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This story has been waiting a long time to be edited, Thanks to Telsa for helping me finally get it off the ground, like me she is unable to resist bad Spike!

This chapter contains a threat of sexual violence. 


Hard To Get




“Do you have any idea how wrong this is? I mean, you've done some stupid things in the past. In fact, why does this even surprise me?”

“She right pretty, and feisty, always liked that in a girl.” Spike shrugged. He took a long draw on his cigarette. “Sides, what's it to you? Keeping her busy, yeah? Out of the way, doing a service for our sort.”

“And I'm sure that's your primary motivation.” Angel gave a snort of laughter. “Slayer of Slayers.”

“Thought I'd mix it up a bit.” Spike had a gleam in his eye. “It's not like I've sodding fallen for her, just having a bit of fun.” He pushed off the wall he’d been leaning on. “Don't get your knickers in a twist, not like you haven't had your own unusual relationship with a Slayer.”

“That was different.” Angel straightened up, feeling defensive now.

“You’re the bigger traitor to our kind. You were HELPING a bloody Slayer.”

“I was helping her save the world. You know, the one you're so fond of with the whiskey, women, and warm pints of blood.”

“It's the principle of the thing mate. I'm just shagging a Slayer. I put a smile on her face. Not sucking up to her, waving a soul around like a sodding white flag.” Spike flicked his cigarette butt to the floor. “Things go off between us, I'll just snap her neck. She likes a little rough and tumble. Won't even see it coming

“Thing with you Angel, is you can't stand to see me win. You never slayed a Slayer, never laid a Slayer and you couldn't even SAVE a Slayer, she got picked off right under your nose.” Spike's words hit their mark.

Angel had assisted Kendra in fending off the evil that would have swallowed the world, but he hadn't been able to defend Kendra from the evil that swallowed her life. It happened so quickly, so mundanely that it was nearly an insult. Kendra hadn't gone down fighting, or as a result of a mastermind scheme; she had been killed right in front of his eyes, by his own turnling.

 Angel's assignment with the Slayer had been completed. His calling fulfilled. He hadn't been commissioned to protect the Slayer herself, he had only been called to assist in a single mission. Officially his business with her was over, but he’d hung around. He liked the idea of being useful.

Angel and Kendra had been conversing one evening when Drusilla arrived. Angel failed to immediately acknowledge her and Drusilla, outraged, snapped the Slayer's neck, no questions asked, no threats or drama, a woman's fit of pique and nothing more.

When he saw her fall, his jaw had dropped in astonishment.

“Now love, give dolly a kiss.” Dru had leaned towards him a satisfied smile on her face.” She hadn't seen Kendra as the Slayer, she'd seen her as nothing more than an annoyance.

Any other vampire would have been proud that his turnling had taken down a Slayer. Angel had gone into a rage. He’d looked into Dru’s satisfied face and seen red. He’d thrown her through a wall and would have beaten her to death had Darla not stopped him. He claimed it had nothing to do with the fact that Kendra was a Slayer, it was because she was HIS Slayer. Dru had had no right.

Spike could understand not wanting someone taking what was his. He wasn’t keen on sharing himself, but he was pretty sure he smelled a rat. Angel had felt something for the girl that went beyond doing his civic duty.

 “You've lost your edge, Angel. This do-gooder bit doesn't suit you. I can understand a bloke wanting a change of pace every now and then, and I'm grateful and all that you saved this world, but what good did it do you if all you're going to do is brood in it. Have some fun, enjoy the spoils”. Spike approached his grandsire, took his lapels in hand and said: “Get laid.” Then his face bloomed with an evil smile. “Oh, sorry mate, I forgot, Daddy can't do that anymore.”

Angel shoved Spike back.

“I'm only warning you because you're family,” Angel said through clenched teeth. “Don't really care what happens to you personally, as many times as I've been tempted to kill you myself.”

“Thanks for your concern and all, duly noted. But now, got a Slayer to see don't I.” Spike gave Angel a wave goodbye, and good riddance, over his shoulder as he traipsed away.

