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qt_pi_24_7 commented on Chapter 4 on March 21, 2020 09:11pm Liked

So happy you're back!! Love this so much!!

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idioticWixen commented on Chapter 4 on March 21, 2020 01:13am Liked

Wonderful! Lovely to see this update! Great job!

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JustWriter commented on Chapter 4 on March 10, 2020 10:42pm Liked

Scenes I hope for? One of Buffy's memories that was erased: she and Spike on a sort-of date, but not really, that should have fundamentally changed their interactions from then on out, but she forgets before she could even write about it in her diary (a la 50 First Dates)

Poor Spike probably has told her before about her memories having been tampered with. Maybe he even left a note for Giles before and Angel discovered it and disposed of it because he could smell his grandchilde. I also wouldn't put it past Angel to have even started the rumors about human Spike being a thug and that's probably how that misinformed data got into the Scourge of Europe book.

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Kavien commented on Chapter 4 on February 26, 2020 09:35pm Liked

Please continue!! I absolutely love this story idea!!

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madspuffyfan commented on Chapter 4 on February 25, 2020 10:21am Liked

Loved it.



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Lou commented on Chapter 4 on February 24, 2020 10:22am

Sorry you’ve been having such a tough time but I’m delighted to see this update - thanks a million.

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 4 on February 24, 2020 02:27am Liked

Glad to see this update. The whole plot is one I am anxious to follow! Understand how RL can not only take over but makes changes in a person that even changes how they choose to write. Glad you are back, hope all is well and will stay that way.

Buffy has so much to sort through and will need time to do it.

I think Spike knows his feelings for Buffy and that is why he spoke up at all. He's done watching her under Angel's power, not even owning true memories. I think that's why he followed her too... he knows she's in pain. I'm glad he's there for her. He KNOWS Angelus and can help her sort things.

Glad Giles is supporting Buffy this way too. Her friends can't help her at this point.

Love Oz. Willow should remember what she nearly did the previous year with Xander before she withholds forgiveness. I am glad Oz told her he was going to leave and why. Maybe she won't unspool. Him staying until Buffy sorts out Angel is going to be a good thing though. He can wait that long. 

Wonder if Angel knows she's broken his hold? He won't like that at all.

Excellent update.


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gabelou1991 commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 03:47pm

J'aime beaucoup car quand on regarde comment est spike cela coule de source que angel a fait quelque choses.

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tfranco99 commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 02:15pm Liked

Yesssss!! So happy to see you back!!! This story is amazing!! I love it so much!! Pleaaaaaase continue on!! I need more!!

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Melissanelson1975 commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 01:28pm

Omg I’m so happy you’re back and added to this story I really like it so far 

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DragonLdy commented on Chapter 1 on February 23, 2020 01:21pm

Absolutely love this concept, loved the show when I was a kid and then I went back to watch it in my 20s and it's pretty messed up how Buffy is 15 in the beginning and her friend Willow is pushing her toward him, he's clearly in his 20s. Also his whole warning; the harvest is coming. Not helpful at all, it was pure chance Giles found the right book to explain what that was. Also it was later revealed he was supposed to help her, he did literally nothing to help on that first week, smirked at the end and was bemused that she did it. So...your story fits better

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All4Spike commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 12:02pm Liked

It's been a while, so I had to go back to the beginning to remind myself of what was going on.

Poor Buffy. She's just discovered that her entire life in Sunnydale has been erased, manipulated and reshaped by Angel to his own ends, and Spike has been ally rather than mortal enemy. It's a lot to process.

And of course, Willow's first thought is that she needs to make Buffy forget that Angel has betrayed her in the worst way. Thank goodness she was brought up short by recognising that she was considering doing the same thing as Angel!

Idly wondering whether Angel will have felt his claim broken....

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Athoshol commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 11:18am Liked

Nice chapter.  I really enjoyed the buffy/spike original meeting.  Not to sure on the oz/willow drama though.

Willow intentionally cheated on Oz, multiple times over a span of time, with Xander, yet he forgave her.

Oz slips ONCE with Veruca while they were in their wolf states where everyone knows he has no control over his actions....and Willow acts all wounded....seems kinda hypocritical.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 10:33am

Great to see a new chapter of this story.

Buffy now has her real memories back and they pain a very different picture than what she thought she knew. It is a lot to deal with for her and there could be some very disturbing things too.

The scene with Willow and Oz show us that other people have problems too but this looks a bit more hopeful for them at ,east.

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Green commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 09:06am Liked

Really happy to see you back at this story and the wonderful update. 

Angel really did a number on Buffy. It's good Spike followed her. She needs someone to talk to that truly understands. 💚

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Pencilcomet commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 09:05am Liked

Happy to see more of this story. Excellent chapter.

