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bmerb commented on Chapter 1 on January 12, 2021 04:10pm

Ya that makes sense. More like the seriously boneless, blissed part. Definitely seems somewhat explosive for the one feeding 

Author's Response on January 12, 2021 04:25pm


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bmerb commented on Chapter 1 on January 12, 2021 04:00pm

Oooh fun to know. Sort of reminded me (as you wrote it) of a cross between the oxytocin hit of nursing combined with the intense oxytocin and dopamine of orgasm. Mmm

Author's Response on January 12, 2021 04:05pm

Yeah, I think there was probably that mixed in, too, but I think it's less of an explosion. In any case... seems like fun! Dangerous fun. 

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Holi117 commented on Chapter 1 on September 22, 2019 12:42pm Liked

Really enjoyed the story :) 

Author's Response on September 22, 2019 07:37pm

Thank you for reading! 

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kittyfajitas commented on Chapter 1 on April 10, 2019 01:23pm Liked

Oh poor Spike! No killing the Slayer for you!

After finishing Immortal, I decided to stave off the fic hangover with some more Sigyn fic! Hopefully you won't get annoyed with getting comments all over older stories. You've got a few I haven't gotten to, yet.

Author's Response on April 11, 2019 04:37am

Annoyed? You're mad! I love comments! I love them on older stories! 

Yep, Spike's not getting any slayer tonight. 

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Pixiecorn commented on Chapter 1 on November 03, 2017 04:21am Liked

You did a really great job! I loved how torn she was with the soul as well as her new vampire instincts. The dynamics and relationship between Buffy and Spike was really well written. Loved it! xx

Author's Response on November 03, 2017 05:45am

Yeah, the soul was tough on Slayer. Spike helped her out, though. Thanks!

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Freakypet commented on Chapter 1 on August 26, 2017 04:30am

Awesome incredible story!! Totally adored it!!


But poor Ludo!!! Hope he was okay.


Definitely a favourite now!!

Author's Response on August 26, 2017 03:27pm

Ludo made it out. Remember, Buffy let all the other demons free. Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it.

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nmcil commented on Chapter 1 on July 28, 2017 04:09am

Another wonderful Sigyn to read - been wanting to read this one and the Buffy turned period way back to Graduation time is interesting - immediately makes the reader want to know how things are so different from series events.  In fact, Harm, this new firm she mentions and the Buffy with vamps and demons relationship are all interesting elements that draw the reader right in.  

Excellent treatment for Spike - a combination of the Big Bad and the Love's Bitch and vulnerable Spike.

Author's Response on July 28, 2017 09:59pm

I was hoping it would be interesting to people. I wanted to see how a vamp!Buffy would turn out in my head.

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EffulgentEllie commented on Chapter 1 on July 24, 2017 10:22pm Liked

When I saw this story was featured it reminded me that I've had it on my bookshelf for a bit now, saving it for a rainy day. Congrats, by the way, and this was a great start.

Author's Response on July 26, 2017 11:06pm

biggrin I'm glad! I really wanted to try my hand at a Vamp!Buffy piece after I did a Vamp!Dawn.

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Cohava commented on Chapter 1 on July 05, 2017 09:29am

The first time I read this story, I just inhaled it all in one go,but now I've decided to read it again, more slowly, and... wow.

I'd forgotten how much I like your Spike. He's passionate, callous and a jerk, evil but ALIVE. He's very canon, only deeper and more fleshed out. I loved the bit of interaction with Harmony; the bit about shagging/carpeting made me chortle, and I like how you portrayed his attraction to her--both genuine and a reflection of his attraction to Buffy. And his line about having "cheap, meaningless sex" in  his car is perfect, very Spike. He's so impatient--he wants to have sex with her, but can't be arsed to work too much for it (and knows he can get away with it, too).

And aww, the whole bar laughing at Spike... I truly felt for him. Somewhere deep inside, there's still that bumbling poet who couldn't stand to be made fun of. I loved how unsettled he is, clinging to his reputation for recognition. And his reaction to seeing Buffy is fantastic... Nothing left worth living for, indeed. I like how it blends together everything he feels about Buffy right now: h does genuinely like her, but she's also a symbol of his self-worth, his mission--Killing Slayers is his biggest accomplishment, and to have *his* prey stolen from him, just like that... And of course, he also senses that Buffy is not comfortable in her own skin as a vampire. Dead-eyed. I believe he always loved the life in her, and her becoming a vampire hasn't *just* killed her, but dulled her spirit. Yeah, I can understand why he feels, for a moment, that life has ended for him too.

