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            It was a mostly normal day for Spike’s demon, wake up, have sex with The Annoying Blonde One while thinking of His Mate, drink some blood and sit while The Man stared at that weird flashing box until the sun went down. Then The Man would usually seek out His Mate to stare at her, sometimes he’d approach her, sometimes he wouldn’t. When they were done staring at His Mate, The Man would generally try to find some sort of thrill: violence, alcohol, driving fast or even that weird thing where The Man and a bunch of demons sat around a table with a bunch of kittens in the middle.  The demon usually encouraged The Man to pack in as much fun as he could until the sun came up. Then they would retreat to the safety of their nest and have sex with The Annoying Blonde One while thinking of His Mate one (well a few) more times before they went to sleep.

            The only difference about today was that when they had stopped by their nest to put some blood in the big white food box The Man had seen The Annoying Blonde One and just snapped. He’d thrown his hands in the air and started making the noises humans used to communicate, only really loud and with angry. She looked up from where she’d been cutting up one of The Man’s oldest shirts and eating chocolates, when she started making noises back. Then they had a noise contest.

            The Man won.

            The demon purred in satisfaction as he watched The Annoying Blonde One leave in a huff. He might not understand a lot about the way people worked but he recognized that suitcases meant The Annoying Blonde One was gone for good.

            He tried to get The Man to go back out and celebrate, maybe find a bit of violence or better, His Mate but The Man ignored him. Instead, The Man picked up the half empty box of chocolates, turned to the mannequin that looked something like His Mate then started making those noises again, only this time calmer.

            “Oh, Slayer, fancy meeting you here, in this cemetery… that you patrol every Tuesday… not that I know your schedule, because I hate you and want to kill you and… bollocks.”

            “Oh, Slayer, didn’t see you there… in this big empty cemetery… right.”

            “Oh Slayer, what are you doing here? Patrolling. That’s what she’s doing there you git. Try again.”

            “’Lo slayer, nice night, yeah? I was just looking for a spot of violence. Needed to work out some frustration after I booted Harm. How are you since you kicked that whorin’ waste of space to the curb? Right, not bad, nice and casual like, so she starts crying or yelling or punching. Oh pet, no point being upset about Captain Cardboard. Doesn’t deserve a woman like you. I mean what sort of bloody idiot would leave a bed that’s got you in it? If he was smart he would’ve stayed there all night, woken you up for another go round, maybe with my fingers already buried in your tight, little, quim so you wake with my name on your lips…”

            The demon perked up as vivid pictures of His Mate on her back beneath them started flowing around him. He encouraged The Man’s thoughts by supplying a few of his own. His Mate on all fours. His Mate on her knees. His Mate standing over them with a whip. His Mate covered in naught but the blood of their enemies, her juices visibly dripping down her leg as they stripped for her hungry gaze. The Man shook himself suddenly.

            “None of that now mate, gotta practice, gotta get this just right.”

            With a grumble the demon settled back down to watch The Man continue to purr at the mannequin. Every once in a while he would try to rouse The Man from his strange doings with enticements like blood, violence or His Mate but The Man didn’t budge. The demon was stuck trying to figure out just what the hell The Man was even doing.

            The demon didn’t know how long he had been doing just that when he felt something. He couldn’t quite figure out what that something was, maybe a rippling or a bouncing at the back of his senses? He tried to warn The Man but the demon never got the chance because suddenly he found himself standing in front of the mannequin holding a box of chocolates with The Man making confused noises in the back of his head.

            “What the bloody fuck? What the hell is going on?!”

            The demon didn’t understand the specifics of what those noises meant but he agreed with the basic sentiment. He wasn’t designed to control The Body, not unless there was some emergency situation and The Man was unavailable. Was there some sort of emergency?

            The demon looked around the nest curiously, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Shakily at first, the demon walked over to the entrance with the intention of peeking outside, but was immediately faced with the problem that he didn’t know how to work the door. He’d never needed to know how to work a door before. That was The Man’s job.

            “You grab the knob and turn it you bleeding sod,” The Man tried to help grumpily, but this didn’t mean anything to the demon.

            Not sure what else to do, he reached out and smacked the door. Nothing happened. So he tried growling at it in an intimidating manner. That usually made things turn out, but apparently not this time. He smacked the door again but that was as effectual as it had been the last time.

            Thwarted, the demon headed back into the heart of the nest, he stared at the strange flashy picture box that The Man was so fond of but didn’t know how to work that either. The big, white food box presented the same problem as the door and the demon didn’t need The Man to tell him that the chocolates were an offering for His Mate. With nothing else to do he settled into the big comfy chair and started trying to figure out how to get his clothes off so he could play with his dick.

            “Bloody hell, this is not the time for a wank, get your arse up and figure out what the hell is going on!!”

            He ignored The Man and continued to fiddle with the buckle at his waist until the damn thing came loose. He was just about to move on to the buttons on his pants when he heard the unmistakable sound of His Mate kicking down the outer door. He turned just in time to watch her kick down the inner door as well.

            “Spike, can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m glad to see you,” His Mate’s sounds were just as aggressive as always if not a bit out of breath, “do you have any idea what’s going on with the vampires out there?”

            Inside his head The Man was barking a response but the demon ignored him in favor of drinking in His Mate’s presence. Her pants hugged her thighs and her shirt exposed her collar bones, and oh her hair looked so soft. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, taking in a deep breath of her scent.

            “Uh Spike, did you hear me?” She makes such pleasant sounding noises. He loved her noises. “Helloooo, Earth to Spike? Oh god, you’re being all wiggy too, aren’t you?”

