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Green commented on Crushed on November 01, 2019 05:33am Liked

Poor Spike to go through so much pain and Buffy still walk out but she didn't hit him or yell at him. Buffy has quite a war going on in her head. 💚

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kimothyschma commented on Crushed on March 18, 2018 11:35am Liked

Oh, if Dru killed her because of Spike's stupid obsession, Buffy was gonna be so mad at him.

I love this line. I think you do a really good Buffy voice.

Author's Response on November 06, 2018 04:23pm

A very belated thank you! I really like that line so I'm chuffed to bits that you picked it out. It felt very Buffy to me!

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OffYourBird commented on Crushed on April 15, 2017 09:17pm Liked

Ooo! I just love this bit of darkness. Spot-on characterizations of Buffy and Spike here. Excellent conversations about Angel's complete lack of heart and how he is very non-representative of vamps.

Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response on July 08, 2017 02:46pm

Thank you! This was one of these ideas that popped into my brain and wouldn't go away... I think Spike killing Dru wouldn't necessarily mean that much to Buffy - she doesn't have an insight into vampires enough that she gets what it means to him. But Spike's reaction to it, as compared to Angel's lack of heart even with his soul? That would be much harder to ignore or explain away.

I feel like the idea deserves more than a oneshot, but I haven't yet figured out where to go from here...

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this lovely review! hug

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EllieRose101 commented on Crushed on December 03, 2016 08:57pm Liked

I liked this. Really interesting "what if" scenario to explore. 

Nothing could ever be simple with Spike. - never a truer word!

I hadn't really ever thought about the fact that - despite her distaste for Spike's method of showing devotion - Buffy was so touched by Angel's "sacrifice" of Darla for her when he clearly was unaffected by it. Double standard? Just a little, me thinks. 

Author's Response on December 05, 2016 10:35am

I think at the time, Buffy was so deep in the whole forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed-lovers-ness of it all, she wasn't really thinking straight. It's often our perceptions and our feelings that colour our view of people's actions, right or wrong. Buffy is human and subject to the same lack of objectivity. (It also took a long time for her to get over what Angel did to her.)

I think Spike's tactics in canon would've worked if Buffy were a vampire, but she's not, so she was horrified - as most people would be if chained up and threatened. Silly bugger. Spike actually going through with it, though... although she has tried to make out she doesn't care, I think the visceral experience of Spike having saved her life at the cost of his own pain would be really hard to discount. Yes, it was his fault she was in danger, because Spike is kind of an idiot rolleyes1thwapbut I don't think she would really have expected, in the heat of the moment, that he would actually choose her. She'd have a lot of thinking to do...

Thanks for the review blow_kiss

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HCB commented on Crushed on November 27, 2016 01:50pm Liked

First of all, I appreciate the apology for killing Dru, it was very upsetting but I do understand why it had to be done. Now, onto more important things: Why Buffy? Why? Go back, hug him can't you see that he is in pain? You know that he can't lie! I'm in tears, why aren't you? Please go back and make it all better! He wouldn't have left you like that and you know it!


Everything that he said was absolutely true. This fic was wonderful. Heartbreaking but all so wonderful. Now I just need to go and hug the stuffing out of Spike.  

Author's Response on November 27, 2016 02:42pm

*hugs and more apologies* Yeah, I kinda made myself want to hug the stuffing out of Spike with this one. Poor bugger. On the one hand, I think Buffy is totally within her rights to be super, super mad with him for chaining her up and threatening to let Dru eat her (though I have serious doubts any of them thought that was really going to happen!), but still, poor sod. He did what he had to do, but it's obviously going to break him. I can't imagine any situation in which Spike could dust Dru (or see her dusted) and not react to it. I just don't think he's capable of that kind of coldness to someone he loves, no matter the circumstance, even when he's absolutely in love with Buffy.

I think it's very, very Buffy that it's emotions she can't deal with. It doesn't occur to her for close to three years to disinvite the evil vampire from her house, even pre-chip. Spike says he loves her? Wham, batten down the hatches, folks!

