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infinitecrisis commented on Chapter 4 on May 14, 2021 04:19pm Liked

Nice Work, Spike. Figured out it is Angel before the big surprise. 

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Lou commented on Chapter 41 on May 12, 2021 03:38am Liked

Wow mounting obstacles iand crises - I love how it contrasted with the settling in of our heroes and their growing community, what a joy they found Clem! I hope Buffy solves her Angel rage, she doesn't need that gnawing away at her.

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Lou commented on Chapter 40 on May 11, 2021 09:50am Liked

I love how Buffy's self-belief has grown but still with an inner vulnerability.

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infinitecrisis commented on Chapter 3 on May 10, 2021 05:49pm Liked

Nice chapter. I am hoping Willow is not going Dark Willow. Same with Spike such as under mind controlled or something. I am glad Xander is ok now that he found somebody unless Renee died again. Any chance he ended up with Dawn? Twilight happened because of slayers activation. Angel killed a lot of slayers so that all the slayers powers channeled back to Buffy. Will that be the theme?  AI am wondering why the spikettes not helping early in the fight. I also I like the way you refer about rifle. It is either auto/full auto/machine gun or semi-auto even when don't have to give the specific caliber type. You are right on the point. I am hoping there is Beck or Jereme John. I also hoping there is a bug ship for easy transportation but since Spike was not in Vegas this time around so I guess it is not happening. 

They do need a magic user in their team. 

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infinitecrisis commented on Chapter 2 on May 10, 2021 03:01pm Liked

Please don't tell me Spike cannot wake Buffy up because he is not her true love. In the comics it is merely pointed out that anybody considered Buffy as true love will able to wake her up. Buffy,her own true love are Spike and damn Angel. Also there is no romantic relationship with Satsu and it is merely physical (twice only) which she considered a experimental phase. 

Thank you. Just read a brief on chapter 3. You got me worry. I don't want Buffy being shared or Spike being shared. I just want a clean Spuffy fic. 

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infinitecrisis commented on Chapter 1 on May 10, 2021 01:58pm Liked

 I wish you use Beck (Firestarter) and Jeremy Johns characters in the future. They are after all Team Spike members. Beck loves Spike but of course Spike treating her like a sister, just like Dawn. After Spike left on his own adventure in somewhere in season 9 to the end, Buffy keeps referring back to him. Of course it is all Spuffy in season 10 and 11. Even while they broke up in season 12, Buffy tells Spike they are good together and since Spike is not going anywhere so it is hinting they will get back together romantically. She is after all BFF with Spike and likewise. Spike has more chances than Angel since Bangel is dead (Angelus and Twilight causing the death of Jenny and Giles). The world or the realm is not safe if Bangel is around. 

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celtic_goddess commented on Chapter 27 on May 08, 2021 12:31pm Liked

Love a mature Buffy! Also, as I've commented before, reality celeb!Harmony is a fave. No one will convince me that that girl is as dumb as she plays

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celtic_goddess commented on Chapter 26 on May 08, 2021 11:51am Liked

Can't picture Illyria these days without thinking of her dragging Wesley's corpse around Hell-A. And yay Harmony!

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 41 on May 08, 2021 12:24am Liked

Looks like they are salvaging the plans they had started before Angel messed things up. Harmony has been valuable beyond anything they might have expected. She was born (or reborn) for this moment really.

Dawn is so happy and I love that she's likely dating the very demon Buffy and Spike promised to check in on early on! Yup, Rocky Horror is best in a group. Love that Spike and Dawn plan to introduce Buffy eventually.

Good that Willow and Xander are moving there too. Giles is becoming so hidebound still that he's losing everyone that mattered to him. Rather sad but it's his own fault. Maybe not too late for him to wake up.

The plan to open those doors can now get some gas.

Little by little Buffy's family (new and old) are coming together and that's good. She deserves the peace that can give to her as she acts out her role in the grand plan.

I don't envy Faith or Connor regarding Angel. Might be a mercy to just stake him before he gets another bright idea that will destroy lives and the world.

Excellent update.


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swonderful commented on Chapter 41 on May 06, 2021 09:13pm

Faith is so much fun, and she and Buffy really do seem to have a solid friendship. It's heart-warming to see it.