“Damned fool,” Angel said shaking his head in resignation. He wasn't envious of Spike's relationship with the Slayer, but he wouldn't mind having more of Spike's attitude. He’d found that both life and unlife were easier when you just didn’t care.



Lesson the First: What Comes of Dancing with Slayers


“Where've you been cowboy? Not nice to keep a girl waiting,” the Slayer scolded Spike.

Spike enjoyed being her fuck buddy but he had no intention of becoming her boy toy. “Busy. What's got you all hot and bothered, Pet?” She didn't often let him get away with any terms of endearment that suggested she was anything less than in charge.

“Call me Kitten and I'll stake you right now,” she said in a breezy tone. She never wanted him to think he'd gotten under her skin.

“No worries.” Spike slid towards her. “Though it IS your pussy I'm interested in.”

“There's my boy.”

“Not boy, Luv. Many things you can call me, boy's not one of them.” He slid a hand over her ass and pulled her close so she could feel his erection against her abs.

“Vampire's got a hard-on.” Her eyes glinted with delight.

“I aim to please.” He pulled her into an open mouthed kiss, sucking her into him. It gave women quite a thrill he'd noticed, sucking during a kiss, the same way he would if his fangs were sunk into their neck. Lots of things women enjoyed defied propriety, and he wasn't above engaging in any of them. His Slayer could get right kinky.

She broke the kiss, her full burgundy lips curling into a lascivious smile. “Where should we go to scratch this itch?” Her eyes were glassy and heavy lidded with desire.

“Depends, you want it upright or horizontal?”

“You telling me I can only have one?” she teased.

“Fuck you upside down and sideways if that's what you want.” He rather hoped that was what she wanted.

“There's a limo parked out behind the swank hotel,” she said with a lilt. “Bet it's got a mini bar.”

“Bet it's got an alarm system too.”

“Thought vampires were all stealthy and what not, able to get into tight places without getting caught.” She ran a hand over his tight place.

“Thought Slayers were s'posed to be good girls. Least I thought that till I met you.”

“Don't fail me now Blondie.  I never did it in a big black limo before.”

“I'll see what I can do, Luv.”

“There you go!” She patted him on the chest. “Have a little Faith.”



Spike had once thought that killing a Slayer was the greatest thrill he could wring from one; Faith taught him otherwise. The girl gave him a run for his money and then some. He figured he get just as bruised and battered fighting her, may as well take his licks shagging her.

Angel was a poncey fool. He had it all backwards. Angel wasn't above consorting with the enemy, he was just opposed to enjoying it.

Spike liked the way Faith's thick dark hair bounced when she was on top and flared out like an angry mane when she was below him. He liked to see her glistening with sweat, radiating heat and sizzling with desire.

Spike had been a right stupid git when he was a young man, trying to win favor with the girlies through nice manners and pretty words. He’d been all about the romance, and the mincing words and gentlemanly acts of chivalry. All rot. Women didn't want that, they wanted charm, dirty talk, and acts of lust, if not actual perversion, leastways any woman worth having wanted those things.

Spike was a seasoned and enthusiastic fighter but it wasn’t his speed and experience that had saved him from the current Slayer; it was his erection and foul mouth he had to thank for his continued existence. To be fair, it only worked because Faith had a deep admiration for his erection and a reciprocal appreciation for his dirty mind.

It had started as a straightforward fight, their usual exchange of blows, Faith peppering her punches with insults. She had an astonishing round house kick, worked her legs like a champ. That was more effective than punching given their height differential. In other words, Spike had to work hard to protect his nads.

Most Slayers didn't go for the nads. Spike had never understood that. He wondered if it was some nod towards propriety or if they just thought it below them to hit below the belt. Faith had no such qualms. It made dancing with her more interesting. Spike liked a change up now and then. Faith was tricky too; she knew that sometimes the best way to get her opponent in a vulnerable position was to let them think they had her. It only worked because she was strong, smart and lightning fast. Hesitation meant death, but Faith wasn't the type to hesitate, so the strategy worked in her favor.

