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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 11 - The Wheels are Starting to Turn on November 17, 2020 01:39am Liked

Looks like the cheating cheaters are walking right into the traps planned for them. 

Love how Joyce and Buffy have handled dealing with eavesdroppers on phone conversations. That works nicely too.

Love the dress and the description was good but the picture is lovely.

Harmony worrying if she is prostituting herself is kind of sad but undercover work is iffy at times. She's already been having an affair with Angel so at least her motives are better than just lust.

Angel is easily led into temptation LOL.

Great update.


Author's Response on November 17, 2020 06:40am

the cheaters are definitely heading in the right direction by their own egos. still the journeys are far from over. and the women are smart to stay on their toes. 

face to face conversations are a little easier to get around, atleast for those that see each other every day. it's the phone conversations and the friend-meets that need to be handled with care. (i'm working on a scene with spike and the summers women now like this ...) 

as for the dress, i will admit to spending way too much time searching for just the right ones for the parties. i'm so glad you liked piper's dress!  (it makes me feel that i'm on the right track ...)

new-harmony was kind of hard to write for just those reasons. 

and angel being so easily led is fun! 

thank you for reviewing!

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 11 - The Wheels are Starting to Turn on November 15, 2020 05:21pm Liked

Excellent chapter.  I can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response on November 15, 2020 06:14pm

i'm glad you liked it! the next chapter is being crafted and written as we speak! 

thank you for dropping a line! 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 11 - The Wheels are Starting to Turn on November 15, 2020 11:55am

The chapter title is right, the wheels are indeed starting to turn. 

I did like the interaction with Giles and Buffy, he wants to help but Buffy wants to keep the revenge "her thing".

Harmony is using what she have to manipulate Angel but this also brings up some morality problems for her. She wants to change but some of the actions needed here are morally troublesome. Good to see that she is thinking about that.

The part with Dan really pointed out how important the baseball is to him, it would have been easier for him to give away his daughter than the ball. For the other person who saw him and Christy I'm guessing Oliver. It seemed fitting since Dan disliked him.

Author's Response on November 15, 2020 06:10pm

i did my happy dance when i saw your review. i will unashamedly admit that (even though my dancing isn't something that should be witnessed; my cat will testify to that ...)

i'm thrilled you liked the buffy/giles scene. for some reason the first slayer/sineya kept invading my thoughts when i was either contemplating their conversation or just plain writing. it seemed plausible giles would be intrigued by something like that ... he'll play an interesting part in the final revenge thing too... (sorry, spoiler there ...)

as for harmony i struggled with this, and for just the reasons you stated. towards the beginning of the section she had to act her usual flirty self, but i couldn't actually write her sleeping with him. my muse was the one who piped up 'have her speak to anya. she'll set harmony straight'. 

dan's weekend is going to suck royally; this was only friday. his saturday night ... will make him wish it was still friday. 

as for who saw him and christy, i'm still debating and my muse isn't making it any easier. she keeps whispering 'but what about ...'. he's definitely in the running, and for exactly the reasons you stated. 

thank you, magnus, for keeping my muse fed!!! 

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Maybin commented on Chapter 11 - The Wheels are Starting to Turn on November 15, 2020 10:47am

So the revenge begins. Good chapter. I’m looking forward to more. Can we get some Spike soon?  

Author's Response on November 15, 2020 05:55pm

the revenge is starting! Thank you so very much - on liking the chapter and wanting to read more.  it certainly started my day off right (even though my cat was eying me suspiciously while i was squealing)! as for spike ... you must have read my mind. he's in this next chapter. i just hope i can do him justice ... spoiler : he's arranged a meeting at a shoe shop named Head Over Heels between him and the Summers women ... ya think he can manage the three of them without sticking his foot in his mouth???

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 10 - Put One Foot in Front of the Other on September 24, 2020 09:07pm Liked

The second loves are on the scene. 

Things are lining up and the ladies have people in their corner beyond Anyanka. 

I have SOME sympathy for Harmony. She shouldn't have boinked a married man but she thought he was in the process of a divorce. It'll be interesting how many forged documents he has with "Cordy's" name on them. That's jailable.

Great update.