Looks like almost everyone is going to move to Cali, from both the Sunnydale life and from Spain. Having both groups will help balance the power dynamic, and maybe prevent a recurrence of Willow and Xander trying to run Buffy's life. 

She seems mostly able to run it herself, except for that pesky fixation on Angel.  At least there's anger, finally, but mixed with uncertainty and almost an unwillingness to own it or express it. And she's so gun-shy of therapy, like she doesn't realize that if the therapist is not comfortable with her relationship with Spike, she can just get another therapist. Maybe she's remembering being powerless to disagree with therapists when she was in the mental hospital, but it doesn't work that way for an outpatients, especially an adult. 

Nice that you pointed out that poor Connor is also angry with Angel. The question is why is willing to have anything to do with Angel.  They should be able to leave him safely locked up. Is 24/7 supervision necessary?  If it's to keep him from escaping, I vote for better restraints, although that might be difficult without magic. I hope he doesn't wake and talk someone into releasing him. He always seems to get off with everything.  Ugh.

Looking forward to more Buffy/Spike interaction with their new community. Like most of the demons.  Seems like Buffy needs the zompires to have something to slay regularly.


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celtic_goddess commented on Chapter 25 on May 06, 2021 05:14pm Liked

Woah lucid Dru! Hmm gotta sneaky feeling Angel will try to use Faith as the other "parent" to twilight?

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celtic_goddess commented on Chapter 24 on May 05, 2021 08:52pm Liked

I mean, as far as I'm concerned this fic is comic canon biggrin I do believe that drusilla plot did end because she totally broke down with a soul in her. This chap was so heartwarming d84;a039;

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InLondon commented on Chapter 41 on May 05, 2021 06:34pm Liked

Happy sigh at the happy ending. I love this story so much! Thank you for writing it. 
I now want to move to SF and hang out around a bonfire in my garden...


oh, also: you said in your head canon Spike was originally northern and I’m like Whoah, and also Hot (because northern accents, hello, very nice). 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 41 on May 05, 2021 03:36pm

We seems to be in the landing phase of the aftermath. They have to get their lives in order and trying to networking and building up trust again. I always like hearing about the demons. I liked those creatures they got the apartment from and naturally I liked everything I heard about the loose skins demons. We got some news about Dawn's life and some classic domestic things with Spike watching football. 

A lot of Buffy and Spike's people are moving here which is good since there is a lot of things to deal with. The zompires are a plague for both humans and demons. Another problem that hasn't been noticed is the fact that no one that dies can move on and without magic, they can't even become ghosts. Since the vampire demons can't come here, the human souls ( or whatever it is that moves on) shouldn't be able to leave either. Depending on what is true about souls ( where they come from), every child born should now be soulless. I suppose that was once again a thing we wasn't supposed to think about when they wrote the comics. 

Anyway, lots of things to deal with, they are rebuilding their lives but Buffy also has to deal with the fact that Angel betrayed her again and forced into the position they are now. Looking up Mosaic does sound like a good idea.

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celtic_goddess commented on Chapter 23 on May 05, 2021 12:19pm Liked

The other crappy thing about a primal adrenaline system in a modern human: panic attacks/anxiety a85;a039; yay for Dawn, and hellooooo massive wrinkle in Dru!

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celtic_goddess commented on Chapter 22 on May 04, 2021 10:38pm Liked

And then Faith comes in and boils it down: "We're hot chicks with superpowers ... And we're always gonna be hot chicks with superpowers" cheerslooking forward to seeing how repercussions of this research will play out!

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Grimsworth commented on Chapter 40 on April 26, 2021 07:06pm Liked

I love how you write Buffy and are creating this new universe of " post-series ". And this chapter Is so lovely, I'm fight from having more ti ready and stop here with this beautiful final image <3

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 40 on April 26, 2021 02:36pm

It does feel like a lot of things are set in place here. 

Buffy and Spike did get to enjoy the hotell some more. Naturally they had to look at the media fallout. Harmony is doing a really good job with this. She do have good answers to the questions, but she is not being too sure on what she is saying. That means it looks real, not something practiced and that is necessary to win the media war. It is ( of course considering what just happened) an especially hard sell to get people to see that the gates has to be opened again.

For most of the Slayers this was the first taste of war, of real ugly combat and naturally many survivors which to leve that behind or even going rogue. 