He and Faith had exchanged blows several times before that night, and had traded insults more often than that. Their fight was going the usual way, punches, kicks, dodges and flips, plenty of grunting and groaning, with a threat or two thrown in. Spike got in a few good hits, though his speed and agility were his best defense. He tried to stay out of her way until he found a good opening- then hit hard.

Spike actually thought twice before taking one particular opening. It looked too easy; he figured it had to be a setup. Still, he was confident that even if it was, he knew what to watch out for. They had fought often enough that he could anticipate her moves. He wouldn't be going in blind and overconfident.

They ended up with her back to his front, his arm wound around her neck. He had one of her ankles hooked with his own. She couldn't easily throw him over her shoulder because he had them backed against a crypt, and had one of her legs captured. She could go for a head butt, but he was tall enough that if he kept his head up, she couldn't even get him in the jaw. The pain of an elbow in the ribs wouldn't be enough to cause him to loosen his grip. All he had to do was get her other arm behind her back, so she couldn't push them off of the crypt and he had her. He wasn't yet sure what he would do with her, and he had only a half-second to make that decision before she found some way to loosen his hold, but for one-half second he had her--longer if he could capture that free arm.

She was pulled tight against him, nearly in a stranglehold. He needed to separate them just far enough and long enough, to work her other arm behind her. Spike thrust against her, forcing her body forward, his erection pressed into the small of her back. The warm pressure felt rather good. “Don't know if I should fuck you or kill you,” he grunted. He was merely thinking aloud, not trying to woo her with his wit and charm.

“Your call Blondie, feels like you've got the equipment for both.” She was trying to disarm him; that was part of her game, go straight for the nads, if not with fists and feet, with words. Spike had her in a position where he could lift her up just high enough that his erection would press on something more interesting than her back. Granted, doing so would also put her in a position to give him a nasty head butt, not only would her skull smash into his face, but it would send his own head back into the concrete wall of the crypt. If she hit him hard enough his skull might actually crack.

Dangerous business, this brawling with Slayers.

There wasn't time to think, and he wasn't interested in his head splitting like a melon. Spike used his free leg to push off the crypt. He landed on top of her, her face in the turf, and his hard-on firmly planted in the crack of her ass. He still had his arm around her neck, his leg between hers and he'd managed to get hold of her free arm. His weight advantage had her pretty well pinned. He wasn’t sure if there was enough of her neck exposed to get a good bite in, but he could twist that pretty neck and snap it in a second...yet, there was his hard-on, pressed between those sweet round ass cheeks.

He wondered if any vampire had fucked a Slayer and lived to tell about it.

“Call is yours, Slayer. Happy to give you fangs or fuck, either way, you're staying face down.”

Her mouth was in the turf, so he couldn't hear her reply, but knowing her it involved cursing. Spike pulled her head back just enough to clear her nose and mouth but not enough to let her swing her head around. If she chose fangs--well, if she said anything other than fuck-he'd twist her neck around JUST enough to drink from her. He was confident now that he could drain her dry from this position before she could get free, he wouldn't need to snap her neck first. He liked the thought of that. He preferred it when they struggled.

“Do you fuck as good as you fight?” She managed to get the words out in spite of the fact that the fall had knocked the wind out of her and he had her in a choke hold.

“Just as hard, promise.” He pushed his cock against her ass. “Harder if that's the way you like it.”

“You sick fuck! You'd like that, sleeping with the enemy.”

“You're not the average enemy. And I want you awake and aware”

“Like to hear ‘em scream eh?” Even in their position, she managed to maintain a sneer in her tone.

“I'll make you scream my name and beg for more.” He tightened his choke hold. He didn't like her tone of voice.

“Never begged. Never had to, never will.” Her voice remained smooth as satin.

God, this bitch pissed him off, for all that she was round in all the right places, he was beginning to think he didn't care to have her acid mouth anywhere near his body after all.

“Taking your sweet time about it back there, aren't you?” Her voice was tight now, the choke hold finally taking effect. “What's wrong, can't make up your mind?”

