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talesofstories commented on Chapter 46 on February 25, 2021 10:26pm Liked

“Your steed is sinful.”

“Yes, it is, rather, isn’t it,” Giles answered cheerfully, and turned back to the wheel. 

I love that Giles takes this as a compliment, when I picture Orlando side eyeing Giles car hard.

They wrestled with each other over the doorknob.  It was an impasse, in a way.  If she did anything too crazy, he’d die.  But that meant all he had to do was get past her.  She had to knock him out, or…

I love Buffy. I really do. I love how she cares so much about protecting people. But this is a guy who has tried to kill her sister. This is a guy who wants to give up her sister to men who also want to kill her. These are not situations that the Slayer Handbook, which she never even read, covered. Eventually, she needs to have a real hard look at self-defense laws and ethics and consider how much humans can get away with harming her in demon-related ways before they cross the line. Yeah, she's stronger than humans, but wrestlers are also stronger than most humans and they are allowed to use their strength to defend themselves if they're attacked. So if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is allowed to take out someone, why isn't she?

(And I get that she's fucked up about Ted. But he was attacking her first. If he had been human and so had she and she had pushed him down the stairs and he died on accident, it would have been traumatic but she wouldn't have been at fault. And I get that Faith is fucked up about what happened to Deputy Mayor Allen Finch, but she also deserves some forgiveness from herself and acknowledgment that part of the reason that screwed her up so badly is because she didn't get support after it. They're letting their guilt control their lives.)

Thank goodness for Graham being another person pointing out that sometimes shit happens and letting it consume you doesn't help; you have to accept it and move on and acknowledge it was maybe for the best.

And I love Joyce for talking to Buffy about raising children and how human kids naturally tend toward being jerks until they're taught better and baby vamp Spike was taught by the worst possible vampire and then in an unhealthy relationship that stunted his growth and while he's growing and changing now he can only do it so quickly and there are still things that he thinks are more important than things Buffy might think are most important and part of being in a relationship is acknowledging how someone's background has influenced them and that their priorities might not be yours. That being said, I really wish Joyce had said something like "Ted was attacking you at the time, right? So you had a right to defend yourself." and "Other people make choices too, Buffy, and if their choices get them killed, you can't control that; it's not all on you." Which, since Buffy is as stubborn as the day is long, wouldn't have an immediate impact, but if that's something Buffy was hearing often? From people who aren't just Spike? Think of the difference it could make.

“…Though I understand that you haven’t been taking very good care of him of late.  Been leaving him lying around unattended.  That kind of thing makes a girl curious.  And since Master William and I have some long-unfinished business…”

God, Hallie really is such a bitch. But maybe jealousy will get through to Buffy.

Buffy considered it, her ire slowly draining away.  God, it would be so much easier if she could just wish away the entire problem.  Just wish that Spike would stop chasing Ben, and they could be happy together again, tra la la…


I am here for Anya, Graham, Spike, Tara, Ethan, and Dawn right now. That's it. That's the list. Joyce would be on the list too except for above notes. Everyone else needs to take a chill pill, agree that they need to get this situation taken care of, and then take some ethics classes afterward to figure out where they stand on issues besides relying on knee-jerk Council teachings.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 46 on February 24, 2021 12:19pm

It's good to see Buffy and Faith talk like this. I had to tally forgotten about Forrest still being here, that does make the situation with Orlando even more complicated. Faith did bring up an important question on what they actually should do with him. For now they have to keep check on him but in the future they would have to plan something. Faith and Graham of course needs a break so it's good that Giles and Ethan can take turns.

There was also some talking about how Spike's absence is breaking down the order around the hellmouth, everyone us testing what they can get away with.

Now the rest of the Knights are here and the situation is getting extremely dangerous for Dawn. When Dawn is in danger, Spike acts. Killing is an answer that comes easily to a vampire but in this case it was also logical. Graham described it really well afterwards, he's a soldier, so he understand perfectly. Giles is a practical man so he gets it too.

