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mcgnagallsarmy commented on Chapter 1 on April 13, 2021 04:14pm Liked

usually I try to avoid PG-13 stories, because nothing ever happens in these stories. as if the lack of sex scenes in them should equal the lack of plot or whatever. this story though, I really liked it, it was really exciting and had this great haunted house feeling to it (check out how perceptive I am haha) I also really loved the level of connection and understanding going on between Buffy & Spike hug

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TeamEricNSookie commented on Chapter 1 on April 13, 2021 12:21am


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JANAB commented on Chapter 1 on January 25, 2021 07:47pm Liked


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spuffy forever commented on Chapter 1 on January 22, 2021 06:44am Liked

I love early season Spuffy fics .This has a great potential. I hope you write that sequel

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Nollsuns commented on Chapter 1 on January 19, 2021 01:51pm Liked

Wonderful story. Great writing.

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OffYourBird commented on Chapter 1 on January 11, 2021 04:46pm Liked

So sorry for the delayed in reading/commenting, darling -- I've been trying to play catch up. But I'm so excited to be here now and to have now read this marvelous piece!

"Still, there was only so much of Buffy to go around, and she hadn’t quite mastered the art of being there for everyone.  She totally would, though, because if there was one thing Buffy refused to be it was that girl—the one that totally forgot all about her friends just because there was a new guy on the scene" - I really love this because it's such a standard human reaction to new relationships, and yet Buffy's situation is even more complicated by feeling like she, in some ways, always needs to serve others. Our dear heroine...

"but he’d never considered how entertaining it might be." - SNICKER. Giles is totally getting some unintentional payback for having to host Spike after the chip devil

"The slayer might look cute as a button as a drowned rat but he’d wager the wet poodle look wasn’t going to win him any points.  Not that he was trying to boost his tally from a certain zero, except for some reason Spike was convinced that a bloke had to try, even if he wasn’t quite sure why." - bahaha, WE KNOW WHY, SPIKEY.

"Spike was momentarily lost in a daydream where she’d said, ‘My hero,’ instead, but it was virtually the same thing" - I love this so much. A bit of niceness from Buffy and our boy is entirely lost. And ya know, usually, I'm not Whistler's biggest fan, but our Agent really did an A+ job of saving our heroes SO much pain here, so he gets MAJOR kudos.

“Apparently you have a destiny.” Like me, she thought, and then wondered at how amazing that actually was.  This vampire with no soul, who had killed slayers and tried to take her down more times than she cared to count, had a destiny to save the world, and to fall in love with a slayer." - okay, so full honesty, I don't often enjoy the idea of Spike having a destiny, because it feels so Angel-ish BUT the way you phrase this just makes it SO PERFECT. Because, of course Buffy wants a partner (as she later realizes!!) who understands the burden she carries, because they carry it too. It makes her feel less alone, and that's amazing. I'm seriously in love with this.

"It had never occurred to her that maybe she should have what she wanted for herself, not go looking for a sense of normal that probably didn’t even exist." - okay, this whole paragraph about how her own inclinations and Angel's warped her worldview and relationships view is just SO DAMN GOOD, lady. You truly lay out the best insights.

This fic was a delight -- spooky and sexy and fun -- and it leaves so much tantalizing hope for the future. Thank you so much for this amazing piece!!hearts


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momnesia commented on Chapter 1 on January 05, 2021 10:05pm Liked

This wasn't meant for me, but a big THANK YOU, for writing and posting this. Really loved this .

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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 1 on January 04, 2021 09:45pm

Eeeepp it was soooo good! I freaking love it! I was so excited to see it posted and then I was busy for way longer than I wanted to be but I finally got to read it! Thank you so much, Megan, it's amazing!! When I said earlier season I was thinking high school Buffy, but this was even better than I had envisioned. It's crazy how the show just completely dropped that offhanded comment from Giles about Spike's chip maybe being a start to a higher calling. Then it was NEVER brought up again! I'm so glad to see a fic exploring that. This beginning of a friendship and partnership between the two was such a thing to behold. Funny to see a Supernatural type ghost story too haha, at least that's what it made me think of. I really, really, REALLY enjoyed this and do think you left it open enough for a continuation. So fun to read, for real.

