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slaymesoftly commented on Chapter One on June 14, 2021 04:40pm Liked

I do, but spacing out a bit right now.  How about "To Fi What's Not Broken" (sorry keys are not working)

There are tons more where Dawn has her moments, with and without Spike, but that's not usually the focus of the fic. Some drabbles set while Buffy was dead,  a few season 6 fics where Dawn tries to push them together, stuff like that. Home is Where They Have to Take You In has a lot of Dawn in it, including her being the one to figure out who the mysterious vampire is. If/when I have time, I'll figure out which ones have enough Dawn and Spike to be worth looking at. :)

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Fluffypuppy commented on Chapter Five on June 14, 2021 03:02pm Liked

Will Jonathan return too?

Is spike still in danger?

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter Five on June 14, 2021 02:16am Liked

I can see why Buffy wouldn't want to leave his side. I wouldn't either.

Interesting... I can't wait to find out why Spike had Jonathan's driver's license. Didn't see that coming.

Kind of good to see that Andrew actually still feels the remorse for his past actions. His change has been real and not just self-serving. 

 Did I ever tell you I once cosplayed as Princess Leia?  This made me laugh out loud AND immediately picture him in costume with no problem whatsoever.

His Nibblet. Happy to see him. Sadness washed over him. She didn’t like him. Had hated him that last year in Sunnydale. Her sudden effervescence was confusing.  Yup, he died thinking he was hated by her. They never ironed out things in the entire group... even the admission from Buffy was iffy given all the events and words that came before.

I am so glad Dawn said her peace and Spike's response was appropriate too. They are coming from a place of honesty and can rebuild their relationship from there in a healthy way.

I am hoping they are going to be gentle with one another and it looks like they are.

I love him wanting her to lie down with him and rest for the moment. There's time and need.

 he didn’t owe her his presence. He’d more than paid his due for personal past wrongdoings by sacrificing himself for the world.  Yeah this is one thing often overlooked. He DIDN'T owe it to her to reach out. He should have for a lot of reasons but it wasn't owed. Just as she didn't owe him her love when he went to get his soul. There was no debt on balance. Choices were made, some on faulty data and miscommunication but nonetheless there was no betrayals either.

 “Don’t go down a rabbit hole, pet. Please. We’ll suss things out.”  He knows her so well!

Yes, important talking usually is best when both parties aren't exhausted and hurting too.

Excellent update.


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All4Spike commented on Chapter Five on June 13, 2021 04:21pm Liked

I love that Dawn is looking after Buffy, kinda role reversal. But she's right. An exhausted slayer is a slayer at less than full power. Plus, she's doing no good standing watch over a sleeping Spike. It's when he wakes up that she'll need to be alert.

That Spike had Jonathan's wallet is a puzzle, but naturally it has affected Andrew deeply. Bad memories...

Very sweet moment between Spike and Dawn.

Lovely snuggly Spuffy moment.

Eager for the sussing....

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:46pm

I mostly had her kick him out to have the Spike and Dawn moment....sorta. Haha. 

Bad memories for Andrew but I want him to work through things some more. He had that one big moment with Buffy at the seal and then lots of smaller moments but yeah. There is an explanation for this, I promise. 

And yay! Glad you liked the Spike and Dawn. It always makes me happy to write them.

Get ready for more snuggles and a slower sussing. Well, a few chapters at least and then more later. It's a slow down of the action's Thanksgiving! 

Thank you for reading! *hugs*

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slaymesoftly commented on Chapter Five on June 13, 2021 04:09pm Liked

Spike and Dawn moment for the win!  Loving it!

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:42pm

I love Spike and Dawn so much... there's a reason I wrote so many Dawn chapters in the last fic... just for Spike and Dawn moments. hearts Point me to your Spike and Dawn... I would imagine you have some, too. *hugs*

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slaymesoftly commented on Chapter Four on June 13, 2021 03:34pm Liked



Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:41pm


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magnus374 commented on Chapter Five on June 13, 2021 02:35pm

It is nice to see Buffy be worried for Spike but she really needed some rest. 