            He returned his eyes to her and moved forward to embrace her but she paced angrily in his nest flinging her hands into the air and making frustrated sounds. He huffed and followed her as she circumvented his nest twice before finally coming to a stop at the rear, next to the uncooperative white food box. She was still making unhappy noises, in fact so was The Man, but The Man was almost always making unhappy noises so the demon continued ignoring him.

            He stepped closer to His Mate and began making a low rumbling, not quite as gentle as a purr but not as aggressive as a growl, hoping to comfort her. Slowly her angry noises trailed off and she looked at him quizzically.

            “Wait a minute, shouldn’t you be all Attack-Vamp like the others?” The Mate wrinkled her nose adorably and cocked her head, “Why are you just standing there like that? A-and you’re looking at me all funny. Stop that!!”

            She started fidgeting nervously so he upped the rumbling and closed the distance between them, gently butting his head up against hers. She took a startled step back, letting out a squeak, and he followed.

            “Whoa there buddy,” her back hit the wall, “what do you think you’re doing?”

            He pressed himself against her and began stroking his hands up and down her arms. She was warm and soft, and wow did she smell good. He dipped his nose to her hairline and took in a slow breath, the rumbling in his chest turning into a blissful hum. His Mate’s hands plastered themselves against his chest and flexed in time with his breaths. Slowly he ran his nose down her temple, across her cheek to just under her ear.  He tilted his face up so that he could take her earlobe into his mouth and began sucking and nibbling earnestly.

            “Oh,” His Mate gasped, a little puff of her heated breath brushing against his neck; he could hear her heart beat picking up and feel her muscles going lax. Wanting to move things along he pressed his erection into her crotch in hopes of enticing her, “Whoa, so that’s where the ‘big’ in Big Bad came from.”

            The demon was startled off her ear by The Man’s sudden victorious crowing. He hadn’t even noticed The Man had gone silent before.

            “That’s bloody right, pet!! Probably bigger than you’ve ever had, I’ll let you- wait hold on mate, don’t stop what you’re doing, the slayer’ll come back to he-“

            A small, powerful fist rammed itself into his nose. Alongside a litany of angry noises.

            “Too late.”

            “-what makes you think you have the right to just… just make with the, the touchie and the groiny stuff. I think I would have liked it better if you were all Attack-Vamp at least then I’d have an excuse to stake you. I mean what the hell Spike?! Why are you-“

            She stomped away from him as he touched a hand to his now aching nose. He hadn’t been sure if she’d be open to sex right now, since she seemed upset, but if she was getting violent then it must be playtime. He just hoped she wouldn’t mind if he restricted his playing to sex, his head hurt whenever he tried to play the violence game with her.

            He bounded up to her growling impishly, for some reason The Man was making cautionary sounds but The Man always ignored His Mates painful invitations so the demon disregarded him, he figured turnabout was fair play. He grabbed her by the waist pulling her to him tightly. His mouth was naturally drawn to her pulse point while he resumed his happy hums. God he loved the taste of her.

            Her angry sounds turned once more to happy gasps, this time when he pressed his cock against her she pressed back. He growled gleefully and began to rub her with his erection, trying to give them both some needed friction; her noises started getting higher in pitch. Then, out of the blue, she pushed him away with enough strength that he landed flat on his back.

            He stared up at her, gasping in the scent of her arousal, she stared back at him, looking somewhere between shocked and horny as fuck.

            “O-ok, no. That’s not, w-we don’t lick the Buffy, got that?” her breath was shaky, much like the finger she was trying to wag at him, “bad Spike, bad. No licking the Buffy.”

            “Oh I’ll lick the Buffy, alright,” purred The Man, “I’ll lick every inch of her.”

            Then The Man supplied the demon with some truly stunning images of His Mate featuring her legs spread and her juices on his tongue. He purred just thinking about it. She was still making semi-authoritative sounds at him but he ignored them and instead moved into a crawl. Zeroing in on her quim he prowled closer on all fours.

            “S-Spike, what are y-you doing?”

            He licked his lips, already anticipating the way she would taste, the noises she would make, oh god, the feeling of her writhing beneath him. She let out another squeak, stumbling away from him. Not looking where she was going, she hit his armchair with enough force to fall into it.

 He pounced.

            The demon grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the chair so he could shove his face right into her promise land, she let out cry of startled pleasure. Her scent flooded him senses drowning out everything else and he roared enthusiastically, shoving his face as deep into her as he could get, he opened his mouth and ran his tongue up her center (much to her vocal delight) and was rather disappointed to not taste anything. So he placed his open mouth on what seemed to be her most sensitive spot and sucked as hard as he could. Still nothing besides her pleasured screams (which were nice but he really wanted the full experience).

            “She’s still got her trousers on you git, nice leather ones too. Not gonna get a drop through those things,” The Man barked angrily from the back of his head, but those sounds meant nothing to the demon so he just redoubled his efforts, licking and sucking all the while growling when he didn’t get the juices he sought. His Mate was now bucking under his mouth, obviously eager to give him what he wanted.

            Finally, The Man sent him an image of the pants His Mate was wearing and the demon realized what was impeding his feast. He lifted his head and began trying to get the things off of her. They were being stubborn though. He growled at them, but like the door, they refused to be threatened. His Mate must have gotten tired of waiting for him because she suddenly stood on shaking legs and began backing towards the door.