Author's Response on July 28, 2017 11:44pm

These reviews have been so in-depth and detailed, I'm totally blown away! *tries to respond*

Spike in this one is, of course, canon until faced with a dead Buffy, and it blows him to pieces. Buffy was HIS! But no longer... (untill... well.) I always had a soft spot for Harmony, and I don't dismiss their relationship as being nothing. It wasn't a good relationship, but I always figured he did have genuine affection for her. You don't play 20 questions with someone you don't like at all. And of course he can get away with it. He's hot, she's a fledge, he's an elder, and he's loads smarter than her. Just... convince her to do what she wants to do, anyway. Shouldn't take long. And in this instance, he realizes he has to be clear, 'cause she's too dumb for coy.

Yeah, that moment of the bar laughing at him. I wanted him to have that feeling, that same poor bloody-awful poet feeling. And Buffy put him there... without even having to lift a finger. And she's not the glorious slayer he set out to kill anymore! All his dreams were taken from him in that moment.

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flow commented on Chapter 1 on June 30, 2017 05:15am

This one was actually the last of all of your stories that I have read because I didn`t like the idea of Buffy being a vampire. I was really close to skip this one completely. What a loss that would have been for me. Just now this is my favorite story of them all ! I love all the word games and the talking and the ....other things between Buffy and Spike while they are being Held captive by the initiative.

This one is really great ! Loved it ! Thank you so much for it !

Author's Response on June 30, 2017 11:33pm

After writing Vampire Dawn in Darkest Dawn, I wanted to see what a vampire Buffy would be like, so I tried this challenge out. And it was actually pretty fun! I'm glad you took a chance on it, and I'm glad you liked it. Thanks so much!

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OffYourBird commented on Chapter 1 on June 02, 2017 12:22pm Liked

Such a fun opening! Loved this bit of off-camera scene brought to life and then turned on its head! Heh, we all always knew why Spike chose Harmony, but I get such a kick out of Spike's list. Closest thing to fucking the Slayer, isn't it, Spike?

And Buffy the (good?) Big Bad! Heh, poor Spike... all his evil plans dashed.

*glares suspiciously at Angel*

Author's Response on June 03, 2017 01:54pm

Yeah, poor Spike. And your suspicious look at Angel is not unwarranted....

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on Chapter 1 on October 18, 2016 09:46pm Liked

Aww, poor, bewildered Spike

Brilliant beginning but then I never doubted it would be! x

Author's Response on October 18, 2016 10:35pm

Aww! Thanks!

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Mikkalenko commented on Chapter 1 on October 17, 2016 11:56pm

First of all, thank you for timely updates. Like I prefer reading stories that are completed but due to over a year of being on this site there are far and few in between that I haven't already read so for me to read a story that's still in the works I loved knowing I didn't have to wait weeks on end for an update. Even weekly updates tend to make me anxious and I don't always remember what I read last. Lol.

Second of all I am so glad you chose this idea I had seen it when the banners were first designed and ad i have said before I love Vampire buffy stories. So I was glad that it was an option and you choose to write it.

Lastly as usual I loved your work. Great job and I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future :) 

Lol I guess now I can move this from book shelf to favorites ^.^

Author's Response on October 18, 2016 04:24am

Aww! You are so awesome. After writing Vampire Dawn I was sort of wanting to try a Vampire Buffy, so when I saw the challenge, it seemed like a perfect excuse. I'm so glad you liked it, and that my frequent updates were helpful! There is, of course, LOTS more stories where this one came from. I hope you enjoy any or all of them! Thanks for reading!


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GillO commented on Chapter 1 on October 17, 2016 06:37pm Liked



Scary ending!

Author's Response on October 17, 2016 06:55pm

Thanks for reading!

