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GillO commented on Undercover Christmas on November 23, 2020 08:01pm Liked


Author's Response on November 23, 2020 08:08pm


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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Undercover Christmas on January 06, 2019 03:34pm Liked

"the tall, dark-haired man asked, his smile lopsided and his deep brown eyes kind"
D: Well, you have my attention.

"he worried she’d change her mind about being with him, worried that she wouldn’t forgive him for his much longer silence, worried that the universe would do something to drive them apart"

Well, it's nice that Mark seems to be a decent guy and he's on their side, as far as the mission goes.

"which luckily had a pull-out sofa in the other room for him to sleep on. Spike would kill her if she and Mark slept in the same bed."
Oh, good -- haha, I'd like to think he'd want to maim Mark instead.

Rina!!! :) Of course she's sweet! I do wonder who's ripping people's heads off, then. Maybe they're very evil people?

Coke with grenadine sounds like a fun drink!

“I do have a family."

"Like Edward Cullen?”

Always a good sign when passers-by have heads.

Oh, yikes!

I just looked up the Adlet, and so cool!!! Some of the stories look very similar to what I randomly heard just last week about Sedna in Inuit mythology.

Poor Rina. :/ Well, now she's not stuck with a task that was probably impossible.

"Luckily, Mark’s magic on their weapons hid them well enough as the police interviewed everyone on what they had seen."
Oh, right, neat!

"They’d tried everything (even modern psychiatry) to help them to no avail."
oh no! But it's very cool that they did.

Awww, forest friend! Love the deer moment.

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pfeifferpack commented on Undercover Christmas on January 05, 2019 12:13am Liked

Man that is one gorgeous mood board! I'm ready to go!

You had me worried with the very beginning. Buffy had moved on ... OH NO! Of course, it is just undercover Slayer here.

It was hard on both Buffy and Spike to pretend not to mention even watching the fake being with another person. Spike flirting with others was as unsettling with her as watching Buffy and Mark. Maybe a bit of jealousy will be just the right spice to their relationship to sew them up a bit tighter even.

I like Rina and that whole story (including the use of myths there).  Like the idea of Mark and Rina hooking up or possibly hooking up.

Nice that Buffy and Spike got a chance to enjoy the place a bit before leaving. Too nice to miss that chance.

Yup, Buffy is ready to settle down now. This works perfectly in showing how they "got there" both physically and emotionally. Nice foundation building of the family.

Loved this!!!


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yellowb commented on Undercover Christmas on January 03, 2019 01:29pm Liked

Oh, I love this.  I love the ending, with the surprise and wonder at the deer.  And the mood board is gorgeous!

Also, poor Rina!  What a terrible inheritance, to be the first one unable to bind the critters.


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OffYourBird commented on Undercover Christmas on January 01, 2019 11:00pm Liked

Oh, I was SO delighted to realize this was part of the Small Boat 'verse! (Do you think you'll add them together in a series sometime for ease of finding?). I love all of the post-series adventures you've been taking this Spuffy on, and this was no exception. I had never heard of an Adlet, and I am SO into how you wrapped them into the Buffyverse - making them the ancestors of our werewolves. 

Poor Rina! That's a terrible hereditary burden. At least now her life is now free, and she can go on to get some Watcher action devil

In general, the faux "married couple" set-up was such fun, but then I take probably a bit too much delight in a touch of jealous Spuffy innocent . Spike's realization that he was in "monogamous, happily taken" mode as opposed to hunting mode was entirely adorable.

Also, that heated pool sounds SPLENDID. Sign me up.

I adored this installment so much, Sandy!! Happy holidays, darling!! hugheartheart

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Green commented on Undercover Christmas on January 01, 2019 12:10pm Liked

Loved it 💖. Really nice little story and the ending was magical for them. I checked out the links, that hotel is freaking huge and the mussie just looks like a really big alligator snapping turtle (they can live over 200 years and get really big) 💚


Author's Response on January 01, 2019 02:23pm

Thank you so much! It was totally a unique experience (one I've only had in writing one other story - Harnessing Sunlight) in which I got to interview a fellow fandom person to get all the details about the place from the smells to the way it looks to the food. And it was fun incorporating the Canadian monster. I can't seem to find a consistent good pic of the mussie! Which one are you looking at? 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful New Years Day! hug

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All4Spike commented on Undercover Christmas on January 01, 2019 10:10am Liked

Good to see Buffy & Spike working together as an established couple.

Interesting to see a new kind of monsters and their controller... who wasn't so much with the control.

Lovely Christmas fic. flowers

Author's Response on January 01, 2019 02:15pm

They are fun to write established sometimes!

So, I may have warped the legend of the Adlet the werewolf thing and the generational control of the insane ones by the female matriarch. thinking But it was kinda fun to play with something like that! I felt very Supernatural. lol

And thank you so much! Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday! And Happy New Year! hughearts

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fyreburned commented on Undercover Christmas on January 01, 2019 04:33am Liked


Author's Response on January 01, 2019 02:11pm

Thank you so much! heartshug

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srbeaver commented on Undercover Christmas on December 31, 2018 06:12pm Liked

I love stories where Buffy and Spike are a couple. The deer at the end was perfect.

Author's Response on January 01, 2019 02:13pm

Me, too! It's nice not to have to work the whole fic to set them up. They're a couple that's interesting together even if things are going reasonably well! And thank you about the deer! It's actually something that happened to BWJ, and when she was telling me about the hotel and told me that, I had to put it in! Thank you so much for reading! hug

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magnus374 commented on Undercover Christmas on December 31, 2018 03:02pm

It's always good to see them being an established couple. The situation brought a bit of tension but they are secure enough, to not have any problem with this. I liked the little talk we saw Buffy have with Mark. 

I really liked the use of Inuit mythology. I never heard about these creatures until a little check on Google. Poor Rina, not a good gift to be left with and it really must suck that she failed, but know she is free. Her own knowledge about the supernatural makes her a good recruit now.

Buffy and Spike got to have some good time afterwards. It really is a special feeling to sit in warm water during a winter night. Then of course you  should bath in cold water and hope the shock doesn't kill you😀 It was several years since I did that but I remember that there was a little bit of ice on the cold water, and how good it felt to go back to the warm water.

Author's Response on January 01, 2019 02:30pm

Happy new year, Magnus! 

Thank you so much for the generous comments all year! And I'm so glad you enjoyed the Canadian mythology! I hadn't heard of them either. But it was fun to take the little bit of info and make it something bigger. 

BWJ said that the water is just wonderful even when it's been snowing! Haha. I used to run my hands under cold water after playing in the snow. I can't imagine doing it where it's really really cold! Does it feel like it's going to kill you? 

magnus374 Replied on January 02, 2019 04:48am

Well, it didn't really feel like it would kill me, but it was a shock and I got all those little shakes when my body tried to react to the cold. I admitt that I got the thought of "what if my heart fails from the shock" We had all been drinking during this, so it probably unsafe, it was a natural dam after all.

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starshollowisonahellmouth commented on Undercover Christmas on December 31, 2018 02:33pm

As a Canadian who has stayed in this hotel I am so happy that a Spuffy story like this exists! :)

Author's Response on December 31, 2018 02:52pm

Awww...yay! I hope it felt true to your experience! *hugs* Happy holidays! 

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