            “Wow, um that was… yeah, anyways I’m just gonna go ahead and get gone, cause honestly this whole thing is beyond wigging me out and I-. Hey no, stay right there! Bad Spike, sit. Sit,” she held up both hands in front of him and he was all too happy to suck one of the offered fingers into his mouth. He looked into her eyes and purred at the lust he saw there. She whimpered.

            Abruptly, she reached behind her head and drew a ribbon from her hair, holding it up in front of him. He paused in his sucking, her finger still in his mouth, to stare at it quizzically. The Man helpfully sent an image of His Mate tied to the bed downstairs with that ribbon.

What a delightful idea!!

            Yet, for some reason the demon could only guess at, she flung the ribbon away. He gave her a frustrated huff, (how were they supposed to tie her to the bed if she threw away the restraint) he then went to retrieve it. Picking it up he paused to note that the ribbon carried the scent of her hair before walking back to her. When he got to her she plucked the ribbon from his hand and began crooning over him and running her fingers through his hair. He purred happily and leaned into her touch. Then she flung the ribbon away a second time.

            “Hold on a tick mate, think this might be a trap,” The Man sounded about as wary of this game as the demon felt, but His Mate was even happier with him when he brought back the ribbon a second time. She kissed him on the cheek and scratched right at the base of his neck all while purring and cooing happily. So when the ribbon flew through the air a third time he followed it joyfully. This time when he brought it back His Mate took his face between her hands and pressed her lips against his so sweetly the demon thought he might cry. The Man almost did.

            When she tossed it away a fourth time, it fell not to the ground, but through the hole to the lower level. The Man cried out in dismay, and frankly the demon felt he had every right to, he didn’t understand why His Mate felt the need to play this game in between kisses. But she was his and he would do anything to keep her happy, so after the ribbon he went.

            Once he was down in the lower level he heard the pitter patter of His Mate leaving.

            “Welp, tried to warn you mate,” The Man sounded resigned. However, the demon wasn’t quite ready to give up, he hadn’t heard her shut the treacherous doors. This must be the next part of the game; he’d just have to track her down.

            Problem solved, the demon walked over to the ribbon and stooped down to pick it up. As he righted himself he caught sight of The Man’s collection of His Mate’s items. Looking between the ribbon and the two or three (it was actually seven but the demon couldn’t count) articles of clothing, the demon figured that if His Mate was happy with him for retrieving a single thing of hers then the more things he brought her the happier she’d be. He collected her clothes, grinning, he was gonna get so many kisses.

            Once they were in his arms he was reminded of why The Man had taken those clothes in the first place, they all carried her scent. He took a deep whiff and practically melted. Oh yeah, that was just wonderful.

            The demon paused. There was something he’d always wanted to do, but The Man persistently ignored the impulse. He growled smugly, The Man wasn’t in charge now. So the demon walked over to the bed and dumped His Mate’s clothes down on top of it.

            “Oh bloody hell, not this,” the demon ignored The Man’s verbal protests, he couldn’t understand them anyways. He slid the duster off his shoulders, then the over shirt, the t-shirt seemed like too much fuss so he just ripped it off. The boots on his feet were easy enough to kick off but that left those stupid, confounding pants.

            After fiddling with them for an eternity (two minutes) the demon only succeeded in getting the top button open. So he gave up and just collapsed on top of the clothes as is.

            Ten minutes later the demon walked down the street with His Mate’s clothes in his arms and her scent spread all over his chest. He’d discovered why The Man had never rolled around in His Mate’s scent before, after a while the clothes had stopped smelling like her and started smelling like him. That had been disappointing, but he was sure everything would be better when he found His Mate.

            He was following the smell of her arousal and the trail of dust piles she had left behind. He was dressed in the duster, stupid pants and boots which were, for some reason, not as comfortable as they had been before he’d taken them off. Maybe they had shrunk.

            He spotted a familiar building and vaguely recognized it as the place His Mate could most often be found with her pack. The demon didn’t understand why His Mate’s pack wasn’t also his pack. He was sure The Man had a good reason, but The Man wasn’t in charge right now. Surely once the pack saw him making His Mate happy they would accept him into their ranks. If not, he would just have to protect them from the outside, to keep His Mate happy.

            He was close enough now that he could hear the sounds of His Mate and her pack.

            “Ok, but what could do this? I mean it’s affecting every vamp in town so it has to be major powerful, right?”

            “Well, while there are several artifacts made to bring out a vampire’s inner demon all those recorded are uh meant for uh single use.”

            “Maybe somebody took one of those inner-demon thingies and hooked it up to an amplifier. Tara and I just read about this village in France that took a single house protection spell and used this special crystal thingy, what was it called?”

            “The Tumpnall Gem.”

            “Right, they used the Tumpnall gem, to duplicate the spell over the entire village.”

            “What they just copy pasted? Now that’s just lazy.”

            “Ahem, Willow raises an excellent point, it’s a simple enough spell, there would likely be little price to uh spreading it around.”

“You mean besides all the death and mayhem.”

            “Oh, yes, of course.”

            “So then what? I find this Thumbnail Gem and smash i-“

            All people noises halted when the demon pushed through the door. A strange jingling noise rang out above his head, so he gave the ceiling a suspicious growl. He let his gaze travel back down to where the pack was standing, all of them staring at him with varying looks of hostility and concern. His Mate was turning a rather pretty shade of pink.

            He marched forward and cheerily stopped toe to toe with His Mate. He began purring, just from being close to her and thrust her belongings at her. Her cheeks went from pink to red. Slowly, she accepted the clothes, carefully not looking at anyone. Once she had them in her arms the demon stared at her expectantly.

