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Stronglikeanamazon11 commented on 20,000 on September 26, 2019 06:00am Liked

Loved this. Lots of smiles. The consent ritual was such a beautiful addition--perfect healthy, loving acknowledgement of their past with a promise to never go there again, with either mega bitch Buffy or out of control Spike. Your characterization is spot on and I love the Buffy-isms. The sex is a great mixture of hot and sweet. Thanks for writing this! 

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Blackoberst commented on 20,000 on June 10, 2019 12:50am Liked

Thank you for the story, I really liked it 

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pfeifferpack commented on 20,000 on May 14, 2019 06:05am Liked

Clever turn there at the end.

I like how you used the 20,000 prompt to turn it into a look at Buffy having quite a kill count too. I can see this coming up with no trouble. They really are matched as warriors. It's like two soldiers talking about their exploits in a way, with respect. Then...because it is them... it turns hot.

Nice job!


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fyreburned commented on 20,000 on May 05, 2019 02:17am Liked

Yay, 20K!

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Megan commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 06:58pm Liked

Hahaha! I'm so glad that Spike was there to lend a hand in reaching that final, BIG number!  He always was very good at helping out at the last minute.  I truly wish we'd been able to see more of this kind of relaxed, easy-in-love stuff on the show.  We got snippets of its possibility, but not enough!  Thank you SO much for honouring the archive with this fantastic oneshot.

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Pencilcomet commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 01:23pm Liked

I love when this vamp is cheesy. Excellent story.

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magnus374 commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 10:49am

I liked how they figured out that it should be about 20 000 vampires. It was sweet to see them playing. It is great to see them being in this good relationship. Good to see that they have their little ritual and a safe word, they don't take any risks with that anymore.

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Behind Blue Eyes commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 07:43am Liked

So cute and sexy. Thanks for sharing

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Lukas Bauer commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 06:13am

This is great, sweet and hot and fun all in one. 

But, shouldn't the Turok Han mostly count for Spike?


Author's Response on May 02, 2019 08:01am

Maybe, yeah, but I didn’t want to have her be older than 26~ and I didn’t think much more than 3 vampires for day was realistic, so to get her near enough for Spike to get to his last bit of dialogue, I needed to include the Turok-Han. It was her idea to empower the slayers anyway, which is part of the reason why they held them off until Spike’s amulet activated anyway, so I figured it was good enough for these purposes.

Lukas Bauer Replied on May 08, 2019 07:38pm

Well, Spike would most certainly have no problem with sharing them, haha. 



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Meavepagan commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 05:14am Liked

Wonderfully written.  Thoroughly enjoyed reading it

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EllieRose101 commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 04:40am Liked

I am grinning like an idiot. 

Thank you for writing this! 

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LovingWilliam commented on 20,000 on May 02, 2019 02:13am Liked

Love this so much!  So dang cute and funny!   I adore happy, Spuffy domestic life and can't get enough!  hearts  heart

Congrats to E.F. on 20,000 members!!!!  party

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Sigyn commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 11:50pm Liked

Aww, that was cute. Yay 20,000! 

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srbeaver commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 10:52pm Liked

Love it and I love Spike's math. Of course Buffy should get credit for the vamp on graduation and for any other plan of hers.

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amidtheflowers commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 10:52pm Liked

Oh this was so precious and so incredibly sweet! I loved the little nuances you dropped in here, with how gentle Spike held himself and the slow-building conversation mirroring their gradual passion. When I realized where the title of the fic would come into play, it was an instant smile biggrin I loved this and thank you so much for sharing this! xx

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kats_meow commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 08:15pm Liked

GUH!  Incredibly sweet, funny, loving, and HOT!  flowers

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Green commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 06:54pm Liked

😁 cute little story, I love these types of one-shots 💚

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Twinkles commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 06:22pm Liked

He loved playing games with her, she figured because the games were a constant reminder they were having fun.

- Yas, so much this! This is what makes spuffy so delightful 💜

They had a ritual ever since they’d got back together...

- God I love this. Beautiful concept 😍 Fills me with tender fuzzies.

"How about I stake you for the magic twenty thousandth?"... Her vamp was such a goofball. But, oh, twenty thousand felt so good.

- Perfect! The blend of fun and hotness is so delicious.

I love everything about this gorgeous scene, it's wonderful . Thanks so much 💙 

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D1234 commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 05:48pm Liked

Very hot... and yet sweet.

Nice celebration storycheers

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Axell commented on 20,000 on May 01, 2019 04:57pm Liked

Cute, just the thing to brighten my rainy day.😉

Author's Response on May 04, 2019 04:33pm

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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