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angelic_amy commented on Chapter Six on April 11, 2019 04:57am Liked

Loved it! I really enjoyed the fact that even in the midst of their love-making they were still having fun. I am also glad that Buffy reached out to Spike, and told him about the threat of Angelus. Excellent chapter, I'm looking forward to the next one. 

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angelic_amy commented on Chapter Five on April 11, 2019 04:48am Liked

So that was a twist I didn't see coming - Cordelia being a psychic! This continues to be a very well written and intriguing story, although now I'm worried for Buffy. 

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angelic_amy commented on Chapter Four on April 11, 2019 04:39am Liked

I lost track of this one, so picking it back up where I last left off. This chapter was excellent. I liked how Spike tried to explain to Buffy about vampires and Angelus. I also can't say I'm surprised that she lied when asked if she got his name. Great chapter! 

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IggukLeNain commented on Chapter One on December 26, 2018 01:34pm Liked


Author's Response on December 26, 2018 01:59pm

😘 je t’aime mon frere!

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daria22 commented on Chapter Six on December 15, 2018 03:40pm Liked

Amazing chapter heart  I love this story hearts

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fyreburned commented on Chapter Six on December 15, 2018 01:42pm Liked

Hilarious final line!

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter Six on December 14, 2018 04:03pm Liked


Okay I love that she calls him and he's doing the Vincent thing sitting outside. Buffy's whole bit about him being "explody" is perfect and I love how he finally just sits down and lets her get it out, smirking all the while. Her touching his face as he changes is lovely and the way it leads to growling, then growling of the really really good kind! 

It's nice to see Buffy stop for second in her head and think if this is really what she wants and yes, it totally is.  The whole love scene is brilliant and very well written. It always makes it better when there are feelings along with everything else and that really came across. 

Buffy's parting line in this chapter - absolutely hilarious. I loved it so much because I can actually picture her nose all scrunched up as she says it.  Lovely chapter!!!

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter Five on December 14, 2018 03:41pm Liked

I like the intro to Cordy. (And Willow and Xander). It seems the thought of Spike with someone else touched a nerve - I love how Cordy just mentions he was with her and Buffy is full on hate mode for a second. Then with the punching bag when she gets home.. yeah says a lot. 

The strain of the secret is felt between her and Faith as well.  You can tell they are close and that Buffy not being honest is going to take some time for Faith to get over once everything comes out. 

I'm glad Cordy comes to Buffy to really clear the air and give her the real story. And what a story. It's brutal and exactly what Angelus would do with someone he values. Not values as person, but as a possession, a toy for his amusement, to do with as he wishes, as he is one twisted *&*%#.

The last line of this is chilling and WAY too prophetic sounding (especially since she is a seer) but hopefully, if that time comes, Buffy will remember that.  And there is no way Spike won't come for her if that does happen. 

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter Four on December 14, 2018 03:34pm Liked

Okay, the conversation shifts as they leave the restaurant is very enlightening, but not as much as the fight is. As now Buffy knows what is lurking in the shadows. I'm glad she let Spike take her home at least but it hurts when he thinks she is dismissing him because of what he is. But that kinda felt right for this story. She had no idea about things that go bump in the night before and here she is being held up by her throat and she is faced with true evil. It's hard to separate that when she is looking at Spike. I am glad she is reflecting on it and feels off about it the next day.  It's a hopeful way to leave it and also very realistic. 

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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter Three on December 14, 2018 03:24pm Liked

I love how they both feel this pull from their hearts, when their minds are saying this is not a good idea.  On the actual date, it's not surprising Buffy can't hold back from getting into finding out if he was the thief as she is a very dedicated person and really deception is not in her nature. I think captured both of them quite well in all their exchanges and the back and forth really sounded like them. I loved him ordering 4 drinks and saying only one is for her hehe. 

Overall, I was most relieved when they decided to go with a truce at the end as we all know, that's how canon Spuffy started, with a truce. Oh who am I kidding, it started as soon as he saw her dance in the Bronze but I'm digressing talking about the show instead of your lovely fic, which is so enjoyable and I'm so happy you are sharing with us all!!