So Spike carried Jonathan's wallet, that was unexpected. It raises some questions, it also make sense that it affected Andrew strongly.

A moment with Spike and Dawn was indeed needed, it felt good to see. Buffy and Spike was of course also good to see but they need a lot of talking when they get a moment.

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 02:46pm

It was nice to slow things down a bit here to have them recover. More chapters like that to come before the next part of the action!

And yes...Jonathan's wallet. That will be explained but it might be a while! :o) 

Thanks for reading, Magnus! flowers

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zanthinegirl commented on Chapter Five on June 13, 2021 01:50pm Liked

Aww!  Super cute Spike & Dawn moment.  I think their friendship might just be my favorite one in the Buffy-verse.  Love!!

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 02:44pm

Mine, too! I love Spike and Dawn friendship...I could write them all the time. :o) Glad you liked it! *hugs*

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zanthinegirl commented on Chapter Four on June 13, 2021 01:42pm Liked

W00t!  Rescued!  And I’m officially intrigued with poor Gunn in the ring.  This is terrific fun!

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 02:44pm

Yes! He's rescued! They have some stuff to sort but at least he's with people he knows and who care about him! And Gunn...I'm very excited to write him. :o) Thank you so much!

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Fluffypuppy commented on Chapter Four on May 31, 2021 12:18pm Liked

Thank goodness and they found Gunn too

whqt Magic f do yes spikes ring possess 

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:18am

YES...they found them both... :o) So glad you enjoyed the reveal! *hugs* Thank you so much for reading!

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bmerb commented on Chapter Four on May 31, 2021 10:47am Liked

Oh my, Gunn is stuck in the ring! I never watched much of AtS so I don’t know if any of the stuff Gunn refers to here was part of that canon, but it sounds totally like some kind of AtS shenanigans. 

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:17am

Oh oh...yes, it's totally AtS canon...well, some of it. I think Gunn becomes a vampire in the comics but I haven't read the canon AtS comics. So I'm just playing with that. Thank you so much for reading! hug

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magnus374 commented on Chapter Four on May 31, 2021 06:27am

The fact that they were so very careful when they walked into the room tells us more on how dangerous this world is. Well that and the very dangerous creature they had to fight. That scene was described well. Andrew's machine worked, good to see. And now we learned why the ring was so important to Spike, it's holding Gunn's spirit.

Spike is found, this could be a dangerous moment for Lynk though. 

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:16am

The world is incredibly dangerous. Andrew's machine did work... Gunn and Spike are added to the team. Lynk is going to be out of the picture for a while but he's coming back in chapter 9. Thank you so much for reading, Magnus!

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter Four on May 31, 2021 04:27am Liked

These other dimension demons are a nasty lot for the most part. This one that attacked the girls was uber-confident. Nice that it was wielding magic that Willow could tap into. Just enough to get the job done and heal Faith too. ITA with Willow, they need to stay together.

Yeah, you get desensitized. I suppose that can be necessary, a survival tool. It's also rather scary too. The things you can "get used to" are sometimes frightening in themselves when you realize it.

WOW No wonder Spike is avid about finding the ring. It's GUNN! I can see Illyria putting him in this situation with no trouble. He's in stasis as he put it. Not vampire. Not human. Not ghost. Not dead. Not alive. That has to be frustrating.

Well, not Buffy knows that Spike is alive so that's really good.

I'm weirdly thinking that they need to grab all the food there to take back LOL. Weapons too and anything else useful.

YES! They found him and Buffy immediately gave him some blood to start to heal him. Now they will all be together at least and can go from there. Exchange information and work together to set things right.

Excellent chapter!!


Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:14am

Yes! I'm hoping to show that a lot of these demons are pretty awful and there's not an easy way to beat them.

