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All Spike had to do was track down the Gem of Amara, have one final dance with the Slayer, and drag her sodding corpse back to Dru to prove she was dead wrong about him being covered in her. The only thing he was going to be covered in was the Slayer's blood. Maybe. If he didn't drain her dry before dragging her back to Dru, that is.

Part one of the plan: flatten that aggravating welcome to Sunnyhell sign on the way into town, and find some new minions at Willy's.  

Part two of the plan: avoid the Slayer until his crew was closing in on the gem's location.   

A few hours after getting the minions settled in, Spike found himself faffing around on a bench outside Buffy's dorm room, chain smoking and trying not to call attention to himself. He really needed to be better at sticking to his plans. It was hardly his fault, though - the minions were shite at carrying on a conversation. Some fresh air would keep him from staking them all before sunrise. He'd do better tomorrow - wasn't like the Slayer was going to spot him if he was outside after her bedtime just one night, was it?  

Night 2 of Slayerwatch: Spike stole a cap from a drunk partygoer who was vomiting in the bushes, and slinked back through the trees until he was close to his bench again. He didn't want to blow his cover before he knew what her new routine was. Not that he would be embarrassed to be discovered. Enemies spied on each other all the time, didn't they? It was expected, really. The Slayer should be looking out for him everywhere she went, even if he had promised never to return to Sunnydale.  

Night 5 of Slayerwatch: Christ, did the chit just completely abandon her slaying once she started college? He hadn't seen her go anywhere for more than an hour after dark except one trip to the Bronze and another to the library with Red. It was irresponsible, wasn't it? Three times he'd been within 20 feet of her, and she hadn't even seemed to notice. Maybe he should snoop at the Watcher's for a bit, see if he was savvy to what was going on with the girl. Probably he should give it a few more nights on the bench first.

Night 8 of Slayerwatch: Some irritating git named Parker, who gave off suspicious Angel-lite vibes, was spending a lot of time with Buffy. Spike didn't trust him at all (could you trust anyone with hair that floppy?), so he followed him to a coffee shop across campus and stood in line behind him, trying to keep his growling to a minimum. Parker didn't smell too much like the Slayer, though, and he seemed to be meeting a girl named Ellen for a date, so Spike wandered back to his bench in time to see Buffy and Willow carrying some boxes into the dorm. Looked like Red was moving in.  

Night 9 of Slayerwatch: Spike was going to rip apart the next stupid bird who asked him if he had the time in a coy little-girl voice. Did he look like the sort of ponce who wore a bleeding wristwatch?! It was the cap, wasn't it? Suddenly sure it was making him look like an arse, he yanked the baseball cap off his head and savagely tore it apart before throwing the scraps on the ground.  

Night 11 of Slayerwatch: Spike was four feet away from his bench when he realized a familiar person was sitting there, staring up at the Slayer's window in a dejected manner. Sliding into his normal spot, Spike turned toward his benchmate and prepared for a confrontation.    


"Hello, Dogboy."

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