A lot of effort is put into making sure that the Slayer doesn't kill humans and Buffy's past experiences makes it even harder for her. Spike doesn't have these hangups, he is free to act logically without second guessing himself. Joyce can be very practical herself as we can see in Buffy's talk with her. I do like what Joyce said about vampires. I may not agree with it all but it's an easy explanation model and follows a good logic and it gave Buffy more things to think about.

Halfrek was trying to cause problems between Buffy and Spike. It was very fitting that Anya disliked that too. Buffy was not amused so it was for the best that D'Hofferyn took Halfrek back. A wish could have been super useful but they do tend to ends badly so it was probably for the best to not use one. So Glory's minions took Spike. We do have an interesting development here, suddenly Buffy is seeing the graffiti and gets the meaning, does that mean that Spike just succeeded? Well, we will see.

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Amayuscula commented on Chapter 46 on February 24, 2021 09:36am Liked


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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 46 on February 24, 2021 03:56am Liked

 If I don’t wanna deal with killing one human, I definitely don’t wanna fight hundreds of ‘em. Yup, the Knights were (I believe) human. They had no arguments about killing them in canon! Good for Faith not mentioning how Buffy was a-okay with killing her to feed Angel back in the day too.

Think our boy Gates is kind of half in love with that guy Riley, so he might lean the other direction  I can see that. As much as Forrest talked about sex and girls sounded a bit too forced. I thought Xander had a big thing for Riley too (no pun intended in any way, shape, or form!).

 ‘all demons are (varying degrees of) soulless monsters’, Yup... my feeling is that whenever you start talking and use the word "all" you need to take steps back and think it over. I can't think of too many cases where the word all is accurate, definitely not with people, animals, etc. 

Love Giles' reaction to Orlando saying his car is sinful LOL. Yeah... WAY too much zealotry in that group. WAY TOO MUCH, like makes the JW visits look like a picnic.

Well, Spike killed a human. Totally justified though. If anyone holds THAT kill against him they are insane. Dawn would have been killed and Buffy too since she was pulling punches. He’s… was, an enemy combatant.  Sick in the head or not, you can’t just let important intelligence like that get out to the enemy.  If he got out and told those guys that your sister is this…  This Key-thing, they’d never stop coming after her.  And they have superior numbers, right?  Eventually, superior numbers win no matter how good you are.  They wear you down.   Yay, Graham. He is sane and sensible.

They should have kept Orlando drugged at all times in hindsight.

when it comes to stuff like that, that’s the only option he sees. That is NOT true. She's busy putting Spike in a box marked, 'killer'. Totally unfair. 

human life.  That’s the issue, and he’s right to call me on that, Yup, she doesn't give a single moment's thought when it comes to killing a vampire or demon. No moment to wonder if she could just stop the problem in another way. Right here (although it is true that it IS how she was made) shows the double standard. Humans deserve to live but not any other species. That is WRONG. Kill when you must (or, as with lots of humans not rejected from a ren-fiar, when there are legal channels to handle it). Must is the keyword. Spike had to kill Orlando or just let them have Dawn. 

you can’t expect them to have any compassion.  You have to expect them to learn it.  Any baby does  YES! Empathy is learned (or not in some cases). Right and wrong are LEARNED. Joyce is dead on. A baby is the definition of a sociopath. Right is whatever it wants and needs demand. Wrong is not getting what it wants no matter the cost. Doesn't matter if mom and dad need sleep or are sick, etc. Yes, the baby can bond so only a sociopath not a psychopath and they love but they have to LEARN to care about others, to determine right and wrong as more than selfish gratification.

they’re not going to learn compassion unless someone around them teaches it, right?   Spike got lucky. William was a caregiver who loved deeply. A foundation was there. Because Angelus and Darla needed/wanted Spike to "take care of" Dru, they encouraged limited compassion because it suited their needs. That allowed that part of William to live and grow. They didn't stamp ALL compassion out of him. He had to care about Dru even over himself to carry on the role they assigned to him. He learned it from the human bits of William but it was not quelched because they wanted him to still have that ability for their own ends.