Author's Response on September 28, 2020 12:51am

yup - even though the second loves aren't necessarily part of the actual justice part, i wanted them to interact with our heroines. 

and you're right again - for some reason i keep thinking of a pool table, and the balls are slowly aligning until the pool stick strikes. 

and you hit the nail on the head with your last comment. my muse hasn't decided if cordy will let that go or not ... she may have good reason to elsa it ... 

thank you for your kind words!  they mean so very much!!!  

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 10 - Put One Foot in Front of the Other on September 08, 2020 01:11pm

 The scene with Melinda and Cole worked well. She was adorable and the way he talked to her seemed right. 

Dan really was trapped there, no way to get out of that situation in a good way. 

No complains from me, just some lines on how I think. I have mixed feelings about the Harmony situation. I always have a soft spot for her and character hadn't had the best life. On the other hand I'm not that found of the blame being put on one person. Well sometimes the blame is one person's and we did have the mentioning of Darla to balance all the "good " females. 

Don't worry about Anya's line. She is blunt and could totally say something like that. 

Author's Response on September 08, 2020 04:38pm

my muse really liked the cole/melinda section too - she kept saying 'need more cute! need more cute!' . 

she was also responsible for guideon offering up his own treasure and the mention of his brothers and the company being inspired by dan's 'generosity'.  (she giggled as i was wring it - it was very distracting ...) 

yeah, the harmony section was difficult for me to write. my muse keeps saying 'harmony is totally redeemable and i have an idea how she can help with the angel and the riley justice, too'. she hasn't let me in it yet though. (she wants martin's bbq potato chips before she'll tell me ...) but seriously, i totally agree with your assessment - she still chose to ... let him do that to her, even though he did set her up (ie faking the divorce docs...)

in truth, your statement about anya and that line was the only reason i let it stay. anyone else saying it though ... 

thank you so very much for your thoughts; i swear i hold my breath for your reviews. 

magnus374 Replied on September 09, 2020 10:36am

Well no one else would have said that line. Still there wasn't anything anyone reading should have felt offended by. 

There are always people looking for things to be offended by and you can never please them. As long as it fits the story and the person saying it, nothing is wrong, but that is just my opinion.

Author's Response on September 10, 2020 12:27pm

true - no one else would have even thought that. (but i still over-analyze everything ... one of my many faults ...)

agree with you 100% on the second paragraph. 

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duke6665 commented on Chapter 10 - Put One Foot in Front of the Other on September 08, 2020 12:38am Liked

I absolutely adore the Cole scene. It was perfectly written. He was just the right amount of attentive but yet now creepy weirdo. 

Whether or not Harmony was treated fair or to go etc is hard for me to judge. I was cheater on for 19 years so I know first hand how painful that is but also at a low point in my youth I too was the other woman. I feel bad about it now in my life but as a younger insecure and painfully shy woman I fell for his lies and manipulation. Never really thinking about the wife. I feel you handled it pretty well over all. 

Author's Response on September 08, 2020 08:26am

thank you for your sweet review. i'm so very relieved/happy that the cole/melinda meet went over well.  i was so afraid it may come across as out of line. 

i am so, so sorry to hear about your struggles - i've never been in the situation before (and i don't say that out of arrogance - no one's wanted the job of S.O. in my life) so i can't speak to it personally. but i can empathise over the chaos and the damage it causes within, on so many levels. and because i do know that - from family or friends who's gone through it, which is NOT the same i know - that is one of the reasons i struggled with this section of the story - plot-wise and character-wise. i wanted to represent both sides of the coin and still stay as much in character that i could. (i think i focused more on the harmony of the angel-verse - she was trying to be good and just seemed to be rudder-less.) your experiences - again my heart goes out to you - i don't take lightly. and for you to say i handled it pretty well overall humbles me completely. there are no words.

thank you, again, for taking the time to review this.

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Merryreader commented on Chapter 9 - Revelations on August 26, 2020 06:37am

Doing a great Job on the story and. I am really appreciating it

Author's Response on August 26, 2020 02:41pm

such sweet words - i'm blushing! and breathing a sigh of relief (i feel like sally field ... which completely dates me ... )

and i appreciate you dropping me a review. the reviews make me think, possibly re-evaluate, and quite often inspire me for something better than i had initially planned. and very, very often i'm floored by the generosity. 

thank you, again!