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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter Two on December 14, 2018 02:55pm Liked

Eee - I love this coffee shop meet up!  Buffy has never been more relatable than in this line: “Yeah, um, I mean, wow. You’re— Wow, you’re... you?” Buffy said, and immediately cringed." I mean how can ANYONE actually stand in front Spike with his cheekbones on full display, and be expected to be coherent??  I also giggled at his Power Ranger quip (not that the red suit would be a problem). Don't even get me started on the smirk turning into a goofy grin - that is even more disarming and melty. 

"He curled his tongue behind his teeth, and Buffy decided right then and there that no man should be allowed to have a tongue like that." - Yeah, that's pretty good too, I guess.. I mean if you are into that sort of thing lol! hahadrool

I also love the way she changes her moniker in his phone to one that is more appropriate - and she probably has NO idea how much Spike loves it even more. It's so cute him calling her right away like that - it makes my cheeks hurt from grinning at this part. Oh and putting that piece of her hair back and just LOOKING at her... *sighs* lovely. 

Riley is SUCH an ass. Faith is great and total connection as her partner. I like how the end of this chapter sets us up for her to have lots of questions for him on their date!

Brillant! applause


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Badwolfjedi commented on Chapter One on December 14, 2018 02:42pm Liked

Oh my - I'm so sorry lovely that I've neglected commenting on this 'officially' until now.  You know I adore you and your writing! 

I'm so glad to see Riley is an ex in this right off the bat as that is the last kind of guy she needs. I love her 'meet cute' with Spike. You can actually feel Spike's eyes in this line: "Buffy felt herself flush as she watched his eyes run lasciviously up and down her body". I like to see Buffy decide that she no longer wants to play it safe and that this guy is definitely not safe, he calls to something in her. 

I love that he has her pegged as the undercover cop right from the start and just can't help himself - so very in character. I like how he can't help but give her his name when he takes off.  

Nice reveal about Dawn being in Buffy's life here too. 

This is such a great start!


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magnus374 commented on Chapter Six on December 14, 2018 02:34pm

It is a lot for Buffy to process, but she is taking the situation well. I like how she called William to tell him that she didn't see him as a monster. Buffy could tell him about the vision and of course he was ready to leave if it could help her. Buffy had the right of it though, it could have made things worse.

Good to see some exploration and how it let to kissing and sex, a good scene. 

Of course I liked the ending line.

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Pencilcomet commented on Chapter Six on December 14, 2018 05:51am Liked

Hahahaha that parting line! Excellent chapter. I like that they've cleared the air. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter Six on December 14, 2018 12:17am Liked

Lovely! I love their first time coming (no pun intended) early and after this misunderstanding and correction. I love that she told him he isn't a monster in her eyes and then proved it with the kiss and sex.

I loved the way it happened...neither was the passive one, both went for what they wanted and what the other needed.

Sweet that he was watching over her even thinking she had judged him harshly. Lovely that he offered to leave to keep her safe. Loved it even more that she told him to stay.

So glad you had RL give you a break. Also glad to see this one update again. Really love it, so unique.



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CrazyCatLady402 commented on Chapter Six on December 13, 2018 11:46pm Liked


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Green commented on Chapter Six on December 13, 2018 08:01pm Liked

Loved it and the last line made me giggle. Great chapter. 💖💚

ps: hope all is well now and how are your fur babies doing 😊

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fyreburned commented on Chapter Five on November 12, 2018 07:44am Liked

OK, I like it! Just read up through this chapter, straight through. I'm also a big Beauty and the Beast fan. Originally of the 1987 series, from the very first (even getting to meet Ron Perlman, Roy Dotrice, and Jay Acovone at a con, once). I just recently re-watched the '87 series straight through, pretty much for the first time since the days of VHS. And, tho I watched the 2012 B&B series on the CW as it aired, I just started re-watching it. So, this morning, I noticed the blurb on your fic crediting the series, and thought I'd give it a read; glad I did! I'll definitely be looking forward to more, and will keep up with this one.

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter Five on November 11, 2018 06:54pm Liked

Wow, I love how you used Cordy in this chapter. Nice use of her visions too.