He tightened his arm even further to finally shut her up. “No more talking. One nod for fangs, two nods for fuck,” He growled in her ear. “Fangs or f--” He didn't even get the word out before she bucked her firm little ass twice against his hard-on.

“That's my girl.” He loosened his hold just a little. He didn't want her passing out; that would take the fun out of it.

“Vampire, you better fuck as good as you throw down. Don't disappoint me. It’s not the first time I've thought about taking you for a ride.” She actually sounded seductive. How in the hell?


“Hell yeah. Why do you think I've kept you around? Never nashed your nads. Was hoping I'd get to check out the equipment.”

It was a trick, some Slayer trick. Get him hot and bothered and then dust him. Maybe many vampires had fucked Slayers, they just didn't get the chance to talk about it, being all dusty and whatnot.

“Don't know if I believe you.”

“What, you can't feel it? Thought vamp dicks were like some freaky heat sensors. I'm hot and ready baby. Why're you wasting my time?”

He pressed into her. She wasn't lying, he could feel heat and damp.

“Who's the sick fuck? This is what gets you randy? I could break your sodding neck.” His words held disgust, but his tone was one of delight.

“What can I say? I like some monster in my man.”

Spike let go of her neck and sat up. “Square with me Slayer, We gonna do this?”

If she threw him off and went back to fighting, it was no matter to him. She was still oxygen deprived, he'd have the advantage. They'd fought several times and she hadn't bested him yet.

“What's a girl gotta do to get laid around here? Yes isn't enough anymore? No means no, yes means yes, didn't you get the memo?”

“You don't think I'll kill you anyway?”

“Not before you fucked me. I've seen the way you look at me. Once you've had me, no way you'll kill me, you'll be coming back for more.”

“Don't reckon your Watcher'd be happy with that arrangement.” Spike gave a snort.

“Watcher can't watch what he can't see. Or is tall, boring and tweedy hiding behind that crypt over there?”

Spike got off of Faith's back. She rolled over and tried to wipe the dirt and grass from her nose and mouth.

“Sorry about that,” Spike said.

“Don't go soft on me now vamp. It was a good fight. You could have killed me if you wanted to.” She grinned, “But your hard-on wanted something else”

He offered her a hand up. “Your place or mine? Or do I have to get you in a choke hold again.” He wasn't sure about the rules of this new game.

“Well, this girl could use a shower.” She surprised him by accepting his outstretched hand. “You could help, if you're into that kind of thing.”

“Sounds tame for you. Expected more with the whips and chains.”

“Gotta save something for next time, right?” She ran her hand over his erection and gave it a squeeze. “Good, not going soft on me after all.”

“My place, now.” He grabbed both her wrists in one hand and started backing up to the crypt.

“This is your place?” Her brow crooked in doubt.

“The entire cemetery is my place. I don't really share well with others.”

Spike took a second to appraise the door of that particular crypt, one solid kick with the flat of his foot sent the door crashing open.

He stuck his head in. “It'll do.” He pulled her in behind him. “Fuck now, shower later.”



That had been the start of an energetic relationship. They still fought, but it was essentially foreplay.

“We really need to stop this, you know?” Faith said after tossing Spike over her head into a gravestone. “I mean, sure we fight but we know how it's going to end. We need to mix it up and actually try to kill each other at least some of the time.”

Spike shrugged. “One of these days one of us is bound to get it, by default, you know, throw too hard, stake slips.” He kicked her legs out from under her.

“Yeah, but that's like cheating. For real Spike, you want to tell people you killed a Slayer, on ACCIDENT?”

“So you think it would be me taking you out?” He was surprised she'd even entertain the idea.

“You throw down pretty good. I give cred where it's due. If it's an accident, no one takes the win, right? The way that last Slayer bit it--Damn, where's the win in that? Not even so much as a hello. You can kill me, Spike, just don't fucking embarrass me.”

“Same for me Slayer; I wanna feel it when I go. See it coming and go out cursing.”

