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Anya was furious. Completely and utterly furious. What was even the point of having a great orgasm buddy who also wanted to get married if you weren't allowed to tell anyone you were engaged? She had all these bridal magazines hiding under her bed that she was dying to share with Buffy, Tara, and Hallie, and instead she was forced to read them in the bathroom each night after Xander went to bed. It was going to be so difficult to organize a spring wedding in time if she wasn't able to tell them soon!

It was almost not a surprise when D'Hoffryn appeared in her bathroom that night, offering to restore her demonhood as an early wedding gift. Oh, she wasn't stupid. Hoffy obviously thought making her a vengeance demon again would convince her to leave Xander, or convince Xander to leave her, but she wasn't going to let that happen. It had taken her a long time to find a skilled lover who was young enough to be biddable in the bedroom. Also, her accountant was just telling her the other day about how much her married clients saved in taxes. And bonus: organizing a wedding with a short engagement was going to be so much easier now she could teleport again!

Still, the more Anya thought about it, the more she felt like it was past time to tell everyone about their engagement. Since Xander had stopped her the last two times she brought it up, she left him sleeping in bed, re-applied her lip gloss, and grabbed her car keys to head to Buffy's. She hoped everyone there wasn't already asleep, but surely they would be staying up late to catch up with Giles.

She was on the top step of the porch, just about to open the (busted again!) front door, when she heard Buffy start to say "I wish..." She hadn't meant to tell anyone she was a vengeance demon again so soon, but how could she pass up this chance? A wish for a Slayer? She knew for a fact no one has granted one for over 800 years, so she donned her demonic visage and sailed into the dining room with a smile on her face.

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