Summary: Dawn Summers. Former Key. Sister of the Slayer, Buffy Summers. Bestfriend to the Slayer of Slayers, Spike aka William the Bloody. If there is someone who knows these two best, it's her. That's why we're getting a sneak-peak on her most prized possession, her Diary. Don't feel bad, we're just checking a few pages after all... devil
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Categories: Between Seasons (any), Post-Series, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy, HEA/HFN, Humor, Kidnapping, Lighthearted, POV, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language
Completed: Yes Chapters: 5
Word count: 11,531 Hit Count: 3,450 ePub Downloads: 34
Published: July 04, 2021 Updated: August 02, 2021

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Story Notes: Disclaimer: All rights to the characters belong to Joss Weadon and I don't own anyone except for the OCs if I chose to add any.
Anyway, this fic is written for the July 2021 Elysian Fields Mystery Fic-A-Thon.
Special thanks to my Beta Reader, Twinkles, she was amazing in it and had a great commentary on my work. It was appreciated. And to Dusty for making the beautiful banner that I am using. 

1. Chapter 1 by DeamonQueen - Likes: 15 Comments: 10 Word Count: 2,257 Hit Count: 1,040 Published: July 04, 2021

I'm back with a new story. I hope you guys are as supportive in this one as the last. Thanks ahead for checking this out and please enjoy!

2. Chapter 2 by DeamonQueen - Likes: 11 Comments: 6 Word Count: 1,714 Hit Count: 603 Published: July 12, 2021

This event is really putting enthusiasm into my muses. I love it! Anyway. special thanks to all the lovely readers and commenters who were so kind in their reviews. So without further ado, enjoy the update!

3. Chapter 3 by DeamonQueen - Likes: 11 Comments: 7 Word Count: 2,431 Hit Count: 610 Published: July 21, 2021

Here's another update. Sorry if the start looks different, it was initially written in a different Font which I realized too late that was not allowed here in EF. But that's okay. Anyway, thanks to all the readers and reviewers of this fic! Please enjoy this one!

4. Chapter 4 by DeamonQueen - Likes: 9 Comments: 8 Word Count: 1,937 Hit Count: 600 Published: July 26, 2021

This was one of the hardest prompts for this event. I actually had to change a great majority of this chapter and booted the original chapter content to the next and final chapter just so I can fill this prompt! biggrin

Anyway, I completed the prompt and with Twinkles' help, I was able to satisfy it accordingly. So without further ado, please enjoy the update.

5. Chapter 5 by DeamonQueen - Likes: 16 Comments: 11 Word Count: 3,192 Hit Count: 597 Published: August 02, 2021

Here's the final chapter. As I said in the previous chapter, half of this chapter was meant to be in Chapter 4, but since I added the whole alien thing, I moved it here. But it's okay because I am satisfied with this ending. Please enjoy this final conclusion to this story.