            “Buffy? Why is Spike handing you clothes?” The Graying One sounded startled.

            “Um, I kinda… taught him to… play fetch.” His Mate looked up at him guiltily, the demon impatiently tilted his head closer to her. She bit her lip enticingly, obviously an invitation to retrieve his reward. He waited until her teeth had relinquished her lip before he dove in and took their place. There were several surprised noises from the pack. He let her lip go and grinned at her, happily purring away.

            “Buffy?!” The One With Ugly Shirts squawked.

            “Um… it turns out that Spike’s inner demon is uh… friendly.”



            “Does that mean he did sexy things to you when you were at his crypt?” The Ex-Demon was, as always, the calmest of the pack.

            “Anya!! There is no way Buffy would let Spike do sexy things to her!!”

            “It was just a question.”

            “Is he ok?” The Sweet One was as quiet as usual.

            “I think so, I didn’t do anything to hurt him… well I mean I punched him once but,” His Mate looked him over carefully. It wasn’t a lustful look but rather considering, he stood straighter and puffed out his chest. When her eyes reached his feet she looked bothered. He also looked down at his feet but didn’t see anything bothersome, unless she could somehow see how much they were hurting. “Spike!! Your boots.”

            His Mate hurriedly put her things down on the table before she pushed on his shoulders until he was sitting down on the bench (a relief since his feet were now killing him). She got down on her knees (which was exciting) then took off one of his boots (undressing him was always a good sign) then the other (he was finally going to find out how to get these damn pants off) then she fixed the boots back onto his feet. Apparently satisfied, she stood and gave his shoulder a small pat.

            The demon stared down at his feet, baffled, they suddenly felt much less painful and he couldn’t figure out exactly why. He looked up at the miracle worker not fully expecting an explanation but she was looking around at the stunned faces of her pack.

            “He… they were on the wrong feet…” her sounds were strangely quiet and she looked uncomfortable. He surveyed the pack and gave them a short warning growl, when their eyes all landed on him they quickly diverted to other activities, he looked back to His Mate proud to see anxiety easing itself out of her shoulders. She gave him a gentle smile then sat next to him on the bench, facing an open book. Looking around he realized the entire pack had an open book in front of them, so he turned to face the table, grabbed a book, opened it to a random page and plunked it down in front of him. There, now he was helping.

            “For the love of- it’s upside down you nit.”

            His Mate glanced up at him, saw the book and must have been grateful for his help because she smiled at him, reached over and gave his hand a little squeeze. He beamed back at her.

            “On second thought, keep it up mate, it’s working.”

            This was the most fantastic day of the demon’s life. His head was laid on His Mate’s lap with his arse and legs hanging lazily off the bench while the pack’s females fawned over him. The Sweet One and The Ex-Demon were each playing with a hand making excited noises every time they pressed or prodded a certain spot causing him to growl, rumble or purr. Meanwhile, The One With Brightly Colored Hair was dangling His Mate’s ribbon over his face giggling each time he tried to catch it in his teeth. All the while His Mate’s hand was lazily tracing circles on his bare chest.

            Now if he could just get the pack males to accept him.

            “Ah, sod those wankers, you don’t need them, you’re already in Buffy’s lap”.

            “Hey Giles,” His Mate’s sounds were distracted, she hadn’t looked up from her book for quite a while, “I’m not seeing… Do you have any clue why Spike has gone all Cuddle-Vamp when every other vamp in town is in perpetual attack mode?”

            “Ah, yes, well you see Buffy it’s quite uh simple… it’s because… no I haven’t a clue.”

            “D-do you think it’s because of the chip?” The Sweet One always seemed so hesitant to make noises, he lifted his head and rumbled at her encouragingly causing her to smile warmly. When he lowered his head, The One With Brightly Colored Hair was also smiling at him which made sense, he too liked people who were nice to His Mate.

            “But the chip just stops him from hurting people, it can’t force him to make with the snuggles,” His Mate pouted down at him with that adorably confused look on her face; he leaned up to nibble on her protruding lip but His Mate’s attention was drawn away from him by The One With Ugly Shirts.

            “It’s because we’re his pack… that’s how he’s acting, like he… like we…” The One With Ugly Shirts blew out an unhappy breath, “He’s acting the way the hyena demon did when I was alone with the pack.”

            The room was completely still, he could feel the tension seeping into His Mate so he nuzzled her stomach to try and relax her. She gave him a tight smile for his efforts but turned back to The One With Ugly Shirts with a frown.

            “You know, for a guy that doesn’t remember being possessed by a hyena demon, you sure seem to remember it well.”

            “I didn’t want to remember.”

            “Neither did I,” there was a whole depth of emotion in those sounds. The One With Ugly Shirts was noticeably silenced. His Mate was upset.

            He freed his hands and pushed up on his arms so he could nuzzle, nip and kiss the underside of her chin. After a beat she sighed and put a hand on his chest to push him back down, he went reluctantly. She looked at him, not for long, but it could have been forever, and slowly the strained emotions left her eyes. She took a deep breath and looked back up.

            “That still doesn’t answer my question. When you were all demony you didn’t act like this., Spike is… I mean he’s kinda being, he’s acting like I’m his… his…”

            “His sex partner?”

            “Yes, thank you Anya. But he’s not being all forceful about it like y… he’s being grabby, like really grabby, but he’s never grabbing me stronger than I can get out of. He’s not trying to control me or anything.”

            “He does seem to be exhibiting a surprising amount of gentleness,” The Graying One walked into the demon’s line of sight, head tilted quizzically, “I have a hard time believing that this is normal behavior for a creature as chaotic as a vampiric demon.”

