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sweetprincipale commented on Chapter 2 on October 08, 2019 07:23am

oh my God! I literally was on the edge of my seat and bouncing up and down when I realized what Spike was suggesting. This is so unique and original and brilliant.

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 2 on October 08, 2019 01:25am Liked

Oh I truly enjoyed reading this chapter. I just love Spikes plan. I sure hope it works.  I can't wait for the next update. It should be a really good one.

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The Danish Bird commented on Chapter 1 on October 06, 2019 01:13pm Liked

Nice beginning. 

If I recall correctly, Angel is in Pylea already. At least according to canon. So unless they end up drawing things out much longer, he’s not gonna be helping. He should have stayed though, when she asked him. But apparently it was one of those questions you mostly ask because you think you already know the answer, not because you actually mean that there’s a choice.

I’m already curious as to who you’re going to have come helping. Did I see right, that you mentioned D’Hoffryn in your list of characters... now that could be interesting. I hope that means that they listen more to Anya too.

Such a sweet scene between Buffy and Spike. The really should have taken care of him after what he did. But it seems likely that they were focused on other stuff,  recceven in your nicer version of the Scoobies. And she’s right, he’s neither useless nor crippled, he’s definitely a warrior to be recognised.

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tempestt commented on Chapter 1 on October 03, 2019 10:14pm

It always irritated me how Angel never helped out in s5 when Buffy needed it the most. I liked you showing how he abandoned Buffy. Sounds like Buffy and Spike are on their way to the start of a great partnership. Once they work together there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. Thanks for sharing!

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Lie to Me commented on Chapter 1 on October 03, 2019 06:57pm

A new exciting story, yay!! Good to see some sense in Buffy, that was a big sacrifice and it should carry some weight with the Scooby's. Thank you for writing, it's always a treat getting a new story to follow! Happy autumn and may the leaves fall in twirling motion around you instead of right on your head.

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juggler commented on Chapter 1 on October 03, 2019 12:54am Liked

Weeks! They left him for weeks! Argh....
Ok, now that's out of my system, lovely beginning. Thanks, much appreciated.

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zanthinegirl commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2019 11:17pm

This is a really interesting start!  You always write such great characterization; I’m looking forward to seeing your take on season 5!  And vengeance demons?  Officially intrigued!

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2019 01:35pm Liked

Oh Pfeifferpack.. I love what you are doing here.  I do wish that Soike had taken Buffy up on her offer to move in with her. He will heal surelt" but lije she said he is her best warrior.  He needs to be with her and Dawn.  Maybe he will change his mind.  I can't wait for the next chapter.

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Obdulia commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2019 12:18pm

I love it. Poor Spike alone and starving in his script. I hope Buffy will be nurse material from now ;-) Great beginning...

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relurker commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2019 09:29am Liked

This is a series of completely logical reasons why they shouldn't have just dropped him back at the crypt!

I'm still of the mind that in this narration of yours he should have been removed to some other place, but I'm pretty confident that there will be a very good reason to have him by himself! 

I feel strange reading the beginning of this new story while I still want to read the rest of the previous one... but it's challenge month, if I can't produce I have to partecipate with comments! Love the beginning, sooner or later I'll have the pleasure to read it all heart

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Lou commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2019 08:35am Liked

Ah what a nice Buffy!

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angelic_amy commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2019 07:32am Liked

What a great beginning. I'm definitely intrigued to see where you take this story Kathleen. Thanks for sharing. biggrin

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vicdave99 commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2019 03:57am Liked

Yea, they really didn't care if he had food. Course they didn't care about Buffys finances or if she had food for Dawn just a year later. 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2019 04:56pm

Angel really isn't the most helpful person, good to see that Buffy is starting to realize that and that Xander pointed that out too. Another good thing is Buffy finally thinking about the dangers to Spike and that he deserve some good treatment. Spike himself is acting nice and friendly which makes things easier.

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TexasEx commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2019 08:57am Liked

I can't wait to see what they come up with!  Great start that has me impatient for the next chapter!

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LovingWilliam commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2019 05:07am Liked

Softhearted Spike, of course he welcomes and forgives - he always forgives Buffy and the Scoobs, giving them all second, third and more chances, while they barely ever gave an inch in their grudges against him.  He wants so much to be a part of them, to belong.  So gratifying to read this fic where Buffy has an epiphany concerning Spike and treats him more like a hero-white-hat should = with humanity and decency.

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sweetprincipale commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2019 02:04am Liked

 Oh, this has such lovely potential!! It's going to be a favorite.

I like Xander getting to the root of the Angel mess straightaway and Buffy not wasting time defending him. Poor Buffy doesn't give herself much credit for all she deals with, or for how hard it is to function after losing a parent or loved one. I am so loving the way she handled Spike once she "woke up" to the situation, and your forgiving and sweetly playful Spike is a treat to read. Sighs and gushiness.  MORE!

Sorry, did that sound demanding? It was, a bit ;)


Author's Response on October 01, 2019 02:17am

I have the first three chapters written at least so I have a wee buffer if I post weekly.

Thank you! So glad you like the opening and see the potential.


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Stronglikeanamazon11 commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2019 12:59am Liked

I love the touch of guilt she has when knocking at the door. Everyone has treated him horribly, and it took almost losing him for Buffy to even realize how badly she's been treating him.

Starving, lonely Spike is heartbreaking, and he takes it in stride. It makes you wonder how often this has happened to him. I can't imagine Dru always being reliable if they got scraped up in a fight. 

A bit of hope at the end, yay! 

Author's Response on October 01, 2019 01:47am

Thank you.

Yeah, I hated how he was just dumped like garbage when they should have considered he was in danger and not able to defend himself.

I don't think anyone did much taking care of him over the years actually.

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting.



Stronglikeanamazon11 Replied on October 01, 2019 02:10am

I have Eye of Eleos all lined up to read after work. heartYour love for these characters shines through so brightly! 

Author's Response on October 01, 2019 02:14am

Thank you! Nothing could please me more than that my love for the characters comes through clealy. Hope you enjoy Eye of Eleos. It does update weekly.


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