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nmcil commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on December 14, 2019 12:02am

Difficult for me to be satisfied at this ending because at the end Spike continues to be like the consolation prize after Buffy made her choices to marry and have children with this other man whom she did not love then Spike comes back into her life and it's Buffy being the user again.  It's back to her former pattern of conduct regarding Spike and ultimately she will end up with the "having her cake and eating it too" - granted, Spike goes back with all his free will and acceptance but fact is that he is still in the second choice and it's not a clean break from their previous patterns.  If the intent was to make this a real life tale of sorrows and pain and living with the mistakes and love of children first - Not sure but that her duty to children should have been to release Spike or their sexual relationship.  In reality cheating on her husband with her Heart Lover Spike will eventually get back to her children and what happens then?  

As for Spike, they only reason that his life, dignity and emotional health was saved was because of this supernatural/magical intervention It might have been easier to accept his final resolution choices if you have given his free will choice to return and accept if he had done so from a more emotionally recovered and healthier position.  

looking forward to reading your other works - LOL - don't think I can ever read Spawn without being squicked - I was left with the impression that there were entirely too much emotional remembrances and connection to their sexual encounter and I have to admit that their sexual encounter banter was a bit much for me.  

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nmcil commented on Chapter 9 - Showdown at the Hyperion on December 13, 2019 07:32pm

So glad that Spike still has enough pride and dignity, even if it is all fuel by his anger and sense of betrayal by Buffy - hope he stays away from Buffy for a long time - time enough for him to heal from all the effects of their destructive relationship.  The one sure thing that I dislike about the TV character of Buffy is how totally self-centered she could be and Spike, IMO, had it right with his comments on Buffy's action being primarily centered around what she wants and how circumstances effect her life.  If she felt that the real bottom line is how her life reflects and effects her children the first thing she should have done was not have drag Spike back into her life and used him to satisfy her own desires and needs.  She is self-centered and a hypocrite and yeah indeed Huge Points for understanding fully how much danger all three of them were in 10 years ago from the council but I don't think that excuses her conduct this time around.  

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nmcil commented on Chapter 8 - Once Hidden - Part II on December 13, 2019 06:36pm

To say I'm enjoying your story very much seems wrong 'cause with all the Buffy Bitchiness and repeat using of Spike affair but I am liking your treatment for all the characters.  Can't say I liked your sexual encounter between Dawn & Spike because it really does - what's the phrase - squick me out.  Much as I generally dislike this relationship,  it's use here is fitting.

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nmcil commented on Chapter 3 - A Friend in Need on December 13, 2019 01:39pm

Always love a wonderful Dawn & Spike relationship - hope she does not get other ideas about "what could be" between them - a great friendship ranks extreme high in that - what is important list.

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MidwayTyrant commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on October 22, 2019 07:30am

I was unsatisfied... Not because I wanted a Spuffy ending. The opposite is true. I wanted the death of their relationship and for Spike to show some sort of progression.

A lot of lip surface was paid to Spike's reputation but when push came to shove there was very little of the warrior he was alleged to be, It was like a vicious cycle of Spike being 'less than' and it was frustrating.

As far the ending not being 'fluffy'- Don't kid yourself, this was the love letter of a hopeless romantic. Come on, Buffy gets her perfect justification for sending Spike away shoe-horned in and useless platitudes about how it isn't fair to Spike and then all is forgiven? Incredibly trite.

I will say this story was on brand, though. Spike getting the worst versions of Buffy and still loving her.

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Elianne commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on October 11, 2019 07:14am Liked

I guess i did expect more of a "sort of a happy ending" but you're right it wouldn't have fit the story.. they all went a long way and found their own ways and their own compromises and above that the wisdom that some things sould not be changed even if one could change them... and they still have the future before them.. still spike's choice must have been a painful one... 

Thank you for the food for thoughts and the wonderful reading!