Especially after his obvious grief, Spike is seriously messing with her worldview here, and she can't - and doesn't want - to deal. To retreat into denial is her safe place. No messy emotions, please. But... she's not stupid, either. I think, once she had time to think about it a little (and especially when she sees Spike be tortured for Dawn and look after her family and help in the fight against Glory), she would make those connections and realise that some of the stuff she's been taught over the years is faulty at best. It would be tough, I think - on both a micro and a macro scale. If Spike can love, she has some uncomfortable realisations to make about Angel(us). And it's a hell of a lot easier to stake monsters night in, night out, if they are just monsters, not real people with real emotions. It's a difficult place to be. Frankly, I think Angel and the Council owe her big time for therapy!

People have poked me about a follow up to this one... so far, the muse hasn't been terribly cooperative, but you never know wink

... Huh, I didn't mean for this to get so long. But I do really like when people give me reviews that make me do thinky thoughts! biggrin Thank you!

HCB Replied on November 28, 2016 04:26am

*hugs and more apologies*

Thank-you, I appreciate that.


I can't imagine any situation in which Spike could dust Dru (or see her dusted) and not react to it. I just don't think he's capable of that kind of coldness to someone he loves, no matter the circumstance, even when he's absolutely in love with Buffy.

I agree. I had him kill her once in one of my fics, he was heart broken but I never quite got it right. You were spot on.


If Spike can love, she has some uncomfortable realisations to make about Angel(us). And it's a hell of a lot easier to stake monsters night in, night out, if they are just monsters, not real people with real emotions. It's a difficult place to be. Frankly, I think Angel and the Council owe her big time for therapy!

Exactly and yes they do!



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sarcasm_for_free commented on Crushed on November 17, 2016 05:09pm Liked

This was an incredibly insightful one-shot. What would have happened if Spike had to stake Dru? Surely there would be a troubling aftermath with a long healing period for Spike. But this right here is a really well done look on the crucial moments during and after this possible event. Buffy is still Buffy, emphatic but doubting of Spike and the innermost nature of vampires.

For a monster, he had amazingly thin skin. <- Exhibit A.

It had never occurred to her to think of Angel dusting Darla as anything other than a sign of his deep commitment to her. And here she'd been assuming Spike was in pain because Drusilla was his sire, and he was reacting to the loss of that bond.

At least she begins to realise that she's a hypocrite. You can't glorify one man for a deed and damn another for the same.

With tears in his eyes and on his cheeks and his hair a mess of white-gold curls, though, it was easy to forget he was old and evil. He looked so innocent and so very vulnerable. It was...wrong.

Aaand we're back to her narrow view of the world. Two steps forward, one step back makes at least some kind of progress.

With all the quotes in this comment it's, hopefully, easy to see that I love your style and your way to play with opposites ("too-soulful soulless monster") very much.


Author's Response on November 18, 2016 05:19am

I think Buffy has such a lot invested in Angel not being able to love her without a soul, that to let go of that would be very painful. Not just on account of herself, but because there are a lot of things that went wrong (chief of them perhaps Jenny's death) that wouldn't have happened if she had been able to dust Angelus sooner. Then Angel came back in S3 and messed with her head some more. There's an awful lot of confusion and horror surrounding Angel and his magical detachable soul, and how openly sadistic he is without it, and I don't think Angel helps by making claims about vampires in general based on himself. Between that and being indoctrinated since the age of fifteen that vampires aren't real people... she's got a lot to get over. To see Spike behaving in such a human way is hard to deny. She's still going to try, because it seriously challenges her worldview, but she's not stupid, you know? I think this whole scene would really prey on her mind and it would be extremely hard for her to ignore the implications.

I kinda really want to do a follow up and kinda don't have a clue where to start. So much would change... if I can figure it out, well... we'll see, I guess!