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SheridannicMorrigan commented on Chapter 9 - Revelations on August 26, 2020 05:23am

I was too busy for fanfiction for a while, so now i got a 2 for 1 special hearts  Still as awesome now as when it started (which isn't always the case in either books or fics), thank you flowers

I do get the feeling, though, that I'm not recognising some of the charmed characters, since I stopped watching shortly after Pru's death (the xay they inserted Paige was a bit too soap opera-ish for me).


Hope to read more soon heart

Author's Response on August 26, 2020 02:26pm

wow, that is a massive compliment; i hope i can live up to it ... thank you so very much for your vote of confidence. i am humbled by your kind words. 

as for the charmed characters, well, i'll be honest, brooke isn't in canon. dan's sister is mentioned, but her name is never mentioned, nor is her husban's. so i took liberties. i did physically base them on real characters within a specific charmed episode. remember the episode that was basically a plot from the movie ladyhawk called 'magic hour'? brooke is the female's name and her lover was christopher. (i wanted someone with approximately the same coloring as dan.) as for brent miller - that is a character from the episode dealing with the grimlocks in 'out of sight'. he was the one that phoebe found, and i thought the two actors and the two characters had nice chemistry. (side note that actor went on to become archie hopper/jiminy cricket in 'once upon a time'.)

and i'm working on the next section literally as we speak (i'm writing the scene where cole meets melinda...)

again, thank you for the motivating words. and the review itself truly made my day!! 

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duke6665 commented on Chapter 9 - Revelations on August 24, 2020 12:31am Liked

I loved this chapter. Glad your brother helped you out. The story about grampa and the boxes was perfect.was really fun to read. Glad you included the pic

Author's Response on August 24, 2020 12:40am

aw, i'm thrilled you liked it! warm fuzzy time! 

my brother has been instrumental in ideas for this - he can't stand reading fiction so he can't my beta in that way, but he's the absolute best at bouncing ideas off of. 

i'm glad you liked the part about grandpa mack and the boxes and sparkles (my brother and i argued about the cryptic sentence, funnily enough). in an odd way, it was, i think, my favorite part of the story. 

as for the pic, i have a tendency to need them while i write. plus, i figure it couldn't hurt for the wonderful readers to see what i see while writing ... happy you liked it... 

thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment - it means alot (and goes a long way of calming down my muse, so thank you, again). 

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momnesia commented on Chapter 9 - Revelations on August 23, 2020 10:14pm Liked

I LOVED THIS! So happy for Buffy & Dawn. Finally something good came from their dad's side of the family. As for Piper, Dan's cheating makes perfect sense; a cheater (Dan) usually transfers his behavior on his spouse (Piper). With no reason or proof, Dan assumed Piper cheated, refused to acknowledge his own child, and thus justified his own cheating. In my mind, Dan never intended to be faithful, which is why he EXPECTED Piper to cheat. I can't wait for more!

Author's Response on August 23, 2020 10:52pm

i practically burst into tears reading this. you have no idea ... i was convinced this wasn't good - too ... much or too contrived or too over-thought. 

and yes, something really good came from the summers side of the family - a grandfather who loved them, valued them (and also planned for their future). 

and you hit the nail PERFECTLY regarding dan - in three sentences. you absolutely get it!!! i had a hard time trying to mold the general issue into a conversation between the two women. i was so worried it wouldn't come through very well. 

THANK YOU, for 'getting it', thank you for reviewing. and i'm so, so beyond happy that you liked this. 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 9 - Revelations on August 23, 2020 03:14pm

The revenge is moving forward. Piper too has good contact with a family member of her husband. It really was some disturbing lies Dan had said to his sister, well that means his sister will be more willing to help Piper. 

Good to see that Buffy had a talk with her mother and told her what is going on, now the air is clean between them. The crowfunding site was a good idea. I must say that I really liked the story about "Mack and sparkles ", the classic, the container is the valuable thing. It was a nice story from Buffy's childhood and I liked the inclusion of another good man in the story to balance things.

So far Angel seems to be the one closest to fall, we can sort of see the net ready to snare him. 

This was another good chapter to enjoy.