            “Uh-oh mate, think they’re onto us.”

            “Angel wasn’t…” His Mate was quiet, seemingly lost in thought, “when he first came back from hell, he was feral, could barely talk. He was gentle with me but… not like this.”

            “Yeh, cause Angel’s a great buggering brute.”

            “Is-is it possible, I mean… m-maybe this is just,” The Sweet One licked her lips nervously, “just how Spike is.”

            “Tara I know you haven’t known Spike long but-“ The One With Ugly Shirts was cut off by The One With Brightly Colored Hair.

            “No. I think she’s right, I-I mean, when he first got the chip and we were alone in the dorm room, he noticed how upset I was and he- he sorta tried to make me feel better.”

            “He once gave up a room full of helpless victims to save Drusilla from me,” His Mate sounded like she was close to figuring something out, “Even at the time, I knew most vampires wouldn’t do that.”

            “That’s because I’m not like most vampires, I’m one of a kind baby.”

            “I suppose this theory holds a certain amount of merit,” The Graying One looked like he had a bad taste in his mouth.

            “Great, so Spike’s what? A nifty vamp to know? Are we supposed to like him now?”

            “Well when he can’t talk, at least.”


            “… and that’s it? We just do the reversal spell and all the vampires go back to normal?”

            “Well, we have to do the spell in the same spot as the original, and it’ll take a while for each vampire to revert to their natural talky state but,” The One With Brightly Colored Hair glanced at her mate, “yeah. That’s kinda it.”

            “Soooo, what do I do?”

            “Not to worry Buffy, your contribution comes after,” The Graying One pushed his glasses further up his nose, “Once Willow and Tara have done away with the spell and the last of its effects have faded, you and I will begin tracking down whoever cast it in the first place. If we’re lucky, this will be an isolated incident, a mere bout of pandemonium, perhaps for the caster’s entertainment.”

            “But since we’re never lucky this is probably some wanna-be Big Bad’s way of hi I’m evil, this is why,” His Mate’s shoulders slumped. The demon, who had been contentedly sniffing her hair while purring, switched to nuzzling her and rumbling. Thankfully, she had long since given up trying to stop him.

            “Anyways we’re gonna do a sourcing spell to figure out where we’re headed. Um Giles? This is what we’ll need for the reversal spell, can we please-“

            “Oh, yes of course. Xander, Anya? Help me gather these ingredients.”

            “Great!! I’m gonna grab some nice shiny weapons. It’s pretty crazy out there, no way I’m letting you guys go by yourselves,” His Mate launched herself off the bench swiftly, walking briskly into the back room. The demon huffed, he’d been enjoying himself, then followed her.

            When he got into the back room His Mate was stashing stakes into her boots. He stood back and admired her for a moment. The Man had various fantasies involving His Mate and boots, the demon wouldn’t have thought of it himself but yeah, looking at her now he got it. She straightened up and began surveying the weapons on the board.

            An image rippled out of The Man of His Mate from a while ago, standing in a dark hallway holding an axe. She hadn’t been His Mate yet, although it didn’t take long after that night, instead she’d been shiny and new and chock full of potential. (And wow!! Potential fulfilled.) The Man had been attracted to her too, but his thoughts had been filled with The Sire, it took longer for him to catch up. In fact, the demon could still remember the first time The Man had imagined kissing The Mate. It was when they were stuck in The Rolling Chair and The Boring Forehead Guy (previously known as The Grandsire) came home limping and clutching his groin.

            The Man began actively pushing the image of His Mate holding an axe until the demon gave in, grabbing an axe off the wall and offered it to His Mate. She glanced at it, smiled at him sweetly then shook her head. The Man insisted so the demon did as well. She gave the axe a closer look, then fixed a puzzled stare on him.

            “Am I missing something here? Is that axe gonna make me the Queen of the Round Table or something?”

            “Ugh, of course she’s gonna be bloody stubborn about this. Right mate, follow my lead.”

            The Man began replaying a memory of his own movements that night, over and over again until the demon understood he was supposed to follow along. Pushing the axe into her hands the demon picked up a long ouchie stick and began copying The Man’s remembered movements. His Mate’s eyes lit up in recognition before clouding over again with confusion.

            “Are you…? Wait is this some sort of wiggy sentimental thingy?”

            “It’s not ‘wiggy’!! That was our first dance!! It’s special!!”

            The demon wasn’t sure how to respond to either of them so he figured he’d just go with his default impulse to lean over and nibble on The Mate’s confused pout. She initially froze, then seemed to melt into him, dropping her axe. With an invitation like that the demon felt he had no choice but to toss his weapon aside and take His Mate into his arms.

            He let his mouth wander down across her chin then up to reclaim her earlobe. She sighed and pressed herself against him, leaning her head to the side, giving him more room to work. He purred happily and began exploring her body with his hands. She made no move to stop him.

            “Mmmh Spike.”

            Oh, The Man had liked that sound. The demon wondered if he could make her make it agai-

            “Hey Buffy we’ve got an addr- oh!!” The One With Brightly Colored Hair stood in the doorway, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. His Mate took a rapid step back from him.

            “Willow!! We were just, I just… um,” already bored with the people sounds the demon decided to get back to what he’d been doing. He wrapped his arms around her from the back this time and began giving the twice ignored earlobe its due. His Mate shivered but instead of melting into him like she had before she began squirming, making it impossible for him to keep his mouth on her. “Spike was just helping me to, to um familiarize myself with um…”

            “Vampire smoochies?”

