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kittyfajitas commented on Chapter 3 on April 10, 2019 02:08pm Liked

Spike was driving even me crazy with that harassment. And oh, no! Not the commandos!

Author's Response on April 11, 2019 04:38am

Yep. Here comes Riley and co. 

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nmcil commented on Chapter 3 on March 26, 2019 04:45pm

Nice transition - I take it the Faith "let's feed her to Angel" is the event or Not.  Wonderful variations and uses of the series events.  I've been doing a lot of thinking again on how cruel and cold Buffy could be at times and particularly on how much the character and writers used the idea of "evil vampire" on Spike to allow for her, IMO, black/white perspective of Good/Evil.

Another excellent theme you brought in is the premise of potential behavioral change for other vamps, not only the Magical Soul Vampire as have the potential for change out of "normal vampire" existence.  

Author's Response on March 26, 2019 07:15pm

A lot of it is based on Harmony, who apparently just needed a salary and the occasional check up to decide not to kill people. I always thought Buffy could be cold sometimes, and actually loved that about her -- that she wasn't always the perfect, caring, loving heroine. I actually think that's one of the things that brought her and Spike together, that she COULD be cold and hard and sharp around him, and he was okay with that. 

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EffulgentEllie commented on Chapter 3 on July 25, 2017 02:28pm Liked

Oh! I assumed, after hearing her call the others her brothers, that Angel had sired her, but it sounds like it's going to be an interesting tale. I'm just as curious as Spike. And the Initiative? Uh-oh.

Author's Response on July 27, 2017 12:30am

You're right, but it's all very complicated. Spike's fascinated.

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Cohava commented on Chapter 3 on July 12, 2017 08:30am

Ooh, Buffy's physicality is slightly different as a vampire... I like it, it's the kind of subtle detail that makes her transformation more poignant. Love the "both knew how to play a look" line... yeah, Spike and Buffy are both very image conscious, maybe a little vain. It's one of the many little things they have in common.

Spike really doesn't know when to shut up... and Buffy is not really good at dealing with her emotions: lethal mix. Loved how their fight progressed: it didn't really feel serious on Spike's part, he was not trying to kill her; just a little "getting-to-know-you-fight" (you know, as vampires do). But Buffy got more and more worked out, as he poked her just where it hurt. Spike's insight into Angel's character was perfectly on point, as his assessment of Angel's "great" seduction technique... I found his possessiveness towards Buffy amusing though, in a I-know-better sort of way. For all his talking about "Slayer of Slayers" and Slayers being "his" thing, there must have been several Slayers between Nikki and Buffy, and many more between the Chinese Slayer (Xin Rong?) and Nikki. All doubtlessly killed by all sorts of Big Bads, and he never bothered about any of them. It's almost like he's downplaying his obsession with Buffy the person...

Finally, the commando attack. Honestly, the first time I read this story I was absolutely stunned. What?! Here's the set-up, I thought, Buffy's being vamped, Spike's back in town, they've just begun to get to know each other and now... BANG! (Well, no. That comes later). You know what I mean, it was a sudden game changer for me. I wasn't expecting it, or at least not like this, not so soon. Thank god you post fast!



Author's Response on August 04, 2017 04:55am

It was great trying to figure out the differences Spike would see in Buffy-As-Vampire. I figured it would come out most strongly in how she fought... and he knew how she fought! He really did know her well even before she turned.

Spike had to poke her where it hurt, though. Had to. Otherwise he wouldn't know how hard she could hit.

As for the initiative, someone had to sort them out. Yeah, they're a little early, but, you know, Spike was being very obvious with that fight...

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OffYourBird commented on Chapter 3 on June 02, 2017 02:41pm Liked

It WAS Angel!! Ugh, his lack of restraint is just depressing. Not to mention, he pulled a freaking Lawson on her, just abandoning her straight out.

And WHOA didn't think about the Initiative. Uh oh sad2

Author's Response on June 03, 2017 02:04pm

Yep. The whole thing was Angel acting like Angel and pulling an Angel on her... He's such an Angel.

