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kittyfajitas commented on Chapter 12 on April 10, 2019 06:06pm Liked

 I was so involved I clicked 'next' before leaving my review. Excellent chapter! Buffy now knows she can do some sexy stuff, but is still stuck on that soulist nonsense. Now let's see if that's Oz that just got dropped in the tank with them!

Author's Response on April 11, 2019 04:45am

Well, Spike's making her use her brain about it all. 

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OffYourBird commented on Chapter 12 on June 23, 2017 08:49pm Liked

“Do it again,” she whispered. - Oh, Buffy... this entire scene was achingly, beautifully done. A young woman who doesn't know much about her curse or her body and who feels ashamed by pleasure and can't separate it from actual evil thoughts... her poor head is so muddled. Thank goodness for a loving and (as needed) kind partner to help her through it. 

And also.. I sort of want to slap her still, for demeaning Spike's feelings as not real, when all he's been doing has been TEACHING HER HOW TO FEEL (well, feel coherently). Sigh.

But it wouldn't be Buffy if I didn't simultaneously feel for her and want to slap her, I guess.

but it was too fragile, too precious to try and pin down. If you put a pin in a butterfly, or even a night-flying moth, it dies. - lovely writing.

.... Oh shit. I think Oz just arrived.

Author's Response on June 27, 2017 11:58pm

She needed SO much, and wanted so desperately.... Thank god for Spike, really. He gets it. He understands.

But Spike taught Canon Buffy how to feel too, and she dismissed canon Spike as well. It's a normal character trait for poor confused Buffy.

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flootzavut commented on Chapter 12 on November 04, 2016 08:53am Liked

Envenomed Spike was kind of hilariously cute, admitting how he used to watch her.

Author's Response on November 04, 2016 10:57am

Spike was cute, and sad, and totally vulnerable right there.

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 12 on October 24, 2016 04:33pm Liked

Leave it to Spike to be thinking about matters of the heart while in the belly of the beast.  Priorities don't change and he's always been that way.  As a human he preferred to think on things of beauty and as a vampire he is still love's bitch.  He both leads with his heart but also thinks through its filter.  Poor sod.

Buffy was golden and vibrant, a sunlight of a creature, compared to Dru’s moonlight of ethereal pale darkness. Love this accurate description.

Because once again he found himself in the arms of, and trying desperately to care for, one of Angel’s girls. True in canon and true here.  Buffy was so badly damaged by Angel either way.

Poor Spike thinking she was asleep and declaring his heart only to have her react so forcefully and predictably “Shut up!” she snarled. “Shut up, no you don’t!”  She isn't ready to accept that a soulless vampire can love for one thing. She also isn't up to letting anyone in at this point.  She has shielded her heart and he's making breeches that terrify her.  “Is that what you wanted?” Slayer snapped at him when she was done.  Much easier to tell herself that the words were a manipulation, a way to get sexual gratification from her.  Poor Spike deserved better for a first encounter with her but at least he doesn't seem to feel violated.  

Why can’t you be evil, for god’s sake, if you’re going to be evil! That would be nice and convenient wouldn't it?  Her whole view of black and white that has been pretty much unchanged even though she is now a vampire as well.  The soul is still what she clings to as being the divider just as she did where Angel was concerned.  Spike has always put a spanner in the works where that was concerned and she has terrible difficulty dealing with a world with a full spectrum of colors including greys.

She is so lucky that Spike does understand her so very well.  He also knows the source of so many of her issues. No. Slayer was strong. She was torn up inside, just like Dru was, but instead of her mind, it was her heart Angel had shattered.  Exactly.  He is also right that Angel makes the messes but does nothing to stay and deal with them afterward.  The whole reason he was turned was so they could pawn Dru off on someone else.

Well written fight scene with the kerberos and great description of the creature too.  Poor Spike already running on low blood wise and now envenomed.  Lovely slurring way of showing how weakened he is too. They are both in need of a decent feed.

Whenever she hungered for how he’d torture her. I had to play how he’d turned her, over and over again, and I don’t like doing it!” He rolled off Buffy and stared back at the ceiling. He’d never realized how much he’d hated doing it until now. “Never again,” he murmured. “Not replaying how he turned you, not doing it.”  Yes that's how it would feel to him given how she was turned.  Buffy's motivations are not the same as Dru's were but they would feel that way to Spike.

A werewolf!  When I first read this I though...GOD NOT OZ, hope it's Verucca.  Yeah this is muddy territory for Buffy. Werewolves were a challenge to the black and white from the start and not just because of Oz.  Human for all but 3 nights of the month and likely souled they were demons but not.  Now when they have something with human blood (which they badly need) she's going to be torn.  Spike is more practical.  He needs to feed and this werewolf is not some innocent at least not at the moment.  I know what his choice is going to be.  They are going to have to kill it anyway after all, don't waste a food source.






Author's Response on October 24, 2016 09:53pm

Yeah, Spike has terrible timing when it comes to falling in love. Terrible.

No, Spike doesn't feel actively violated (I don't think that's an easy thing for him to feel, given his history with Drusilla, Darla, and of course Angelus) but fortunately the sexual encounter didn't end there, either. I think if it had it would have been harder to accept.

Spike is, of course, PAINFULLY confusing for her. Even with her own current role, trying to keep vampires from killing, she knows they're doing it for a reason -- she gave them incentive. Spike's incentive is completely invisible to her, and she is finding it painful to think that it might actually be some form of altruism. That cannot be! And if he's like that, why wasn't Angel? Even as a vampire herself, she can't wrap her head around it.

The problem with Oz. vs. Verruuca, Veruca KNEW she was killing people, and didn't care. That's a corrupted soul right there.