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Dance_of_pales commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 08:33am Liked

I kinda wonder if Angel did something to Joyce that night "Darla" attacked her. Like maybe he did his monologue thing, telling her how he was going to make Buffy his and Joyce was going to help him once he put her under his power. So I'm sure before he bit her, Joyce would have realized Buffy had been telling the truth in LA and told him her daughter was going to stake his ass. so he had to erase that knowledge before he planted Darla attacking her and him saving her (thus earning hero status in both Summers' eyes). But Buffy showed up earlier than he planned and found him over Joyce. He probably convinced Darla to attack them at the Bronze to get back on Buffy's good side. Hell, maybe the reason he staked Darla was because she felt his compulsions on Buffy and, being his sire and thus having power over him, threatened to undo them. Sorry, I'm not trying to tell you how to write your story, this is just an idea that your amazing work put into my head and I just wanted to share it.

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JayeMaru commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 08:21am

I'm glad you have found it uplifting to return to this story. This chapter was very fulfilling; I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

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Hexah commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 08:20am

Thanks for the update. 

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Rkf22 commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 08:07am

 Excellent work can't wait for more 

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Connie_3D commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 08:00am Liked

I adore this premise and had searched for quite a while for an update. 

But, alas, after a time it fell through the cracks of my mind, of which there are plenty.  It's a veritable sieve!  Immediately when seeing this update, I remembered the story and got all exited, because the entire idea and the way you had presented it really grabbed my imagination.  It must have to have survived all those holes in my noggin.

I like the interactions between everyone and how they stayed on track and just handled the problem(s) without a butt-load of recriminations.   You give us a kinder and more mature ensemble and, while I wish they had been like this and they were not, it does allow us to see what they could have been and how they might have developed, if the writers had not always pushed deeper and darker into the ratings trap.  They were so determine to remove every adult we loved while sacrificing Scoobie character growth, an errant key, an absent watcher, a lost mother, and one vampire we melted over when he snarled and showed his ads while sprouting poetry and displaying unwavering devotion.

Is it getting hot in here?  yay

Anyway...I enjoyed this update immensely, thank you for the time and effort and determination in picking it up and moving it forward and can't wait for the next chapter.  So happy you didn't abandon it.  Writing is hard!  But when you hit your stride, it looks effortless.  Thank you!

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Angelsheart1 commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 07:28am Liked

So happy to see a new chapter!  Glad Spike is keeping up with Buffy. Great chapter!  Can't wait to read more!

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The Danish Bird commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 07:25am Liked

I really enjoyed this story, so I’m happy to see you posting again yay

So many questions are waiting to be answered. Did Angel in fact have his soul when they met or had he somehow lost it and figured he could use the memory of having it, to get close to the Slayer and manipulate her? I have a hard time imagining a souled Angel treating her like that, talking to her as he did when he first met her. Did he in fact sleep with her many more times and just decided that the one on her birthday was the one he wanted her to remember and used it to torment her by pretending to have lost his soul from it? Or was he really souled all along? If he was, how did his soul allow him to act like that without crippling him with guilt? Does it have anything to do with Liam being a not very nice person as a human?

What about Spike...what else has she forgotten? What happened back when they fought in that church? What happened during their truce with Acathla...did Angel somehow warp that memory too? What about on Halloween when Ethan made them all turn into their costumes, what really happened between her and Spike?

I like that you have kept Oz around. The fact that willow is struggling with his infidelity at the same time as Buffy is struggling with Angel’s manipulation works really well. Better than if she had been broken because he left. I can’t help but wonder if Spike might be able to help Oz control his wolf. He is very much in control of his demon. I guess it means that Something Blue is not going to happen, though.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Dontia commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 03:42am Liked

Welcome back, and it was a welcome chapter indeed. I think in a future chapter, Cordy needs to find out and help. And Faith needs to learn that Buffy was brainwashed into trying to kill her. And Doyle needs to explain why the Powers are behind Angelus.

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Spikelover88 commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 01:49am Liked

Great chapter can't wait till the next one 

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spikedreamer commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 01:10am Liked

Und BITTTTTEEEEEE.....schreib weiterheart


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Chrissel commented on Chapter 4 on February 23, 2020 12:01am Liked

I’m so happy you’re back and updating this! Great chapter! I’m really looking forward to seeing some more early Spuffy interactions that Angel has wiped out. And I love what you’re doing with Oz & Willow!

Author's Response on February 23, 2020 12:20am

Thank you! I'm really excited to be back and getting back into this story. I have been thinking about it a ton even though I haven't been able to update until now. 

I'm glad you're liking Oz & Willow's story! I have never been happy with how their parting played out, even though I love Tara to pieces!

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Melissanelson1975 commented on Chapter 4 on February 22, 2020 11:49pm Liked

Omg I’m so happy you’re back and added to this story I really like it so far 

Author's Response on February 23, 2020 12:21am

Thank you! I'm really glad to be back too and am very happy you're liking the story so far! Thank you for reading & for your comment!

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k1ngohats commented on Chapter 3 on January 09, 2020 12:56am Liked

Well goddamn, I'm hooked.

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WarrioDrgnMage commented on Chapter 3 on December 27, 2019 04:55pm

I liked this a lot! I think mg favorite part is that its Spike that points out that Buffy has a memory spell than a claim on hor. Also its even better because of the way he says it. 

I hoped you update soon.

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