“Won't disappoint you baby, haven't yet,” she promised him. For all her words, a few minutes later she let him catch her. She didn't want to use up all of his energy fighting. “Maybe you should try to bite me, you know, while we're doing it? You know your vamp face gets me going.”

“If I bite you, it won't be on your neck,” he warned.

“Damn Spike! That one will give me nightmares.” She actually pressed her thighs together and shuddered.

“Not so boring after all.” He smirked. “One point for Spike.”



It was all fun and games until her Watcher got all Watchery.

“El Watchero is not exactly down with this,” Faith told a very unimpressed and completely unsurprised Spike.

“Maybe if we let him in on a threesome,” Spike suggested.

“Nah, he's seeing someone.” Faith sighed and gave a lazy wave of her hand.

“Foursome?” Spike said unenthusiastically. In his experience, those never went well. Four was a crowd.”

“He has all the usual complaints: dangerous, sets a bad example, unseemly, but the one that's got him by the short hairs is he's afraid the Watcher's Council will find out  when they do their yearly audit and they'll have his balls in a vice.”

“Haven't tried that one yet have we?” Spike rolladexed through their sexual history. “Can't say I'd fancy it. Anyway, Watcher's balls in a vice, quite like that idea.”

“I’m sure it’s not unprecedented. That's the word I want, right? It has to have happened before and if he's worried about unseemly, some Watcher just got busted for boning his potential Slayer. POTENTIAL. The girl's like fourteen years old. Least I'm legal.”

“How old ARE you?” Spike peered at her tilting his head.

“You're not going to start worrying about that now are you?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Course not, wouldn't matter anyway, half of what we do is illegal, at least in the places we do it.” He shrugged.

“That's my boy, always making with the priorities.” Faith ran her hand over his head, down the back of his neck then around to his chest.

“Not BOY. NEVER boy. You keep that up and I'll start calling you kitten and sweetheart.”

“Ok, not boy. Big Bad.” She ran her hand down to his crotch. “Spike!”

“So what's Watcher boy planning on doing about it? You're already scheduled to die young, they expect you to die a virgin too?”

“Yeah, pretty much that's the gig.” She put her hands in her back pockets and sighed. “You know, Stu's an OK guy. I don't want to get him in hot water, but as long as I'm slaying why do they care who I'm laying?”

“It's because I'm a vampire yeah?”

“Course, you don't think Stu would care if I was doing Boy Wonder do you?” She gave a snort of laughter.

“Sometimes I think you should, you know, give him a shag. The way he pants after you, I feel sorry for him.”

“What, you wouldn't mind?” Faith tilted her head at him. “Thought you didn't share with others.”

“My territory yeah, but I don’t care who you fuck long as you've got some leftover for me.”

There was a tremor in his tone that Faith didn't miss, nor did she miss the tightening of his jaw. She knew he wasn't really down with her getting with another man, even someone as insipid and inconsequential as Xander, aka, Boy Wonder. Xander made himself useful, sharpening tools and picking up coffee and donuts.

“Think you've ruined me for most men.” Faith forced herself onto Spike's lap. “You're a hard act to follow.”

“You're not really in trouble?” he checked. “I mean, they don't like it but they won't try to stop it?”

“Slap my hand maybe but hey, I'm the Slayer. Into every generation, ONE is chosen. They need me.”

“'Not so much worried about them slapping your hand as them staking me,” he pointed out, in case that hadn't crossed her mind.

 “I don’t usually stay in one place this long.” He had never shared much of his history with her. “When I started slaying Slayers, there was no technology. It was harder for a council full of nancy pants to track me down and gang up on me. It’s easy enough to keep myself fed, long as I keep moving. Police don't have a clue when it came to vamps. The Watcher's Council knows a thing or two.” His brow was creased.

“Yeah, and they know a thing or three about YOU. You're in all the books, William the Bloody.” Faith poked him in the chest. “Lame name if you ask me, bloody?shrug. “What else would a vampire be? Now Spike actually suits you.”

“Does old Stuart know it's me you’re boning?”