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flootzavut commented on Chapter 3 on November 04, 2016 07:23am Liked

"But he was unconscious before he could bitch about it."


I just noticed this is finished, so since I'm trying to eke out "Otherwise" and not leave myself at a loose end, I figured I'd read this!

I am curious how Angel managed to turn her by accident... my best guess is that it has to do with when he needed Slayer blood to cure the poison.


Author's Response on November 04, 2016 10:52am

And all your reviews have officially bumped Slayer Rising above Care in review numbers! *notices bizarre things like this*


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EllieRose101 commented on Chapter 3 on October 14, 2016 11:17pm Liked

Finally getting back to this, and damn! An accident. Pretty sure I've figured out what happened, now. 

Spike's right, Buffy did deserve better than that. 

Grr to Angel, and sod those bloody soldiers, too! *pouts indignantly* 

Author's Response on October 14, 2016 11:38pm

Yeah. An ACCIDENT indeed. Bloody Angel.


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AGriffinWriter commented on Chapter 3 on October 09, 2016 02:58pm

Oh, so Angel must have gone too far when she was healing him with her blood?  The great selfish poof!

Yikes! Commandos! As if Buffy didn't already have enough on her plate.

Author's Response on October 09, 2016 04:51pm

Yeah. Angel's a selfish berk, and should have his head bashed in.

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yellowb commented on Chapter 3 on October 07, 2016 08:55pm Liked

Oh, that's just fantastic plotting.  I'm so glad I'm playing catch-up and can read a bunch of chapters at once!

Author's Response on October 07, 2016 09:03pm

I'm just glad you're reading! Thanks!

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thenewbuzwuzz commented on Chapter 3 on October 06, 2016 01:12am Liked

"She should still be living and breathing and heading to school, so that he could rip her out of that life and show her the ending she deserved!" Riiiight, Spike. :)

"She didn't bite. On his bait, anyway." :D

"If she took his head clean off with a single blow, he wouldn't have time to tell her what a glorious strike that was." ... Priorities. :)

(The Initiative! O crap!)

Author's Response on October 06, 2016 04:23am

I love all the bits you picked out!

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DarkVoid116 commented on Chapter 3 on October 05, 2016 12:09am

Slaypire is just an awesome word. Don't know why I like it so much, but I do.

I have literally never heard the word "lorry". I'm gonna look that one up.

Lines I like:

- “I refuse to believe it was any of the pissant nits in this sorry-ass burg" This is such an amazing line. Four amazing words here. Pissant, nits, sorry-ass, and burg all were great word choices here. 

- "Angel's wheelchair bound fluff poodle" It's such a good Buffy taunt, lol. I can see her throwing it in Spike's face. 

- "Angel? Angel did this?" No words necessary.

Plot point I like:

- The fight between Spike and Slayer was a good call. Spike antagonized Buffy so well, especially around S4, and this plays well on that. I loved, loved that  Spike was appalled that Angel turned Buffy by accident. 

- The Initiative angle. I was not expecting that, even if I should have been. It's gonna be great to see the Initiative dismantled from inside with the two of them in there. Has Slayer met Riley? If she's not on campus, most likely she has not. Will that matter? I have a little trouble visualizing Slayer, since you've said she's a bit paler, I can't picture it. That said, I would assume Riley would still be physically attracted to her since he found her gorgeous in canon. Will they be able to use that to help them out, if it comes into play?

- Did Buffy take out Sunday? Did the Commandos? Has Buffy interacted with Parker at all? That happened around Sunday, too. I'm also curious about Kathy, the soul-sucking roommate.

- I like that Spike literally tried to explore every avenue he could think of before going to Willow and later Buffy.


Spike's taunts, dialogue, everything about him is so in-character in this chapter. It was my favorite part of this chapter, I think. He messes up over and over again in interactions with Buffy during the show, so it's nice to see that unchanged. 


Another excellent chapter, Sig. Curious to see what happens here.