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Texdoc commented on Chapter 1 on October 14, 2016 08:15am

I wasn't sure what Slayer was up to with the chip. Knowing how black and white and self righteous the Buffy of canon was, it wasn't implausible to think that she might view the chip as a quasi soul and inflict it on Spike because he killed the werewolf. It wouldn't have been out of character for her to do that to him. I am pleasantly surprised that she didn't sell out Spike. With no Walsh, what becomes of the Initiative? Will Riley become a vigilante and go after Slayer and Spike if they escape. Riley was more than a tad dense, so it wouldn't be a surprise. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Author's Response on October 14, 2016 05:12pm

Lots of things aren't out of character for Buffy. Her character is pretty malleable, which actually makes for an interesting story character. 

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katamaphone commented on Chapter 1 on October 13, 2016 11:51pm

 But....but...Riley's only partially eaten!........You faked me out!!! ...You double whammy fakeout person you!!! I did NOT see that coming! Ding! Dong! The witch is dead!....Will Buffy and Spike escape? Will the Initiative ever be the same? Will Riley still enjoy neck trauma and take long walks in Iowa again? For the answers to these questions and more....stay tuned!.......Can't wait for more!:)

Author's Response on October 14, 2016 02:24am

(Oh, just wait on Riley, we're not done with him yet.)

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ladypeyton commented on Chapter 1 on October 13, 2016 09:27am

I'm hoping that Buffy is psyching Walsh out and that she *doesn't* actually want them to put the chip in Spike's head. That idea makes me sad. Especially after his soliloquy about vampires making choices.

Can't wait until this evening for the next installment!

Author's Response on October 13, 2016 03:33pm

Spike would not be at all happy about chip technology, he really wouldn't.

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AGriffinWriter commented on Chapter 1 on October 09, 2016 01:51pm Liked

 Finally starting on this one! I don't usually read Vamp!Buffy but the premise of this one intrigued me. Lots of potential for her to understand Spike's possibility for good even without a soul.

Anyhow, I loved Spike's bravado in this chapter. And Harmony's air-headedness!! The shag carpet and the lures!!

Whoa, Buffy is badass. :) Great job! On to chapter 2!

Author's Response on October 09, 2016 04:50pm

Yeah, there's a lot of odd VampBuffy sentiment. I figured I'd try one, see what came of it. It seems to work, actually, in this instance anyway. Ah, yes, the shag carpet and the lures! My husband read those and he got the same look on his face Spike got at the "Harmony... is it a sodding breadbox?" question.

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toni_justin commented on Chapter 1 on October 04, 2016 09:12am

Uurrghhh willow aggravates my very soul 😒😒😒

Angel..... well Angel is who he is, let's speak no more of.

I thought Spike got the gem, that might have been helpful. Really excited to see where you go with this applause

Author's Response on October 04, 2016 06:09pm

No, he hadn't gotten around to getting the gem yet. He hadn't even started the dig yet. His world was shattered when he saw Slayer, and there was no point... to any of it... at all....

toni_justin Replied on October 05, 2016 06:53am

That's fair enough,I didn't think about it that way. Just read the new chapter A++++++++++++++

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EllieRose101 commented on Chapter 1 on October 04, 2016 04:51am Liked

*rubs hands together* Oh, I am SO excited for this.

*re-reads the fic description and frowns* Torture? Why has there gotta be torture?! *pouts* 

Really hope I don't end up traumatized, here. I'm trusting you! 

Hell of an opening chapter! 

Author's Response on October 04, 2016 04:56am

It's only torture on a technicality. I consider scientific testing torture.

EllieRose101 Replied on October 04, 2016 06:41am

Oh, right. That's where Riley comes in. 


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tshe4323 commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2016 07:37pm

Perfect.. looking forward to it

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 07:51pm


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angelic_amy commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2016 04:51am Liked

Fantastic start! I haven't read many vamp!Buffy fics because generally I haven't enjoyed how they were written. This, however, was great. Your Spike and Buffy voices were spot on, and I'm intrigued to see how the story unfolds. 

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 06:17pm

I can see how Vamp!Buffy could be done very badly, or dismissively. For myself, I wanted to see if I could do it. Thanks for taking a chance on this one!

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kasumi_chan commented on Chapter 1 on October 02, 2016 03:37am Liked

Hey! There it is, your new creature. It has surprised me, they already met in the first chapter. I'm really curious! Harmony was a bounch of fun. And her working for Buffy? Mmmh. What is she at, these days?

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 06:16pm

Of course they met! Why wouldn't they, gotta get to the meat of the spuffy! Mmm...