Well you went a different way but I can see that too. Yes he was stunted. I think both our theories can blend in a way that works. I think he did have compassion but only towards Dru and that William inside gave him the tools. I agree he was stunted otherwise until Buffy (or in canon the chip that helped him to re-learn human, shore up his William bits).

Ok, Buffy, I get the growth thing but you REALLY should have wished Glory gone. You can still grow like weeds or a planned garden but without the looming death part.

Hallie is lucky she didn't take her head back in a bag. Poor William dealing with Buffy, Glory, a sense of defeat and then Cecily on top of it! 

Damn... Glory has Spike and has a grudge this time. I hope Buffy hurries. I wondered if Glory was going to have a go at Spike in this story. He really proved himself in canon with this so I can see it as an important turning point.

Good for the graffiti but doubt she'll remember any more than the verbal. 

Run, Buffy... but where?

Excellent update.


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Darkangel16 commented on Chapter 46 on February 24, 2021 03:51am

I like angst and Buffy doing some deep thinking but really why is she being so pig headed here and Spike still gets kidnapped.  Buffy should feel bad this could have been over. 

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rana commented on Chapter 46 on February 23, 2021 10:43pm Liked

Waah! What the what! Too much happening and now I must wait another week (or more?)! I love it and yet I am pained deep in my soul. Run Buffy, run! Save your vampire! (Can she? Where is Glory?)

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Starrynight7 commented on Chapter 46 on February 23, 2021 06:23pm Liked

My poor babies weep  I need Spike to hurry up and get shit done so he can come back to Buffy and do all of the making up.. and then this cliffhanger! Thank god for Joyce though, they’d all be lost without her wisdom. And ugh, Halfrek. How dare she, she’s lucky Buffy didn’t cut her head off honestly. Maybe should’ve taken her up on that wish belatedly though.. get Spike back to her safe from Glory. I was hoping the Spike snatching wouldn’t happen since no BuffyBot, dang it lol. Oh oh but she does turn back into Ben during all that, so maybe?? Gah, waiting for next week might kill me lol. 

Can’t wait for more (obviously biggrin)!


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InLondon commented on Chapter 46 on February 23, 2021 05:57pm

Noooooo! Cliffhanger ending.

even though I trust you I still foolishly want Spike to be Alright and not tortured by Glory. 
hmm. I wonder if after this he will get his chance to kill Ben?

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Jnokomis commented on Chapter 21 on February 23, 2021 06:44am Liked

Gotta say all the huggles for how you treated Tara in this one. Made me all warm and fuzzy like puppy does and that's really warm and fuzzy! 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 45 on February 22, 2021 04:30am Liked

Shit the guy saw the pretty green light. Not good!

I am totally in agreement that Buffy needs to bloody TRUST Spike even if she doesn't understand in the least. Time to put actions in place not just words. Yeah, he wants to kill this Ben guy. Instead of thinking about how it's going to mess up their lives and how wrong it is to kill an "innocent" human... she needs to trust that Spike has a good and valid reason and just step back.

“Well, step one would probably be to go find him and tell him you’re sorry and that you trust him to do whatever he needs to do for this family.”  YAY Joyce! I love that she has such a level head. She knows Spike will do anything to protect Buffy, Dawn and herself. She already trusts him... her daughter needs to do so as well.

Tara is another who has more sense than the rest (so true in canon too). I hope she asserts herself especially regarding the magical aspects they are dealing with.

Hope Buffy keeps Faith from going after Spike if they decide he should be trusted. Faith is too much in agreement on the "don't kill Ben" issue! 

Excellent update.