Author's Response on August 23, 2020 05:30pm

dan's lies were seriously disturbing, i completely agree. i'm not sure i'll bring brooke into the story further - but it's definitely something to keep on the back burner for now. who knows, my muse may have a wonderful role for her to play and will convince me. my muse can be really tricky... 

and yes, buffy needed to really talk to her mom about what's going on. 

and i cannot express how relieved i was when i read that you liked  the grandpa mack and the sparkles bit; i was really going for having another positive male in the buffyverse, as well as providing some ups and downs for our heroine. (fyi - i even briefly entertained the notion that the valuable piece ... was the fabric not the box or the jewels). i don't know if i'm very good as surprises, tho ... 

it's funny about angel's downfall (or as i've tentatively called it in my notes angel's ax') - i think his is going to be more straightforward, and a bit easier to write. it's a toss-up between dan and riley as far as which will be the hardest to write. dan - because of the men in canon, he's the actual good guy and it's hard to turn a good character into such a ... bad guy; riley - because there's really one piece to the justice plan, and so much of it really is more maggie than buffy. 

thank you, once again, for your insights and so very, very soothing words. they're like a balm to this questioning ball of uncertainty which is my brain ... 

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 9 - Revelations on August 23, 2020 02:58pm Liked

Excellent chapter.  I simply cannot wait for the next installment.

Author's Response on August 23, 2020 05:16pm

i'm glad you liked it. my brain is hurting, so i'll start to flesh out the next installment tomorrow (so far, there's a cute meet scene between melinda and cole, a scene where dan starts to feel the noose tighten, and a meeting with harmony and the wives (maybe joyce too - haven't figured it completely out), and maybe one other section with buffy since she has the money she needs to put in the offer.)

thank you, for dropping a line. it definitely helps appease the negative litany in my head. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 8 - Ground Work on August 01, 2020 02:24am Liked

Buffy does have trust issues so it seemed in character to me same with her argument with her mom. I don't know why she isn't willing to take the loan from Cordy and hope it's for more reasons than just pride. She does need to know that she can rely on others in life and begin to trust a bit.

Getting Paige involved was a good idea. Yeah, she'd attract Angel.

Plans are being laid nicely and the plot is in motion.

Your brother sounds like a great support system and decent guy. 

Great update.


Author's Response on August 01, 2020 03:40am

Buffy is also struggling with her reason for not taking the money - she's trying to determine the same thing, as well as her own sense of trust, AND her own feelings of justice and/or vengeance. 

i couldn't help but merge the verses even more. and yeah the idea of angel being attracted to paige was a no-brainer (rose mcgowan and juliet landau share a lot of similiar characteristics; and in this prue and phoebe aren't really part of piper's life). 

still some ground work before the party. it's a slow burn ... i have no idea how many chapters it will take to get there, so i'll be surprised too.

the next chapter will find piper being surprised. and we'll see melinda too. 

and thanks for the sweet words on my brother - i'm a little biased ... 

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 1 - Caught! on July 31, 2020 10:14pm

I don't  think the anxiety was out of character as far as the situation goes.  Buffy is trying to protect her mother, and because she doesn't want the " jig" to be up she has to play her cards close to the vest. I think you were spot on. It may cause some difficulty between Buffy and Joyce later but for now Buffy is doing exactly what she needs to do.  One all is said and done she can tell Joyce everything and hope that her relationship with her mother isn't further damaged.  Again I  truly am loving this storyline  and cannot wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response on August 01, 2020 12:00am

i am so glad you took the time the let me know your thoughts on this particular subject, especially considering you already reviewed this chapter. it looks like i was able to get across the bigger picture, which i'm so relieved/happy/touched that you got this from my ramblings. for the record, i'm still not happy with that particular section and i have a feeling i'll be re-imagining or re-writing it in my head many, many times. and spoiler : the last couple sentences of your review is basically how the end game is, atleast between buffy and joyce. and reviewers like you make me want to strive  - for more, for better than what i've done so far. 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 8 - Ground Work on July 31, 2020 02:18pm

There was a bit of jumping around but there was no problem following the story. 

Now they are really starting to move towards the revenge. They are placing the pieces on the board so to say. There are several pieces that need to be placed right so it will take a while but the first steps are taken for all 3 women. I admit that I didn't  really get the Buffy part about needing the money and the trust issue. With all the secrets she wanted to keep it looks very shady and most likely illegal too. That's how it must have looked to her mother.

We also got to see Harmony and got some hints about tragic things in her past. Now Anya is involved in learning more about her.

I do enjoy reading about their revenge.