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ladypeyton commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2016 07:40pm Liked

What a great start. I love Spike's reaction to the news. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response on October 01, 2016 09:55pm


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FlightsofFancy commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2016 07:28pm Liked

What a drama queen XD I love early era Spike, so that's very enjoyable. I like your take on this already. Can't wait for more. 

Author's Response on October 01, 2016 09:55pm

Oh, yeah, Drama Queen is definitely the operative word.

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Sunalso commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2016 06:55pm Liked

Eeeee! The ending of this just has me grinning. I love the idea that without Buffy alive and kicking the life went right out of Spike, too.

I'm intrigued by the idea of Dru putting Spike on the scent of the Gen of Amara. It's never explained how he figured it out (though I guess it was a plan that worked out- albeit briefly) for him.

Harm always makes me want to gag a little (probably because I knew so many girls in high school like her)- and you've got that going full force here.

I'm excited to see what Spike does next now that his world sort of tumbled down around his ears.

Thank you for another great story!

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 06:08pm

Yeah, poor Spike. There's nothing left without Buffy! Except... it's not ENTIRELY without Buffy.

I actually really like Harm, but I like her as what she is, not something sweet and nice, so.... I always try to reflect her personality properly when I write her.

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DarkVoid116 commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2016 06:50pm

Lines I liked:

- "kill the sign, kill the Slayer" It just works so well with how Spike operated every time he arrived in Sunnydale. His plans always failed, but he tried!

- "There was a bit of a Hey, everyone, cool it, spell that he’d paid for" Dunno what it is about this one, but I love this line. I really like the part in italics.

- "don't admit it's been over a year, Spike, m'lad" This internal monologue of Spike's had me cracking up.

- The final line, and paragraph which preceded it were awesome.

Characterizations I liked:

- Spike: He seemed very in-character. I found his back-and-forth with Harmony very in-canon. I could see it going down that way, complete with him sorta dismissing her because of her ditziness but her first catching his eye because she's hot, blonde and about Buffy's age. 

- Willy: I felt you did Willy some justice. I can see a Vamp!Buffy having control of the demon world, to an extent.

Plot points I liked:

- Drusilla pointing Spike towards the Gem, wanting him and Angelus to get it. It seems like something which could've easily happened in canon.

Things I overall liked:

- I like the idea of a vampire Buffy story done by you, because I know you'll keep aspects of her personality intact and won't need to fully rebuild her character from scratch. She still clearly cares about the citizens of Sunnydale from her words to Spike at the end here. Makes me wonder how/why she cares so much.

Who turned her? How long ago? Harm says near Graduation Day. Did the Ascension happen? When's the canon break? Many, many questions for me to have answered as the story progresses.


I'm obviously very excited to see where this goes. I love Spike here, Buffy's phenomenal in her short cameo, and I liked the brief appearance of Buffy and of Willy, even if Willy's a minor character.


Good job, Sig.


Looking forward to more.

Author's Response on October 02, 2016 07:34pm

This is one of those reviews which are too good to respond to... *hugs it*

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Mikkalenko commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2016 06:44pm

This is the first story i have gotten a chance to start reading for the challenge and im really glad this idea was picked up. I love Vampire!Buffy stories! <3 great start so far I look forward to reading more :)

Author's Response on October 01, 2016 06:51pm

It's gonna be a trip!

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All4Spike commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2016 05:11pm Liked

Oh boy. Turned at Graduation like Harmony... and Spike naturally feels as though there's nothing left to live for. 

I wonder whether Angel hung around...

Can't wait to see where you take them...

Author's Response on October 01, 2016 05:39pm

On a wild and wonderful... well, okay, crappy adventure they both hate.

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Flowerofthewolf commented on Chapter 1 on October 01, 2016 02:56pm Liked

I am going to start off by saying that I'm not the biggest vampire Buffy fan, but the start of your fic is certainly seems to be changing that.

It certainly has an interesting premise, and I can't help but wonder what Spike is going to do now that Buffy isn't technically all slayer anymore.

Is he going to help out at the firm that is going to change the face of Sunnydale? I suppose only time will tell.

I am looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for this one!

Author's Response on October 01, 2016 04:58pm

Thanks for reading! The firm is probably one of the most interesting vampire concepts ever (if I do say so myself.)

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