Past Featured StorySummary: A spell gone awry transports Buffy to the old west, where she meets a cowboy who turns her world upside down. Set during S5 episode "Crush". Fantastic banner by pfeifferpack!
Series: Spellbound
Categories: Season 5, Historical, All Human
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Ensemble, Spike
Genres: Action/Adventure, Historical, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Completed: Yes Chapters: 17
Word count: 65,985 Hit Count: 33,564 ePub Downloads: 505
Published: May 13, 2016 Updated: December 11, 2016

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Story Notes: This is more Buffalo Bill's Wild West than actual old west, but I hope you find it's all in good fun. The majority of this story is all human and inspired by pretty much every Western movie I've ever watched. 
Thanks to Sunalso for the excellent beta work. 
ETA: Huge thanks to pfeifferpack for the wonderful banner! 
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. This Spells Disaster by Gort - Likes: 47 Comments: 30 Word Count: 4,562 Hit Count: 5,019 Published: May 13, 2016

Here we go! Thanks to Sunalso for being willing to wrangle this thing. 

2. A Man Walks Into a Bar by Gort - Likes: 45 Comments: 23 Word Count: 3,656 Hit Count: 1,958 Published: May 16, 2016

Beta'd by the fabulous Sunalso

3. Stuck in the Clink by Gort - Likes: 40 Comments: 16 Word Count: 3,496 Hit Count: 1,776 Published: May 21, 2016

Thanks as always to my beta Sunalso

4. Trouble Always Finds You by Gort - Likes: 31 Comments: 16 Word Count: 3,497 Hit Count: 1,771 Published: May 24, 2016

Beta'd by the amazing Sunalso

5. A Hard Man is Good to Find by Gort - Likes: 43 Comments: 21 Word Count: 3,914 Hit Count: 1,821 Published: May 29, 2016

Beta'd by the ever-supportive Sunalso. Thanks for the cheerleading! 

Chapter title is a quote attributed to Mae West.

Poem is "Come into the Garden, Maud" by Alfred Tennyson.

6. Know When to Hold 'Em by Gort - Likes: 37 Comments: 15 Word Count: 3,845 Hit Count: 1,809 Published: June 04, 2016

Beta'd by the awesome Sunalso!  

Poetry line from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Songs from the Portuguese. 

7. Know When to Fold 'Em by Gort - Likes: 38 Comments: 16 Word Count: 4,187 Hit Count: 1,674 Published: June 11, 2016

Extra beta thanks to Sunalso for keeping the vegetables from talking. 

8. Something Up His Sleeve by Gort - Likes: 33 Comments: 16 Word Count: 4,488 Hit Count: 1,674 Published: June 16, 2016

Beta'd by Sunalso, who'd be great in a bar (trivia) fight. 

9. In Stitches by Gort - Likes: 37 Comments: 18 Word Count: 5,022 Hit Count: 1,765 Published: June 23, 2016

Sunalso gets credit not just for beta work this time, but the title as well. Thanks for all your hard work! 

10. The Last Straw by Gort - Likes: 36 Comments: 20 Word Count: 4,047 Hit Count: 1,619 Published: October 31, 2016


Thanks times a million to my patient and endlessly optimistic beta Sunalso for believing in this sucker. I once sent her a chapter where everyone died in a meteor strike and she just sent it right back with a big "NO" across it. See what she has to put up with? 

Spike's poetry: Walt Whitman

11. Saddle Up by Gort - Likes: 33 Comments: 19 Word Count: 3,688 Hit Count: 1,612 Published: November 07, 2016

All credit for making sure this gets done goes to my beta Sunalso, who is a great (read: terrifying) motivator.  

12. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch by Gort - Likes: 33 Comments: 21 Word Count: 3,806 Hit Count: 1,734 Published: November 13, 2016

Sunalso is the best beta ever. For realisies. 

Spike's poetry: Lord Byron

13. Storm's a Comin' by Gort - Likes: 33 Comments: 20 Word Count: 3,244 Hit Count: 1,760 Published: November 21, 2016

Sunalso: Beta extraordinaire. 

14. Circle the Wagons by Gort - Likes: 34 Comments: 22 Word Count: 3,272 Hit Count: 1,867 Published: November 27, 2016

Sunalso was here (beta-ing)!

15. A Lick of Sense by Gort - Likes: 36 Comments: 20 Word Count: 3,357 Hit Count: 1,832 Published: December 04, 2016

Beta'd by Sunalso: Western Spuffy's greatest cheerleader. 

16. Double Down by Gort - Likes: 38 Comments: 18 Word Count: 3,797 Hit Count: 1,779 Published: December 10, 2016

Once again, Sunalso rounded this up and whipped it into shape.  

17. Shoot the Moon by Gort - Likes: 75 Comments: 52 Word Count: 4,107 Hit Count: 2,093 Published: December 11, 2016

This is it, folks! Thanks again to my amazing beta Sunalso for keeping this story from disappearing or going entirely off the rails. I never could have done it without her!