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Chapter Notes:

Here's the start! I'm working on this alone, again. So constructive criticism only! And nothing about continuing my other works. I know, I will finish those too. Eventually...

Hyperion had been filled with Slayers, everywhere. Everyone had been getting rested and healed up after the big fight. They had won, but there were so many losses. Buffy sat alone in her room, thinking of everything that was lost. That's all she ever did now, and a week had passed. She hears a knock on the door and then it opens without waiting for her response. She looks up at the one who entered seeing Angel.  

"Buffy, you shouldn't stay in here like this, all alone. It's been a week since Sunnydale fell. People are starting to leave, Slayers have gone and Giles has gone, he went to London to start setting up the new Watchers Council. You can't stay here. I know it's hard but you need to move on eventually. I know it's only been a week so we can't expect you to have moved on already. But nothing will change if you just sit here. Go to London with Giles, Willow has left with Kennedy. I don't know where Xander went, but even he has gone."  

Angel speaks, but Buffy just looks at him blankly. She knew they had gone, they said goodbye at least and that they'd be waiting. She knew Angel wanted her to go, she couldn't care.

"Fine, I'll pack up and leave, I won't be in the way anymore."

She replies. Angel grimaces and looks away.

"You know that's not what I meant. I just can't keep coming back here to check on you, I've got a law firm to run. You don't eat, you stay in here all day, and you need help. Dawn left too, and she's worried that you haven't gone to London to be with her yet."

He says. She nods, and gets up, starting to get everything she had gotten the chance to bring, not much of it anyway. She has Spike's zippo, and she stares at it. Angel notices and frowns.  

"He's not coming back you know, it's great what he did, but he's gone."  

Angel tells her, glad that the pain in his side is gone. Buffy glares at him and stuffs the lighter in her pocket.  

"You think I don't know that? I'm getting out of your hair, so just leave me alone, Angel."

She says, and Angel looks hurt, but leaves. She sighs and also gets ready to go. Heading off to London.  

She was tired, but she couldn't give up. Spike wouldn't want that, he died to save the world, a world so that she could live in it. Just like she had, but she hadn't asked for that. Stupid vampire. He didn't even believe her, not that she could blame him. Every night she patrolled, plenty of vampires in London, and she laughed, though it wasn't filled with much humor as it could be. She thought of Spike, remembering when they had watched An American Werewolf in London with Dawn. Heck, she was an American Slayer in London. She shakes her head and kept going, not watching when all of the sudden she got hit in the head, falling down and her stake flying out of her hand. She tried reaching for it as she looked up at what hit her. Some kind of demon, though it kind of looked human.

"Slayer, I think it's time for you to say goodbye to this world."

It growled, and held out a hand when suddenly she was blinded, but everything then went black.  

She didn't know what was happening. There was rain, and she felt small and young. Like a child, but still with Slayer strength. All she remembered was that demon that hit her, and the blinding light. Speaking of blinding lights, lightning had flashed across her vision. She also noticed a strange light with wings, a firefly? No, it was too big for that. She could also see a shape in the light, it looked humanoid. She tried to speak, but she couldn't. Also, what the heck was she wearing? It looked like a dress, except it had a belt buckled around her waist, it was green and she had on brown boots, as well as some strange matching hat. Honestly she looked like something from a medieval fair or whatever those things were called. Reconnaissance? No, that didn't seem right. Or at least some fantasy wizard convention. All of the sudden she heard the sound of metal, something being controlled by chains and a horse. She gets confused and turns around, seeing an old woman riding on the back of a white horse. She didn't look familiar, but on the back of the horse riding with her was a boy, he was wearing beautiful white clothes, he looked like a prince. He had sandy curls and the most familiar looking blue eyes. It couldn't be though. Their eyes met and she saw recognition flash across the boys face, but he'd vanished and there was another sound of a horse. She turns back toward the gate, that's what it was, a gate with a drawbridge. The drawbridge had been let down to let the horses and their passengers out of what looked like a town, not that she could get a good look pass the big bulking horse and the man atop it. She looked up at him and gasped. The man looked like Angelus, if Angelus had dark greenish skin, red hair, and yellow eyes like his vamp face, but he wasn't in vamp face. It was like he was jaundiced, a funny thought if she wasn't so confused. The man, or was it Angelus, lifted his hand like he was about to do something, but all Buffy could do was stare. Then there was nothing.

Chapter End Notes:

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