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Elianne commented on Chapter 7 - Once Hidden - Part I on October 10, 2019 10:45am Liked

Buffy was indeed guilty of being both selfish and dishonest to herself and other at times, but she is also leeding an overwhelming life full of responsability and now there are also kids involved...loosing the straight way sometimes is easy under those circumstances.. i liked the description of buffy's tanglings..well done and very convincing...

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Elianne commented on Chapter 6 - It All Goes to Hell on October 10, 2019 09:21am Liked

Your story really got me hooked.. touching and aching reading and well written.. so much misery and heartbreak.. in the end everybody loses... i sure hope for better times... 

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Elianne commented on Chapter 5 - Night and Day on October 10, 2019 08:35am Liked

Well written and hot chapter, but definitely weird to read...  i read a few spike/other already but spawn  is .. aa .. not easy to digest😊

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Elianne commented on Chapter 4 - Fear & Loathing at The Watcher's Ball on October 10, 2019 08:01am Liked

Well, that was certainly a bang! Thrilling Story, though i'm sad to see them all hurting each other so much...

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Elianne commented on Chapter 3 - A Friend in Need on October 10, 2019 07:34am Liked

Trouble on the way.. i don't think it will be pretty either... i''m curious about buffy's husband though..


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Elianne commented on Chapter 2 - Truth and Other Lies on October 10, 2019 06:30am Liked

My heart aches for Spike... and for Dawn.. she is not looking for normal, so at least she is one step ahead but still not in a good place to stay...

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Elianne commented on Chapter 1 - Ten Years Gone on October 10, 2019 03:26am Liked

Oh, we're in for a lot of heartbreak.. 

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Queenfish commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on July 09, 2018 08:39pm Liked

Thoroughly enjoyable story, would love a sequel to see how Arthur get his comeuppance. Hmm, I wonder if Dawn could go back in time punch Quentin Travers in the nose and kick him where it hurts then get back before he realises what happened? lol.

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Saggit commented on Chapter 1 - Ten Years Gone on June 22, 2018 02:46pm

It's kind of a large beast made up of four or five very different parts, and I liked them all. maybe Pallas Athene best, because I don't recall ever reading a fanfic that managed to make a god sound like a god instead of a wooden statue striking poses. Loved this:

"There in the darkened hallway stood the blond vampire, expressionless, silent as death, and pale as a marble statue. In that moment, she finally saw and felt something that she had never experienced before - his otherworldliness. That he truly was a creature of darkness and myth, beautiful and inexplicable in the duality of his nature. And although he seemed to always walk the fine-line between worlds with such brash confidence, his enigmatic otherness would always remain."

Hackles-raising stuff, and again, it's not something I've found before in BtVS fanfics. Perhaps because most people emphasize Spike's humanity, even if some do write him with an emphasis on the demon. Reminded me a bit of Dreyer's Vampyr. This fic is studded with fine moments like that.

Thanks for the great read. :)



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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on March 17, 2018 10:35pm Liked

I loved the ending, especially that Dawn and Spike made up. Spike made the right choice, there are always consequences he's right.

Thanks for the wonderful story, it was truly awesome, and loved the Bob Marley quote at the end, one of my faves.

Heres to as much of a happy ending Spuffy get in this situation bravoand I'm looking forwards to seeing what you come up with next xx

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 12 - The Long Journey Home on March 15, 2018 08:45pm Liked

Aww, an amazing reunion between them. I loved the part set in Greece, your descriptions were perfect and I almost felt like I was there myself :) The woman in white was awesome and I loved how she said she was helping him as he was on 'her patch'.

So Buffy needs Spike with her if she is immortal and will eventually lose everyone in her life, she's lucky he's willing to go with the flow now and wait for her to decide when she'll leave Arthur.

Excellent chapter, I'll be sad to see this end xx

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 11 - How Like Winter Hath My Absence Been on March 15, 2018 08:07pm Liked

Oh my god, it's really him! Lol.