The next problem is the demon alliance, how to get their trust again. They are naturally not amused by resent development. Buffy had to make sure they belive that the Slayers will work to open the gates again. Taking on the role as a hostage show them her commitment to the cause. This time she is also addressing some of the problems, namely that she can only speak for a third (at most ) of the Slayers. I do like Z and it seems to be working. Trust takes time to grow but it looks more hopeful now. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 40 on April 26, 2021 08:58am Liked

This war is so much on Angel's hands IMHO.  The Organization would be vilified, at least with the families, if not with the world.  Sadly the truth. They do need to be the first to put their spin on it.

she bitches as much as she used to in high school—you’re right about how little people change when they’re vamped.  I swear the only thing that’s different about that girl is her skin temperature.   So very true. Her diet and temp changed. From the time she and Xander had that slap-fight I always thought they could be a funny couple together. I don't see them paired anywhere really.

 She’s definitely willing to let it be known that those other demons weren’t from around here, that that kind of trouble isn’t normal and won’t come from the home team, and that the local demons fought with us against ‘em.’  Excellent spin there too.

Good for Giles getting a leash on Simone in time (and Xander). Buffy does have a really good team in place including Robin.

best time to bring it up; before they have a chance to gnaw at it and get bitter… and for sure before their opinions get set in stone.  Yes, jump on all of it quickly and salvage it now. Then back to the pink palace with your vampire for at least a couple of days with that shower!

The viewing public had to accept this part, if nothing else.  That they were in danger at any given moment of being ‘visited’, if not invaded.  They needed to recognize that humans were not only not alone on this Earth but also in the wider universe. Duh... so shuck your nativism and realize we are but one in many!

‘if they did, then why don’t we ever hear from ‘em? My RL theory? We are the mental institution for the Universe. The "UFO's" are our guards making sure we don't spill out of our pretty little asylum to infect the rest of the universe. They came, they saw, they said, "Oh, hell, no!" and quarantined us. I believe that every day I see the news or listen to the masses of ignorant folks running around.

I can imagine older vampires like Spike being nervous as well as some other insular demons. Secrecy and shadows have meant survival. Harmony hasn't been a vampire all that long so she really is the right person to bridge that gap. who knew that Harmony Kendall was going to end up being so damn useful?  I can see it easily. She was really quite efficient at W&H. Her exterior doesn't show off her layers.

“Yeah, yeah, we all know how much you love being notorious…” I had to giggle remembering how often Buffy called Spike "pig". My mind automatically came up with The notorious P.I.G. 

I can sympathize with Z and the other demons. It took a lot to make a leap to trust and then this fiasco thanks to Twilight had to happen. Buffy thought this kneejerk reaction covered a very real fear.  A fair one, to be frank, so might as well acknowledge it right off the bat Yes, fear and with good reason. No going back in the closet after all.

 “Because we owe you an explanation, and the promise of righting our wrong.”  Good for her. She's becoming quite a diplomat!

she had little doubt that there wasn’t some sort of, like, demon-council that met once or twice a year in one of the larger cities, to discuss business, fix the prices of black-market crap, ratify business alliances, stuff like that. LOL like the meeting of the 5 families of the Italian Mafia in NY. Yeah, I imagine that's exactly what happens. They have to have had some loose organization keeping relative peace all these years. Maybe they can turn it into a sort of multi-species UN sort of arrangement.

All in all it was a good meeting with Zavier. Her playing honest with them and putting her own skin in the game makes all the difference.

Xander now resembled a guy who was rapidly restructuring all his thought-processes to take in a whack of new information. Poor guy has had to readjust his thought processes all over the place in the last few years. I give him credit that he's pulled it off. 

Buffy wasn’t sure she agreed with that opinion anymore, but if that’s how Faith felt about it, she wasn’t going to be able to convince the girl otherwise.  If possible, Faith was more stubborn than she was. Yeah, I never thought Angel really did Faith any true favors. WTF good did her going to prison do her or anyone else? She had already embraced remorse after all. I guess she just thinks about how Angel was one of the few not to completely toss in the towel where she was concerned when all the others did.

 This is how I’m gonna buy my peace She's earned it already but I see her point.