"Buffy felt like she was really starting to work out how Spike ticked.  Saving the women in his life seemed to be one of his main goals, and when they turned him away, he was cast adrift, floundering to find his steps in a lonely world.  A social creature left alone to find a new path, a new meaning for existing." Oh. My. Goodness. This is so him. She got him so spot on right here. Learning of Spike's future slash destiny really broke her brain a little bit, finally let her see so many things from a new and less skewed perspective. Very fun and enjoyable read. And made just for me! Thank you so much. I love it.

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Sirya5117 commented on Chapter 1 on January 04, 2021 06:36pm Liked

This was lovely!  Nothing like a road trip to bring people together.hug

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 1 on January 03, 2021 06:59am Liked

This is good (Whistler FINALLY does something right. He owes Buffy really for the Angel screw up).

If they had encouraged Spike he would have made the journey to the light earlier and easier. Instead they kept shoving him back into the dark and taunting him. With the seal of approval from the Powers that won't happen. Spike should thrive given the right treatment. 

Yeah, that Slayer is you in good time, missy.

Buffy is trying to talk herself into love with Riley (yuck). She really needs to rethink that completely.

  The path to redemption is not something one simply postpones for a more convenient time.  Absolutely true. 

Clever how this has made Giles an unknowing match-maker LOL. He's so intent on the coolness of being right and doing something to lead a vampire to the side of light with the stamp of PTB approval that he hasn't thought of possible repercussions throwing these two together might bring.

 The rain driving down into the windshield like thousands of tiny water stakes Love this imagery.

In the dead of night.  In the rain.  It felt like a regular night of Rocky Horror.  He could picture the slayer all dressed up like Janet, all virginal and sweet and Spike had never been one to shy away from some fishnets and lipstick. Yeah, now I have that scene in my brain LOL.  Good atmosphere in the descriptive passages.

Oh yeah, Riley was mostly a human Angel *eye roll* The fact that he was one of the ones who had held Spike and put the chip in (and God knows what else) had to burn. He could hardly walk up to her and announce that maybe the thought of them exploring options other than a fight to the death could be something to contemplate for half a second, instead of her turning directly into the enormous arms of the pillock who was part of the group that had shoved the chip into his brain.  He's so smitten. Of course, we all know she protested too much after the spell ended. That was Buffy's denial on steroids.

Good save on the stairs. 

Not Kendra but seems to know a lot about Buffy and probably Spike too. Buffy's guilt and insecurity are showing up properly. Good that she is happy she has backup even if she hasn't said it.

It had never occurred to her that maybe she should have what she wanted for herself, not go looking for a sense of normal that probably didn’t even exist. No, she'd never really thought it out. Angel took her literally. Buffy never wanted to stop being "superpowers special girl" she just wanted time without having to have her life all about the mission. Wanted play time and time to have fun like others of her age. When she lost her powers she hated it. Normal guys didn't cut it. Still, Angel took her whining literally and shoved the "normal" goal at her (as did Joyce with her talk of picket fences and fat grandbabies).

Yeah, Angel KNEW normal would never really satisfy her. He didn't encourage her for HER interests but for his. dug a crater right in the middle of Angel’s big plan to keep her languishing in unrequited relationships that never had a hope of cutting the mustard.   Exactly! Nothing noble about why he left her either. It was because he couldn't risk having her and didn't have self-control enough to keep his dick in his pants. He left for HIMSELF and his chance at redemption. Hell, he turned back time when he could have had her and that was before she even started with Riley! He didn't want normal either, not for himself.

Cruel Anne ghostie version. Starting loving then going into the demonic. Poor Spike. busy building a roaring fire in the brick fireplace, no doubt inspired by Buffy’s endless shivering.  At least, she hoped so.  The vampire was still so rattled that she hoped he wasn’t motivated solely so that he could fling himself into it. Yeah, at this point he might be contemplating it.

 Buffy was never going to convince him to join the Scoobies and make saving the world his regular gig alongside her if she was going to regularly throw his past sins in his face. Yes! That was the big mistake they made... they never once tried to acknowledge when he did try or help. Never were willing to see how different he was from Angelus.

