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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 13 on September 07, 2019 06:47am Liked

"She had realized over the years that she couldn’t deal with pain on her own, always needed that one person to make her feel safe and calm. Xander was her rock in childhood, Buffy filled that role in high school, and later Tara became her confidant after leaving for college."
Oh, that's interesting - good point.

Oh noooo! Come on, Willow, surely a little magical push would be okay at this point.

fuck, the moment when the First showed up as Xander! D:

oh, whew.

“If Xander dies, then I quit.”
Xander is Willow's Dawn. :) I like it!

"She was a bad person. She should…
The beeps of the monitor sped up."

""Buffy,” she piped up, “We’re gonna figure it out together.”
Buffy smiled gratefully in return. “Yes, we will.""
Yesss <333

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 12 on September 07, 2019 06:31am Liked

"After years of avenging women, I should have focused on making friends with my fellow females"
Great idea, actually (but both is even better)

"“How did you get the apartment?” she asked, watching Anya bring out the items in her backpack.
“Came with the magic.... When I disguised myself as Anya, I made sure I was a real person with a real background, in case Cordelia wanted to visit and such. I almost magicked myself a parent but it felt like too much of a hassle.”"
That's such a cool headcanon!!

Yay, Anya can have friends now! <3

"Buffy looked up at him again, seeking what she didn’t find in her sister and friends. Comfort. Love. Spike’s eyes were fixed on her, but there was no love there. They were dry… empty and calculating."
Yass! Good thing the First is kind of pants at faking love, apparently

"She needed her friends.
She especially needed Willow."

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 11 on September 07, 2019 04:34am Liked

"Their eyes locked and gradually his trembling lessened to winded shudders. He clearly knew he could count on her, and right now he was the only one who trusted her to take down the First."


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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 10 on September 07, 2019 04:27am Liked

"Resentments got built inside for years over misunderstandings because they never talked.
Things had got to change. Willow would make sure they would."
YAY! So satisfying.

"Willow felt a tug in her heart, recalling an out of control redhead on the filthy ground, her body shaking with sobs, begging for Buffy and Dawn’s forgiveness."

"Without Buffy’s help last year, without her friends’ standing by her, Willow would have lost herself to overwhelming powers she couldn’t control. Spike’s new soul had rendered him traumatized and confused. Last time she’d seen him in the school basement he was completely out of it. She could relate, except for the part where Spike didn’t have friends. He had Buffy’s support obviously, but… Willow could use her experience to lend a hand."

Well, going to check on Xander is a good.

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 9 on September 07, 2019 04:18am Liked

“Angel had a soul when he knocked me out cold and left me defenseless on the sidewalk."
Very true. :/

“Don’t be daft. Look at her. She’s shaking, isn’t she? Go give her a hug. Comfort her. She won’t let you.”

"A ghost? But, no. He had taken care of Buffy’s nose in her kitchen last night. The nose Spike had cracked."
Oh, that makes sense

Nice action!

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 8 on September 07, 2019 04:11am Liked

YAY!!!! <333 Epic scene with Buffy and Spike in the garage. :)

"This couldn’t be right. She had chased Spike all morning until she found him hiding from the sun in the empty garage."

“I wasn’t at the college library last night.”
Woo hoo!

Oh, yay! Buffy figured out about Xander!

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 7 on September 07, 2019 04:01am Liked

oh, the First was the ghost of Hamlet's father (sort of), that's fun!

"Everything was working smoothly to its favor until the silly vampire had figured things out. The bright sun outside would slow him down before he got to the others."

And now I'm scared. I don't want it to mess up things between Spike and Dawn more! But it's an effective thing to try.

“But… vampire healing doesn’t work this fast. I’ve seen you wear a damaged face for weeks."
Yes! Smart Dawn!

"Little Bit"
What a pity that nobody can KILL the First WITH FIRE, because I'd really like that to happen for stealing the nickname

“You Summers’ women, such teases. You say you don’t want it, but deep inside you do. You always do.”

At least Buffy will know Spike wasn't here. Doesn't make this any easier on Dawn, though.

“Kill him.”
Good move.

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 6 on September 07, 2019 03:27am Liked

"The sharp pain in her heart overpowered the aching on her nose. She was beginning to trust him, arguing with Xander and Dawn on his behalf. God, she was stupid."
Waah :(

“Look at you, putting books in shelves.”