            “Ye- no!! No he…,” His Mate sighed and finally stopped squirming, the demon rumbled gratefully and began nibbling on the side of her neck. “Yeah, yeah he’s making with the smoochies.”

            “And you’re… ok with that?” The One With Brightly Colored Hair stepped into the room, throwing a glance behind her.

            “I- yeah, no, I mean maybe? It’s just that… he’s hard to turn down…”

            “That right pet? Find me irresistible do you?”

            “…mostly because I don’t think he understands the word ‘no’ right now…”

            “Oi!! Now, now, no excuses. You know you could shove us away if you wanted.”

            “…and he’s making all these noises that are just so…”

            “It’s ok luv, you’re allowed to say sexy.”



            “I mean, he keeps purring, actually purring. As if I’m purr worthy.”

            “Oh pet, you are so much more than purr worthy.”

            “Buffy, you are purr worthy, majorly. But… you know it’s not going to last right?” The One With Brightly Colored Hair took one of His Mate’s hands, “the demon may have feelings for you but it’s still Spike… you just know once he gets back to normal he’ll go right back to wishing he could kill you.”

            “Wanna bet, Red.”

            “I know, I know, but it’s just so nice to feel… cherished.”

            “Is that all you want luv? Somebody who cherishes you? Done. Feel free to list everything else you look for in a bloke while you think I can’t hear you… like your favorite flowers.”

            “Oh Buffy. Can’t promise I’ll start with the purring and smoochies but I’ll always cherish you.”

            The demon grunted discontentedly when His Mate left his arms to hug The One With Brightly Colored Hair but The Man was making reassuring noises in his head. In fact, based off of the images flashing from The Man, the demon thought a plan might be forming.

            Buffy watched her friends pack up their reversal spell while holding Spike at arm’s length. He had grunted, growled and even whined, but Willow had mentioned that some vampires would snap back to themselves instantly while others returned to their senses gradually. Buffy figured there would be major bad if Spike came back to himself cuddling up to her the way he had been all night.

            “So did it work?” she asked, glancing nervously at Spike, who had gone still half way through the spell.

            “I-it felt like it worked,” Tara said hopefully, “I-I didn’t feel anything going wonky.”

            “Yeah, me too.” Willow smiled at her girlfriend then gave Buffy a slightly sympathetic look.

            “There is one way to know for sure of course,” Giles said slowly, gesturing at Spike with his glasses, “unless, that is, Spike is one of those who’ll take more time to return to his natural state.”

            Buffy nodded once then turned to Spike. She knew it was sort of horrible and way wrong but she’d really liked cuddly demon Spike, she’d be sad to see him go. None the less she gave his biceps a small squeeze to snap him back to attention then dropped her arms. The reaction was immediate.

            “Right, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here and say he’s still broken,” Xander quipped, watching the vampire merrily nuzzle his friend’s neck. He was purring again.

            Buffy couldn’t help but feel conflicted. On the one hand Spike could return to his senses any second now and vampire smoochies were still of the bad; on the other he’d started doing that suckling thing again right at that spot behind her ear that made her knees feel all wobbly. On the third hand (and yes for the sake of this exercise she had three hands) it turns out that without his shirt on Spike was nice and rippley under his duster and it was pretty hard to enjoy the view when he was pressed up close to her like this. Actually that was a good point.

            She summoned the strength to step out of his arms and returned a bracing hand to each one of his biceps. He growled unhappily but then quieted down when he noticed her rewarding herself with a lustful once over of the goods. Or with Spike maybe she should call them the bads? She wrinkled her nose and cocked her head considering it, were the goods still good even if they were on somebody bad?

            “So while you’re considering chips ahoy,” Xander walked closer, giving Spike a small frown, “have you figured out how you’re gonna get rid of him?”

            “What do you mean?” Get rid of him? Did Xander not see the lickable abs?

            “Well, he seems to be pretty devoted to the puppy dog act right now,” Xander shrugged, “What if the spell doesn’t wear off before you’re ready to call it a night?”

            Oh, ok yeah, she hadn’t thought of that. At some point within the next 24 hours Spike would return to normal, and until then she didn’t see him willingly leaving her side. And now we’re back to the major bad if Spike came to while making with the cuddles.

            “Um, I guess I’ll just have to wait with him at his crypt until he falls asleep or… you know becomes Spike again,” Buffy said slowly. Giles stepped forward with a small frown.

            “Buffy, are you sure that’s wise considering all of the demon’s,” he gestured at Spike, seeming to cast about his head for a word that wouldn’t make him sick, “advances?”

            “Giles please, I think I can handle one vampire.”

            She’d tried, she really tried.

            First she’d swung by her house to change into what she figured would be some comfy vamp-sitting clothes and ended up explaining what was happening to her mom and Dawn. Dawn had been utterly thrilled by the feral vampire, even more so when he’d begun trying to play with her by taking an old bottle cap out of his pocket then throwing it. When Dawn had brought it back to him giggling like crazy he’d rewarded her by petting her hair, an almost paternal look in his eyes.

            Buffy thought it best to ignore her mother’s question of how demon Spike knew how to play fetch. She’d headed upstairs and took a quick pit stop in the bathroom on her way to change. When she got to her room Spike was already lying across her bed hugging a pillow to his face and humming blissfully. When he noticed her, rather than trying to cover it up like a normal person would have, he’d grinned real big and spread himself out in clear invitation.