I've always found it interesting that it's Spike expressing his feelings for her that prompts her to ask Willow for the disinvite - because she asks Willow to do that before the chaining up and threatening bit. She didn't do it after he ran off in Becoming, she didn't do it when he kidnapped Willow and Xander or he had the Ring of Amara, she didn't do it when he betrayed them to Adam or when he tried to get the chip out, but he says he loves her? Wham, disinvite.

I think that speaks volumes; Buffy is a lot more afraid of emotions than she is of danger. It makes me think there's some part of her that absolutely does believe Spike has real emotions, and that terrifies her. It messes with her worldview, it messes with how she relates to Angel, and possibly there's part of her that is starting to like and trust Spike, so admitting he has real emotions is scary. It's much easier for her to just shut that down and firmly label him "evil vampire, not a real person, no real emotions"; actually seeing his grief for her, and seeing him having done something that's hurt him out of love for her has really shaken that, and she's rushing back into denial, but I don't think it will work nearly as well as she's telling herself it will.

... I may have thought about this a lot... haha I just find the whole thing fascinating. If Buffy had disinvited Spike after the whole Dru/chains bit, then it wouldn't be nearly so interesting.

Thanks for the lovely review flowers and for prompting a bunch of thinky thoughts hahabiggrin

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medievalchic commented on Crushed on October 18, 2016 11:37am Liked

Meant to review this over the weekend and got a little sidetracked, but I still wanted to say how much I loved it! bow I know some of the other reviewers have requested a sequel, and I completely concur.  It would be really interesting to see what the ripples effects of this scene would be for the rest of the series...

Oh, if Dru killed her because of Spike's stupid obsession, Buffy was gonna be so mad at him. Wonderful Buffy voice, I must say!  I can just hear her muttering this under her breath.  haha

Suppose he remembered she was chained up and at his mercy and got... ideas?  I always thought it was pretty revealing that he didn't do anything more to her in canon.  I mean, granted what he did was really bad by human standards, but it could have been a LOT worse.  I remember in "Enemies" when Angel made the comment about the fact that they'd never tried chains and it felt like a real threat.  If Angelus had managed to get her in that situation, what followed wouldn't have been desperate bids for love.  And even in canon, he did sort of save her by unchaining her when the fight broke out.  It seemed pretty clear he wasn't really interested in going through with the whole threat of letting Dru kill her.

Didn't even care enough to properly hate us. Meant less than nothin' to that git.  So true.  Soulless or soulful, Angel never thought enough about Spike to hate or love him.  He just found him amusing to torment when he was Angelus and was competent apathetic as Angel.  Until AtS:5, that is.  I think Spike getting his soul threatened him enough to make him care negatively.  With Dru, I do think he cared but not about her.  He cared because of what she represented--his great victory as Angelus, his worse crime as Angel.  Ultimately, his attitude toward her was entirely about him.

and the last thing she needed was to have any kind of fellow feeling for him  Oh, Buffy, of course you can have fellow feeling with him!  Lots of warriors have, even with enemies they're supposed to be killing.  You need a better basis than Watchers Council rhetoric for pursuing your calling.

Okay, that's it. She was so done with all this. She didn't care what it meant, all right? She didn't care. Spike was just Spike, he didn't know anything, and he was just a thing and she wanted to go home and eat ice cream and forget this had ever happened.  Sigh.  Her Denial Mode is truly an impressive feat.  brickwall

When he realised she wasn't going to hit him, he nodded sadly and sank back down to the floor. He didn't sob any more, just wound his duster tightly around himself as if for protection and buried his face in his knees like a child. weep Oh, my heart.  This image is just so sad!  I want to bake him something sweet and pour him some tea or a glass of milk, even though I know it would offend his Big Bad pride.hug

Excellent one-shot!  (Maybe not a one-shot? wink)

Author's Response on October 18, 2016 04:26pm

I am poking my muse and pointing out how many people want a followup. Watch this space, I guess!