“Let’s be honest.  We all need therapy.  Every single one of us…”  A freakin' men to that. They need to develop therapists trained to deal with the real world. They'll have LOTS of patients.

 sex was just one of many mutually-agreed-upon ways to reset her brain, and remind her she deserved to just be, sometimes. And a chance to reconnect. A part of a healthy. "normal", life.

Love that they get a short but much deserved and needed playtime. Romantic day thanks to Spike and his many plans and talents. He moved underwater like a sneaky dolphin, her guy. Love imaging them carefree there at the place that really brought them together, where they once ruled.

"Nit’s been hangin’ about the bars since, offering himself up.  Amazed he’s still alive.  Idiot practically threw himself at me when he saw me.” Oh dear. This isn't likely to end well for him but it's darkly funny in a way.

she had lost more, emotionally, this time, than physically.  And, because of the same person.  Yup, Angel... the gift that just keeps on giving. She was going to miss the image of him, more than anything; the mental picture of Angel as someone who actually loved her. 

Because no one could truly love a person, who had done to them what he’d done the other day.  And the last scale her fallen from her eyes.

Very unsettling and not a little anguishing, to realize that someone you cared about would inevitably disappoint you, because they had simply never been worthy of your trust and faith in them.  And an experience that most of us have at least once in a lifetime. Hard, hard, painful, lesson.

 There’s no one to rely on but us, here, but also no one to blame but myself, however this goes.  I belong to me, and I am responsible for my own choices.  And no one can take that from me ever again. What a wonderful place for her to be at long, long, last! 

I really, really, loved this chapter. So much real progress is there either in the making or recognized as already made. 

Our couple are closer and tighter than ever before. The support system seems on board for the most part even with unexpected help from people like Harmony. Really a good place and a new beginning on the horizon.

I expect Angel to manage to put a monkey-wrench in it somehow because that's what he does. I expect issues to arise. Still in all I think it's primed for a much better life and world.



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Oddbird commented on Chapter 40 on April 26, 2021 05:43am Liked

This was such a delicious chapter. As you know, I love it when you let Spuffy stand together and prioritise themselves and each other. And to see the Scoobies backing then on it, so much the better!! I love love love that they let themselves have the respite in the fancy hotel, and also that they’re finally getting their due. I love that Spike got a massage too, because he does love his creature comforts doesn’t he? This chapter was everything I love about this story and it was such a joy to read. Thanks!

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swonderful commented on Chapter 40 on April 26, 2021 01:05am

Another packed to bursting chapter that covers so much ground--Harmony's TV recap, the delicate negotiations with the west coast demon, her delcious, loving time with Spike, major decisions about her life, then blam, realizations of Angel  Overdue, and it seems she's had them before, but perhaps is finally accepting the truth of his behavior, instead of his claims .

This is so well written and so true for many other relationships:

 Because no one could truly love a person, who had done to them what he’d done the other day. 

The youthful image was fading out, now, like stars in the face of the morning sun.  A blinding realization, and one that burned.  /And probably it’s about time, considering, but… it’s still hard./

Very unsettling and not a little anguishing, to realize that someone you cared about would inevitably disappoint you, because they had simply never been worthy of your trust and faith in them. 

The realization colored every memory with a painful, shadowy wash, and talk about something for which you could never fully forgive a person.

I'm still in awe of your ability to construct this who battle.  And glad Simone stayed true to the slayer organization, an asset instead of an enemy. 

I'm eager to read more and hoping that the missing vampire in the title of the next part of the series will be Angel, not Spike. 

Author's Response on April 26, 2021 01:53am

Totally going to give you a better reply to your lovely comment asap, but in the meantime, the "next" title is only "next" because I have no idea where to put it, as it's not necessary to the reader. It's an ancillary tale to the Vampthropology/ Hell-A segment of the series. You can easily read it now, no troubles.  (The chronological next story in the series, if I ever get around to finishing it, will be called "Souls Reborn", and is set 50 yrs in the future).

You're awesome, thank you so much.

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SheridannicMorrigan commented on Chapter 39 on April 19, 2021 01:34am Liked

You know, I can now recognise the parts that come from the comics, by how little they make sense.

