Summary: Rewrite of S6 E15 'As you were', short one shot. 
Just watched it now and it breaks my heart to see Spike and Buffy stop being together so I always wanted to rewrite it, to how I would have liked it to go.  OTHER ALTERNATE ENDING TOO. 
Only the fanfic belongs to me. biggrin
Reviews please flowersxxx
Categories: Season 6
Characters: Spike
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Adult Language
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 1,739 Hit Count: 1,063 ePub Downloads: 27
Published: February 20, 2016 Updated: February 20, 2016

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1. Don't go. by kittenforspike - Likes: 12 Comments: 9 Word Count: 1,739 Hit Count: 1,063 Published: February 20, 2016