I always end up looking at Spike from two angles concurrently... on the one hand, he chained Buffy up and threatened (not very convincingly) to let Dru eat her, which is terrible... and on the other hand, he had her chained up, and all he did was threaten her a bit and then let her go, which by vampire standards is prime first date material, you know? So I end up feeling bad for the poor bugger because he's trying so hard and failing so hard, but also feel sorry for Buffy because, you know, chains and death threats. (And then my brain throws up its hands and says I don't know, whatever. LOL.) But yeah, his threat to let Dru kill her... I mean, I never get the impression in that moment that Buffy is remotely scared of what Spike might do. Dru is a threat, but however much she protests, it's clear that she doesn't believe Spike will actually cause her harm.

The more I think about Angel, the more he seems too self-centred to really deeply care for or hate another person. He treats Spike like an annoying bug, Dru is a trophy, Buffy is a reward... ugh.

"Oh, my heart. This image is just so sad! I want to bake him something sweet and pour him some tea or a glass of milk, even though I know it would offend his Big Bad pride."

Honestly, I wrote that, and the image still, after numerous rereads, makes me want to look after him. Spike can do kicked puppy with the best of them, but when he's genuinely sad, I just want to pet him and tell him it's gonna be okay hug

You always give me such lovely, thoughtful reviews... I'm basking over here blow_kiss

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Sunalso commented on Crushed on October 17, 2016 05:42pm Liked

Don't apologize. I almost wish the character had been dusted here. Dru sort of deserved a better exit than she got and it could have been done her quite well, basically as you describe it.

Spike really would lose his crap over it, too. Though it would have served to prove something. I almost wonder if they didn't because it would have been too much and taken away from the post-Glory torture moment.

Season 5 is all about what's real and what's not. And this piece felt very real and feels like it could have been canon if they hadn't wed themselves to the Buffybot and a few more ways to tear Spike down before his "real" moment (when Buffy kisses him)- there's SO MUCH fairy tale symbolism it that it nearly chokes me. But it's a good moment. Now I'm rambling. Anywho- as always loved the story! Would like to see how other things would play out based on this having happened ;-)

Author's Response on October 18, 2016 04:15pm

I think it's the last in-person appearance for her, isn't it? Or at least I can't remember another. You're right, the canon version is kind of a crappy exit for such a great character.

I think Spike would be saddened to hear Dru died even if it was decades later and he and Buffy were in an ongoing happy relationship... for him to have dusted her himself would just wreck him, I think *pets the Spike*

So far no sequel bunnies have popped their heads up, but... ya know, never say never. I kind of want to write a followup, because I also want to see how things would play out. One of those "I want to write this story mainly so I get to read it" jobs haha (I do really adore that moment in intervention, though. I wonder if I could swing it so we got both without my brain exploding... thinking)

Thanks for the lovely review! blow_kiss

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pfeifferpack commented on Crushed on October 17, 2016 05:41am Liked

Really well done.  

Buffy just cannot seem to see what is right in front of her can she?  Willfully ignorant.  She can't see Angel clearly and she can't see Spike clearly either.

I do think Spike would have been devastated if Dru dusted especially at his hand.  He may have moved on and loved Buffy more and in a more healthy way but he loved Dru and likely always would.

I always hated HATED that Buffy had him disinvited BEFORE she even went to his crypt and got tazed and chained.  All it took was Dawn saying that Spike had a thing for her and she put up the barrier.  Why?  All those years he had access and NEVER abused it.  He could have done so many horrible things and she never once even thought to take away his invitation even after catching him there with Joyce in S3.  Then with the hint that he might have love for her, a crush on her and before even talking to him she shut him out and shut him down.  If she had it done after the chaining I might have understood (even though seen through his eyes it made sense)...She never gave him that chance.

As for the chains...the only experience Spike had with LOVE was with Dru.  Dru liked to be tied up and tortured. He'd tried poems as a human only to be rejected.  How was he to know?

Excellent one shot.