"He ran after her and reached to grab her hand. However, his hand went through hers."
YES!!!!!! Whoop whoop! It's going to be difficult to get anyone to hear him out, though. So exciting!!! I hope he figures out that other people have been seeing things too!

"Oh, no, you won’t,” she hissed under her breath and ran after him."

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 5 on September 07, 2019 03:15am Liked

"Buffy standing in front of his apartment door looking worse than she had that morning at the Magic Box. Not too much with the dirt, but the torn up shirt and the trembling and the eyes red with tears"
oh NO
damn, I think I'll never be able to take canon!First the least bit seriously again! :D Yours is doing so much of a better job.

“And you think I’ll take your word over hers.”
Fair, but also :(((
I like that everyone is *trying* to be decent to one another but the First does find the angles that make it hard to act on their better natures

Eeeee, Dawn's Potter fannishness makes me happy. All FOUR books! *g*

oh nooooo D:

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 4 on September 07, 2019 03:04am Liked

 "The list of excluded movies was overwhelmingly long: romance movies, chick flicks, action movies about world destruction, thriller movies about demons, any movie with a bunny or a picture of a bunny in them, movies with even a single mention of the word ‘magic’ which meant all Disney movies were out."

I love this! Poor Scoobies are all so traumatized in such sundry ways.

"Anya took a deep breath – Buffy was not her favorite person right now, but if she wanted to keep having girls’ night with Willow and Dawn she had to learn to play nice."
Aw, and she was trying! This is sad.

"and despite of herself she put her frustration on one of the only two who were still nice to her"
oh no! The First is really doing its job :(

"If anything was going to happen with Buffy, he had to talk to Anya first"
Eeeek, and now Anya is going to be really afraid of Buffy! That's a smart combination that the First pulled off. :c


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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 3 on September 05, 2019 12:59pm Liked

 "Dawn held her math book to her chest, her cheeks red with embarrassment. This was the first time she asked for help with her homework since Willow arrived back to Sunnydale."

aaaa, I can't tell if it's The First or not, the suspense! *g*

Oh right, Dawn hasn't died, so it can't be Dawn.

“Isn’t that a cozy picture?”

"Buffy would never say something like that to her. But… for years Willow would never have thought that Buffy would sleep with Spike, or that Willow would attempt to kill her friends and wipe out the entire world."
Nice, her thoughts make sense, but also oh nooo

Dawn almost got it! She was so close!!

"“Xander?” the tone of his voice couldn’t have been more incredulous."
My gosh, I can't believe it's going to pull THIS deception off. Amazing!

"Had Amy turned on that love spell from high school? ‘Cause that was the only logical explanation to this shammy farce."
Yes, think, Xander, think!

“Whoa. Put on the brakes. Don’t run over the confused man.”
Nice line :)

"“Is it that hard to believe that I’m attracted to you?”
He stared into the hurt in her eyes and calmed himself down. “Well, yeah. Buffy, it’s been years. It’s one big dead horse.""
He's doing pretty well! <3 Except that he still ended up believing it was Buffy. Oh well, maybe one day soon they'll start figuring it out... it's fun to see what the First can do, though! :)

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 2 on August 26, 2019 05:31pm Liked

 "Two hours deciding a name for your stupid email account, Xander"

OMG, Xander, just use your name :D

"“Xander, believe me, nothing’s more professional than” 
He pointed a finger. “But is it hip?”"
Hee! Nice body language, I can just see him.

"There was nothing but Dr Pepper because it sounded like prescribed pepper drink. Buffy’s sense of humor always flew over Dawn’s head."
Grocery shopping based on wordplay potential is a valid life choice :)

ohno ohno, The First spooked Dawn!

"shouldn’t the soul make him less creepy?.... Did it mean that the person Spike used to be without a soul didn’t exist anymore? That everything they had before wasn’t real?"
I'm sad about confused Dawn and the way their friendship went kablooey

"A soul didn't stop Warren"
very true

"His bedroom now was spiffy and spotless. Anya’s much cherished influence."

"She was lingering near the closed door with a timid smile on her face. He didn’t hear the door close, did he?"

...I can't tell if this is Buffy or not. Good job, First.

"Silence of the Lambs impression", heee!

Oh yeah, okay, that's The First.