Also, why can't we ever get rid of Angel ? When will someone finally kill him ? I get that he ha plot armour and  that his vampire power seems to be the ability to inspire blind loyalty, but still. Even in countries without the death penalty, there's execution for war criminals and traitors; maybe some people he hasn't charmed yet should judge him ? I was so glad when he went off with Dru... then he came back weep


Now that "the scythe" is broken, I hope they won't resurrect it or create another misnamed axe (that irritates me just as much as the whole wicca/wiccan/witch confusion)


I love that everywhere in LA, there's still consequences to the Hell A arch, instead of it just being shoved under the rug. It's also reassuring, when you think of all the consequences from this war.


Wishing you well and hope to read more of this ! flowers

Stoned Spike is adorable and hilarious.

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rana commented on Chapter 39 on April 13, 2021 08:23pm Liked

Yay, so glad Buffy has a Spike to make her take a break and recenter herself. Glad the Scoobs are also supportive of this.

So nice to see the topic of getting therapy here. Bc they all need it, like Woah.

Beautiful, perfect sentiment to end this chapter (and my day) on! Thanks for sharing.

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Starrynight7 commented on Chapter 39 on April 13, 2021 05:21pm

I was so happy to see not only one, but two posts! I’ve been missing your weekly updates but I definitely understand how real life can get in the way, and your chapters are so insanely deep and introspective I really don’t know how you do it as-is. This chapter was so sweet, Spike making sure Buffy took the time to sort herself out, and the hotel staff not only knowing who they were but falling over themselves to accommodate them. It was lovely how they took care of each other. He needed to know one thing, above all else.  “I’m in love with you, and I love you.  Please know it.” *melts* hug


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swonderful commented on Chapter 39 on April 12, 2021 04:12pm

GREAT writing.  I don't know if it was deliberate, or a reflection of you own state, or both, but you conveyed that kind of over-the-top punch-drunk exhausted near-hysteria that comes after a huge adrenaline rush and epic struggle. And the down to reality of Giles' droll discomfort and injuries to his dignity.

    Their trip to the Beverly Hills Hotel was--a trip. How amazing and affirming to see themselves depicted and treated as heroes, especially when they were just essentially on the run from law enforcement after saving the world, again.  The respect and appreciation were amazing. 

Ugh, Angel. Are they sure he isn't under any evil influences, including his own?  Why do they keep trusting him? Shouldn't someone have stuck him in the cage or restraints at the Hyperion, instead of just dumping him out on the floor? 

It was lovely to see Buffy being so calm and caring with Spike, and connecting without making it all about epic sexual intimacy. 

Please explain more about how this little corner of the world --the city of Beverly Hills AND the Dorchester Hotels Collection--are savvy to Buffy and Spike.  They have NINE primo locations.  Will Buffy and Spike be treated as visiting royalty, gratis, at all nine? Will Bevery Hills provide more than a fruit basket?  This Buffy is all about building connections; there could be some great ones here. 

This was a phenomenal detour, deserved by them and by readers. Still trying to wrap my mind around how this works, just as they are. I love how they don't take it as their due, and wonder if the largesse will extend to room service.

Great chapter.


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InLondon commented on Chapter 39 on April 12, 2021 02:25pm Liked

This chapter is lovely. So so lovely.

I love the timely reapparition of the De Soto.

I love that they go back to the Beverley Hills hotel and it’s exactly what they need, and they are welcomed in like the heroes that they are.

And Buffy - mature, in touch with her feelings Buffy, apologising in advance for potentially throwing herself into work and withdrawing from Spike/the relationship. 

Ah, we can all only aspire to have such a strong , connected relationship (no? Am I over idolising it?)

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 39 on April 12, 2021 11:58am

Naturally the Sunnydale crater would be placed under blockade but the car made them get out in time. The others should be able get away too, a full blockade would take time. The news is of course filled with stories about this and they will need to prepare some kind of statement  and put Harmony to good use. For now they need to land though. Buffy would of course has thrown herself into work to stop thinking and ease the guilt. Spike understand that it wouldn't be good for her and thankfully the others agree. Buffy need to calm down and process everything.

I really liked how Spike took her to the hotel that was their home in hell. Nice to see them thinking about the difference. Even better was the fact that they was recognised and showed appreciation for their work in LA. In this moment Buffy could really use that, Spike too but Buffy is feeling more guilty. The painting was a nice touch. There's something about the painters name, it feels like I should know who it is. The name sort of tickles my brain. 