This is pure Angelus and I can easily see him deciding to make Cordy his "art", making her like Dru in canon. She would have attracted him just as Dru did in canon...that sight of hers wrapped in such a beautiful package! 

I had a feeling Spike and Cordy were close and with good reason.

Great alibi but even better that Cordy sought Buffy out to tell her the truth.  

So sad she's scarred like that! Poor girl will always feel disfigured. Maybe there can be a decent doctor who can make some of the scarrings go away. Cordy has the money.

Buffy is in danger! Not a surprise but glad she has a heads up. Maybe she could get some of the magical protection that Cordy has for herself and Dawn. 

I like Willow and Xander as demon hunters. Nice choice and good cameo here.

Excellent update.


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Green commented on Chapter Five on November 11, 2018 04:42pm Liked

Awesome chapter but that's totally messed up to know that Angelus is going to capture Buffy and what he's going to do to her. There has to be a way to prevent it. 💚

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magnus374 commented on Chapter Five on November 11, 2018 01:50pm

 It really was a horrible thing Cordelia went through. The fact that she can function as well as she can, show us her strenght. This is something Angelus could have done, creating his "art" like this is perfectly him. After being saved by Spike, she would of course help him. I liked seeing Willow and Xander.

Buffy's reaction to everything seemed right. First her jealousy but then she learned the truth.


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Pencilcomet commented on Chapter Five on November 11, 2018 12:38pm Liked

Good chapter. I am terrified of the chapter(s) where Angelus has Buffy. 

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CrazyCatLady402 commented on Chapter Five on November 11, 2018 11:41am


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magnus374 commented on Chapter Four on November 04, 2018 04:48am

I liked how Buffy told William about her life and how she had taken care of Dawn. Buffy is a proud woman, and she should be. 

Here we got the answer to some of our questions, we couldn't be sure if they were vampires. I liked the confrontation with Angelus. It was a good scene. We learned a bit more about Spike and we got to see Buffy trying to deal with all this.

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter Four on November 04, 2018 01:59am Liked

I love the twist of Angelus and Spike being vampires but Buffy just a well-trained cop (unless she is a Slayer and doesn't know it).

I love her back getting up thinking Spike was going to treat her like a delicate flower who needed help with her burdens (like getting rid of Dawn).  Spike seems to respect her strength and didn't even coddle her when they were fighting Angelus and his minions.

So it's the Gem of Amara! Yeah, you do not want Angelus to get hold of that.

Love the idea that Cordy is a friend of Spike's. He likely told Buffy a half-truth about how he got to the gallery. Cordy must know all about Angelus, Spike and the gem based on his thoughts on the subject.

Great fight scene. Buffy caught on quickly and that saved her life (as did Spike's actions).

He told her enough to make her see there is something beyond a robbery going on. Glad she's keeping the information to herself.

I think she is going to see Spike as other than a monster even if he left thinking she did.

Excellent chapter. Makes me want more LOL.


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Green commented on Chapter Four on November 03, 2018 10:47pm Liked

Awesome chapter. Loved it. So looking forward to the back story with Cordy. What did Spike really expect, I think he got off lucky, she could have freaked completely and said some really horrible things. 💚

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CrazyCatLady402 commented on Chapter Four on November 03, 2018 10:44pm


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Pencilcomet commented on Chapter Four on November 03, 2018 09:44pm Liked

Excellent chapter! 

I love Buffy and Dean, and if I had never fallen in love with Spuffy I could read it but now Buffy and anyone else makes me cringe. 

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angelic_amy commented on Chapter Three on October 27, 2018 09:13am Liked

I did enjoy this. I feel bad for William. Buffy's questioning hurt him, even though he is lying to her. Another great chapter, I'm looking forward to more soon. 

Author's Response on November 03, 2018 07:39pm

I am so glad you’re enjoying it! I hope that the story continues to keep you wanting more!

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angelic_amy commented on Chapter Two on October 27, 2018 09:07am Liked

Another excellent chapter. Your Riley is vile, I already greatly dislike him and his chauvinism. Good work. Faith, however, is wonderful! 

Author's Response on November 03, 2018 07:40pm

Rile IS vile. Ugh. Why did I have to put him in here? Now I have to write him!

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