For sure...desensitization is a survival tool for them. 

YES! That's the surprise I've been laying a little groundwork for. There are other things, too, that I've hinted at that will come out later. I am not sure what I'll do with Gunn's status yet, but suffice to say, I mostly wanted to try my hand at writing him because I loved him on Angel.

Oh gosh, you read my mind about the food and weapons. 

Yep! They found Spike. Spike and Buffy will have some things to sort'll take a little time. But they'll get there. Here will start a little break in the story before the action picks up again. 

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! *big hugs*

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swonderful commented on Chapter Four on May 30, 2021 07:14pm

I am so grateful that Spike was found so quickly, without protracted searches and near-misses. And now his captor will be the Scoobies'  captive. No idea how many factions are in play here.

This chapter answered a lot of my questions from earlier, while raising new ones. It seems that lots of things are happening now. I'm worried about our little core group; there's no superfluous characters, and they're in the middle of so much danger.  I hope we find out soon why they don't get out of Dodge, or Denver.

Great story, although horrible to contemplate this situation. Don't know how I missed it earlier, but it was great to read four chapters straight through.

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:11am

Oh, gosh, I really didn't want to spend a lot of the fic waiting for them to meet up. Depending on my mood, I would get bored writing that. This is a world full of demons so I'm imagining there are loads of factions.

There are no superfluous characters for sure!

Oh oh! So glad you enjoyed the four chapters straight... I'll be posting a new one today. And I've written through chapter 8.

Thank you for reading!! 

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swonderful commented on Chapter Three on May 30, 2021 06:55pm

This was Andrew's voice, perfectly. I could hear him speaking: “Spike’s alive? And why is there a chicken in the bathroom? I almost got my feet pecked to death when I was going in there to brush my teeth. Is Spike a chicken?” came Andrew’s voice from behind Buffy. He sounded dumbfounded with that pesky bit of hope.

    And now it seems that Spike was living in the same city as the survivors and the chief evils. Very mysterious.  Still very scary.  And is it near--Denver??  How did they all nd up there, and why? For the altitude?

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:08am

Yay! I'm glad you think so! :o) I love Andrew and hoping to do some cool stuff with him in this fic. 

He is in the same city... and it is near Denver! Spike has his own mission and so do the Scoobies. There's a reason they ended up here... well, for one, this is the part of the journey where they reconnect and the other is part of the plot. Not anything to do with altitude. 

Thank you so much for reading! hug

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swonderful commented on Chapter Two on May 30, 2021 06:37pm

They have a shield, but there's no mention of transport from where Willow and Spike were held captive to their shielded apartment.  Did they walk?  Why remain in such close proximity to the big evils? 

This is a terrifying world.  Buffy, and the others, think they may be all that's left of humanity, but that's not correct.  Spike identified the corpse that was thrown in with him as human, Gunn is still around (although he could be vamped or changed),  and there may be other survivors who can use landlines, cellphones and computers, but have no idea how to use, let alone find, a ham radio or radio broadcast station.  Or maybe they're too afraid it could be used to track them down.  Someone is keeping the power going, though;  A fridge for snacks and specimen hummed. What on earth is specimen?  Bits of the demons? 

 Willow and Giles had been collecting scientific equipment as they found various pieces, and one part of the room was dedicated to their experiments and investigations.... A rickety bookshelf housed all that remained of Giles’s book collection; seven lonely volumes lined one shelf. An eighth – the one Willow had found – hadn’t made its way there yet.

Compared to their scarcity of resources, the place where Willow was held captive was full of valuable items. Wonder if they'll risk a return. I can see why they didn't bother taking jewels--what value would they have?

I don't know why any of them would jump to thinking Spike's alive on the basis of finding his ring. It could be anyone who was in the house after she last saw it, which might have been years before the town collapsed.  I'd like to attribute to thinking Spike goes with the ring to wishful thinking and a welcome for Spike when they find him.  His captor now wants to form an alliance.  Interesting that the demon he's never met knows his last name, but none of the Scoobies or either Summers knows it--sad.