Author's Response on July 31, 2020 03:10pm

the jumping around me a little nervous, so i'm glad that it doesn't staunch the flow for anyone reading this. 

as for the buffy portion of it, more will be outlined soon but just to give you a bit of a spoiler : she's going to try to buy the lake house from maggie but not using her own name or anyone normally associated with her - she wants to take away the one thing that riley truly values (other than his parents and his father's reputation, which riley doesn't know is very, very shady). anya's speech pretty much summed it up - buffy doesn't have the money, and doesn't want to use cordy's money to purchase it because buffy feels she wouldn't be part of it all - it all comes down to maggie and maggie's choices, not buffy's.  plus how the end is crafted (so far) needs to have a bit of trust conflict. and the only way i could think of was buffy not to tell her mother everything just yet. so in the big scheme of things how you feel is pretty much how i'm wanting joyce to react, especially when joyce brings up long-forgotten ... valuables... 

i hope that makes sense ... 

magnus374 Replied on August 01, 2020 07:19am

I saw that the way I wrote my comment wasn't the best. I perfectly understood why she needed the money and why it should come from an outside source. It was the secrecy of it to Joyce that I had problem with but I can see it as a weird hangup of Bufty.

Author's Response on August 01, 2020 02:11pm

i apologize for the way i phrased my response. i actually had a very hard time trying to answer the questions you brought up, so i'm sorry if i gave the impression that you didn't understand. (without being presumptuous, i think you're pretty smart and insightful). i so struggled with this that this section. bar-none it was the hardest section of the chapter for me to write, to get my head around it. (i think re-wrote it ... ten times). anyway ...

i'm not a mother, but i get that it's the secrecy part of it that would have any good mother questioning it. but yes the secrecy is what's gonna come back and kinda bite our buffy in the backside. especially since time is of the essence for her, atleast for the first stages ... 

as always, i treasure your commentaries, and i take them to heart - in the best way possible, using them to motivate me into looking deeper or re-examining what my mind has set and seeing if there's a better way. you and my brother do that for me. the words 'thank you' don't express it enough ... 

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 8 - Ground Work on July 31, 2020 11:02am Liked

The jumping around flowed well for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter.  I can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response on July 31, 2020 11:38am

i just embarrassed myself with a huge sigh of relief; the cat just stopped washing to glare at me i was so loud.  i was so anxious about this! i'm so very happy the chapter was enjoyable - again, i tend to really overthink things, so i need those who can bring me back to sanity. (thank you, little brother AND the wonderful people within the EF community.)

spoilers : the next chapter will deal with some surprises for piper, both good and bad.  

i'm going to edit the end comments to include a question; i value your opinion so ...  did buffy's anxiety about trust come across as appropos for the situation, did it seem out of character for her? ironically, that section was the hardest to write, and i'm still not sure if it works ... 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 7 - Game Plan - Part II on July 14, 2020 03:46am Liked

Anya has done well for herself. Nice she's part of the group now.

The cheaters are in for a royal payback. Good they all have each other's backs.

Nice update.


Author's Response on July 14, 2020 03:04pm

yes, i really wanted anya to be part of the group. i wanted her to be truly accepted, not just tolerated. 

the men are going to be ... surprised at their wives. and the long-range consequences. i'm still working on the timelines for the individual gentlemen, as well as how they all intertwince, and then adding other scenes that will be vital to the over all story ... 

and yes they all have each other backs. how can they lose right?? there will also be a tidbit or two that they are not expecting that will certainly assist ...  

thank you for dropping a sweet review; it absolutely made my day to see this! (and it also boosts my eagerness to work on what I've got too ...)

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SheridannicMorrigan commented on Chapter 7 - Game Plan - Part II on July 02, 2020 08:18am Liked

Way to keep the momentum going : awesome chapter(s) that are a pleasure to read and leave you wanting more flowers

Author's Response on July 02, 2020 10:03am

sweet words to my writer's soul! thank you! this chapter is kinda non-active, but i felt it was important for them to really voice everything, not just a 'we hate men' session. i didn't want it to be that. especially in the third section of the story we see how these women clearly like men, or rather three specific men ... anyway, i''m glad you liked them. (if you haven't already, check out the responses - i've outlined where all of anya's properties are ... if you're interested ...)

