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Melissanelson1975 commented on Chapter 5 on July 10, 2021 02:19pm Liked

We need a new chapter for this story it’s so good please don’t give up on it 

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Joyce commented on Chapter 5 on June 15, 2021 05:09pm Liked

Xander should not jump off into the deep end like he is thinking of going.  Just be around more demons and let the reality of their being harmless sink in first and get used to it before getting into a work situation.  He’s had years to get his beliefs ingrained.  However work situations have a way of letting folks guards down and their true selves shine.  


That was an abrupt ending but enjoyed the fic!

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Joyce commented on Chapter 4 on June 15, 2021 05:08pm

What the heck is it with the use of “Koro”?  If it was explained,  I don’t get it.  Is it another term affectionate term?  Yeah, it seems like a term of affection with it’s continued use.  


I still use unsweetened bars of chocolate to make my cocoa.  It tastes better than using powdered baking cocoa.  Something about the oil in it I guess.  


“ would be nice to live until I’m ninety..”  That’s written as if reaching 90 is a given for the average person.  Not so.  It's less than 5%.


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Joyce commented on Chapter 3 on June 15, 2021 05:07pm

See my previous comment regarding cell phones, the functions, and the time period.   They were very basic and expensive.  All the bells and whistles came later. 


Re talking about sex. “That’s what females do you talk about boys and sex with each other.”   I grew up in a different time.  Girls did not talk about sex to other girls when I was in school.  Boys, yes, but not about sex.   Intimate details were kept between partners.  


Re doggy style.  Good way to get pregnant.  Totally direct.  


Re Spike and the “other daughter” statement.   They really are not in the best place to be discussing that especially with Spike knowing the sensitivity of demon ears.  

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Joyce commented on Chapter 2 on June 15, 2021 05:06pm

I am surprised that Angel arrived so early…”just after seven”.    It would take two hours for the trip so it seems he must have left in daylight?  I don’t recall him blacking out his windows and , I think, this was before the necro tempered glass at Wolfram & Hart. 


And Riley did not say anything about Dawn being with two vampires even though she is much more vulnerable than Buffy.   Glad to see Buffy standing up to Riley’s ingrained male chauvinism.  


A knife?!  Really?  When Angel is equipped with fangs?! 


Buffy really should rethink her relationship with Riley after his extremely condescending statement of “You’re just a hunter” punctuated by “Riley said with anger.”


I will just bypass that “She set her phone for three hours..” since younger folks think cell phones are ubiquitous with all the bells and whistles regardless of the time period.   Sigh.  Alarm clocks have been around for years.  I really think you younger folks would not be able to function with simply a landline phone.  


Re Riley and her calling.  “..and he was okay with it.” ?!?!  No he wasn’t.  Refer back to the previous condescending!!


Buffy really should not have been surprised by Spike’s acute hearing especially after he mentioned the neighbors arguing about the toilet seat being up.  


Oooh, I really like that wink to Joyce considering the contents of their previous conversation.  

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Joyce commented on Chapter 1 on June 15, 2021 05:05pm

Ooh, I do love how sympathetic Giles is towards Spike in this fic!  He is actually weighing what Spike does and comparing the choice Spike made versus what could have happened.  Eyes opened!!

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gabelou1991 commented on Chapter 3 on November 25, 2020 01:19pm

Personne a remarqué que spike parle de chasser alors que riley disait chasseur buffy est un peu hypocrite. 

En tout celle histoire même si Lucifer n'est pas méchant c'est juste le maître des enfers je sais j'ai vu Lucifer, et c'est bien alex qui a sauvé buffy mais peut-être et c'est la.que ton histoire est bonne est rester une tueuse grâce à la puissance. 

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gabelou1991 commented on Chapter 2 on November 25, 2020 12:19pm

Slt j'aime toujours autant tes histoires et tu le sais ce message n'a pas pour mais SPÉCIALEMENT de défendre riley mais je ne lui donne pas tord non plus et cela fonctionne avec toutes relations ou buffy est dedans ou c'est elle qui est PARFAITE et son mec le monstre qu'ils soient humains ou vampire comme cela nous sommes clair.

Perso je le comprend quand il dit le mot chasseuse pour décrire buffy même si Faith voir Kennedy le sont plus, j'ai toujours eu une préférence pour les brunes, buffy est en ai une aussi et oui.

