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acekoomboom commented on Chapter 1 on March 09, 2021 08:45pm

My heart! That was beautiful. That their ashes would live together in the Sunnydale crater, I'm all mush now. I always love a good Spike introspection.

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Twinkles commented on Chapter 1 on December 22, 2020 05:38am Liked

This was gorgeous, thank you 💙

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MaggieLaFey commented on Chapter 1 on December 12, 2020 12:47am Liked

Oh, man... I was sure we would've gotten a happy twist for the last one, and now my heart is broken in a million tiny pieces. T__T

This was beautiful even though heartbreaking. Love your characterisation, from start to finish! Thank you for sharing! 

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Fluffypuppy commented on Chapter 1 on December 10, 2020 06:58pm Liked

Spike was a true survivor  but would not want to be without her


Author's Response on December 11, 2020 04:04pm

Everything must come to an end, eventually.

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 1 on December 10, 2020 06:05am Liked

I love that Spike is so wonderfully irreverent towards those who think they are his betters. William had that attitude too but didn't express it, never dared. Spike keeps it inside because he needs to have them help with Dru. 

Good Spike voice there.

Good look at Spike and Dru post-Acathla there. Yes, she didn't forgive him. It would always be Angelus for her because she was made for him and nothing poor Spike can ever do will change that.

I really love the look at him through the years. All steps leading him to Buffy.

You hit on Spike's deep depression post chip wonderfully. What he really needed was to find something worth unliving for. Yes. No Dru. No life as he'd known it. No friends or family. He has nothing, not even the ability to protect himself from the weakest of humans. (and Harris able to bully him at will). Terrible time for a Master Vampire. Not even left with his pride intact.

His grief is raw and real. You show how much he blames himself when Buffy died quite nicely.

Why had he done any of it? For her? To punish himself for her?  Yes, both. I always saw what he did as suicide. The only template they had for a souled vampire was what Angel SAID (and, yeah, liar). As far as Spike knew getting the soul (should he survive the trials) the vampire he was would be as good as dead... either way he would be gone. 

with these people who were so indifferent to him, it hurt.  I did hate that Angel's crew (save Fred) really were indifferent to Spike. Yeah, Angel had downplayed Spike's role in saving the world in Sunnydale but you'd think at least Wes would have been curious and impressed about Spike having gotten his soul by choice! Gunn and Lorne too for that matter. Spike deserved better. I know it was because the writers/creators didn't want another hero to outshine Angel and there was no way Spike wouldn't if he was presented as we saw him on Buffy at the end especially. Angels show...  Angel is the hero.

I'm so glad they had all that time together before the end. Such a sweet and poetic end with their ashes mingling. I always imagined him meeting the sun once Buffy left for the final time. Glad they had years together. Sounds like they were good ones too. Love that he took her back to Sunnydale where her mom was buried. I think that's exactly what she would have asked him to do actually. I am one who feels he'd join her in a good eternal place, he'd earned it IMHO.

I like to think of them together just as their ashes are.

Really lovely story, Andrei! Beautiful. Your Spike voice changed just as it should at each stop on his journey.



Author's Response on December 11, 2020 04:03pm

I'm glad you enjoyed the trip through Spike's worst summers. I have to say, there was another version of the final one which was poking its head out from behind what I wrote. It was even bleaker, and more heart-wrenching, possibly deserving another few summers thrown in the interim. In it, Spike has just stolen Buffy's body, burned it, and is on the run from her husband and family, who never actually, truly, understood her, according to Spike. I liked this version better, but it really could have gone either way...

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JayeMaru commented on Chapter 1 on December 09, 2020 11:29pm

Wonderful! I really liked how this story shows his unseen summers knitting together his story. He's so lonely, trying to figure out his way. Until the end when his summer experience is the end of his Summers and their time on this plane. Thank you for sharing this.  

Author's Response on December 11, 2020 04:00pm

Thank you for commenting

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zanthinegirl commented on Chapter 1 on December 09, 2020 01:41pm Liked

oh, man!  That was powerful!  I... it's allergies making me all sniffly, honest!

Author's Response on December 11, 2020 03:59pm

Yeah, same allergies attacked me every time. When I wrote it, when I edited it, when I read it to my wife... Must have been the season...

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 1 on December 09, 2020 01:27pm

These pieces showed us Spike's journey until the end with Buffy gone. From the looks of it they got a lot of time together, but nothing last forever. A strong emotional scen at the end, sad and beautiful.

Author's Response on December 11, 2020 03:58pm

I'm very happy you liked this.

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SeaPea commented on Chapter 1 on December 08, 2020 11:10pm

Really well done, but oh so sad at the end.  Yet I was glad to know they had a good life together, finally.

Author's Response on December 11, 2020 03:57pm

Thank you.

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Megan commented on Chapter 1 on December 08, 2020 07:29pm Liked

Wow.  This was so intense and just utterly heartbreakingly beautiful.  I really loved each step of Spike's progression and the ending was joyful in a fatalistic way.  I always imagine Buffy is immortal for this very reason, because I just can't deal with her inevitable aging and death, leaving Spike behind.  You did this exquisitely, though.  I'm in awe.

Author's Response on December 11, 2020 03:57pm

I'm really glad you liked this. I have to admit, it wasn't very easy to write, especially at he end, but it just had to come out.

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