i will say it will be a while before the next chapter will be up - i'm still working on the outline for how these three men's fall will individually be and how they merge together. i just finished angel's and i think his will be the easiest to write. dan and riley's falls will be a bit more complex because of the guilt factor. but know that i am thinking of those who have responded and will do my best to get this out as soon as possible. 

thank you, thank you, thank you for rejuvinating me! 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 7 - Game Plan - Part II on June 29, 2020 12:30pm

Here we could see Cordelia having her part. I noticed that she isn't thinking as much about "how much is enough". That is fitting since Cordelia is meaner (it isn't the word I want to use but I couldn't come up with a more fitting one)than the other two. I did enjoy her story and learning about the things Angel did and what is being done against him. I have always had a soft spot for Harmony, but she and the other "other women" are far from blameless.

The planning is really moving on. Anya owns a lot of properties (I saw the list in your answer to duke6665), three of them in Sweden, nice.

Author's Response on June 29, 2020 02:14pm

you hit the nail on the head with cordelia's character - she's not mean, perse, but she is decisive, and that's how i tried to portray her. i initially had her more in a quandry, but i realized she as a character wouldn't allow that to deter her. but i did want to get it across that her cheating spouse has a bit more bite, pardon the pun, to it. so i tried to show a maturity, but also not water it down too much. and you are completely right in the other women, too. i'm still trying to decide on their consequences. spoiler alert though - there's redemptiveness for harmony, if she choses it. like you, i always had a soft spot for her. 

as for anya's properties, there's a lot. and i had 3 in sweden - one of them is a bit less luxurious than the others; this is where she goes when she's reflective and/or out of sorts. which for anya is rare, but it does happen. i have a good many of them in my little file; let me know if you'd like to see the links to them. or any of the other properties. it was a lot of fun looking at them and trying to decide what angle anya would have for those particular properties ... 

thank you, again, for your thoughts and inights. i truly, truly value them. i even try to take extra moments to ponder how you may see the goings on of the character or the plot. i'm so grateful! 

magnus374 Replied on June 29, 2020 03:40pm

It could be interesting to see them, especially those from Sweden since I live there.

magnus374 Replied on June 29, 2020 03:42pm

The fact that you so clearly gets happy over my comments make writing them even more fun.

Author's Response on June 29, 2020 04:41pm

here's the three that i have for sweden : 

this one is the one i thought for more of the pensive-anya :


these other two are strictly for either business or pleasure (vacationing with the other three women or for destination weddings or other type of events - you know anya, she can turn just about anything into a money-maker)

hope you enjoy!!!

magnus374 Replied on June 29, 2020 05:23pm

It was nice to see them.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 6 - Game Plan - Part I on June 29, 2020 11:56am

Now we are moving in to the planning part. They need to figure out what they want to do. They are good people so we can see them really thinking about how much is enough. That is an important thing to consider when dealing with vengeance, too much and you risk harming yourself in the process. I did like how this was addressed when they described the situation and their wishes. They are also aware that no matter how horrible their men are, a failed marriage is seldom only ones fault.

Buffy also got to meet Spike (nice little soul mentioning by the way) so things are moving forward in several ways.

Author's Response on June 29, 2020 01:25pm

yay - a review from you. i'm already smiling and i haven't even read it yet... 

yes, i really wanted to stress choice - both the wives and the husbands. i had what they were going to do all written out, with the possible intention of just skipping to the end so i wouldn't have to write the actual execution of everything, but my brother advised me not to go that route. i listened, so it's a bit vague. but now comes the interesting part - how much will the characters take over what i had planned ... that's when it gets fun ... 

yes, i thought it was important in this chapter for buffy and spike to meet. 

thank you so very much for leaving a thoughtful review. i love reading your reviews!

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duke6665 commented on Chapter 7 - Game Plan - Part II on June 28, 2020 09:58pm Liked

Loved Anya actually owning it lol and Yes we need to know where and how many??

