Past Featured StorySummary: Sunnyhell is a demon town that lies between Sunnydale California and a hell dimension, founded by Mayor Richard Wilkins III circa 1900.  There vampires, demons, witches and humans all coexist and the Slayer is the last word in vampire law. Angelus is the newly elected Master of the Vampire Guild and he and Dru have claimed one another.  Heartbroken, Spike tries to move on with his life leaving his position as a Guild guardsman and going into business for himself as a PI.  He's been in business only a week when Dru comes to him with a request to find the missing Anointed One.  Reluctantly, Spike takes the job and soon finds himself working alongside The Slayer to solve a different mystery.
Banner:  Creepy Alleyway stock is from  BTVS characters were ripped off borrowed from the internet but it's fanart so don't sue me okay?
Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Giles, Original Characters, Spike, Xander
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death, Sexual Situations, Violence
Completed: No Chapters: 11
Word count: 23,714 Hit Count: 3,627 ePub Downloads: 42
Published: July 11, 2016 Updated: September 09, 2016

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Story Notes: Buffy and original BTVS characters are the creations of Joss Whedon and company.  I'm only having them try something new in the little universe I created.  I'm betaing this myself right now, I'd love to have another pair or so of eyes on it :)

1. Almost a Client by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 4 Comments: 4 Word Count: 1,350 Hit Count: 659 Published: July 11, 2016

Hurting for business Spike finally gets his first client.

2. Dru's Request by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 7 Comments: 4 Word Count: 1,417 Hit Count: 292 Published: July 11, 2016

Drusilla comes to Spike's office for help with a missing person case.

3. Guilded Cage by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 5 Comments: 3 Word Count: 4,032 Hit Count: 279 Published: July 12, 2016

Spike goes with Dru to Bloodworth Hall to look for clues.

4. Two Pints at Willy's by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 4 Comments: 2 Word Count: 1,616 Hit Count: 311 Published: July 17, 2016

Spike heads to the local bar for a drink and think over his new case.

5. Fascination Street by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 6 Comments: 3 Word Count: 2,164 Hit Count: 310 Published: July 18, 2016

Spike goes looking for Rack to see what he might know about concealment spells.


6. A Bloody Ordeal by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 6 Comments: 3 Word Count: 1,821 Hit Count: 277 Published: July 23, 2016

Spike meets Willow who has endured very frightening ordeal. Giles finds the spell Spike is looking for. Then, shocking news is delivered!

7. The Fall(en) Queen by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 6 Comments: 4 Word Count: 1,648 Hit Count: 303 Published: July 25, 2016

Buffy and Spike go to investigate the scene of the crime and speak to the CSI officer but all this talk of blood is making Spike hungry.

8. An Unlikely Waitress by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 6 Comments: 6 Word Count: 1,781 Hit Count: 333 Published: July 27, 2016

Spike and Buffy grab a bite to eat and compare notes on who might've committed the murder.

9. A Mayoral Summons by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 6 Comments: 5 Word Count: 2,998 Hit Count: 304 Published: August 01, 2016

Spike and Buffy are called into the Mayor's office to discuss what the heck's been going on in Sunnyhell.  The Mayor wants this unsavory business dealt with as soon as possible....

10. Misshapen by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 6 Comments: 4 Word Count: 2,036 Hit Count: 290 Published: August 09, 2016

Amy's conveniently  gone home to visit her parents so our duo goes to question Keli.  Spike has a revelation.

11. Brewed Trouble by Wicked Cheeto - Likes: 7 Comments: 8 Word Count: 2,851 Hit Count: 269 Published: September 09, 2016

Spike and Buffy follow a lead to the Skinny Kitty Brewery and find someone doesn't want them looking there.