Author's Response on October 17, 2016 06:43am

I actually find it fascinating that it's Spike having feelings for her which makes her ask Willow to do the disinvite. All the things Spike could have done, him kidnapping X and W in S3, and spending time with her mom, the fact he was still actively trying to kill her throughout large chunks of S4&5, and it's the idea that he might have feelings for her that makes her want to protect herself. Honestly, it makes sense for her character, IMO... she's typically not scared of monsters, but she's terrified of emotions. (I don't think she ever really recovered from Angel, to be honest... especially S3. I think how Angel behaved in S3 was considerably more damaging to her psyche than even how Angelus behaved in S2. At least she knew where she stood with Angelus.)

The very fact she reacts in such a wildly out of proportion way suggests to me that on some level, she does believe Spike can feel real things, and moreover that she could conceivably learn to care about him. She doesn't want to believe it, and she doesn't want to risk it, and so her reaction is to shut him down cold.

So while I agree it seems unfair of her, I find it really interesting. I doubt Buffy consciously thought about it (and I have no idea if the writers meant for it to come off that way), but that overreaction? It's almost like a "the lady doth protest too much" kind of moment. Even with Willow and Joyce expressing concern about it, it feels there's more to it than worries about safety for either herself or her family and friends, you know? Buffy hasn't been afraid of Spike for years, but the idea he has feelings for her has her running scared.

I have a lot of sympathy for Buffy, in that while I think her reaction was OTT (at least before he chained her up!), she has a lot of stock invested in Spike not being able to feel, in him being soulless and evil. It feeds into her insecurities regarding Angel (if Spike can love while soulless, why does Angelus hate her so much?) and is surely a factor in how she deals with slaying. (Honestly, I think the Council and Angel owe that girl financing for years and years of therapy, 'cause between them they messed up her head really badly.)

I do feel sorry for Spike when it comes to expressions of love, even if I also facepalm a lot. He's just wading about lost and clueless, the big dork. I think a century with Dru would be bad prep for a relationship even with most vampires, let alone a human. I think Dru's return and the human blood and Buffy's horrified reaction to the accidental date all combined to make him go off half-cocked; in a different situation, he would've realised the cattle prod? Not his best ever plan. He's a smart guy, but it's that whole following his blood thing getting him in the neck again.

I can't completely let him off the hook, because he usually does a little better relating to humans, and ignorance is a poor excuse. I mean, it didn't work terribly well, but his little dress rehearsal in 'Triangle' with the box of chocolates and the semi-apologetic speech suggest he at least as a clue from the outside what might be an appropriate way to approach her, even if he's more playacting how he thinks he should act rather than understanding it. He doesn't really get it, and his temper gets the better of him, but he clearly has an idea of a more appropriate way to approach things. Even when his temper does get loose, he realises it isn't going to work and restarts his little practice scenario, so he also realises on some level that getting cranky with her isn't going to have the desire result. I don't know that it would've worked, but I think it would've been better than the chains and the cattle prod and the threat to set Dru on her haha thwap blessed idiot.

I laughed at your comparison of the extremes of poetry and torture, because in a soon to be published chapter of "Insubstantial", I have him bemoaning the exact same thing - that he doesn't have any moves between "read poetry to her" and "chain her up and threaten to stake Dru"... great minds?? You'll have to let me know what you think when I post it!

Yeah, I think he'd be devastated by Dru dying, no matter when or where or how. His love for Buffy doesn't change what a huge role Dru played in his life. For it to happen at his own hand - even to save Buffy - would seriously mess the poor bugger up.

I do think that for Buffy, it would be much harder to dismiss his capacity for feelings in general/his devotion to her when she had seen such a vivid example of him saving her life over Dru's, and then clearly grieving for Dru's death. I'm sure she'd try, because it's Buffy and she's avoid-y girl when it comes to difficult emotions, but I think she'd be hard pressed to reason it all away. To me it wouldn't feel in character if she wasn't still trying to explain it away, but at the same time, she's not stupid, she would know (however much she hated to acknowledge it) that it didn't fit with what she's been taught.