Poor Dawn, she really has been hit hard by what's happened and we can see that Spikes arrived for a locator spell to go back to Buffy. I just want to hug her :(

All I'm saying is don't fuck it up this time Buffy, or there really won't be any going back.

Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up, RL has been a bit crappy, but I'm glad to see this story is still going strong xx

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Special Squirrel commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on March 12, 2018 06:24am Liked

Thank you for writing this I enjoyed reading it 

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Fraggleshrew commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on March 01, 2018 01:27pm

I have loved this story. Full of drama and twists and turns. I still can't bring myself to be happy about Spuffy though. As she's immortal they have all the time in the world for her to redeem herself properly. And she's still morally bankrupt... I find myself wanting far more for both Spike and Dawn. And yes I know EF is a Spuffy site, but in this case I'm totally behind Spawn! Can you write an alternative ending where Buffy has to pay the price for her behaviour and ends up empty and miserable in a sham marriage with Arthur until her kids go off to college while Spike and Dawn travel the world together? And post it to FFN? Pretty please?


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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on February 28, 2018 12:17am Liked

I truly love the houseplant (demon?) that Clem gave Spike. Perfect pet for him LOL.

I love that Dawn is checking on Spike, caring that he is being used once again and will be hurt. She is a true friend and loves him even without the sexual desires. I'm glad they have that back.

A line of Neruda’s verse played in Spike’s head. ‘I love you because I know no other way…’  Neruda almost always reminds me of Spike but this particular one always screamed Spuffy to me. Love seeing it here.

“Love isn’t about loving someone because they’re good or perfect. Love is seeing all their faults, all their dirty ugly secrets, all their bloody moods, all their insane dysfunctional baggage, and still loving them. Real love is about accepting a person, soddin’ warts and all. If everyone waited around to be perfect before anyone loved them, we’d all die virgins and alone. We’re all imperfect, and fucked up!” ABSOLUTELY true. 

Slip into the past and…and…possibly lose everything that made you who you are in the present?   ... We are the people we are today because of what we have gone through in this life. Yeah, do I want a second chance at changing some of the misery I’ve caused? ‘course I do. But, there is always a price to pay for meddling with destiny. And, that price could be an even worse misery.  Oh so true! The temptation to undo things where we messed up would be so strong. But who would you be in the end? experience makes you, the good and the bad. Maybe you wouldn't even like the you that would result? There are so many things that happened to me in my life that were God awful, painful and harmful BUT they made me who I am and I'm comfortable with who I am. Maybe if those things hadn't happened I would be an uber bitch or intolerant, less empathetic or so many other things that I would hate to think of being!

I positively love time travel "fix it" fic especially for Spuffy but in real life the idea of going back to fix Even "good" changes have the chance of causing more problems. Life comes with pain. Life comes with mistakes (in the best cases we learn from them and grow). There is NO perfect life in reality. That's one reason to love fiction...we can have our perfect happily ever afters. Real life doesn't have that, not in this life (they promise it in most ideas of an afterlife...the carrot on the end of the stick). So real life travel "fix it" options would not be of the good IMHO but OH so tempting!

 This kind of power needed to be approached with a wiser, cooler head. Maybe she’d approach the Wiccan Coven that helped Willow, and ask to see if their teachings could guide her with her own powers. This is a wonderful approach! See we can even learn from OTHER people's mistakes if we pay attention.

Fabulous Bob Marley quote and I can easily see Spike taking that on as a motto. 

This was SUCH a wonderful fic. You made the reader hate and love and most importantly CARE. You used elements of the characters and kept their actions and choices fit never being truly out of character at all. 

The final solution for our lovers was as messy as their relationship always was but you gave us hope. Since Buffy is going to be around they have time and that makes it tolerable. As long as Spike stays undusty they WILL have that claimed future, it is only a matter of waiting for Arthur to get his ticket punched (OH do I have thoughts about how I'd love to see that happen and I love that you said I hope maybe someday to revisit this story, and make sure that Arthur dies a painful death. I really hope you do!)