            Buffy hadn’t been able to get him to cover his eyes long enough for her to get changed so she’d been forced to return the bathroom. When she got out she’d followed the sounds of Dawn’s giggling to her little sister’s bedroom where Spike was trying to bundle a thoroughly energetic Dawn into bed. It was quickly turning into another play session with Dawn trying to avoid Spike’s grasping hands then squealing with delight and squirming away every time he caught her.

            Buffy might have stood in the doorway watching them a bit longer than necessary.

            Leaving the two to play she’d walked back down stairs and into the kitchen where her mother had apparently read her mind and had already started reheating a small dinner for Buffy. She hadn’t been able to convince her mom that she wouldn’t need a snack for the road so she had ended up sitting on the counter eating her dinner while her mom stuffed a veritable feast into a brown paper bag. Spike must have tired Dawn out because when he came down he was alone.

            He paused briefly to give Joyce one of those affectionate head bumps he’d been passing out all night (the cutest had been Tara’s, the funniest was Giles’) before re-attaching himself to Buffy’s hip. Thankfully he hadn’t done anything not-mom appropriate.

             That had lasted until he got Buffy alone in his crypt. Somehow he’d tricked her into going down to the bottom level of the crypt.

            And again, she’d tried. Really really hard. But then there had been lips on hers and some of those sweet purring noises and wicked hands and she was helpless. Completely at his mercy, which was turning out to be a whole lot better than she would’ve thought.

            His hands were just under the hem of her shirt, cool against her heated skin. While his tongue painted intricate patterns on her neck, his hands rose slowly to brush along the bottom of her bra, pushing up her shirt as he went. Too far gone to think reasonably, Buffy let go of his shoulders and pulled back from him just barely long enough to take the shirt off all together. Once it was gone she grabbed his face and slammed her mouth back to his, swallowing the yummy groan that prowled from his throat.

            His hands moved to her back where he deftly unclasped her bra. Since they had to separate their torsos to get it off anyways Buffy took the opportunity to push Spike’s duster off his shoulders. She moved to push herself back against Spike but he beat her to the punch, his body pressed against hers and kept pressing, moving her back until they hit the bed. He held her by the hips and lowered her so she was sitting on his mattress.

            Spike’s mouth left hers and started descending down her neck, across her collarbone down her sternum to take one suddenly exceedingly happy nipple into his mouth. She looked down at him gasping for breath as he began sucking on her breast persistently, abruptly his eye flicked open catching her staring. His eyes flashed yellow and he let out another lustful groan.

            There was the sound of a zipper being undone, then suddenly Buffy’s legs were completely exposed to explorative hands. There was something wrong with that, a reason that shouldn’t be happening but Buffy couldn’t remember what it was. Spike moved on to the other nipple and she decided that Buffy didn’t care what it was. Not as long as Spike didn’t stop.

             His mouth moved down to the underside of first one breast then the other before moving downward. She realized in a flash where his destination was and opened her mouth to tell him he didn’t have to do “that” but was cut off by her own pleasured moan when his mouth reached her navel. His hands spread her thighs wider and his mouth paused in its downward quest just long enough to clean her juices off the inside of her legs, then he hit paradise.

            She hadn’t thought guys enjoyed this sort of thing but when Spike’s tongue first ran up her slit the sound he made was one of pure ecstasy, as if there was nothing he’d rather be doing. He gave her a few more experimental licks, double checking every time one spot or another caused her moans to intensify, then began devouring her.  She fell back screaming.

To be honest, Buffy lost track of the world for a little while, it seemed there was nothing but the soft comforter beneath her and the growls vibrating from Spike’s throat into all the right places. When she shattered and fell she thought that would be the last of Spike’s mouth but apparently, he wasn’t through.

             He slowed down becoming gentler, growls turning to purrs and eager sucking to languid swallows. Pleasure crested over Buffy like waves and her own gasps and sighs seemed to take on an almost musical effect on her senses. Orgasms seemed to burst through her like popping bubbles, small and charming.

            When Spike was finally satisfied, after who knows how long, he stood slowly his eyes drinking her in. Buffy felt beautiful under his gaze, the way he drank her in like just the sight of her could save him from the fires of hell. It helped that from where he was standing she had a perfect view of the eye-candy that was Spike. She’d never been blind, she was quite aware of how handsome Spike was, but she usually wasn’t allowed to enjoy it. A spark of mischief lighted Spike’s eyes then he was moving his hands teasingly slow down his chest to the fly of his pants.

            She watched him pop each button on his pants one by one until he was able to slip them off and kick them aside, all the while ignoring that niggling something in the back of her mind saying something wasn’t right. Wow, yeah definitely the “big” part of the Big Bad. Spike smirked as if he knew what she was thinking (which he always seemed to) then put a hand on her bare hip. He froze frowning slightly.

            Buffy had a split moment of panic, thinking of course this would be the moment when Spike was his normal jerky self again, but instead he climbed on the bed and began trying to propel her further into it, she helped as much as her jelly limbs would allow. When her head was on the pillow he tugged the blankets out from under them then draped them over both their shoulders. Cold, she was cold and he had noticed. God she hadn’t even noticed she was cold.

            Talk about feeling cherished.

            He bent his head to resume his ministrations on her neck but she caught his face in the palm of her hand and just stared at him for a moment. She wanted to memorize this, this moment, the way he was, that sweet look in his eyes. Slowly, holding his stormy blues for as long as she could, she leaned up until she was kissing him. The sound in the back of his throat was almost a whimper, almost a purr, nothing but pure bliss.

