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yellowb commented on Lesson the Third: Vampire Hunting on March 31, 2018 05:50am Liked

I especially like the hand-holding bit -- his perfect control.  

Also, this Buffy is so brave!  Or foolish, I suppose.

Author's Response on April 02, 2018 05:51pm

Thank you. I liked the hand holding part too, shows that he is a skilled predator. I really want that to come through. In the show, as time went on Spike had to keep reminding people he was evil. In this story Spike is morally ambiguous, but definitely a predator. He's not evil for evil's sake, but he does what he must to survive and he does it well. I do want the readers to be able to respect him, even though he is also delighting somewhat it taunting Buffy and in showing her how ignorant she is. But he is also intrigued by her interest in him. He wants to retain the upper hand, but not to intimidate her so much that she turns tail. 

I agree, Buffy is brave, or foolish..both it turns out. Curious about how you'll like the rest. 

Thanks for taking the time to review!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Lesson the Third: Vampire Hunting on April 17, 2017 04:01am Liked

I liked your description of how Spike trapped Buffys hands, she is aware she should be afraid but perhaps isn't as much as she should be. I'm not sure I'd be able to prevent myself from snapping at him if he were that rude to me but Buffys doing a good job of keeping her feelings under control.

Excellent chapter x

Author's Response on April 17, 2017 08:04am

Good thing she has that script in her head, she can fall back to it whenever he pisses her off or gets her rattled, which clearly he enjoys immensely. Also, she has a healthy level of fear, enough to know that pissing him off too much probably isn't wise. I'm sure that helps her keep a civil tongue. Thanks for reading and reviewing. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Lesson the Third: Vampire Hunting on April 17, 2017 12:48am Liked

Like the concept of true dark. Yeah, Spike would know the real "witching hour" when all the dark uglies come out to play.

Yeah Buffy gets a real wake up call with realizing that this is a being that kills humans (not just theoretical or in a historical context) and drinks their blood. I think somehow it was only head knowledge but it's very real between his comment about having been drinking (and knowing what he meant) and the flakes of blood.

Kind of a scary ability that he can put her to sleep like that. I think it unnerved her too. William the Bloody’s world wasn't supposed to be real. It's not only real now but she is on his radar and he made that clear to her. No going back to the days when William the Bloody is a subject in books and anecdotes jotted down by others. He knows who she is and has sniffed around for info on those close to her. She could be found should he choose and that's why he's said what he did.

Spike is all too real now and he is making his world, the world of the supernatural, all too real as well. Yeah staking a vampire is understandable BUT it also is taking a life and Buffy is not prepared for the reaction to that. I think Spike was right and it would have been easier on her to stake the first time something other than a newly risen fledge. If she were being attacked or seeing someone else being attacked she wouldn't have had quite the same feelings.

I like that this experience has made her start to really get some understanding of Faith's life and also about Spike's comment the day before about not caring. 

LOVED Spike's story about the bird and about power. Yes, the power of life or death but it's interesting that he has that power in control. Some people feel that power and it causes loss of control but not Spike. It seems he makes the choice on a case by case basis.

Interesting how Buffy thinks back on her attempts to trap a squirrel and realizes she wouldn't have learned the same lesson (and might have just run leaving the squirrel to die in the trap).

Love how it's not just Buffy and Spike getting to know one another but Buffy getting to know herself better too.

“What I have is a life wish; a good fight makes me feel alive.” It was one of the few things that did. Just about any intense experience helped him forget his undead state, but experiences with unpredictability built in did it best.  I completely buy this! It's also telling that he WANTS to forget his status, wants to be alive. I think once he loves, actually loves, he'll finally feel alive for the first time since he was turned. That's down the road.



Obviously this includes comments on this and the next chapter. Forgive me but I'm still sleep deprived! I loved both this and the next chapter a LOT. Hope you don't mind a combined comment.

Author's Response on April 17, 2017 08:02am

When we meet an interesting new person, I think we often do learn things about ourselves by talking with them. That's part of the fun, but I doubt Buffy thought it was going to be that way with a vampire. Sharing the experience of trying to catch a critter in a trap was unexpected, and she thought she knew what he would do with that bird and he surprised her. Interestingly, what she learned about him, that he had NOT killed the bird, makes him even more frightening and menacing, because he's not a one note Johnny. She can't predict what he will do. Then she also has to face, as you point out, the fact that she wouldn't have known what to do if they caught a squirrel. He's bested her even as a human. 

I wonder how much learning that boyhood lesson has helped him as a vampire. Though he does admit to being rather out of control his first few decades. 

Buffy has had to make the leap we all do from "I want to be a Dr when I grow up!" to "Med school is really brutal and expensive!". She was studying these fascinating nightmare creatures, and now she's lying in bed beside one and he has human blood on his breath, and he is making her kill things. Wait...that wasn't in the textbook! You can't DO that! I wasn't prepared!

And now, she may not be in danger, but she realizes she's put her loved one's on his radar. There are consequences to her being involved in this world that will affect her friends and family. She has a lot of thinking to do. 

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm eager to get to the next section.