“Hey, I have a reputation to protect. He knows I wouldn't get with the regular vampire scum around here. If I'm doing a vampire it's going to be one worth doing.”

“So he just figured it out?” Spike was skeptical.

“He found some bleach blonde hairs in his shower drain.” She shrugged. “He’s heard about clean kills over the police wire, kind of your calling card these days. Plus, you know…Xander.”

“Guess your Watcher doesn't appreciate us doing it at his place, sort of a slap in the face for him.”

“Lil bit.”

“So what happens next? Council shows up and gives you a talking to, or they come after me with pitchforks, torches and automatic stake throwers?”

“I won't let them hurt you,” Faith said, suddenly serious.

“LET them hurt me? What do you mean YOU won't let them? I can take care of myself. I'm not your bleedin' pet that needs to be kept safe from the dog catcher. They won't hurt me Luv, but not because of you.” He shoved her off his lap.

“Don't get defensive. Geez, all I'm saying is if they think they're going to get to me by doing you in, I'll teach them otherwise.” There was a hint of fear in her eyes. Not fear of Spike, but fear for Spike. She didn't want to lose him. Sure, he might just be a fuck buddy, convenient for a good time, but she'd be hard pressed to find a comparable replacement.

“It's what comes of staying in one place too long and shagging women without ripping their throats out after,” he grumbled.

Faith twisted her mouth and sighed, “We're a pair, huh?”

“Got that right.” Spike ran a hand through his hair. He enjoyed a fight, a fair scrape, all boots and knuckles.  The Watcher's Council, should they really decide to come after him, wouldn't bother with a fight; they'd take him out in an ambush. Spray holy water, come after him crossbows waving. It'd be worse than going out by accident, cornered like an animal in front of a line of wankers in tweed.

“Maybe it's time to hit the road. Kiss Sunnyhell goodbye. Maybe go to Rio.” Faith suggested. If he wasn't interested in her protecting him, she'd give him an easy out by telling him to leave town.

“Not Rio, might run into my ex there.” He shuddered. “I don't fancy running away.”

“Come on Spike, it's what vampires do when the heat is on. You've done it before, nothing different about it this time.” Faith spoke the truth. Vampires kept moving to stay safe. It's what brought him to Sunnydale, there was no shame in it being the reason he left.


“Never really met your Stu,” Spike noted. “Sounds like a decent bloke. Maybe we should talk.”

“You're kidding, right? You're going to have tea and crumpets with my Watcher? Think he'll change his mind and decide you're an upstanding citizen?”

“No, just--you know--shagged his slayer on his bed, kitchen counter, rug, car. Seems like I ought to at least tip my hat.”

“Maybe scare him a little?” Faith suggested.

“Learned one thing, most Watchers don't scare easy. They look like a bunch of ponces, but when it comes to it, they're not afraid to fight. Wouldn't say I respect them exactly but I don't discount them,” he admitted.

Faith was actually shocked. Spike had only ever spoken of the Watcher's Council and Stuart in disparaging tones, making fun of the lot of wankers, as he called them. He talked about them as if they were just mosquitoes to be swatted away, minor annoyances.

Spike gave a heavy sigh, a shrug and said, “Whatever those wankers do, reckon you can handle yourself. I'm off to Willy's there's a poker kitty with my name on it.” He needed time to think. Sunnydale had been good to him. Easy kills, nice climate, thriving demon population to both feed on and do business with and Faith was a right good time. Sex was more fun with a warm body, feeling her pulse all around him when he came, the smell of sweat and the taste of live blood when things got rough.

He’d rather not leave all that. He’d not been to a Hell Mouth before, had never appreciated their myriad benefits, but it was a fact of life that every watering hole, sooner or later dried up. Maybe Sunnydale had played itself out. But that was a decision for another day, tonight he wanted a drink and some distraction, and not to see the look of concern in his Slayer’s eyes.

Faith watched him stroll off with a spring in his step taking out his ciggies and lighter as he went.