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talesofstories commented on Chapter 45 on February 21, 2021 07:39pm Liked

I feel like the moral of this chapter is "listening to women who have been around the block a few more times than you is the smartest thing you can do with your time." Like, seriously. God bless Anya and Joyce. And then Anya again. I love how Joyce repeated the same things Anya did about Spike killing Ben, only Buffy can't wave them off as being from the confused mind of a formerly soulless demon when her mom is saying them. And then Joyce goes right for the jugular of "can you trust your fiance, because if the answer is no, then your relationship has bigger problems than just this one apocalypse."

Like, seriously, every word she was saying I was cheering on. Even when those words were "I'd like to have a ceremony sometime this century." But also words that were like "it's not the demon in him that makes him want to hurt the people who have hurt you; it's the man in him, and the demon just makes him a bit more able to do so." And how she unconsciously repeated the conversation Buffy and Spike had a few weeks ago, that she is there to deal with the things he can't and vice versa. Thank you, Joyce!

And Buffy, seriously, when you've had that bad of a fight with someone, you can't be coy and hint about how you want to get together to reconcile. You have to outright say it. Which isn't begging, but it is being clear and honest in your communications.

And then Anya! Back at it with laying out the pros and cons of the job! She did more to help Willow than anyone else begging her to change her mind would have. Sometimes you just need someone to point out the unvarnished truth instead of trying to tiptoe around the truth, and Anya does that excellently. Evil and power can be fun! Buffy is the de facto leader, which kind of stinks for others with leadership qualities! Especially since Anya is equally blunt about pointing out other truths. Like you don't get to keep your own power (which explains how Anya pre-demon life was strong enough to turn her boyfriend into the god of the trolls but post-demon life she really isn't that powerful anymore) and you can't do anything you want with the power you have, just the vengeance demon thing.

But poor Tara. She's doing everything to try and make her relationship work and keep the one she loves safe and healthy and happy. Even calling Oz. I hope she also is happy and has some joy at the end of this.

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Lou commented on Chapter 45 on February 21, 2021 06:36am Liked

Anya was great here. And there had better be huge apologies and grovelling to Spike when all is revealed.

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Lou commented on Chapter 44 on February 21, 2021 04:56am Liked

Poor Spike, he must be exploding with frustration.

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Lou commented on Chapter 43 on February 21, 2021 04:11am Liked

Even Spike can suffer PTSD when Buffy is concerned.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 45 on February 19, 2021 12:34pm

They know Glory is being active because of the crazies turning up. It's like trying to keep track of predators by noticing their kills. Well a lot harder actually, if their was real kills they could have sort of followed them. 

Buffy is feeling abandoned by Spike and worried about what he will do. Ethan is exactly right, Spike do perceive things they can't. Anya is almost seeing through the Ben is Glory spell, she is very close. Perhaps because being a demon for so long. Being the slayer doesn't give Buffy a way to see through it though. One question is if every demon is immune. They are noticing the danger and several are leaving. One would think that if they knew, they would kill Ben. Perhaps this is something we shouldn't think too much on. I always love how practical Anya is though.

So Faith and Graham has the Orlando, I did wonder about that. Poor Dawn learning about being the Key like this must be very traumatic. Spike may be avoiding Buffy but of course he would help when Dawn is missing. I always like when we get these moments of friendship between Spike and Dawn. Spike did help Dawn a good thing he could reassure her that she wouldn't need a human soul if she didn't have one. Even with the help, this was a seriously big trauma so no wonder Dawn was cutting herself and burned things. Spike and Buffy could talk for a bit about what he said to Dawn but it didn't help with their problem.

I loved this talk between Buffy and Joyce. I mentioned how practical Anya is and we can see that Joyce is very much the same, looking right into what matters to her. I just totally loved what she said. Buffy listen and realised how unfair she actually was to Spike. I do understand Buffy, her history is filled with traumas and horrors that would make her think like she did. Her trauma when she thought she killed Ted, what happened to Faith after her kill and the Angel/Angelus scenario doesn't make a relationship with a vampire easier. I liked how Joyce described Spike's attitude to the problem in love. For some reason it felt to me like a male attitude. A bit like "we just have to wait for it to blow over". Well that's how it felt to je wile reading it.

