as flicked through the channels on the tv. “Help yourself. Want to eat and then call Giles? Or call then eat?”

“Both.” Buffy grabbed the plates of food and put them on the coffee table in front of Spike. She grabbed another handful of fries and slowly ate them as she waited for Spike to hand her the phone. “Is it too early to call?”

Spike closed his eyes and did the time difference math in his head, “A little early, but not anything Giles can gripe about.” He got up and dug around in his pockets and pulled out the little phone Giles had given them. “Can you believe we can call across the ocean on this thing?” He gently tossed the phone to her and took up his spot on the couch again. Spike reached across her, grabbed a beer, and twisted the top off another beer.

Buffy called the number Giles had preprogrammed into the phone and waited. She munched on a few more fries and slapped Spike’s hand away as he tried to grab a piece of chicken off her salad. She shrugged at him and put the phone down. “Must still be a little early for Giles.” She had just placed a huge bite of salad in her mouth when the phone rang.

Spike grabbed the phone and put it on speaker. “Rupes, good morning. The Slayer has her cheeks stuffed with salad. So I’m going to make small talk until she can communicate. Did you know you were a bleeding idiot to send just us two to find Ethan? This place is fucking massive and we’re battling magic and no leads.”

“Good grief Spike! I have only just woken up… can we just sit in silence until Buffy is ready?” Giles sighed out.

“Sure, I’ve said my bit… but, I got to say this is a pretty nice spot. That Georgie boy is a decent fella. How exactly do you know him? Got his mom back on payroll yet? Did you know those bleeding little small world dolls were evil?” He flashed Buffy an amused smile and took a drink from his beer.

“OH DEAR LORD! Buffy, this one time, I will permit speaking with your mouth full.” Giles suffered out.

 “I’m here, I’m here!” She quickly swallowed down the last of the salad. “Hi, Giles!:

“Yes, hello dear.”

“Ummm… well, all of that was accurate. But, I’m really calling because we need help, Giles. This place is too big. Can Willow make her way over and magic up some help?” She picked over her salad with her fork, deciding on the next best bite.

“That would be impossible. Aliens have invaded Zimbabwe. There’s no time for rational solutions. We have sent Willow and any other resources we have. Unfortunately, this means, this case is a low priority and you two are on your own. Keep your phone on you. If I can figure something out to help I will call. Just remember, Ethan knows he can’t handle a fight. He will be always running. If you can find out where he is, you can win this fast.” Giles looked at the clock.

“That’s the problem, old man! There is an incalculable amount of places he can be at any given time.” Spike snarled.

“I’ll call when we have anything to help. Be safe you two.” Giles dropped his head into his hands frustrated by the lack of support he could offer.

“Thanks, Giles! Good luck with the alien invasion!” Buffy hit end on the call and looked at Spike.

“Well fuck.” Spike drank down the rest of his beer.

Buffy reached out and patted his knee. “We’ll figure it out. I’m gonna eat, get some sleep, then we can try again.”

Buffy didn’t wake until late afternoon and when she wandered out into the living room where she found Spike looking at the Magic Kingdom map again.

“Did you hear anything from Giles?” Buffy questioned as she joined him on the couch.

“Not yet…. I want to go into the Haunted Mansion tonight. It feels right. But before that, we need some weapons, and I’m thinking the best place for that is here.” He placed his finger down on the map.

After a quick glance, Buffy looked back at him, “you know those aren’t real weapons right? They wouldn’t leave real weapons on a ride.”

Spike just shrugged, “real or fake - as long as it’s enough to scare.”

“Then that’s where we go. We have two stops tonight - maybe if we’re lucky that will be enough.”

“Yea, cause we’re always so lucky.” Spike smiled at her, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her temple.

Ethan had returned, and enjoying his time at the Haunted Mansion. A simple spell of invisibility had made the day easy and relaxing when around the normal tourist. However, one woman from New Orleans who clearly had the gift had drained him. She kept pulling back the veil, trying to see him, he was left feeling drained and in no mood. He felt his entire body sigh when the floating head of Madame Leota appeared by his side, and offered him some advice;

“I know you think you have won
but before daybreak returns you better run,
The champion of light
is coming to fight,
A bond is forged in romance,
And you don’t stand a chance.”

“Thank you, Madame Leota, but they need to find me first, and I just don’t think they have it in them.” Ethan laughed as he kicked his heels up on the table in front of him.

“You continue to misunderstand
the powers you command,
The true of heart,
Will tear you apart.”

Ethan could do nothing but laugh at the ‘so called’ fortune teller. He knew what his powers were, and that he had finally mastered them. He was going to get everything he ever wished for.

Chapter End Notes:


Fulfilled with: “That would be impossible. Aliens have invaded Zimbabwe. There’s no time for rational solutions....


One more chapter to go! Hope you have enjoyed the ride so far.

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