Faith wasn't afraid. Not of Stu. Not of the Watcher's council, yet she didn't like to see that back of Spike's head, cocky and confident. She frowned at the set of his shoulders, the way one dipped as he leaned in to light his cigarette. The other jutted forward, he didn't look back. He never looked back.

She needed to go kill something, work the kinks out in a somewhat less pleasurable, and far more dusty, manner than the kinks she worked out with Spike.

She went patrolling, and as he so often did, Xander showed up. “Thought you might want some company,” he said with a big open smile. He knew better than to suggest she either wanted or needed help.

Xander was one of the good guys. Solid. Spike had a point, Faith could give Xander one good day, one heck of a very good day, but that would be all. Faith didn't do relationships; she did men, wherever and whenever she wanted to. Xander wouldn't be a relationship, he'd be a snack in the big buffet of life. That was enough for her, but she guessed it wouldn't be enough for him.

Xander was in an awkward role, a double wannabe. He wanted to be Watcher and Slayer both. He crushed on Stu nearly as badly as he did on Faith. He wanted to do it all, be it all, hence Spike referring to him as the Boy Wonder.

Xander served his purpose, as Faith supposed, they all did. She was the Slayer but everyone was chosen for something. Some people got the memo early in life while others floundered around hoping to bump into their destiny. Xander tried to bump into Faith as often as he could.

As far as men went, he was too tame for her tastes, but he was loyal and had a decent sense of humor. “I can use some company, maybe when we're done here we can go over to the Bronze, drink a little, dance a little--you know--kick back.” She gave Xander a playful shove. She may as well make plans with him, she knew from the way Spike had walked away she wouldn't be spending any time with him that night.

Xander had never said anything to Faith about her relationship with Spike. He didn't like to talk about any of Faith's dealings with other men. Xander knew that Faith and Spike were physical with each other. He knew far more than he wanted to. He didn't worry that Spike would hurt Faith, he believed that Faith was stronger.

For a long time Spike hardly even seemed like a vampire to Xander, he was more like a minor celebrity. They'd read all about him in the Watcher's books. In Sunnydale, vamps were a dime a dozen, not very clean dead bodies with bad tempers and sharp teeth. They were nothing Faith would even look at twice. Spike was different. He was smart and experienced. His kills were clean, done with a sort of brutal finesse. He didn't leave mangled battered corpses. His kills were neat, dry, and often as not wore a disturbing smile on their faces.

“Nice night,” Faith said, swinging her arms as they walked along.

Xander nodded, “Yeah, nice night. Nice moon.” He jerked his chin up towards the sky.

“Is that a fuckin' full moon? Because it looks fucking full,” Faith noticed.

“Pretty near,” Xander agreed.

“Dammit. I usually pay better attention to these things,” Faith cursed. “Damn, Stu is so busy preparing for the big parent teacher conference he didn't even remind me. Too busy watching his ass when he should be watching my back.”

“Hey, I'm here,” Xander reminded her.

“That you are." She threw him a killer smile and draped an arm around his shoulder. The moonlight was bright enough that she could see him blush.



It's cliché to say they came out of nowhere, but they did.

Faith and company knew there was a werewolf active in the area. Faith even wore a silver dagger in a scabbard belted to her leg. It was a good look and it made her feel way more bad ass than a stake did. She was good with a stake, but they didn't have much cachet as far as weapons went.

Xander decided to tag along, hoping for a repeat of their previous night, dancing with the Slayer at the Bronze. Besides, if she was going to be dealing with vamps AND a werewolf, someone had to have her back.

Spike wasn't sure if he heard it or smelled it first--trouble. Not the kind of trouble you can suss out and form a strategy to address, the kind of trouble that comes out of nowhere and is immediate and primal.

There was growling, screams, and the scents of dog, saliva, blood, and Slayer.

The demon side of Spike went into action addressing the immediate danger. There was no time to come up with a plan, logical thought dissolved from his mind. He was streaking towards the fight, towards the kill.

There were too many. Those were Spike's words when he laid what remained of Faith's broken body on Stuart's couch.