Anyway, this relaxing was just what Buffy and Spike needed. They could calm down and try to process everything. It felt so sad when Buffy asked if it was something about her that made people want to violate her. Good to see Spike reassure her and build her up. They are building up each other and they need this calm time before they have to deal with fallout from the destruction of the seed.

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Lou commented on Chapter 39 on April 12, 2021 08:17am Liked

I love that Buffy and Spike were able to return to their old safe harbour and that they received such a welcome.  Perfect and exactly what they needed.

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 39 on April 12, 2021 04:24am Liked

Ahhh the 8-track! My first car (brand new 1972 AMC Gremlin, purple with yellow racing stripe) had an 8-track player and I still have a few of the tapes. The only bad thing was when it changed tracks in the middle of a song... hated that!

You’re not alright, and you bloody well know it.  We need to step back, take a moment to deal with what’s happened—both of us—or you’re not gonna be in any shape to help anyone goin’ forward.  He's completely right. It's NOT all on her shoulders any longer. Can't be and shouldn't be. She does need to take the time to regroup too before deciding on HER best new move.

She had long since learned—with him, as it happened—to deal with her shit and not let things fester to poison what they had. And that lesson will stand her in good stead at this point. If you can't let yourself bend a bit, you break.

  “No.  You don’t understand.  The suite is yours.  Compliments of the Dorchester Hotels collection and the city of Beverly Hills.”  I can't say how happy I am that the people of LA remember and honor them.   “If you were recently involved in… certain events…  Please doubly accept our gratitude.  You are very, very welcome.”  As it should be! I love that they are in the hotel museum as they should be.

I love how they are being treated at the hotel! Hope they order up a great meal and enjoy the room with everything working! They deserve no less. Good that others see it that way too.

Ah, the seed going has weakened the magics between them too. That would feel like quite a loss.

probably feels like just as much of a betrayal to him, that his family would come and try to mac on his mate like that.  Yes. Also shades of all the times Angelus would make sure Spike was told that nothing was his, not even his woman. The times Dru would be in Angelus' bed, not his. Buffy isn't like Dru in that way at all but the pain of having Angel THINK he could just waltz in and have her if he so desired has to hurt. We react to pain often from the past not the current.

I seriously want that shower (tub too for that matter). 

I bet you’ve wondered that yourself, knowing your history, so…  I guess, is there something about both of us that…”  Call a spade a spade.  Not that she was the first to have violated him, either, once upon a time.  They had that in common, in a way.  /Perpetrating our own traumas onto each other. Yes, another commonality and also something that led to the hot mess they were to each other early on. Both had been violated and victimized and also both had the same "lessons" in "loving" and sex from the same people for the most part... leaving the same bad messages, programming, and scars.

I think Spike has it right. A lot with Buffy's track record is people jealous of her power (even Willow based on things she said as dark Willow). Taking  Buffy down a peg, exactly. Bringing her down to "their level" while thinking they were ascending to hers. Good insight there. He's also not wrong about himself either.

You’ve always been exactly what I needed—all sides of you.  You made sure of it, even when what I needed was for you to be the bad guy I love this and that she's verbalizing it clearly. VERY true and was clear to the viewer. Took her forever to figure it out but she has.

how good he is at getting under my skin, pushing my soddin’ buttons and getting me to question every-bloody-thing. Yes, as they admit... for both of them. Actually, Angel/Angelus is the root of the problem for both of them and the one to inflict the issues and scars in their lives.

Like if there was no specific goal beyond making him feel cared-for, that there must be some shoe ready to drop Oh, yes, this is SO Spike. Part of that bad background programming from even before Angelus.

I love how truly intimate they have become. It's verbal as well as the rest. It's a thing of beauty and not even Twilight could put a wedge between them, not now of ever.

Excellent update.


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Oddbird commented on Chapter 39 on April 12, 2021 04:19am Liked

This was perfect. One hundred percent, exactly what I wanted for my birthday perfect (my birthday isn’t today but we’re within three octave anyway). I am so so so relieved. There’s a reason this is also my favourite Spuffy, and you’ve just shown why! A Spuffy who survived all that canon could throw at them and come o it the other side so sure of each other and so in love and so committed is just the best thing. Thank you SOOOOOOO much! flowers

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