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kassto61 commented on Chapter 21 on October 26, 2020 10:14pm

This story is on my very select "best of" Spuffy list and I come back and read it repeatedly. One of the best "Spike returns with soul" stories, with beautiful characterisation of all the cast, giving them all their due and actually dealing with all their shit from the previous season. It's a struggle to pick one character you do best because they are all great. No, maybe I'll choose Spike and Xander as the ones that moved me most. Poor Xander... you rightly dig into all his pain to make it clear why he's been such an ass. Thanks so much for this. Stories such as this last and last.


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ProximaShining commented on Chapter 21 on April 30, 2020 05:51am Liked

Excellent rewrite of season 7! Loved how everyone tried their best to behave mature, and what a difference it made.

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SusanMarieR commented on Chapter 21 on April 21, 2020 05:08am

Well I read this all night long, and boy am I glad I work from home.

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Notte commented on Chapter 13 on September 08, 2019 11:24pm


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srbeaver commented on Chapter 21 on August 31, 2019 10:44pm Liked

Good story you kept me guessing about who was messing with Spike.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 21 on June 27, 2019 08:26pm Liked

But I still don’t understand Spike losing his meal like that? Are they tied together?

Willow will always be a manipulator. That is her nature.

Here’s to hoping they all get along afterwards.

Great fic!


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Joyce commented on Chapter 20 on June 27, 2019 08:09pm

OK so Willow and Xander are fine. Explanations next chapter, please?

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Joyce commented on Chapter 19 on June 27, 2019 07:59pm

Xander being a lone child just does not get the importance of Dawn to Buffy.

And agree that Xander totally did a major wrong to Dawn.

Why Willow? To hurt Buffy?  It's like an extra layer of evil over the Hellmouth's energies.


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Joyce commented on Chapter 18 on June 27, 2019 07:41pm

OK, what’s going on here? What was behind Buffy and was there a time travel thingie?

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Joyce commented on Chapter 16 on June 27, 2019 07:07pm Liked

I’m wondering what Anya’s five step plan consisted of?

“Billious yellow” is an excellent description of Cliff’s Notes.

Some 21 year old men make good marriages. My husband was 21.

So I gather that Giles got the flowers to calm the demon waters so to speak and she missed everything that he said.

Buffy certainly has foot in mouth disease…. So stubborn.


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Joyce commented on Chapter 14 on June 27, 2019 06:14pm Liked

How could they think it was Clem?!

Good reference to the Patsy Cline music.

Squee on the last bit!!!

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Joyce commented on Chapter 13 on June 27, 2019 05:45pm Liked

So Anya has the Magic Shop and Giles has a book store? Makes perfect sense.

I Giles had stayed previusly, that probably would have been another can of worms. His reasons are very valid even if Buffy cannot see them.

I absolutely love Anya’s logic here!! Xander is like a very stubborn overgrown child.

Now I want to know what Spike has figured out.

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Joyce commented on Chapter 12 on June 27, 2019 07:45am

Why would Spike think of Dawn as his and Buffy's child? Sounds like a plot from another fanfic.

Excellent delineation between "passion and fire" versus "dreams and silences"!   That is such an accurate description of Bangel.

Oh no!  Is Spike going to starve?  That is a really dark spell there. 

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Joyce commented on Chapter 11 on June 27, 2019 07:42am Liked

I think he'd have a better chance in the downstairs of his crypt versus Casa Summers due to the tunnel exits.

Really like the analogy of Drusilla in an orphanage.  Accurate and sad at the same time.

Hee hee re polishing the table!

It makes sense that Anya would think about hair color since her hair color changed nearly as often as Oz's did in canon.

Hey vamps should be able to see in the dark!

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 21 on September 25, 2018 02:34am Liked

"Your problem isn't magic, it's never been magic! You can't stop manipulating people, that's your problem! That's why you couldn't leave magic alone, because it helped make people do what you wanted, and now that you're staying away from magic you're jerking us around in other ways!"


I really enjoyed this tale. Very good insights into the psychological states of the characters, their weaknesses and motivations. Crafty plot to have two perps, acting independently and at cross-purposes. I also like that Buffy seems to have grown up enough to start asserting her right to make her own choices, something canon Buffy never seemed to be able to do until the devastating S7 episode where they all - except for Spike - betrayed her.

Seems like the over-arching theme of the whole story is how no one really understands anyone else because they're all so caught up in their own needs and blinded by their own interpretations of reality. Sort of like real life sometimes. 

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 20 on September 25, 2018 02:20am Liked

Van Ness? Do they live in San Francisco?