Xander, battered and limping, followed him in. He simply nodded to the Watcher. “What he said.”

It hadn’t been one werewolf but a pack. They didn't expect them. They certainly weren't prepared for them, but no one ever could be. Not a pack. Not really.

“Wolves.” Stuart knew immediately. Nothing else could have done what had been done to her. No vampire or demon left marks like that. She was gutted and mangled; meat had been torn from her thighs.

“She got two, I took out three,” Spike said

“There were too many,” Stuart repeated, he looked at Xander, clothing torn. He was definitely nursing some damage, but not wolf damage.

“Spike threw me into a tree,” he explained.

Spike had done it without thinking. He saw Faith and, knew she was trying to protect the boy. Xander had to be put out of harm's way. Without missing a beat Spike had scooped the young man up and thrown him into a tree. Self-preservation and the density of branches helped Xander stay in that tree until...until there was nothing left to hide from.

The wolves were on Faith before Spike got to her. It was already too late. He saw her put one out as he approached, but there were three more moving in quickly. Spike made his kills as he ripped the animals off of her body, twisting their necks and tossing them aside. The few remaining members of the pack slunk away into the night.

Now there were five human bodies with heads and limbs splayed at impossible angles lying in the woods. There were blood, gore, and guts. Faith's guts. Her silver dagger was embedded in one of the snapped necks.

Spike left all the bodies except Faith's. He lifted it, frowning, and headed towards Stuart's, Xander staggering along behind.

The men had nothing to say to each other. Xander made an awkward attempt at a thank you, but Spike stopped him. “Was only doing what she didn't get a chance to.” Meaning he'd not saved Xander out of kindness or caring. He saved Xander hoping it would help Faith.

Stuart didn't thank Spike either. This was how it was with Slayers. They fought until something took them down. Some lost their lives nobly saving the world, others were taken out by a pack of mutant dogs.

This wasn't how Faith would have wanted to go. She deserved a fair fight and a worthy opponent, a fight that would mean something, not like this. torn apart and broken. She'd probably died scared.

That's the thing about an ignoble death, at the end all there is, is fear. Bravery meant nothing to wolves. They didn't give a rat's ass about valor. No one dies fearless when they’re being torn to pieces. Spike hated that for her, that she'd gone down that way: ugly, stupid, pointless.

Slayers didn't kill people so Slayers weren't supposed to kill werewolves, them technically being human most of the time. They were commissioned to capture them, tranquilize them, even knock them senseless if need be, but not kill them.

But when it came to self-defense even her Watcher couldn't fault Faith for having killed two of them. There never was any expectation that Spike wouldn't kill wolves, some vampires hunted them for sheer sport. Spike himself never cared to. Werewolves weren't his thing but he did what he needed to if they got in his way. These had gotten in the way; they paid with their lives.

“The boy can tell you anything you need to know,” Spike said to Stuart. The vampire squatted beside Faith's body, frowning into what was left of her face. One side was nearly completely torn off. “Just meat. Nothing but another kill to them. If I'd known it would come to this I'd have offed you myself.”

He wasn't teary eyed. He didn't feel angry. What had happened to Faith wasn't the result of anyone's choice. There was nothing personal in it. He couldn't feel anger towards stupid animals merely following their instinct. He couldn't be angry at a Slayer who was doing her duty--protecting lives--in this case the life of the near useless Boy Wonder, but even that didn't matter. It was nothing to do with Xander. It was Faith being Faith.

“Thank you for bringing her...the body,” Stuart said hollowly to Spike.

“Yeah, well, figured she belongs to your lot. That's what got her into this. Chosen one and what not. Here you go then.” He couldn’t entirely hide the disdain he felt. A waste of warm flesh. He doubted the wolves had the presence of mind to enjoy the kill or the fact that they’d taken down a Slayer.

Without a wave or goodbye, he took his leave, another short, odd chapter of his life complete.

Chapter End Notes:

Part one is written and nearly completely edited, so I will be able to post the entirety of it over the course of a few days. Hope you enjoy it.

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