"He’d probably drifted off and dreamed the whole thing. That sounded way more plausible than Buffy hitting on him."
All right, that could have been worse... though I guess maybe The First doesn't want to risk him talking to Buffy about it

"She’d always been a smart mouth, but now she was a much taller smart mouth spouting true things."
Aww ^^

I like Buffy's thoughts about forgiving. <3

Poor Xander, he's so thrown! The First did a good job.

"it was better for him and Buffy to be apart for a while"
and here it is. :c

Interesting! I wonder what it will do next. ^^

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 1 on August 22, 2019 06:10pm Liked

Oh hey, Xander's POV is *fun*! :)

Buffy and Spike's non-conversation over the phone: painfully accurate. I think you really nailed the immensity of their s7 awkwardness.

Looking forward to seeing the First make an effort!

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geneticidentical commented on Chapter 13 on August 03, 2019 03:15am

Omg this story is AMAZING!

The First could have been so effective and scary; I agree it missed a huge opportunity by not appearing as Buffy and Spike to the others.

I'm loving your characterization of everyone as well!

Author's Response on August 03, 2019 09:44am

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the series. You praising the characterization makes me proud. I will try to write new chapters soon. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 13 on April 08, 2017 02:03am Liked

Finally a light of hope! 

I was afraid for a while there that you had killed your boy! The dream maybe was more than just a dream. Spike, like Willow, was once part of the big bad and I always thought that was part of why the FE was able to get it's claws in him...and her in this story. Maybe the FE was actually talking to her in her dream. Certainly knew just what buttons to push.

Glad that Xander told them about the song. It's a first step in removing the trigger.

Great update.


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magnus374 commented on Chapter 13 on April 07, 2017 04:05pm

A scary situation there, but this also gave us a good look into Willow's mind. They are starting to come together now, they will fight together again.

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nojiri23 commented on Chapter 13 on April 07, 2017 03:27pm Liked

Oh thank goodness!!! Starting to come together!! I wasn't sure how much more I could take!!! weep

Author's Response on April 07, 2017 03:38pm

The good guys will come through don't worry

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nojiri23 commented on Chapter 11 on April 07, 2017 01:38pm

sad2 tough chapter...... weep

Author's Response on April 07, 2017 01:40pm

It's gonna get better. Keep reading.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 12 on March 16, 2017 02:16pm

I liked what we could see of Dawn and Anya. Their little talk felt like a good moment in all this. 

I liked how Buffy noticed that his feelings wasn't there and understood that it was the First. The trigger must be dealt with but without the Scoobies it would be really hard.

Author's Response on March 19, 2017 01:36pm

The story needed a good moment in the middle of all the sadness and darkness. 

Buffy was able to tell that the person looking at her wasn't Spike right away, and she could tell the difference between the real Spike and the First. She still needs the Scoobies' help, she never came this far without them.

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 12 on March 16, 2017 01:42pm Liked

I liked the little details here like the dead look in the FE's eyes as it pretended to be Spike. It can fake the appearance and voice but not the love/emotion that should have been there.

I really hope Buffy can get through to everyone that they need to stand together against the FE (and not all just turn on Spike for the love of Charlie!). I really hope Xander wakens soon because I think that is what it will take to get everyone on board.

Anya was the outsider. Yeah she could have tried to bond more I suppose but she really did do her best for the most part. She was all wrapped up in Xander, true, but she was friendly enough with Buffy and Tara at least. Willow was openly hostile towards her so I can't blame her for not doing kumbaya's with Willow.

Spike has another death on his soul now thanks to the FE. Buffy needs to be careful because he's likely going to want to just dust before this is over if she's not watching close enough. He is riddled with guilt and despair. 


Author's Response on March 19, 2017 01:34pm

Thank you so much! The First is going to be extra evil now that the characters know about it. 

I've always thought it the blame for Anya being an outsider was on both sides. Anya was all about Xander and didn't seem to care about forming friendships with Buffy and Willow who in turn didn't care to form friendships with her. Xander brought her to almost every Scooby meeting in S4 and never hid their relationship, but Anya wasn't interested in becoming friends with Xander's friends. The only person Anya showed interest in befriending was Tara and they had some scenes together in S5 and S6 - I guess being the girlfriends they connected a lot. 