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 11:05am

The thing is there are big evils everywhere and where Willow is? Not necessarily a big evil because of how the world is now. They just went there because they discovered that a shard was there. 

For sure! There are more people out there. It just feels like there aren't any people. More things to come! And yep yep...totally on the ham radio. Hang tight for that. I'm several chapters ahead and there will be discussion about that. Speciman - bits of demon.

They will be going back!

You will def find out why Buffy definitely thinks it's Spike's ring. 

You're asking such wonderful questions! Your comments totally made my day! *hugs* heartsflowershug

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swonderful commented on Chapter One on May 30, 2021 05:40pm

 Wow.  The end of the chapter left me stunned. First we had dark, awful ugly fights, then the rescue of Willow which was less bloody than expected, then the relative normality of the well-appointed rooms, then the Aladdin-like opulence of the secret room with "shelves lining the walls and covered with weapons and art and jewels" and the choices of what to take. Opting for weapons over jewels says a lot about the world they're in.  Scary. 

    Wonder why the prior occupants left in such haste that nobody took the shard, which Buffy considers key to regaining their world.


Author's Response on June 13, 2021 10:53am

You will find out why they left in haste later! And ooo...glad you liked the juxtaposition of the two spaces. Thank you so very much for reading and sharing your observations! flowers

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duke6665 commented on Chapter Four on May 30, 2021 04:45pm Liked

Really loving this so far.  Glad you included Faith and Vi. I love the two of them.  Gunn being trapped in the ring is a nice twist.  

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 10:48am

Thank you so very much! I am so excited to write Faith and Vi! And hope you enjoy the addition of Gunn. *hugs*

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All4Spike commented on Chapter Four on May 30, 2021 04:43pm Liked

Ghosty Gunn is in the skull ring! Well, that's a surprise. No wonder Spike was upset at losing it!

And Spike! Yay! The dream team is back together.

Author's Response on June 13, 2021 10:47am

Yes yes! That's exactly why he was upset. I really wanted to write Gunn. :o)

YES...they found Spike! It's been a while though so Buffy and Spike have some stuff to work out. 

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All4Spike commented on Chapter Three on May 23, 2021 08:03am Liked

Spike is so sad at the loss of his ring that slipped off his skinny finger, but he'd be thrilled if he only knew that Buffy has found it!

Andrew seems to have grown up and out of his fantasy world at last. Not before time!

Giles before would have protested a search for Spike, so Buffy was pleasantly surprised when he said, “I think you should look for him. If the ring is indeed his and if he is alive, we could use his help.” Yes! Excellent decision, Giles!

Fingers crossed that Buffy's spell brings her to Spike and Lynk...

Author's Response on May 30, 2021 01:14am

Good point...he would be so thrilled to know Buffy has it. You'll find out soon enough why he's bothered by its loss.

Andrew has grown up...he's going to have some stuff to deal with though. 

I think they're all realizing things are too dire to mess around...more than in season seven even. And Giles has learned his lesson. lol

And you'll find out in the next chapter! *hugs* Thank you again!

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All4Spike commented on Chapter Two on May 23, 2021 07:47am Liked

So Angel and his 'little' apocalypse of a fight with the Circle of the Black Thorn, and therefore the Senior Partners, turned out to be a little bigger than he expected. I can't say that I'm surprised. vamp

I am, however, wondering how Spike survived. thinking And now Buffy has his ring, which gives her hope that he's still out there somewhere. Excellent!

So this cadre of good guys comprises Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Xander, Giles, Faith, Vi, and Andrew. Handy mix of power and experience. smile

And it looks as though Spike may have found an ally....