I'm glad you had Spike explain to Dawn why he didn't want to do a claim at this point. Makes total sense. He has always had remarkable control but there is a demon there, one that is already having to exert patience beyond what most would handle. That would be overload. Spike has become quite wise over the years.

If you do a sequel I would LOVE for Buffy's kids to like Spike. I hate the idea of her kids growing up to hate or resent the vampire their mom loves. That would be more heartbreak than either Buffy or Spike should have to endure. Spike had the chance to go back in time and prevent either of them from existing and that was one of the reasons he had for NOT going back and having Buffy for himself. I'd hate for the kids to do anything less than like him.

Really excellent story. Truly fits the definition of "engaging"! You have the gift. I hope to see more stories from you.


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All4Spike commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on February 27, 2018 07:16pm Liked

Aw, I do love a bit of Spike and Dawnie friendship.

Life's not perfect for any of them, but Spike's right. To go back and change things now they've reached a mature, mutually acceptable (for now) arrangement would risk destroying everything they've gained and everything they've learned, not to mention erasing Buffy's children from existence if she doesn't marry Arthur as before.

Please revisit this 'verse, I need to have Buffy & Spike together without that git Arthur in the way (who should get what's coming to him. Painfully), and Spike being a super protective step-dad to her children...

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Jhill commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on February 27, 2018 06:12pm Liked

See at first I was kinda sad there was no Spuffy, but you're right this isn't a fluffy story it's a real one.... one that deserved an real ending. I love how this was a very tangled web from beginning to end. I saw a love story from three different views and the fight to have the love. I'm sad it's over but I love even minute the same. 

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cinf commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on February 27, 2018 04:42pm Liked

Amazing story, i’ve only commented on a few chapters but I was following along all the way through, and loved it. That quote from Bob Marley is so apt, just right for spike! I’m left feeling both happy and sad for spike (he’s got the best he can, but he deserves better), and while I can understand Buffy’s position, I think she’s being too selfish to be really feeling love for spike in the same way spike does for her. It’s good to end a story with lots of thinky thoughts!!! 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on February 27, 2018 12:42pm

I always get in a good mode when I see Clam and what a wonderful gift he brought. Of course it was some sort of demon flower.

It was also great to see Dawn again and seeing her and Spike being able to still be friends. They had some very good and interesting things to talk about. Their friendship is good to see, so here the story ends in a good way. What was less good was Spike losing all his pride and the things he said about a "normal life".

This has been an interesting story, very different from other stories. There has been several things I didn't agree with and this has been one of the worst Buffy I have seen, for example, I have more sympathy for Arthur than for Buffy. This is also a story where I would have prefered a Spawn ending, but I have enjoyed reading this anyway.

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Rkf22 commented on Chapter 13 - Home Is Where The Vamp Is (Epilogue) on February 27, 2018 10:13am

Excellent work well done

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nycgirl commented on Chapter 12 - The Long Journey Home on February 13, 2018 04:16pm