The Willow/Anya conflict was also mutual. Anya disliked Willow as much as Willow disliked her as shown in Triangle. But they cleared the air in the episode and they stopped throwing snide comments at each other - I remember a couple of sweet moments between them when Anya offered to sleep with Willow because Tara was hospitalized and when Anya returned in Entropy it was Willow who happily hugged her and not Tara. 

Poor Spike just breaks your heart! It sucks when your body is being controlled against your will. 

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Tosquitoes commented on Chapter 12 on March 16, 2017 03:29am

Yay! Another update :) I'm really loving this fic.

Buffy's crying so I'm crying. Don't hurt my child!

I hate how The First is using Spike's face to hurt Buffy. My mind immediately went to all the possibilities The First could do to hurt her through Spike. Like, Spike could literally appear to her ANYWHERE. *thinking about the Seeing Red*

I'm really digging the Anya bits now. I like any look into Anya's life; she was severely underused in BtVS.

One question though: didn't Buffy come visit to Anya's apartment during "Him"? She saved Anya from a demon that was D'Hoffyrn sent after her.

Anyway, looking forward to more updates :)

Author's Response on March 19, 2017 04:40am

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy it. 

Yeah, poor Buffy, things are rough on her at the moment and she's all alone. I want the First to be as vicious as it could be - I'm really disappointed with how lazy and lame the First was on the show. It had the ability to be any dead person and what's better to bring confusion and doubt in the Scoobies' hearts than to have the First appear as Buffy or Spike constantly to these characters. 

There will be an Any POV chapter later. I agree, there was so much potential in the Anya character it sucks that the writers neglected her so much. 

Buffy did visit Anya that one time, but since Anya is so pissed off at Buffy right now, she wouldn't mention it or possibly she forgot all about it. She could also view it as a guilt visit or doing Xander a favor since Xander was taking Spike into his home. 

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DianaM commented on Chapter 11 on February 26, 2017 02:11am Liked

Oh, boy. Your First Evil is certainly more efficient than the canon one. Even when things are cleared up, I'm not sure some things can be mended, or some wounds - healed. Poor Spike. Poor Dawn. Poor everyone, really. sad2

A bit unfair for the Scoobies to gang up on Buffy like that and basically tell her they don't trust her judgement. And throwing the whole Angel/Angelus/Jenny fiasco to her face like that? Not fair. But, under the circumstances, not entirely unexpected or inexcusable. The First has really done a number on all of them!

Looks like it's just Buffy and Spike against the First. And everyone else.

Author's Response on March 02, 2017 09:50am

The First played on every insecurity the gang in regards to Buffy and Spike. Everyone is shaken now. Buffy and Spike have each other now, but Spike is still under the First's control and Buffy isn't sure how it happens and how to stop it. 

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 11 on February 25, 2017 04:41pm Liked

I'm afraid the FE has done its job far too well. They don't trust Buffy's judgement (and what a low blow:  “Buffy, we’ve been through this before. Remember Angel? You didn’t deal with him fast enough and your teacher ended up dead.” ). Buffy shouldn't have had to bear all the blame for that horrible time.

They pretty much just want Spike staked even if he isn't in control of his actions.

I really hope Xander comes to and tells what he saw, coming from him they might listen.

Great visual of Buffy and Spike alone in the basement knowing they stand alone against this enemy at least at present.

Great update.



Author's Response on March 02, 2017 09:48am

Poor Buffy. Everybody is so shaken by what happened to them and to Xander. The First played on their insecurities, turning them against Buffy one after the other. The First convinced Willow to leave the house, convinced Anya that Buffy would kill her in the spot but forgive Spike immediately, told Dawn that Buffy would never choose her. That Spike was a special snowflake and no matter what he did to them, Buffy will always defend him. Buffy telling them that Spike was controlled felt too little after weeks of being played by the First.

Buffy has Spike on her side now, as long as he doesn't get controlled by the First.  

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Tosquitoes commented on Chapter 11 on February 25, 2017 04:41pm

Yay, another chapter! I'm so happy whenever you update :)

GLAD Xander's not dead, although I'd never believe you'd be so heartless to kill him ;)

Your character of Buffy is interesting. She can't communicate very well, while at the same time being too overwhelmed and busy to ever have time to sit down and talk to her friends. It makes sense that her friends are distrustful of her. It's frustrating, but relateable on both parts. I have to say, I really dislike Anya though. I hope to see some more insight from her though! Buffy and Anya as friends: everything I ever wanted.