Author's Response on October 05, 2016 04:51pm

Slaypire IS an awesome word. I didn't make it up, either, but given a choice to use it, WATCH ME!

You'd never heard lorry? It's Brit for semi-truck.

Slayer hasn't met Riley yet. She will! This will be a very different introduction....

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nojiri23 commented on Chapter 3 on October 04, 2016 10:09pm Liked


Author's Response on October 04, 2016 10:49pm


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kasumi_chan commented on Chapter 3 on October 04, 2016 11:17am Liked

Both of them kidnapped by the commandos? That's interesting! And NOW I'm really curious about what happened with big forehead.

Author's Response on October 04, 2016 06:06pm

Thou shalt find out soon!


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Kate of Katehall commented on Chapter 3 on October 04, 2016 01:03am

Yeah Spike, you keep telling yourself you only wanted her to be alive so you could kill her yourself ;-)

Damn the Initiative! At least they are together now, so they might get out sooner. Great chapter!

Author's Response on October 04, 2016 01:31am

Yeah, Spike. Keep telling yourself that. Keep on. It won't shatter your world so much if you keep putting it that way.

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Sunalso commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 06:57pm Liked

I was wondering when the soldier boys were going to show up! Spike taunting and fighting her (in an echo of HLOD) was rather enjoyable.

Oh boy, an accident, poor Buffy :( She really did deserve better.

Author's Response on October 03, 2016 09:41pm

She deserved SO much better!

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fyreburned commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 03:40pm Liked

Well, didn't expect The Initiative! I should've caught on when you mentioned the college campus, and when Spike thought she should've enrolled in college classes.

Author's Response on October 03, 2016 09:40pm

Oh, yeah, the initiative has their head all up in Slayer's business...

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 12:40pm

Spike put a lot of pride in his Slayer fights and in his mind, Buffy was his to kill. It fits him to be obsessed with figuring out who took his price, so to say. He looked all over Sunnydale for a powerful enough vampire. Buffy of course don't want him to know, the fact that Angel turned her and left her must feel like a big betrayal. We can see how much it pains Buffy. In Spike's thoughts we can also see his respect for her. He did want to kill her, but he also wanted her to have a death worthy of a warrior.

Now they both have big problems, the most horrible enemy in the Buffy world is here.

Author's Response on October 03, 2016 12:55pm

Yeah, they're in dire straits already.

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Chrissel commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 08:52am Liked

OMG! I never even thought about the stupid Initiative!  Grrr! 

Author's Response on October 03, 2016 12:12pm

Oh, yes, they had to rear their ugly head....

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All4Spike commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 08:45am Liked

Aha! So Angel drank too much to cure himself of the poison, and decided to 'save' Buffy by turning her. Then of course, he felt so guilty, he left her to fend for herself. Typibloodycal.

Aaaargh! Both captured! Time for another truce to escape.

Buffy's boys aren't going to be happy she's disappeared... and naturally Xander will blame Spike...

Getting better and better!

Author's Response on October 03, 2016 12:10pm

Bloody Angel and his bloody guilt which doesn't actually change his behavior any...

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angelic_amy commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 03:41am

Fantastic chapter! I liked learning more about how Buffy was turned, and am looking forward to finding out the story behind the accident. Perfect timing by the bloody initiative though. Well done. 

Author's Response on October 03, 2016 05:15am

Oh, yeah. The "Accident".

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pfeifferpack commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 03:11am Liked

It was more than curiosity. If this question wasn’t answered it was likely to become a full blown obsession.  I am right there with him LOL.  I wonder if it was Angel?  Maybe she was wounded and dying and he decided to turn her to "save" her thinking they could put the soul into her immediately and she'd be fine.  When she came to very not happy he just left?  He was always up for making decisions for her after all why not the one about life and death?

it must have taken a real beast to take you out, slayer! Not as if Angel the great-and-wonderful would sire you his bleeding self.” I'M right!  I just know it!!!!  If not then Spike and I are at leaast on the same wave length.  