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Flowerofthewolf commented on Lesson the Third: Vampire Hunting on April 16, 2017 01:22pm Liked

I really like how you don't let us forget that Spike is a big bad vampire. There are no apologies or excuses, he just is how he is.

His desire to study Buffy seems almost as strong as the desire she has to study him. It seems more predatory right now, a hunter stalking its prey, but its all so interesting.

The backstory about Buffy and how she became a Watcher was neat and it's even more intriguing that Spike is inteested about her past too.

My faborite part thought was what Spike said about having a life wish. I really believe that even in canon Spike fought Slayers for the adrenaline of it. The rush of feeling like he might dust or be trumped. It must make him feel alive.

I loved this!! heart

Author's Response on April 16, 2017 03:59pm

I hope I can continue to keep Spike 100% Spike while letting the rest of the story take its course. That's my aim, not to pretty him up too much or try to manipulate the reader into liking him or convince them that deep down he's just a sweet marshmallow filled cookie. Keep your fingers crossed that I meet my goal. 

I wonder if he's interested in Buffy because she's curious about him, and she thinks she knows him. He must be wondering what it is that she's attracted to and wonder if it's really him or some comic book type version of him. What makes a nice normal woman decide to study killers? 

Spike has to be good at what he does to have survived this long, so it must get harder and harder to catch a thrill, so yeah, now he's killing Slayers for fun. Maybe he'll try skydiving without a parachute next. Lol. 

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nojiri23 commented on Lesson the Third: Vampire Hunting on April 15, 2017 01:03pm Liked

Intriguing conversations they're having. I wonder why Spike is consenting to them. thinking I have a feeling that doesn't bode well for Buffy the Watcher. He can be tricksy!! 

Author's Response on April 15, 2017 09:12am

I think he likes the attention, and the opportunity to show her up. He loves knocking people down a peg. I wonder if he'll track down the boyfriend she keeps denying having...maybe things don't bode well for Riley...heh heh heh....

nojiri23 Replied on April 15, 2017 09:56am

That I have no problem with!! tongue

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magnus374 commented on Lesson the Third: Vampire Hunting on April 15, 2017 09:47am

The way they are talking and acting around each other, there's a special intensity there. I like the description of Buffy's thoughts. She know that he's a killer, but she hasn't seen it, so it isn't reall to her. She is worried that Spike could go after her family though. Buffy's mention of how she was "recruited" make some sense. The Council must have some ways of recruiting new people. I do wonder what Buffy is actually is telling her family. 

Author's Response on April 15, 2017 08:00am

I'm going to address how Buffy "covers" what she does with her family/friends a bit in Part 2. I'm curious myself! 

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Madison_Writer commented on Lesson the Third: Vampire Hunting on April 15, 2017 01:08am

So amazing! You perfectedly captured Spike voice and how gut churningly scary a guy like him must be to a normal person. Big bad Spike really is delicious, especially when he gets to be odd and moody and gentle

, but without being a lapdog. 

I can only imagine how  dehumanizing being a slayer must be after a while. I always wondered how slayers could cope. Between the victims they can't save, their own psychological immaturity, the lack of a support system and the utter inefrectiveness of being one girl against the legions of evil. They have to stop caring about it all to survive. Reminds me of season 6 buffy not remembering any of the potientials names as they could easily die on here any day. 

Love this version of buffy too! She's a lot nore thoughtful and unsure, but willing to learn. I like that Spike's not much impressed with her, as befitiing a person who's been everywhere/seen everything in his 200+ years.

Stu is also awesome! Can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response on April 15, 2017 07:56am

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. The whole Slayer death wish thing makes sense when we think about how isolating and soul wearing the job is. Even with friends around, they can't fully understand because they aren't the chosen ones. Anything they contribute is gravy, they aren't expected to be able to save everyone. So here we get to see Faith dealing with it in a manner similar to how S6 Buffy dealt (or tried to blot it all out), literally taking that which she is meant to kill, inside of her. Literally internalizing it. And Spike dealing with the out of control bloodlust and thrill of killing by making a choice to set that aside and fuck Faith instead. That allows him to feel powerful, and Faith to feel powerful, because they made the choice to NOT kill each other....for now. 

Maybe the 21st century is the time for there to be Watchers that specialize in the psychology of slaying and Slayers. How to support this girl who had this impossible role, and understand how it changes them. Maybe there's nothing, ultiimately, that can be done to address it because they must be able to compartmentalize in order to keep going out night after night, but understanding they psychology might help Watchers be more supportive, understanding and help the Slayer herself understand what she's going through so she won't add fear, guilt and self hatred on top of the other burdens she already carries. 

I admit, well, I guess it's obvious, that I didn't care for the way Spike mooned around after Buffy and worshiped the ground she walked on. You can love, respect and admire someone without becoming a sad sap yourself over it. 

I'm really glad you liked Stu. It's always tricky introducing original characters into a fan fic. None of the Watchers we saw on the show seemed to fit what was needed here. We can see that the Council still has a sort of don't ask/don't tell mentality going on, which is really sad because this is NOT a situation where people should worry about being polite. 

Haha, I can't wait to write the rest! So hopefully neither of us will have to wait too long.

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