Buffy did get a lot to think about here. Now that Buffy is being more reasonable it would have been good for them to talk but Spike can be too stubborn too and is avoiding her. 

I like D'Hofferyn and I like Anya, so of course I liked the last part. Through the things Anya was saying we got some good look into how the thing with the vengeance demons actually work. It does follow a good logic. It always seemed clear that they were somehow bound. A bit like a genie in the way that they can't use the powers just how they want, some kind of wish must happen. I liked how uncomfortable Willow was when D'Hofferyn mentioned how she was feeling. It's so relatable, you don't want people to really know what you think or feel.This whole part was just great. So Halfrek will stay for a while, that could complicate things or she could actually help with Ben/Glory. We will see. I realised that I forget to mention Amy. She would fit well as a vengeance demon and it may even be better for her.

It feels like I missed a lot of things to comment on but this will have to do.

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Darkangel16 commented on Chapter 45 on February 19, 2021 02:46am

This was a really good chapter. Also I feel like the show didn't use Joyce and Anya to their full potential because just wow! Also Buffy is still being a jerk and I'm glad Joyce called her out on it. 

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rana commented on Chapter 45 on February 18, 2021 10:45pm Liked

So glad Joyce is here to tell Buffy what I've been thinking the past few chapters! Stop being so obtuse and just trust Spike - he's earned it! And I also want to yell at Spike that he a) should have just killed Ben at the first change or b) let it go, stay with Buffy and entertain her fantasies, and then take the shot next opportunity. So many ways they didn't have to have this fight stupid stubborn Spuffy.

You write Dawn's annoyingness very well. Her teen-drama is in full force - and for good reason! Poor girl. Glad Spike found her.

Love bringing in Hoffy - but can't help but think that it wont be so easy for Willow trading one magic for another. Abuse is abuse. Also, she needs serious therapy. (they all do)

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Tahkaullus01 commented on Chapter 45 on February 18, 2021 03:48pm

Wow... I could say so many things about this chapter, but you know what? I'll sum it up in four words:

Go Joyce. Go Anya.

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 26 on February 11, 2021 07:42pm Liked

Ahhhhh I love this so much!!!  I love the Faith  and Buffy bonding. The way the Scoobies treated Faith and Spike in the show really upset me (of course I've also got this huge thing for huge softies hiding under assholery, so it's not too surprising).

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 24 on February 11, 2021 05:54pm

Ahhhh I love this!!! Its all perfect!

I really hope at some point that willow and Jonathan learn that Spike ate Nazis, because as a Jew, I totally appreciate a soulless demon knowing who the enemy are (though some of it was probably because Nazis were better fed then most of the populace).

And im really looking forward to Spike learning about Buffy being committed, and giving Giles hell about the cruciamentum 

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 24 on February 11, 2021 05:53pm Liked

Ahhhh I love this!!! Its all perfect!

I really hope at some point that willow and Jonathan learn that Spike ate Nazis, because as a Jew, I totally appreciate a soulless demon knowing who the enemy are (though some of it was probably because Nazis were better fed then most of the populace).

And im really looking forward to Sle learning about being committed, and giving Giles hell about the cruciamentum 

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 22 on February 11, 2021 10:14am Liked

 Love love love the addition of Johnathan to the group.  His breakdowns of Anya and Willow were perfect!

And im interested in involving Faith and Angel.

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 21 on February 11, 2021 09:35am Liked

Yay!!!! I was looking forward to the confrontation with Tara's family and it was everything I hoped for!!!  I also like how she didn't do the spell because of Spike being accepted! :D

I don't think I've mentioned it but I really love the early inclusion of a Jonathan and Andrew.  I honestly always thought he'd join the Scoobies and be closer with Xander, especially after  giving Buffy her protector award and the suicidal thing (though I might just relate because I have depression) and with the cry for help in superstar.  I was so disappointed when he became a villain in season 6.  Andrew just cracks me the fuck up (him and Anya are a huge BrOTP of mine; I just love seeing them as best friends, with their wheelchair guys and going into battle together and 'why can't you just masterbait like the rest of us")

Also I'm kinda shipping a triad with Xander Anya and Jonathan? I think he fits well with both of them.