Spike might say to himself that he wants to take out the vamp who did this because they took away his right to the kill but really he does not want Buffy to have been turned at all.  Poor sod already loves her, we know this from canon...what Dru told him.  He is angry FOR her because he knows she didn't want this!

Yeah I am right.  It was Angel.  An accident?  Did he fall over her dying form and drip blood into her then decide to at least do it properly?  No wonder he left her the mansion.  Guilt.  Instead of staying and helping her to cope he left her to figure things out on her own like he did Lawson.  What a great freaking hero.  Wonder if it was when he nearly drained her after he was poisoned?  Maybe in this verse there was no nealy about it.  Not an accident if that's the case.  If that's when it happened it was because he had absolutely NO self control, no control over the demon and we know that's how he truly is.

The beat down reminds me of Dead Things.  I don't think she's too mad at Spike.  I think the anger she has is about her situation, having been turned in the first place, having been abandoned, having the soul that makes her neither human nor regular vampire, not having been staked immediately once everyone knew what had happened.  She's furious with Willow and Angel but can't bring herself to blame them properly and take it out on them so Spike is the lucky target.  Just like Dead Things!  Brilliant.

DAMN!  I've been half expecting the Initiative and here they are.  This is going to get interesting.  They are both likely to get chipped now BUT they will have to work together to get out of that lab.  

Wonder what the vamps of Sunnydale will do without her there to run things?

This is going to get exciting.

Excellent.  Love the direction of this story.



Author's Response on October 03, 2016 05:33am

Noticed that about the accident, huh? Just like "Yeah, I didn't mean to sleep with her, it was an accident!" Yeah, he left her the mansion, and probably a bunch of other stuff, and I'm sure he's just SWIMMING in guilt. You know. Just how he likes it.

No, this anger isn't at Spike. He's just dredging up things she doesn't want to think about, and then even demanding he talk about them. It's like, okay, thanks, spike, now twist the knife COUNTER clockwise.


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Spikelover88 commented on Chapter 3 on October 03, 2016 02:00am

Great chapter

Author's Response on October 03, 2016 02:12am

... *nods sagely* Thank you.

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annamatte commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 11:47pm Liked

 I'm really enjoying this story! I didn’t expect the ending. Great chapter!

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 11:50pm

Yeah, everything's proper starting, now!

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Rezol87 commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 09:11pm Liked

Oooo it was when Faith got him with the arrow wasn't it!? Nice twist with the  initiative, I didn't think about them being around. Love it.

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 09:29pm

Kinda looks like it was, doesn't it. And yep, they been caught!

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Rkf22 commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 08:21pm

Great work can't wait for more

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 08:22pm


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Ubikoctober commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 08:18pm Liked

I'm really looking forward to the explanation of how could Angel turn Buffy accidentally... ;)

Also want to see Buffy and Spike together in the initiative it seems like a great idea :)

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 08:20pm

Yeah it was one of those, "What, you tripped, fell over, and your fangs landed in her throat? And you figured since you were there already...."

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slaymesoftly commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 08:10pm

Ah - getting better and better. 

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 08:19pm


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kasumi commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 07:37pm Liked

I was wondering if they were going to get caught. Ohhhh man.

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 07:51pm

Yep. Trouble in Sunnydale.

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Flowerofthewolf commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 07:36pm Liked

I like how Spikes motivation for wanting Buffy alive just so he could have the honor of killing her.

So her turning was an accident... I'm trying to picture how this scenario would happen, but will just have to wait see how it went down.

The initiative possibly...? Spike and Buffy may have to help each other in the conflict ahead. Prison break anyone?

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 07:50pm

But indeed! In all cases.

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 07:52pm

And of course it wasn't an actual "Accident". She just likes to think of it that way.

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tshe4323 commented on Chapter 3 on October 02, 2016 07:31pm Liked

OMG.. update soon..I'm hooked this is getting very interesting

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 07:33pm

Is tomorrow too soon?

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