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EllieRose101 commented on Chapter 12 on October 16, 2016 11:22pm Liked

Wait. Is the dog thing a human that's been turned into a beast by magic, or is it a beast that is full of human blood? 

Author's Response on October 16, 2016 11:50pm

It's a werewolf.

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ginar369 commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 01:13pm Liked

Oh sweet... Tell me that isn't Oz???

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 04:22pm

But that would be telling.... 

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 11:32am

Poor Spike, in love with the wrong person at the wrong time. He sees the similarities between then and now. Once again he has to take care (and love) people that Angelus has broken, trying to heal them.

Spike admitting he love her got a strong reaction from Buffy. It's the temptation of course, if she can pretend that he can't feel and is acting evil all the time, then it's easier for her to resist. It's  also a temptation to get rid of the soul. If Spike is able to love and not acting evil without a soul, why should she allow herself to be miserable with one? It's the fear of what she can do that makes her worry so much for losing the soul.

I like how Spike said that he didn't want to play at being Angel. That poisoning brought som memories he didn't like. 

A werewolf, will this be Oz then? Even if it isn't, I can see a lot of problems from Slayer about this.

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 04:23pm

Spike is in a bad space. He's kinda stuck... Literally and in all figurative ways. 

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annamatte commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 09:44am Liked

Another excellent chapter! I'm really enjoying your story. You have an incredible talent for writing Buffy and Spike. 

A werewolf...I didn’t expect that. I can't wait to see what they will decide to do. I think that will be a big problem for Buffy. Usually in those situations, morality loses its meaning. Self-preservation and/or feelings take over. So I'm really curious. And I hope the werewolf isn't Oz.

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 04:38pm

Aww, thank you very much! 

This is a shade of grey do what you have to situation, it really is. 

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All4Spike commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 09:13am Liked

I can't decide which one of them is more miserable right now. The only thing either of them has going for them is the growing trust and selfless support from the other one.  hug

So now Buffy knows Angel either lied about the curse, or didn't bother to look into it closely enough, but she's not yet prepared to admit that his argument insisting that soulless demons can't love is so much bullsh*t...

And I thought it couldn't get worse. I thought wrong. If this is Oz... Oh boy... brickwall

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 06:22pm

Buffy thinks it wasn't looked into well enough. Which is clear. And I'm SURE she finds that annoying.

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angelic_amy commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 06:14am Liked

Brilliant chapter! I love love loved this one, because Spike finally vocalised his feelings! And it was done in such a beautiful way. I am thoroughly enjoying the storyline, your Spike is phenomenal, and you've got me liking vamp!Buffy. So well done! Looking forward to your next update.

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 04:27pm

Yeah, Spike couldn't keep it quiet for much longer. He was pretty much stuck from the moment it happened. He can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to how he feels.... 

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 04:28pm

Oh, and I'm SO glad I got you liking at least this vamp!Buffy. 


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Lou commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 06:08am Liked

I'm hoping Buffy will realise how noble Spike is being -- and at last something might be going their way!

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 04:24pm

Going their way, or going very very badly. One or the other.


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Ubikoctober commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 05:45am Liked

Please tell me that isn't Oz! Although if it was Veruca I'm all for them killing her and feeding from her.

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 04:24pm


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Spikelover88 commented on Chapter 12 on October 12, 2016 03:01am

Great chapter

Author's Response on October 12, 2016 03:09am


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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 11:47pm Liked

Yay, hot mess now with more hotness! And not unkind, eventually. Nice. :)

"soulist" haha Yes, exactly.

If Spike eats Oz, Buffy will be upset.

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 11:52pm

Very soulist. But very very hot...

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ladypeyton commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 11:27pm Liked

 Oh no! Please don't be Oz! scared

Loved it!

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 11:40pm

Hide! Flee!

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kerry220 commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 11:23pm Liked

Not the way I wanted Oz in the story!  They'll save 'im!

..and "soulist" made me lol! 

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 11:27pm

Well, soulist arrogance is most assuredly what she's got going, you know...

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Rkf22 commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 09:58pm

Excellent work can't wait for more

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 10:02pm


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Flowerofthewolf commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 09:51pm Liked

Can we please make the werewolf Veruca and not Oz?

And as for the initiative, are they trying to see what it will take for Spike and Buffy to turn on each other? 

Also, Spike's confession of love might have been sweet if they weren't in a cage, and if Buffy wasn't emotionally ruined at the moment from her time with Angel. I hope some of it got through to her, but its hard to say.

But Spike’s heart had always been an elusive and impetuous creature, and it had decided,Now!


I loved that line, and think it is a most fitting way to describe Spike's nature and overall actions.

Thanks for another great update!

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 10:03pm

Wretched Spike heart, impatient thing, can't choose a better time or place...!

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Rezol87 commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 09:43pm Liked

A werewolf, I hope it isn't Oz , either way, oz or not Buffy won't be happy to kill it. (Veruca maybe?) love the fluff and the sexy times. Also love Spike opening up while poisoned.

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 09:46pm

Everything happening at once. Gotta love the fluffy sexytimes.

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Kereea commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 09:11pm

Oh please don't let it be Oz...

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 09:23pm

Wouldn't that be awful?

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kasumi commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 08:57pm Liked

OOO A werewolf! I hope it's not Oz! This is a really interesting story :)

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 09:00pm


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yellowb commented on Chapter 12 on October 11, 2016 08:49pm Liked

Oh my.  I hope that's not Oz; Buffy would never get over it.


Also:  soulist.  She's totally a soulist. 

Author's Response on October 11, 2016 08:54pm

I know, right? Soulist!

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