First Congrats on author of the month. U really brought a story that had elements that I haven’t seen in other Spuffy stories. I can understand mixed reactions from other reviewers by this update Hower, I enjoyed it and I think I see where u were going with it. I guess I’m among the few that think Buffy has had a year of suffering even tho it wasn’t shown. By no means am I making excuses for Buffy b/c she has been hard, selfish, ungrateful, entitled, and the list goes on and on. However, the year she had has been one where she was going through the motions. It sounds like her and Arthur aren’t even trying to keep up with the facade of their marriage behind closed doors. Sounds like she does her Slayer duties, has her kids and that’s it. Doesn’t seem like she’s had much interaction with Dawn over the year so to me it sounds like Buffy has suffered and she carried the baggage of her mistakes knowing that she would never see Spike again. Even with her patrols she’s gotten lazy & taken chances that could get her killed. Spike infers that he’s watched her so this must not be the first night where she was injured &/or not giving her all in her fights during patrols. So I’m in the minority I think Buffy has suffered. Spike has suffered more and has had his heart broken so many times. I don’t see that Spike is giving Buffy a get out of jail pass. He knows how she is and with the xtra info he now knows about her past and her immortal future I think it gives them time. Spike knows Buffy’s initial intentions were never to hurt him but protect him. However, in doing so she did more damage to herself, the ones she loves, and just plain innocents in her attempt to try and be the protector of Spike and Dawn, and then later the attempt to be the Ambassador of Slayers in a sense where she felt the pressure to be what she was supposed to be to everyone instead of doing what was right for her and the man she loved. I don’t think every story deserves a HEA but I do think that each one deserves closure. I don’t see this chapter wiping the slate clean and Spike waiting on the sidelines and Spuffy getting the HEA persay. I see that it could go either way. He says he doesn’t know if he can play second fiddle to her being married but he knows the alternative of not being with her hasn’t worked either. He knows what he’s getting into this time and Buffy isn’t lying to him giving him false promises. She’s created a bad situation she doesn’t see how she can get out of. They’ve gone almost elev years without each other so since they have immortality on their side and their natural personalities I expect ups and down and hurdles and probably separations again before they finally maybe either can really live without each other or can enjoy being together. I hope u change your mind and think of giving 2 more chapters cuz I would have loved to see the motives behind Arthur as I still don’t think he’s clean as a whistle (for marrying Buffy at the beginning). However I’ve enjoyed the story and I thought u created an interesting twist.

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RocketBaby commented on Chapter 1 - Ten Years Gone on February 13, 2018 01:35pm

Sorry, not going to work for me. Buffy remorseful after Spike being gone a year? I do believe in forgiveness but her pattern of aggressive behavior is constant and no amount of sex should wipe away the ill treatment and abuse she laid on Spike. And all Spike has to do is wait until she gets divorced and her children grown does not sit well with me. 

She is immortal. So what? That means she can have other men and children. Who's to say that she won't have more when her children are gone and what will become of Spike when her maternal instincts kick in down the line. This Buffy has emotional baggage and a certain amount of maturity that is lacking as she treated Spike abominably. So by default she gets Spike in the end as long as he waits for her. Spike deserves better, a person who loves him without resorting to hateful words and violence when things don't come her way. 

Is this Buffy's passive aggressive way of getting back at Spike for the "Seeing Red" incident decades before? Some latent anger she never got to address or settle wit Spike? 

With that said, I'm inclined to not like this Spike either. He's a doormat when it comes to Buffy. He got Angel's sloppy seconds, and in the aftermath, Spike got mistreated after her relationship with Angel. He caused Buffy to doubt her self worth and shatter her self esteem. And Spike was the one who gets paid for it. 

And with Arthur, I guess Spike being Love's Bitch is blessing and curse for falling for women who don't truly see his worth. She has her normal and all Spike has to do is wait it out and watch her at the sidelines as she continues her life with her normal family while Spike hides in the shadows taking her crumbs. Nope, sorry. This Buffy and Spike are both uncharacteristic and I can't abide to the decision that Spike has made.

I love Spuffy but sometimes, not all stories have a positive resolution or a Happily Ever After. 

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spapad commented on Chapter 12 - The Long Journey Home on February 13, 2018 01:03pm Liked

Enjoyed it! read

Now Athena is a Godess who can whip a little truth and wisdom on someone.

The Greek cuss words,      no need to look up,     I know them quiet well. lol 



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magnus374 commented on Chapter 12 - The Long Journey Home on February 13, 2018 12:56pm

I was wondering about the first part of the chapter but then we got to the part that told us what lead to this. I did like the scene with the bar owner and later, Spike's talk with Athena. If nothing else she did let Spike know that he and Buffy will have time. Buffy being immortal means that they have a possibility for a long time together even if Buffy stays with her husband for now. 

To me it still seems like Buffy come way to easy out of this and I would actually preferred to see Spike end up with Dawn. But he and Buffy has reached an understanding and he seems happy enough, so that's okey then.

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