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MissLuci commented on The Freshman Bride on December 12, 2020 10:45am Liked

I loved it so much that it inspired me to write a short last minute addition to my Christmas fic gift.  I did mine with mirrors.  Spike and Buffy are sparring inside a dance studio and Spike catches a glimpse of Buffy mid-kick.  It's only a few lines long, but it really added something, so thank you for the inspiration!

I love your creativity!  This story ended up hitting all the feels.

Author's Response on December 15, 2020 10:27am

I’m so glad you enjoyed! And I’m glad to be inspiring. That’s the wonderful thing about creative works, they breed more creative works, and it’s one beauteous ouroboros of creation! 

Thank you so much! 

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MissLuci commented on Shadows on December 09, 2020 08:06pm Liked

Holy. Shit!

I am resigning myself to no sleep until the last word is read.


Author's Response on December 12, 2020 07:07am

Shadows really was an inspired chapter. Can you believe my first intention was to just flashback-reference all their sex scenes? Yeah, no, that didn't happen. Story took on an entirely different shape than I had intended. 

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feerocious commented on Happy Sometime After on November 06, 2020 07:58am Liked

That was awesome! I love your work, don't know how I missed this before.

Author's Response on November 08, 2020 12:07am

I actually almost missed it myself when I wrote it. I looked at the word count one day and thought, ‘I wrote THAT? When did I do that?” I’m glad you liked it! 

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BloodyMarie commented on I'm Sorry on October 13, 2020 09:30pm Liked

Aww Dawnie, I love her.

Author's Response on October 14, 2020 01:56am

Always fun to drop her in. 

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BloodyMarie commented on Surrogate on October 13, 2020 01:08pm Liked

She'll be back.

Author's Response on October 13, 2020 03:29pm


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BloodyMarie commented on Faking It on October 13, 2020 12:14pm Liked

Poor Buffy, Angel is such a selfish bastard.

Author's Response on October 13, 2020 03:29pm

Angel is a prat. 

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BloodyMarie commented on The Chosen One on October 13, 2020 11:59am Liked

She's dying for a good slay. 

Author's Response on October 13, 2020 03:29pm

She'll get one! Just a little time.... 

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BloodyMarie commented on Subject 17 on October 13, 2020 11:35am Liked

What a miserable existence. 

Author's Response on October 13, 2020 03:28pm

Yep. Spike's in a nasty place. 

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BloodyMarie commented on The Freshman Bride on October 13, 2020 11:23am Liked

 Wow things are really not perfect around here. No one is getting what they need. Except maybe Spike? 

Author's Response on October 13, 2020 03:28pm

Spike's got a chip in his head, he's not real happy, either. 

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Sharvie commented on Happy Sometime After on October 11, 2020 04:48pm

This is one of my new favorite stories! Your dialogue is so spot on you could have written for the show! And hilarious. I will never forget the K9 joke Spike had at Riley's expense. So many great lines. I never wanted this story to end. 

On a deeper note, you really tapped into how damaging a non-intimate relationship can be when one partner doesnt even try to meet the needs of the other and communication is non existent between them. Speaking from experience, this was very insightful and I wish i came to Buffy's realization earlier in my life. Sometimes, love isn't enough. I loved that you explored that aspect of the story. 

Lastly the introduction of Dawn was brilliant! The way she just popped in right next to Spike as if she'd been there the whole time. Magnificent!

You really have a great way of combining real world emotions, hilarious dialogue, and screen melting smut to make me a big fan. I'm so happy you are writing new stories. I came back to reading Spuffy cause 2020, so it's been a blast to fall in love with a new writer.


Author's Response on October 13, 2020 03:33pm

I'm very glad! This was just intended as a little throw away then, and then it grew, and grew, and... well, there it was, with all the growth and stuff, and I looked at it and just asked myself, "Where did that come from?" I'm glad it appeals. 

The stuff with Angel... yeah, there's no way to depict it as anything but harsh. Love isn't always enough... and Buffy should have learned that in canon, but instead she got IWRY and some rose-tinted view of the past. And I wanted her to open her eyes so much to what she DIDN'T actually have there, and what she was throwing away by holding onto it so hard. I figured if she got it, it wouldn't have been great, anyway. So I wanted to show that. 

