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HebiC commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 05, 2019 04:39pm

Am very interested.  applause

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Kittenshift17 commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 04, 2019 08:17am Liked

What a glorious beginning. I'm hooked already. The Slaypire bit threw me, but I'm down for them having a plan and making the best of things. I can't wait to read more.


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pfeifferpack commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 03, 2019 03:25am Liked

 I wouldn’t get so superior if I were you considering this is, what? The fifth night you’ve gone after a bunch of school kids and a middle-aged librarian?  Oh, direct hit! Spike may be in the chair but he can still hit Angelus' ego.

He could also have driven his fangs into an artery and drank his fill. He's been pretty good about Buffy really.

Once, a very long time ago indeed, he’d been taken to see a lion at the zoo. It’d been one of the biggest disappointments of his young life, expecting a fierce predator and instead finding a defeated animal in a tiny cage. But then the lion had paused in its pacing. Its eyes had locked onto the assembled crowd in a way that spoke clearly as if it’d uttered words, “You may feel safe now, but just take away these bars and see what happens.” Wonderfully descriptive passage. Yes, this would be a captured Buffy described to a tee.

Poor Buffy! Her worst nightmare now true. She's been turned. I would think that Giles would imagine her dead at least. 

He’d told her the truth that night back at the school; he would have made it quick. He wished he could have at least done that for her. Ah, a tell-tale bit of empathy sneaks out. She's shown some for him as well with noticing he's also a prisoner.

why not? It’s not like being a vampire automatically means you have to give up everything you enjoyed as a human. Or discovering new pleasures for that matter. This so defines Spike!

  Which was Spike’s cue to change the subject, and fast-ish. And again with the empathy! He sees her begin to grieve for the sunshine and friendships lost to the fangs. He's really sweet and I hope she's noticed.

Seems like she's kept her soul in some form at least. That or she's like Spike in being able to be more than just the demon at least. Still holding part of her humanity.

Yes, she has noticed. suppose if I could spare her the suffering... Sure I would. She sees his love is real and his ability to feel compassion.

 The man I loved is gone. Or, I don’t know, maybe never existed quite the way I thought he did. ‘Cause, I trusted Angel. I told him my greatest fears. But this part of him was always under the surface. Waiting to use every secret I told him, every moment we shared, against me.  Oh, she has figured him out finally! She's still not 100% on the whole not separate beings in one body part yet but she has Angel figured out.

I am beyond happy you are going to take this and run with it. Brilliant start to a story I really, really, want to read! This hits a lot of my kinks (not so much the vamped Buffy part because that's something that I only like on occasion). This is just compelling as all get out and I can't wait for more.

Wonderfully written. You've made a truly believable truce between them and a plan that begs to be taken to fruition.

Can't wait for more.

Excellent in every way.


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OffYourBird commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 10:40pm Liked

Oh, this was such a gut-twisting horrible and yet fabulous way to Spuffy-fy S2! And all of Angelus's torture taking place off-screen (thank you) really only adds to the horror, as does seeing it all from Spike's perspective- who is himself being systematically played with by the other vamp in a very different kind of way.

But Spuffy took Angelus down in canon - I have no doubt they can do the same here! vampscythe

So excited to see where this goes!

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nepalichik commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 10:07pm Liked

heartOh I love this....applause  I like your vamp!Buffy!!  The whole chapter was great!

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sue commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 04:45pm

This storyline has always been a good one.  What if: god forbid, but what if Angelus turned Buffy in Season Two?  In your story, there is a girl, once slayer now vampire and already tortured and tormented - but as yet not a Dru.  From her conversation with Spike both she and he are fully aware of Angelus’s intended M.O. for her, too.  Somehow, this slaypire (magnificent!) is going to do everything she can to turn victim into eventual victor.  And you have given us that quintessential Spike of the early seasons - who showed such potential amid his rather impulsive, bloody transgressions - who has clasped her figurative, outstretched hand of hope and glory....... and with bated breath I wait, because if your next chapter is as good as this one - thank you.

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spikedreamer commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 03:39pm Liked

Oh, ich liebe Vamp-Buffy Geschichten.


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magnus374 commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 01:24pm

 This has indeed a lot of potential for darkness but that will make the bright moments seem that much brighter. We got to see Spike's depression the bleakness of this existence. We had a good look into his mind. Then we got to see Buffy and learned what happened to her. Spike is basicly a prisoner too, so this almost bonding make sense. Buffy hasn't given up, she plans to get free and kill Angelus, trying to recruit Spike is a good idea. 

Despite being a vampire, Buffy still doesn't understand everything, the disinformation from Angel is having an effect on her. 

This is a good beginning I think that I will enjoy this.

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YadaYada commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 12:51pm Liked

Great start! 

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Rezol87 commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 12:20pm Liked

You have me hooked already.

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MaggieLaFey commented on Part 1: Anywhere But Here on April 02, 2019 10:35am Liked

Suuper glad to see this here, so I could add it to my favourites and be alerted for any updates. :D (I am so terribly bad at using LJ, yes, this is just way easier for me haha) Speaking of, if when there'll be an update, I'll probably reread this first chapter... just because. So good! Again, well done on this, and THANK YOU so much for deciding to keep writing! I absolutely understand not wanting to deal with something this dark, which makes me love you even more for giving it a chance :D *hugs*

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