(A couple of people have requested a sequel should happen, and it would definitely be interesting to see how things played out, so... never say never... maybe we will find out!)

Thanks for the review - glad your computer is behaving again biggrinblow_kiss and you always post such thoughtful reviews, so I hope you don't mind this one prompted a freakin' essay blush

pfeifferpack Replied on October 18, 2016 02:48am

I pretty well agree with everything you have to say on the whole Crushed issues and out inept vampire boy.  Buffy could face down monsters and apocalypses but not matters of the heart...not after Angel (ITA S3 and his return was the capper.  She would have survived all previous with her heart able to heal).

LOVE when you write an essay!



Author's Response on October 18, 2016 04:27pm

blow_kiss you're the best, you know that? biggrin

(One of these days I'll write a season three where Angel doesn't return, or maybe where he does return but Buffy is so over it. And/or a season three where Spike comes back more than for one episode.)

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Era Dubois commented on Crushed on October 17, 2016 12:55am Liked

Sad but well written. Thank you very much for sharing with us.

Author's Response on October 17, 2016 05:44am

Thank you!

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djellibabe commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 03:16pm Liked

 Ooh! I like your twist! Definitely an interesting question well answered!

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:17pm

Thank you! biggrin

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jhiz commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 01:35pm

hmm, interesting thoughts to consider even though Buffy is way too dense and wrapped in her own delusions to really see.  Poor Spike and poor her.

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 01:48pm

She has so much invested in what she's been taught, it's a big hurdle to get over to realise maybe Angel is the one who can't love, and maybe she's been misjudging Spike. And I mean, it affects her slaying, not just her lovelife, but frankly I blame Angel for a lot of it. From what's shown on screen, I just don't think that his complete lack of humanity is necessarily the default state for a vampire, but as the only one (for a long time) who's been able to compare souled and soulless states, his word is taken as gospel, even though he canonically lies to Buffy basically from the start.

(I sometimes wonder how things would pan out if Buffy hadn't met Angel, but then met Dru and Spike and saw their relationship. I think if someone then came along and said "vampires can't love", she'd be much less ready to accept it, but as it is, by the time she has any differing evidence, she's all about Angel.)

Unfortunately, it's Spike and Buffy who suffer from all Angel's obfuscation.

Thanks for the review blow_kiss

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anatas commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 12:27pm Liked

Good one-shot. 

I especially like Buffy's character voice as she is a three dimensional character here. She tries to come to terms with Spike's behavior and wants to understand it. At the same time however she wants to cling to her prejudices, so very human.

Is there any chance of a follow-up? I'd like to see the ripple effects of Drusilla's death. 

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:17pm

Thanks! I am so glad you liked that. It just wouldn't seem in character to me if Buffy changed her tune too easily... she has too much prejudice and indoctrination to just go oh hey, I was wrong, and for both her slaying and her relationship with Angel, she has a vested interest in keeping hold of those black and white notions. It's not a comfortable place to be when it's threatening some pretty fundamental beliefs/stuff she was told by people she trusts.

I have no idea if there will be a followup; it definitely feels like there'd be potential! I don't remember if Dru plays any on screen roles besides flashbacks in the rest of the timeline, but even just the fact Spike dusted her for Buffy's sake must change things. If the muse cooperates... watch this space, I guess! Never say never. My muse is fairly unpredictable shockedblushhaha

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magnus374 commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 09:51am

The conflicting thoughts she has are perfectly in character. We can see how much Buffy wants to still live in denile. The Black and white view of the world is big comfort for her. She can deny what Spike is saying but what she is seeing is much harder to explain away. She is doing her best with that though. This can give Buffy a lot to think about but she could also chose to ignore it and still try to belive the lies about vampires and souls. 

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:22pm

Yes, a vivid, technicolor example happening right in front of her face is harder to dismiss than just Spike saying he loves her/that he's capable of love at all. Both his sacrifice of Dru for Buffy's sake and his grief for Buffy are things that just don't fit what she thinks she knows about vampires.