Dawn bringing up Miss Calendar was extremely confusing, even annoying. She probably didn't even know her! What right had she to say that to Buffy? I could see Willow saying something like that, because she was close with Miss Calendar, but not Dawn.

Anyway, I hope to see more updates soon! :)

Author's Response on March 02, 2017 09:19am

I'm watching lots of S7 BtVS while writing this story and Buffy is incredibly bad at communicating with others. She can't get her point across most of the time and others talk over her. 

Anya's resentment of Buffy is the saddest thing in S7, her "you're luckier" speech in Empty Places was the cruelest. But it will be fixed don't worry. 

You have to remember that Buffy and Willow heard the news about Jenny's death from Giles through the phone at the Summers' house, it was IMO the saddest scene in the episode because Alyson nailed it with her heartbreaking crying and hugging Joyce, and a broken Buffy sliding to the floor. Dawn was THERE witnessing all of that! That must have been terrifying for an 11 year old child. (I don't see Willow throwing it in Buffy's face, she never did before and she won't do it now. Maybe as Dark Willow, but not as regretful S7 Willow. As I remember correctly Willow was the gentlest towards Buffy in Empty Places.)

Tosquitoes Replied on March 04, 2017 12:59am

Oh, yeah! You're definitely right about Dawn.

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 11 on February 25, 2017 04:22pm

A very good look into Dawn's mind. We could see pain and tension around every character but every reaction and what they said make sense. There's a lot of trust and other issues that has to be dealt with.

Author's Response on March 02, 2017 06:45am

The First got them so bad. It'll take them time to get past all the distrust. 

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nojiri23 commented on Chapter 11 on February 25, 2017 11:20am Liked

sad2 All logical and well-reasoned responses. weep

Author's Response on March 02, 2017 06:44am

Thank you!

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Gort commented on Chapter 10 on February 06, 2017 05:49pm Liked

Viciously wonderful. You write all of this so well.  

Author's Response on February 07, 2017 11:12am

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Cryptwarmer commented on Chapter 10 on February 02, 2017 07:27pm Liked

 you got moxie kid. pull no punches. This one got me big time with him brutalizing Dawn and Willow's feelings all over the place, wanting her friend back, wanting to be compassionate but heck, by this time, with all the craziness going on, hard to know what that even looks like anymore. 

I'm terrified xander might not make it, and i'm not sure you wouldn't be willing to "go there".

**bites nails furiously waiting for update

Author's Response on February 03, 2017 03:07am

All the action in this chapter and the previous chapter worn me out - glad to have you around to help. The next chapter will be quieter. Need to catch my breath a little. 

I'm still torn over killing Xander or not. On one hand, Xander's death will make the story uglier and that's very interesting to explore, especially when the First wears Xander's face to the Scoobies and Spike in particular. On the other hand, XANDER IS MY BABY!!! If Joss had chickened out on killing him S7, imagine how difficult it'll be for me.  

Cryptwarmer Replied on February 03, 2017 11:16am

As hard as it is to read some of the tough stuff you're dishing out, it makes for one hell of a story! I know Xander is your love, so do right by him,, the First wearing Xander's face and messing with Spike!!!! That could be solid gold. 

I promise I'll stick with you no matter what! 

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nojiri23 commented on Chapter 10 on February 01, 2017 10:48pm Liked


Author's Response on February 03, 2017 03:00am

I know!

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 10 on February 01, 2017 05:39pm Liked

Man the FE has really set Spike up for a hellish bunch of hate and fear.  Dawn may never have the same feeling for him that she once did even when the truth comes out.

I liked Willow recognizing the pain and remorse filled horror Spike is feeling when the FE lets go. She doesn't know what's going on of course but at least she recognizes it and that might help her to understand when they start to fit the pieces together. Her seeing Tara is a BIG clue that something wicked has come.

Glad Buffy is in his corner and I think Xander will be as well once he can talk and explain.

Excellent and chilling chapter.


Author's Response on February 03, 2017 03:00am

Willow saw similarities between what went on with Spike here and what had happened to her last year when she put Dawn in danger after spinning out of control with magic. She was on the way to sympathize with him until the news about Xander dying because of Spike broke, all the sympathy Willow had for Spike vanished in a snap. 

Buffy will always be on Spike's corner because she knows he was controlled and will do whatever it takes to help him out. 

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