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Twinkles commented on Chapter 1 on December 04, 2019 01:28am Liked

God, I love this. It's so messed up and pain-tinged and deliciously angsty.

Thank you 💙 

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Fraggleshrew commented on Chapter 1 on January 21, 2018 04:54am Liked

Making up for lurking on first read... again...

This is a really great one-shot to give the alternative protagonist POV from the Willow's spell fic.  You capture the required dynamic so well ; Spike confused but hopeful, Buffy empty and angry.

He’s suddenly very aware of his nudity, even if he’s covered by the sheet. Some hopeful part of him whispers that she likes what she sees, but her eyes aren’t straying down to his body. She’s just looking into his eyes, almost as blank as the Bot. All sorts of fond memories today...

Her face is blank for a second, and then she speaks in sugary sweet tones. “Tell me the truth, Spikey. You’re all bark and no bite. I bet you can’t even get it up when I’m not beating it out of you.”

He’s never seen her smile that nastily. Even Darla, queen bitch that she was, would shy away...

He just lies there, exposed in more than one sense, wondering what the hell he’s supposed to do with this.


Author's Response on January 21, 2018 10:27am

Thank you so much! This was one of the key moments I had in mind when writing the multichapter fic, but I just couldn't find a good way to incorporate other perspectives so it became a standalone. So glad you enjoyed!

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Catryona commented on Chapter 1 on October 05, 2017 12:31am Liked

Oh, wow. And ouch. Buffy's emotional distance here contrasting the way she's physically approaching Spike, and his confusion at the contradiction ... it's kind of painful. Nice work.

Author's Response on October 06, 2017 10:23am

Thank you! 

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EllieRose101 commented on Chapter 1 on July 13, 2017 02:04am Liked

Ugh! Poor Spike! And Buffy! 

I can't believe Willow screwed them over so much. 

Well, I can, but just – ugh!! 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 1 on June 17, 2017 02:31pm Liked

Nice one shot here. You capture his confusion and the way Buffy made no decision the right one for him well.

I think she is right though ... it was always going to happen. It would likely have happened in a more healthy way had she not died and been so messed up on return but it was something they had danced around for years.


Author's Response on June 17, 2017 03:54pm

Thank you! And yeah, I think that's something I really like about S/B...they always had a different sort of connection and it's interesting to see all the ways in which it could have happened.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 1 on June 16, 2017 11:39am

I actually had to go back and read the summary of the first story and that triggered my memory. I liked this missing scene, it fits with Buffy doing what she want and Spike being suspicious because of it.

Author's Response on June 16, 2017 01:10pm

Yeah, sorry for the delay in this getting written! But I'm glad it still made sense to you:)

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jhiz commented on Chapter 1 on June 16, 2017 01:05am

Nicely disjointed... very much like Buffy's mindset currently.  I did need to go back and refresh my mind about this world so that it made sense.  Not a bad thing since I remembered after a bit of skimming.

Gonna feel bad just as bad for Spike here as I did in your original piece.  His life is so messed up.  I can't even touch on Buffy.  Sometimes, I think she might be barmier than Dru ever was.  You capture that kinda keenly here.

Oh, and liked the description and dialogue about Spike's comfy bed.  kinda neat.

Author's Response on June 16, 2017 09:04am

Yeah, I wanted to get these finished and up right after polishing off the multi-chapter, but unfortunately my muse had other ideas. Glad you didn't need too much of a refresher though!

Thank you, so glad you liked those details:)

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