I'm so, so glad to have a new reader! The readers are the life's blood of the writer, they really are. 

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Sharvie commented on PART 2. Not Happy on October 11, 2020 04:30pm

Hilarious ending to this great in depth character chapter. 

Author's Response on October 13, 2020 03:29pm

Anya insisted! 

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davidf89 commented on Happy Sometime After on March 30, 2020 12:30am

brilliant idea and thanks for your story as I enjoyed reading this. I liked how you wrote the relationship between Buffy and Spike.

Author's Response on March 30, 2020 10:26am

It was fun to see how it would change in this story. 

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sassafrass commented on Happy Sometime After on March 10, 2020 12:20am

I didn’t want it to ever end. 😭

Author's Response on March 14, 2020 08:08pm

I probably should have taken this one a bit longer -- there are scenes I feel like I'm missing that would have made a stronger narrative. But I'm glad what I got made you so happy! Thank you! 

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Allison42 commented on Happy Sometime After on December 26, 2019 02:08pm Liked

Good ending!cheersheart

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:40am

Glad you enjoyed it. I rushed it a little, but it got us to here, so... thanks so much! 

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Allison42 commented on What Do You Know on December 26, 2019 03:38am Liked

Sorry, just over here squealing like the mature, grownup woman that I am about my perfect little family on Revello Drive.


”Til the end of the world.”heart

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:40am

You squeal away! It’s gotta be great. 

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Allison42 commented on Real on December 26, 2019 03:25am Liked

Spike and Dawn time is my favorite. Even more than Spike and Joyce time. Maybe Darkest Dawn should be next in the queue.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:39am

Darkest Dawn has some awesome Spike/Dawn sire relationship stuff going, though Dawn is a little different, since she’s a fledge. I had a lot of fun writing it so, I will absolutely say to put it on the queue! 

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Allison42 commented on PART 2. Not Happy on December 26, 2019 02:47am Liked

Hahahaaaaaa! Great last line! I love Anya.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:38am

Gotta love Anya. At least someone enjoyed the night. 

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Allison42 commented on I'm Sorry on December 26, 2019 02:27am Liked

Dawn??!!! Just as suddenly as in real season 5...Also, yup, threw up in my mouth a little, what can I say? LOL, Bangel - ugh.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:38am

Yep, there’s Dawn, now. And I’m sorry! But I couldn’t have Buffy walk away after Angel came back without her at least TRYING... because Buffy would TRY. 

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Allison42 commented on Not Alone on December 26, 2019 02:02am Liked

So, the bomb’s out...the scenes with Buffy and Angel and then beaten Spike were grueling, and I mean that in a good way. Very well done. I liked her questioning how someone with a soul could do that. And I think it was last chapter, but I liked Oz acknowledging the man Spike was regarding his lovers. And I’m rooting for Cangel, too, because I like Cordy and she makes Angel less insufferable. She’s a truth teller, and I liked that she placed the blame on both sides, telling Angel what he didn’t want to hear. And calling Doyle. She cuts through the bullshit.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:37am

I can get gruesome at times. I can. It’s a thing. Cordy DOES make Angel less insufferable, that is exactly what she does. 

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Allison42 commented on Drunken Decisions on December 26, 2019 01:40am Liked

That chapter was complete awesomeness.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:36am

Why thank you. 

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Allison42 commented on New Information on December 26, 2019 01:29am Liked

Nice!!!!! That was a lot of unexpected goodness! Wow, I feel about as skilled with words as Buffy right now. I didn’t comment on the last chapter because I’m tired and I just wanted to keep reading before I fell asleep, and that was more emotional content I had feelings about, but not words for right now. But there was a lot of plot stuff that happened in this chapter, and it was all interesting. I wasn’t expecting Oz to be utilized  this much, it’s not something you see too much of. And I like Spike thinking on his feet.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:36am

Never worry about not being eloquent, even little emojis are appreciated. It’s been great seeing you read through this! 