Author's Response on May 30, 2021 01:12am

You will find out how Spike survived soon enough. And Buffy totally has his ring... so they've almost crossed paths. They're so close! was fun choosing who should be in the group. I wanted to add in some characters whom I haven't written Faith, Vi, and Andrew. It'll be interesting. :o)

And Spike has found a sort of ally. He'll be around a bit. 

Thank you so much for reading!

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All4Spike commented on Chapter One on May 22, 2021 05:59pm Liked

I can't think how I missed this when it was first posted, but there are so many stories, so many updates....

Anyway... you've brought me into a truly dark, creepy world full of demons - with Buffy, Willow and Spike (poor Spike!).
I can't wait to discover where you take us....

Author's Response on May 30, 2021 01:09am

*hugs* I'm so glad you found it...I always really enjoy reading your thoughts and observations! :o) It's totally dark and creepy and I'm working to balance that dark and creepy so it's not totally depressing. But it is a hard world. 

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mother_of_unicorns commented on Chapter Three on May 20, 2021 11:06am Liked

“I don’t know what the hell I’m doing,” he told the Buffy in the photo.

Omg, Spike talking to Buffy's picture weep


I love a Faith and Buffy that get along and work together so thanks for that! This was a fantastic update. I seriously cannot wait for more. I am so into this world you've created :-)

Author's Response on May 30, 2021 01:06am

He's still so in love with her...even though he thinks she's dead. hug

Buffy and Faith are totally getting along. I think this whole predicament has thrown them together in a good way for their relationship. 

Thank you so much for enjoying the world so far...strange as it may be! hearts

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magnus374 commented on Chapter Three on May 18, 2021 01:12pm

It could be because of time but all the references to things rottening makes me see this as another reference to the world is decaying. So they have found a living hen, if they can feed it, it wouldn't make any sense to kill it as long as it lays eggs, then they can cook it. The happiness over the eggs really show us how the world has fallen. The comment on how they were stuck in a city and an unknown one at that was interesting, it makes me wonder even more about this world. It was good to see Faith, Andrew and Giles here.

I do enjoy seeing Spike and Lynk together and apparently the ring had some important value for Spike.

Author's Response on May 30, 2021 01:05am

Oooo...I love that observation, Magnus...that wasn't totally on purpose but I do think that the world is not right...for a lot of reasons. You'll find out more soon. I hope you enjoy how it unfolds! 

And I hope you like Lynk...trying to make some interesting demons. I know you enjoy that! :o) And the ring is very important. 

Thank you for reading! flowers

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zanthinegirl commented on Chapter Three on May 18, 2021 10:20am Liked

This is such a fascinating world!  Great world building.  I still don’t know exactly WTH is going on, but I’m sure enjoying finding out!

Author's Response on May 30, 2021 01:03am

Thank you so much! I'm having fun playing with the world building. Thank you for being patient with the plot... I know it's confusing but there are lots of threads to cover and bits I'm throwing in. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter Three on May 18, 2021 07:19am Liked

It's the little things you miss. I can see how excited they were for the eggs. I hope they find another chicken or two to keep the hen company LOL. Glad they out-voted Xander too. Eggs would be longer term than one poor chicken dinner that wouldn't feed many very much.

So glad they are all on board about the ring and Spike. 

I love the mix of gadget and magic that Andrew came up with. So they are going to try to locate Spike. He pretty much needs locating right about now. Ditto this Lynk fella who I hope turns out to be an ally in time. 

Spike seems to know what Charles is up to and they definitely have a plan running. 

Spike thinks it likely that Buffy is dead but is still trying to make the world a place where Dawn can find somewhere safe. He's still keeping his promise.

Love that the ring is sentimental to him as well.

Glad they are going back for the resources too not just to try to find Spike. 

Excellent update.


Author's Response on May 30, 2021 01:01am

It's totally the little things! I might have to find another chicken... poor chicken. And for egg a day could still do a lot!

They're all on board! What else do they have to lose?