Another excellent chapter, and still dangling us along, not going to let us guess what the motivation was until the last chapter.

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 19 on September 25, 2018 02:16am Liked

Ooooo - great! I love to be fooled! And then that last line. Damn. Will Buffy have to stake him now? Or now that he's all soul-having, it'll be ok?

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 18 on September 25, 2018 02:12am Liked

And like the author intended, I thought, a-ha, I knew it; she'd put in those hints back in a previous chapter. But. Sly writer!

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 17 on September 25, 2018 02:08am Liked

Did anyone else notice that the demon name, Nosredna-Laup, is Paul Anderson spelled backwards? Was this an ex of the writer, perhaps? ;-) 

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 16 on September 25, 2018 02:04am Liked

Poor Anya, never quite getting the how-to-be-a-human, never quite learning how to read the subtle cues, always slightly out of phase. And Giles, just the same.

And then we are given Spike and Buffy, going over the same old ground again, appearing to be about to tear each other apart again, when Spike finally says the right things to her:

"Because someone who really loves you will do whatever it takes to be with you."

And Buffy is not pushing him away this time. We have some movement in a positive direction for these two, at last!

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 14 on September 25, 2018 01:53am Liked

"He'd been failing them for years."

Yes, so much tragedy attached to Giles' failings. He should have been better able to guide them all; he appeared to have all the right stuff to be a great father figure and mentor to this group of mostly parentless young people: the education, the experience both as Ripper and a proper English gentleman, the good intentions, the compassion and love...and yet, he failed. How can the older generation help the younger, what is their wisdom worth? He took the wrong path, every time. In spite of all the glasses-polishing, he could never really see the truth of the situations. He's doing it again in this story, by misinterpreting Anya's actions. This is such a good story!


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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 13 on September 25, 2018 01:42am Liked

I love this chapter - it's like a Shakespeare comedy, only this is tragic, with everyone pining after someone who is pining after someone else and misunderstanding all the signals. And just when you think you know, you're...wrong.

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 11 on September 25, 2018 01:38am Liked

Sowing the seeds, ha ha ha...I see what you're doing, and I fell for it.

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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 10 on September 25, 2018 01:35am Liked

In this story (not just this chapter, although it is one of the main Xander-centric ones), the exposition of Xander's world view, his pain, his insecurity, his way of trying to deal with being a young adult who has never had a good role model, is very sympathetic; it makes us understand his motivations for his noble and less than noble actions in canon and in this story. I really liked how she handles the inner thoughts of all the characters, but she does a particularly fine job with Xander and Anya (poor Anya). 

Love this bit:

"He was brave and loyal and simple. He took everything like a body blow; he didn't have it in him to shrug anything off. A person had to be elastic to do that, and he wasn't. Everything was personal. Everything mattered."


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MiseEnPlace commented on Chapter 1 on September 25, 2018 01:17am Liked

I read this on AO3 first, not realizing that Shadowlass had an account here. This is an incredibly well written story, great plot & characterizations, wonderful psychological explorations of the characters, and misdirection, misdirection, misdirection. Fooled me until almost the end. Really good job!

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Cloongarvin commented on Chapter 21 on August 19, 2017 07:44am

This is such a nifty story. Creepy but yet sweet in how it's all about healing damaged relationships and accepting guilt and responsibility. Clues are breadcrumbed out so that we keep thinking we what's going on, wishing the characters would figure it out, only to discover what's really happening when the characters do. I was engaged, throughout, as I read.

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NickaML commented on Chapter 21 on June 18, 2017 04:38am

  • Very nice

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Jhill commented on Chapter 21 on March 07, 2017 10:35am Liked

I really like how you fixed Buffy and Spike's relationship while also fixing the relationship of the Scoobies, Dawn, and Giles.

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flootzavut commented on Chapter 21 on August 22, 2016 06:07am Liked

"photogenic, deeply felt lolling about"

"But the vampire was looking at Dawn with intense concentration, like she couldn't just be there for milk, and he could divine her true intentions with a good heavy stare."

^ just a couple of lines that made me chuckle.

Snuggly Spuffy is adorable hearts

You nailed Willow - her problem was always that she wanted control. I like that you made it in character, but not a curse, and that they were able to reconcile.

Good story applause

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flootzavut commented on Chapter 20 on August 22, 2016 05:53am Liked

"She was pretty sure she could live with it."

Awww, in-love Buffy is so adorable.

Even more intrigued, now! Love the note Spike left for Xander... oddly formal handwriting on the back of a liquor store receipt is so Spikehaha

"If he could he'd disappear inside her skin."

heart this strikes me as such a Spike-ish sentiment,


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