Thanks for the review! biggrin

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nojiri23 commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 09:46am Liked


Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:06pm


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Kate of Katehall commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 09:45am Liked

One thing that has always bugged me about the series is how it was supposed to be all romantic when Angel went all knight in shining armour and killed Darla to save Buffy, but when Spike wants to do the same thing it's all "evil vampire bla bla bla". And wasn't one of the last things Darla said something along the lines "The worst thing is to love someone who used to love you"? And still Buffy is all on the vampires-can't-love train 😒

Anyways, sorry for ranting and thanks for addressing these issues. I'll forgive you for killing Dru, but only because the story was as great as your writing usually is 😉

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:28pm

In fairness, I think the whole being chained up in his crypt and threatened to get fed to Dru didn't help. Spike is such a dimwit sometimes. (It's my headcanon that he was not thinking straight partly due to Dru's presence and partly 'cause he was hopped up on human blood after such a long time, but seriously, dude thwap)

There is a definite double standard going on, though, and Spike gets the worst of it.

I think however determined she is in the moment to dismiss it all, in the long term I think she'd have a lot more trouble dismissing Spike as having no feelings/not being able to love when she has that vivid image of him 1) choosing her over Dru and 2) grieving for Dru. It's one thing for Spike to claim he is capable of love, but seeing him so obviously emotional would be waayyyy harder to dismiss out of hand. I imagine her trying very hard to pretend it never happened, but I don't think it would work.

Thanks for forgiving me blow_kiss I do love Dru, but the muse came up with this big ol' what if and wouldn't let me the hell alone until I'd written it rolleyes1 and thank you for the thinky thoughts review, I always like this kind of reviewflowersheart

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Sunnydalesis commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 09:25am Liked


High on the angst, but Buffy tasted the bitter medicine that is the truth.

She'd better not lock Spike out this time.

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:20pm

If sequel-ness happens, expect to see it here.

I definitely think that, although she'd still be understandably pee'd off at the whole being chained up thing, it would be a lot harder for her to dismiss Spike's feelings for Dru and by extension his feelings for herself. She's stubborn and isn't likely to be happy about having her worldview messed with, but she's also not stupid. Seeing Spike actually choose Dru over her, seeing him grieve, would be a lot more difficult to dismiss than him just saying he would do it.

Thanks for the review blow_kiss

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kasumi commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 09:13am Liked

SAD. Poor Spike. I'm glad that you kept Buffy all standoffish still. Girl has to work through a few things.

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:12pm

Yes, poor Spike. It was idiotic of him to chain Buffy up like that, but he is a vampire who keeps getting judged by human standards. Not the easiest place to find himself.

I'm glad you liked standoffish Buffy... tempting as it is to have her thaw a bit more quickly. it just didn't seem realistic. She has a lot of stuff to think about and work through, not least that some things she was told by people she trusted may not be as truthful or straightforward as she imagined.

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PixelatedPoppy commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 08:42am Liked

There were a few things she definitely needed to think about, but for tonight she just had to get away from the dust and the sick feeling in her stomach and the too-soulful soulless monster curled in a ball on the cold stone floor. Yeah, but will she actually think about them? Buffy has a bad habit of locking away things that challenge her black and white world view (among other things ) so that they never see the light of day.  

hearts Love this.  

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:09pm

Thank you!

She does have a bad habit with that. I think seeing Spike so obviously grieving (and getting a couple of truth bombs about Angel) would be hard to completely ignore, where in canon it was all subsumed (kinda understandably, let's be fair) under the "you chained me up and threatened to let Dru eat me" of it all.

With the subsequent getting-tortured-for-her, and then the looking-after of Dawn? She might thaw a little more quickly than in canon... If the muse comes up with a sequel, I guess we will find out!

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Ubikoctober commented on Crushed on October 16, 2016 08:07am Liked

Mmmh... I'm hoping for a sequel with Buffy falling madly in love with Spike... hearts

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 03:07pm

I make no promises, but never say never wink

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