Author's Response on June 29, 2020 12:12am

whew - it didn't completely suck then (the idea for anya owning it ... and the chapter too). i'm loving that you're interested. 

and i will admit to being a bit anal rententive, so yes, i have thought about it and even have the word docs to prove me perusing for properties that anya would own - either for pleasure or in combination of profit (like the ones near disney property, destination wedding locations, etc) ... 

so far i have 41 homes that anya owns. well, 1 condo building but two condos are owned by her. here's what i have so far : 

5 in San Francisco CA (2 of these are in the building she owns - she owns Angel's dream condo and another one)

2 in Anaheim CA (near Disneyland)

2 in Los Angeles CA

1 in Beverly Hills, CA (spoiler : will be gifted to another minor character by the end of the fic)

1 in Napa Valley, CA

1 in Greenwich, CT

2 in Orlando, FL (near Disney World)

1 in Miami, FL

4 in Hawaii

1 in New Mexico

1 in New York, NY

1 in Manhattan, NY

1 in Austin, TX

1 in Dallas, TX

1 in Seattle, Washington

1 in Amsterdam

1 in Argentina

2 in the Bahamas

1 in Florence, Italy

1 in Milan, Italy

2 in London, England

1 in Ixtapa, Mexico

2 in Paris, France

1 in Barcelona, Spain

1 in Majorco, Spain

1 in Helsingborg, Sweden

1 in Skane, Sweden

1 in Stockholm, Sweden

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SheridannicMorrigan commented on Chapter 5 - First Meeting on June 11, 2020 06:46am Liked

Your Anya's kick-ass, I love it! I always thought the writers did her a big disservice (unfortunately, she's not alone in that) in the show; she goes from competent vengeance demon to awkward and not very bright teenage girl who defers to her man in just about everything. This Anya is everything she could've been. hearts (and her vengeance posse too)

I'm also deeply curious to see who else will show up and in what way (kinda doubles the anticipation, in a good way)



Author's Response on June 11, 2020 07:07am

i'm thrilled to my toes that you like anya in this - i completely agree with your assessment of how she was treated in canon. in my fics, she'll never be deferring so demurely; it just feels wrong. 

as for the rest of her vengeance posse, there's a few little surprises here and there. i hope you enjoy the journey!

thank you once again for your beautiful review... 

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Meavepagan commented on Chapter 5 - First Meeting on June 10, 2020 07:56am Liked

Excellent chapter.  I can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response on June 10, 2020 10:41am

thank you for dropping a review and leaving the kind word. the next chapter is literally being written as we speak. i hope you like it, and hope you like the direction the characters take ... 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 5 - First Meeting on June 09, 2020 10:47pm Liked

Well, the group are all in the know now and have embraced Anya as a friend, not just a wish granted. Nice.

Yup, the teleporting would be a big give-away that something out of the normal was happening. 

Looks like there is a mix of supernatural and natural in this dimension, maybe not as much as BtVS world but more than normal people would expect or imagine.

Anya feels accepted for the first time and she needed friends.

I love that she's running the show now not D'Hoffryn. 

Love her house. The outside looks deceptively average but the interior is gorgeous!

Excellent update.


Author's Response on June 09, 2020 11:38pm

i always felt anya would have found her balance if she'd had real friends. so in my fic i decided to give her that. and i couldn't help but elevate her, especially after reading more of d'hoffryn. 

yeah, i can imagine the teleporting throwing anyone for a loop. but these women, bless them, had the smarts to actually listen. these four will be a force to be reckoned with - and not just the vengeance type, either. 

as for anya's home - yeah, it's a doozy! i had almost the exact same thought about it. i fall a little bit more in love with it everytime i look at my word doc... 

thank you for the lovely review!!! made my night!


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Nana commented on Chapter 5 - First Meeting on June 09, 2020 06:28pm Liked

Love you taste in homes mainly Anya's. The story is building very well and I hope it continues too.  Thank you.

Author's Response on June 09, 2020 06:36pm

thank you for the lovely review. i spent probably way too long looking for homes for my characters, i must confess. but i love anya's home too :)  I'm thrilled that you feel the journey is building well; it makes me feel like singing 'halleluia" - atleast i'm doing something right. 

thank you again!!

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 5 - First Meeting on June 09, 2020 04:23pm

Now they all is here, including Anya. They got to learn about the supernatural world and what Anya is. There are some changes of course, this is a different universe and that means some things should be different. Normally I'm all for the consequence aspects of the wishes, but it wouldn't fit this story. It is about them getting justice after all. 

It really was good to see them talking. Anya clearly needed some friends, she was somewhat starved for friendship, so it was good to see her get this here. 

I really did like this chapter, it had a good feeling to it.