            He entered her in that moment and Buffy let herself fall back to the bed, pulling him with her. Buffy wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs clamped onto his hips. Every time he pulled out she tightened her grip to pull him back in. They moved slowly even as their kiss picked up in intensity, this time Buffy was the one to move her mouth to his neck. He began growling, his hips grinding against her in between strokes.

            Buffy’s orgasm took her by surprise, she hadn’t realized she still had one in her after the so many little bubble orgasms. This one was neither as intense nor as soothing as the others but instead felt somehow the most intimate. She let out a sudden shout that she was pretty sure was Spike’s name, her nails digging into his shoulder as her whole body seemed to try to pull him as close to her as possible.

            As she came down from her high one hand moved up to the nape of his neck to tenderly run her nails through the short hairs there. She sighed contentedly, feeling Spike’s movements getting more frenzied inside her. He had taken advantage of her distraction to reclaim her neck.

            “I think I could love you,” she whispered in his ear, squeezing him with muscles that never failed to bring down the house. Spike froze as if surprised then immediately came, a roar ripping itself up from his toes out between clenched teeth. He collapsed on top of her, panting for breath he didn’t need.

            After a few minutes he rolled onto his side, wrapping his arms around her. He nestled into her hair and began making that comforting rumbling noise he made all night whenever she’d got on edge.

She promised herself she wouldn’t fall asleep, that any minute now she’d get back up, put her clothes on, and find someplace (other than the bed) to sit down and watch over Spike until he was sleeping. Or back to his normal jerky self.

            “…never stop loving you, even when I’m dust. Do whatever it takes to stay by your side, to earn your- gods love I-,” Buffy had been listening to Spike promise to love her for the past few minutes. She didn’t think he realized she’d woken up a while ago, he certainly sounded like he was still half asleep. She would have thought he was dreaming about Drusilla but unless Drusilla had dyed her hair since the last time she was in Sunnydale Buffy figured it was a safe bet she was “my golden warrior”.

            She should be wigging. She should be having a major wig fest. She wasn’t.

            Actually she felt calm, peaceful. Buffy was laying on her back with Spike’s arms wrapped securely around her, his lips moving sluggishly against her temple. If she tuned out what he was saying his voice became a low hum massaging her eardrums, if she tuned in he promised to love her forever, help her shoulder her burdens, be whatever she needed. It was nice.

            She should be wigging. It was what a good slayer would do. It’s what her friends would expect.

            But… then again last night, when she had that moment, that moment when she’d been sure she could love him. That moment was multiplying, she already loved this side of Spike. The sleepy, full of gentle words side. And she loved the growly playful demon she’d met last night. She figured if snarky, leering Spike stopped being such an asshole to her and her friends she would love him to.

            Well, maybe he didn’t have to stop being an asshole, sometimes Xander acted like an asshole yet she still loved him. She still (grudgingly) loved Faith and she’d been like the Queen of Assholes until she’d turned herself in (although there was a petty side of Buffy that felt robbing her of the chance to beat sense into Faith was the worst thing the other slayer had done). Hell, Buffy was an asshole from time to time, she wasn’t stuck up enough to think otherwise. So maybe if he just didn’t lash out quite as often…

            Oh god, she was actually trying to think of ways they could make it work!

            She needed to stop this, right now. She needed to get out of bed, tell Spike it was never going to happen, maybe punch him once for good measure (although not in the face, she had an all new appreciation for his face), grab her pants and- Hey, wait a second.

            “Spike?” she asked casually, turning her head to look at him. He froze, an adorable (no, bad Buffy) hilarious and not at all cute “deer in the headlights” look on his face.

            “N-no, I mean um,” he began purring and nuzzling her in an almost convincing imitation of demon Spike.

            “Spike I’ve been awake for like, the past five minutes,” she said with a roll of her eyes. The purring paused for a beat then started back up more intensely as if that would convince her. She’d been planning to ask Spike when exactly he’d come back to himself but this demon Spike act was making her think it had been way before they’d started getting groiny. Might have been as soon as the reversal spell was done: “Spike you took off our pants last night.”

            That got Spike’s attention, he raised his head to look at her. He seemed to be trying to make up his mind between maintaining his demon act and asking her what “the bloody fuck” she was talking about.

            “Demon you couldn’t figure out how to work my pants earlier, then when we were… you know, you took off both our pants,” she explained carefully. His eyes got real wide for a brief moment, then he sighed and dropped onto his back covering his face with his hands.

            “Bugger,” he grunted, “forgot about that.”

            “It was bothering me last night,” she admitted wrinkling her nose, “was too distracted to figure out why though.”

            “Yeah, so was I,” he lifted his hands an inch from his face and looked at her from the corner of his eyes, “you gonna stake me now?”

            “Hmm, I’m a bit too relaxed right now, could we just do the staking thing the next time I see you?” God was she teasing him? She should not be teasing him. It was kinda worth it though, with the way his face lit up all hopefully.

            “Yeah, and when might that be?” he scooched back onto his side, one hand landing tentatively on her stomach, “Like to schedule a- a uh last meal in. Someplace nice, m-maybe Italian. Or y’know sushi if-”

            “I like Italian,” she said coyly. Mentally she shrugged, a voice she thought of as her inner Anya reminding her that at least he was good in bed, if not in any other sense of the word.

            “Yeah? Well then perhaps you’d like to come with me?” his entire body seemed to be vibrating against hers, and even with her strongest denial skills Buffy wouldn’t have been able to convince herself that the half concealed excitement wasn’t utterly endearing.

            “Yeah I think I will,” she murmured, rolling onto her side for another kiss.

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