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Summary: Set in S4, after Something Blue. Giles does that truth spell on Spike after all, but what happens when it gets stuck? The truth is sometimes a very uncomfortable thing.
Winner for Best Long Story at Love's Last Glimpse Awards 2006.
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Word count: 12,821 Hit Count: 13,368 ePub Downloads: 241
Published: November 23, 2006 Updated: November 23, 2006

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1. Chapter 1 by Enigmaticblue - Likes: 27 Comments: 9 Word Count: 3,095 Hit Count: 5,077
A/N: Written for the seasonal_spuffy community on Live Journal. The challenge was “fairy tales,” and this story is (very) loosely based on the tale of Thomas the Rhymer. If you’re not familiar with the story, Thomas got taken off to fairyland, and after seven years was returned to the mortal word, unable to speak anything but the truth. Spike, poor guy, finds himself in the same position.

2. Chapter 2 by Enigmaticblue - Likes: 20 Comments: 8 Word Count: 3,305 Hit Count: 2,983

3. Chapter 3 by Enigmaticblue - Likes: 20 Comments: 7 Word Count: 2,802 Hit Count: 2,549

4. Chapter 4 by Enigmaticblue - Likes: 55 Comments: 25 Word Count: 3,619 Hit Count: 2,757