You'll find out more about Lynk soon enough but he's going to be out of commission for a bit.

Spike and Gunn...they do have a mission! 

Spike is still keeping his promise...well, sort of. Poor guy.

They need more supplies and weapons! :o) 
Thank you so much for reading! hughearts

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Amayuscula commented on Chapter Three on May 18, 2021 05:56am Liked


Author's Response on May 30, 2021 12:56am


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bmerb commented on Chapter Three on May 18, 2021 04:39am Liked

Oh that video! Hmmm so Spike and Gunn, although I can’t tell how much time has passed between the meeting of lynk and the crocodile attack, it’s very curious. Gunn must not be in the same place/plane/dimension? Curiouser and curiouser!

Yay Faith and Vi and the one, lone, heroic chicken! Too bad they never lay more than 1 egg/day, but still, that’s pretty awesome!

Author's Response on May 30, 2021 12:54am

Oh'll find out more about Gunn in the next chapter. :o) Thank you so much for reading! *hugs*

Author's Response on May 30, 2021 12:56am

And haha, yep, no more than one egg a day...they'll be cherishing those eggs and can hopefully use them in recipes. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter Two on May 14, 2021 01:51am Liked

Yup, nothing like being in a position to not have a choice to appreciate things we usually take for granted. I can understand Dawn's excitement at the canned goods (and Buffy deciding on the shower).

Well, Wilson, you’re about useless Love the nod to Castaway and Wilson. Too bad there wasn't decent blood to be had with the poor dead man though. Spike is really in need.

Hope is vital. Even a longshot can save you. Something in her heart opened a fraction – the fractioniest of fractions but an opening all the same.   Lose ALL hope and it's over.

Buffy had never been so angry with Angel,  Oh, it has a place. It should never be forgotten. Angel started that apocalypse knowing it was likely a suicide mission and not caring that it left the world vulnerable. There was nothing heroic with Angel's choices and actions. The others were pretty well manipulated into either watching him do it or lending a hand to help mitigate the damage if possible. Angel might not even be dust. He tends to survive the messes he makes.

“Spike as in our Spike?”  I rather love that Giles refers to Spike as "our"!

 We know what you’re trying to do. You and the other one Aha... my guess is Angel is out there too.

“I don’t. I was promised something should I bring my army here. That promise has not been fulfilled.”   So the Senior Partners are reneging on their deals with their mercenaries. That's actually good. Maybe they can be recruited to help toss the SP's out when push comes to shove. Enemy of my enemy type of relationship.  YES, hook up with Lynk.

So it's Charles not Angel. Okay. I'm glad Charles made it (maybe a vampire because he was messed up badly and likely got turned).

Will be interesting to see what became of Ilyria in time too.

Excellent update.


Author's Response on May 16, 2021 11:01pm

I know...Spike's in a bit of danger due to lack of blood.

And for sure! I think Buffy had some hope but didn't realize she could hope more upon finding Spike's ring. She didn't know she could hope that way again.

Angel definitely started something pretty awful...though I do think Spike and Gunn are going to be defensive of Angel...given the way things ended. Well, at least Gunn also blames himself, especially for Fred.

Yes! Giles has come a long way re:Spike...worldwide apocalypse changed things.

Senior Partners reneged and there's lots to learn there but we'll get there. Yep...Lynk will be around for a while.

And yay! It's Gunn...I've never written him much so I'm going to try. And you'll find out soon... I've been laying clues but they're subtle. 

Hope you enjoy what's to come!

Thank you so much for reading and all your kind comments. *hugs*

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sue commented on Chapter Two on May 09, 2021 07:55am

Love where this is going..... and Spike's particular dread of the least terminal option out of three! 

Author's Response on May 16, 2021 10:51pm

Hehehe... poor Spike. Don't worry...I don't plan on torturing Spike with more experimenting. Hope you continue to enjoy! Thank you for reading!

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