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Allison42 commented on Nothing Easy on December 25, 2019 11:37pm Liked

I loved every single thing about this chapter. All of it. Ok, especially every single smidgen of Joyce inviting Spike over for donuts, hot chocolate, and art/literature/shop/Buffy talk. I will always love every single minute I can get of Spike and Joyce time. heart But also Buffy’s internal monologue and being thoughtful after Spike left, and Willow pointing out even she got why Joyce would pick Spike over Angel and that Spike talks about his shit.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:35am

Spike and Joyce friendship is always a delight. 

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Allison42 commented on Something Bad on December 25, 2019 04:04pm Liked

Is it weird that his parting words made me more uncomfortable than anything else in the chapter?

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:34am

Nope, not weird at all. 

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Allison42 commented on Stupid Things on December 25, 2019 03:34pm Liked

The conversation between Buffy and Joyce was awesome. I love that Joyce has a soft spot for Spike, and not so much for Angel. Also, I forgot til now about Joyce’s little zoning out spell at the beginning. Now my curiosity about that has been revived.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:33am

Well, we know Joyce wasn’t so keen on Angel, and we know she was willing to converse with Spike. I figured it wasn’t such a big leap. 

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Allison42 commented on Shadows on December 25, 2019 03:06pm Liked

I’m sleepy from Christmas turkey and I don’t think I’m going to have the words to do justice to this chapter, but I couldn’t let it go uncommented upon. The shadow play scene was gorgeously erotic, as was their talk about killing each other afterwards. I liked the pillow fight thrown in between as contrast and for highlighting all the ways they’d mesh well if it weren’t for their history and situations.

The Spuffy scenes are so engrossing, I keep forgetting about the direness of his situation with the Initiative.

Author's Response on December 28, 2019 06:33am

Ah, the tryptophan is strong with this one. That’s a good thing. The shadow play scene came to me like a gift, and I didn’t expect to write it, but I did, and it really resonates with people. It was fun to have them playing at fighting rather than real fighting. 

Spuffy is the real story here. Of course it is. 

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Valkyron commented on Happy Sometime After on October 20, 2019 01:39pm Liked

 I was so angry after part one! hahaha. But thank you, I loved it. :D

Author's Response on October 23, 2019 01:13am

Yeah, part one was made to enrage. But I'm glad you enjoyed getting back to Spike! 

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FandomsOfAGrrrl commented on Happy Sometime After on June 16, 2019 03:20am Liked

Beautiful story!

Author's Response on June 30, 2019 08:47pm

Aw, thank you! 

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D1234 commented on Enough on May 01, 2019 04:44pm Liked

This is a really good story!

You write sexually frustrated Buffy so well, both in this chapter and when she and Angel thought they had to live in celibacy. Having been in a marriage with almost the same amount of frustration as Buffy is experiencing, it’s easy to recognise the feelings she has... so well done on your part!applause

She still tells herself that it was all about the physical need with Spike, but her thoughts on it being something they did with each other and the amount of time she spends thinking about him betrays her.

Nobody’s really happy, but everyone pretends to be... so sad (and realistic, unfortunately)

Author's Response on May 06, 2019 12:14am

I.. may have been drawing from bits of real life, too. The thing is, "the physical" tells one a lot about the personality of the person in question... and makes it not just physical fairly easily. 

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying! 

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kittyfajitas commented on Happy Sometime After on April 14, 2019 06:36pm Liked

Ha! Spike wasn't going to let her get away with that cookie dough nonsense. 

This was a great ending, hitting on a much happier note than I expected it to. I've enjoyed this story a lot. Glad you're in this fandom, sharing your talent with us!

Author's Response on April 21, 2019 10:21pm

Spike knows what Spike wants. Raw cookie dough? Eat it, buster. Thank you so much for reading! Your reviews have been such a glimmer of light for me. 

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kittyfajitas commented on Honesty on April 14, 2019 06:02pm Liked

I'm glad Buffy got all of that off her chest. Angel needed to hear it.

I don’t think it will work with anyone. --  Gosh, I really hope she's wrong!

Author's Response on April 21, 2019 10:20pm

It was SO GOOD getting Buffy to finally throw all that at Angel where it belongs. 

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