Love introspective Buffy really considering Riley vs. Spike. Yeah, there was NO passion there. She really did talk herself into that relationship (with help from Willow and Xander). 

She's starting to see the benefits of being that Slayer that Spike will love. Of having a well-matched partner that he could be. 

fighting against evil, and even then only if he perceived Buffy was in trouble.  He was rarely front and centre of the fight, at least not while Buffy had been watching, though she had heard through the Cordelia grapevine that he had somewhat made up for that lack of leadership since he’d left Buffy for the brighter lights of LA.   Glad she's seeing Angel more clearly too. She didn’t need another burden.  She needed a partner.  

I really love all the potential there is for this to work beautifully. Giles would even be on board and that would be such a big part of the battle. The only one likely to give her any grief (aside from Angel) would be Xander and he'd fold against all the rest.

Really wonderful story, Meg! Lovely pacing and dialogue. Good solid plot and the character voices just right. You are well and truly back in the saddle here. Nicely done in every way.

Excellent story.


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Maybin commented on Chapter 1 on January 02, 2021 04:04pm

I really want to see how Buffy takes all these new thoughts about herself, what she needs, and who might be good for her.  I hope we get more. 

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Miss Marisol commented on Chapter 1 on January 02, 2021 04:09am Liked

loved every word of it. Thank you!

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juggler commented on Chapter 1 on January 01, 2021 07:40pm Liked

Thanks! Hope there is more to come but even if not this is nice and friendly

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All4Spike commented on Chapter 1 on January 01, 2021 06:02pm Liked

Oh, wouldn't this have been an awesome twist to mid-season 4? squee

So much potential for awesomeness, simply from a quick visit from Whistler, and for Giles & Buffy to seriously consider giving Spike a helping hand to change for the better... applause

Love the way that Buffy & Spike dealt with the ghostie.


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zanthinegirl commented on Chapter 1 on January 01, 2021 04:37pm Liked

That was a fun ride!  And it does leave the possibility of a sequel wide open.  Wide!  I’m just sayin’.drool

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rkm commented on Chapter 1 on January 01, 2021 02:55pm

I’m liking that whistler approached buffy about spike’s potential as a force of good.  why couldn’t he have done this in canon?????  

couldn’t help but snicker as giles getting a kick out of his idea for buffy and spike.  

Enjoyed how buffy and spike worked together at the haunted house, even if it wasn’t completely planned. 

william’s mom haunting was heart-breaking. I’m glad buffy and spike were able to talk about it, really talk not just make assumptions and have them stalking away in anger. With spike’s automatic actions towards caring for buffy – and not just lusting after her – it’s nice to see spike is already demonstrating to buffy whistler’s prophetic words.

and it's heartwarming to see buffy warming up to him as a partner.  and maybe more ... 

And I can totally see this fic as the opening of a multi-chapter story.


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magnus374 commented on Chapter 1 on January 01, 2021 10:34am

Of course Buffy would be sceptical about what Whistler said about Spike but Giles had already had these thoughts. Considering all the things Buffy has to deal with I can totally understand  her irritation at now having to lead Spike towards a future as a good guy. The attraction she do feel towards him is another source of irritation.

Spike isn't stupid he notice that Buffy acts differently towards him and of course wonder why. 

Good job with the haunting, that spirit did know her stuff. A liked how they used the classic solution of finding her remains and destroy them to stop her. Buffy has been given a lot of things to think about and is starting to like the idea of Spike as a possible boyfriend, a nice way to end it.

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DSDragon commented on Chapter 1 on January 01, 2021 08:31am Liked

Definitely needs a sequel!

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sandy_s commented on Chapter 1 on January 01, 2021 02:06am

Ahhhh! I loved the ending and how neatly you dispatched that spirit. Spike's reaction to her vengeance was very very him no matter the season. LOL 

And of course, they ended up exhausted in bed together... the bookend with the tires and the books was perfect! 

Love how deliciously creepy the whole setting was and how the two of them worked so hard together to figure out the problem and in doing so, figured out each least in some small way. That should set them off nicely on a good path together! 

What a lovely gift for your SS giftee! Thank you for letting me have a sneak peek! *hugs* 

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