Author's Response on June 09, 2020 04:53pm

all reviews light up my life, but yours ... truly makes my day! 

yes, consequences ... that's something i'm trying and struggling with the next chapter and the general outline of the following chapters. how much is too much, how much is not enough? will they think about what their lives would be/could be if they choose too vengefully?  

i'm relieved that this brought good feelings; i can totally see how this chapter can rub the wrong way, but i really wanted to explore more of anya's journey too.

once again, you bring me back to the thinking place, and i so, so appreciate it!! you so rock beyond the telling of it!

magnus374 Replied on June 09, 2020 05:51pm

Thank you.

Considering what kind of story there is, there shouldn't be much consequences as such. They are good people though, so I expect them to think a bit about how much vengeance is enough before actually wishing for it.

Anya's journey fits this story so I don't have any problem.

Author's Response on June 09, 2020 07:00pm

yes, you basically hit the nail on the head. ya know, it's easy to get caught up in the revenge portion of this, but i'm going to make this about choices. so i hope you like what's coming next ... i'm only about a third of the way done, so it'll be a while before i update again, but i'm keeping your comments front and center - to keep me on balance. 

and i'm so ecstatic that anya's journey seems to fit in your eyes. 

thank you so very much!!!

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duke6665 commented on Chapter 5 - First Meeting on June 09, 2020 04:15pm Liked

 Another excellent chapter. I loved what you did with Anyanka. Glad she will be sticking around with the girls after the vengeance is done.

Author's Response on June 09, 2020 04:21pm

oh i'm so happy you liked how anya evolved - i was SO nervous about that ... and yes, she'll definitely stick around the girls once the girls are happily-divorced-and-seeing-the-loves-of-their-lives. maybe i'll even have one of the children born be named anyanka ... something to think about. 

thank you so very much for leaving a review; i'm doing the happy dance now!!! 

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SheridannicMorrigan commented on Chapter 4 - Buffy's Bridge on June 06, 2020 02:12pm Liked

I don't know the series the story is based on, but I do know Charmed (if not as well as BTVS) and I love where the characters of the 2 shows are going - all of them. I'll definitely be following this fic.

Author's Response on June 06, 2020 03:01pm

awwww ... now my face is all splotchy with feel-good tears from your sweet words!

my story was inspired by the 1996 movie 'first wives club' starring diane keaton, goldie hawn, and bette midler. it's basically about how 3 middle-aged women get revenge on their cheating spouses. i wanted to make it a bit different, but still have some of the same elements. and i have a feeling the buffy/charmed characters will be a bit more ... umm.. fervent in their overall plans for the cheating bastard husbands, moreso than the movie. 

i've got one more chapter completely written, but i need to fine-tune it, but it'll posted sometime this coming week. spoiler : the first meeting between the 3 spouses and anya is the next chapter ... 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 4 - Buffy's Bridge on June 06, 2020 02:37am Liked

I'm glad Buffy has that tape and sent it to Giles.

Riley is a complete jerk. If he's unhappy he should just divorce Buffy not try to ruin her and her mom just because his itty bitty feelings are hurt that she didn't go all June Cleaver for him!

I kinda like his mom though. Seems she recognizes he's as bad as his father and will likely help Buffy in the background. Good that she's not really going to be more trouble for Buffy to have to deal with.

Excellent update.


 Hamilton Finn  I watch General Hospital and my brain immediately went to a character by that name. lol He'd never be party to Riley's behavior though. I had to laugh.

Author's Response on June 06, 2020 06:53am

yeah, i couldn't help but bring giles into the story, if only for a brief moment. (if all goes to my initial plan, he also come into play again.. but it'll depend on the muse )

yes, riley is a jerk. i actually had a difficult time writing him - the first attempt i made him a bit too cartoonish, and i tried to ... make him more human (i.e. why in the blue blazes did buffy marry him), but i still  needed to retain the main reason for him being such a cheating bastard. 

yeah, maggie came as a complete surprise to me the more i worked the story. in fact, she'll be instrumental in buffy getting her revenge, but i have to be careful that it's not all her doing. i'm glad it's coming across that way in the story.

as for the hamilton finn ... i was picturing marcus hamilton as the father but didn't want to go with the obvous first name of marcus. i used to watch GH, although i don't keep up with it any longer, so it's a complete coincidence. so i'm glad you had a laugh there ... 

thank you so very much for your uplifting words. they mean a lot... 

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