And of course, I loved the Spike and Dawn fluff at the end. There's never too much Summers love for Spike!

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 16 on February 11, 2021 03:16am Liked

I actually really liked the thought of Joyce and Giles together. And I think it's funny how they kind of mirror Buffy and Spike (except spike and Giles are both inverted; one hiding the gentlemen and the other hiding the bad boy) 

Also love the idea of joyce being an aged out potential, and would love to see Giles reaction when he finds out

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 15 on February 11, 2021 02:42am Liked

Fuck im crying

I love non!dick Giles.  I still loved him by the end of season 7 but it was a very conflicting love and I was very upset in the direction he'd been taken in.   I LOVE seeing Spike and Giles get along (you also mentioned that Spike was similar to Giles in another chapter,  which brought to mind the saying that girls look for men like their fathers)

Ive always thought that, if not a salary, the council should pay a monthly bill for three disaster converting utilities/rent, etc, and a food/shopping budget each month.   Plus a slayer expenditure thing for when Slaying breaks shit.   Honestly she should be paid more than any watcher she deserves to be able to relax about finances and treat herself to a massage every once in awhile or something!  Assholes!!!!

Also; I'm a young asexual moron and a lot of sex things go over my head.   How is the Magic Box a double entendre?

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 14 on February 11, 2021 02:03am Liked

Ha, my grandma is from Mexico and my grandpa is from Lebanon and they're both fluent in Spanish, Arabic, and English and switch around mid conversation.  Meanwhile im just sitting in the background trying to figure out what's going on XD.

And the thing about feeding: we have two snakes, one which we use to feed live rats too.  Now he's an asshole, and only gets dead rats.  The newer snake never had live rats and is a complete cutie pie! :)

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 10 on February 10, 2021 08:29pm Liked

Yaaaaaaas everything's fine and you MENTIONED SAM!!! I think Lawson was super interesting and was disappointed he just got the one episode.   I also really like the idea of Dru being a Slayer, because it also matches up with the dreams Buffy had right before Angel lost his soul, which parallel her and Dru

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 7 on February 10, 2021 04:00pm

Your author notes are stressing me out

My cat is irritated because I keep twitching and he's trying to sleep

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 44 on February 10, 2021 12:10pm

Graham really has been super useful, but there could be consequences for him. Good to see that Faith was smart enough to stop the paper trail. I liked how he choose that moment to tell her he loved her and that it didn't freak her out. It looks like she has gotten used to him being here and has dropped some of her shields.

Through the knight they did get some answers about Glory. It's true that she just want to go home, destruction is not the point of using the key, but it is a consequence. Glory is very much a classic god, people are like ants and if some should be crushed under her feet, it's no big deal. I do wonder what they will do with the knight, they took him from the hospital, so he is their responsibility now.

Some logical thinking and they found the person harmed by the rocket launcher.   Here the "Ben is Glory" spell really comes into play. I mentioned before that I do wonder what would happen if they used the spell Buffy used to see if anything was wrong with Joyce. Apparently it's some problem with it, since they doesn't even think about it. I do feel for Ben here, he hasn't much left to lose. Not a good situation for Spike either, he knows exactly what he should do but because of the spell, he can't get anyone to understand why. And the consequences to doing it would be strong, if the spell doesn't break. 

It really is very logical, every reaction follows that person's view and knowledge, but a great opportunity was missed because of it.

I really liked Buffy's talk with Tara, some good points was made her.

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the real narnia commented on Chapter 6 on February 10, 2021 10:56am Liked

Ugh, I'm crying. 


But I absolutely love the thought of Spikes moonlighting at the hospital (it might be a good way to catch Ben, too)

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