Elle a beau dire qu'elle est l'élu du ciel mais cela marchait quand elle était là seul et plus maintenant qu'il y a faith alors bien tous n'est pas concret mais elle plus pour moi une agent libre après bien entendu que non elle peut pas ou plus arrêter comme d'ailleurs riley je l'explique apres, elle le veut et des fois cela devient risible et honteux à voir mais quand elle n'est plus spéciale elle n'en veux pas ou est humilier donc au bout d'un moment c'est inscrit dans son ADN par contre avoir une vie à côté oui bien que celle-ci soit impacté par son "devoir" elle n'a jamais réussi à trouve le bon équilibre elle se bat trop et fait trop d'erreur. 

Pour riley, lui aussi ne plus arrêter car pour moi et ayant une expérience militaire tu ne peux pas revenir à la bie civil en claquant des doigts, et je suis sur que riley au début était dégoûté de voir sa première expérience on voit choisir ce mot le problème c'est qu'il doit FERMER sa gueule et faire les choses sinon il ai viré ou pire tue, riley a fait un truc héroïque il s'est engagé il a donné sa vie, sa vie ne lui appartient plus même si il quitte l'armée il sera toujours soldat dans l'âme et aidera son prochain.

Pour les expériences c'est pour la médecine, je ne suis PAS d'accord mais je peux comprendre car la médecine avant grâce a cela et PEUT-ÊTRE Joyce a été sauve grâce à ses expériences, alors le commun des mortels serait dégoûté de connaître et d'apprendre son existence mais tu acquiesce car c'est la vie que l'on vit. Alors c'est totalement compréhensible de comprendre les 2 cotés mais si on doit en choisir un cela serait hypocrite de notre part car on le sait que cela existe mais on n'y peut rien .

Il accepte que buffy ai son travail car oui malheureusement c'est un travail non rémunéré mais vu qu'elle n'est plus LA tueuse bien qu'elle soit la seule active en même temps il ne sont que deux, elle fait qu'elle arrête buffy de croire cela a un moment j'ai des envies de la baffer juste parce qu'elle m'énerve au plus haut point et en plus elle hypocrite et faible de ne pas se faire confiance enfin ceci est une autre histoire. 

Je vais m'arrêter là pour ma petite guelade. 

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Konny commented on Chapter 5 on June 16, 2020 07:36pm Liked


I wanna know what happens next!! So interesting! 

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srbeaver commented on Chapter 5 on December 22, 2018 03:45am Liked

I would love to know how this ends. Riley is awful and needs to go to South America.

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subchan commented on Chapter 5 on November 13, 2018 05:23pm Liked

I really enjoy all your thought out explanations that spike gives. His sex talk with buffy was priceless, and how he got Xander to re think demons for bigger money opportunities was great. I really hope you come back and write more. I really want to read the Slayer of Slayers kicking some hell bitch butt!

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emmanu commented on Chapter 5 on December 15, 2016 01:23pm

Please update soon!

I love this storie.

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Corseted Pirate commented on Chapter 1 on August 31, 2016 07:55pm

You have quite a few grammatical errors, misspelled or missing words, and typos. The story you seem to be trying to write has a great deal of potential from what I can tell in this first chapter. You are in dire need of both a beta and a grammar checker program. 

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maarella commented on Chapter 5 on August 12, 2016 05:00pm

This is a really good story!  I like the changes you have made in Spike and the Scoobies and the changes in Spike's history and slayer history.  I really don't know why Buffy hasn't broken up with Riley though.  The things he has done in this story already are more than enough reason.  It is like she is hanging on when she shouldn't-something I never loved about her character in the series and something I hope changes since she is different and is changing fast in this story.  Just the things he has done and how condescending he is would be enough for most people.  I do like what you have done with Riley here as it makes his personality a little more obvious.  It was obviously in him to a great extent as he never shied away from anything the Initiative did until Buffy.  He believed in the mission entirely and I think you are just bringing that into the light of day more.  I do love the demon community and everything and the history you are doing here.  I also loved that Buffy in this story has realized that she has never fought The Slayer of Slayers and respects Spike as a great fighter. I am hoping in a big way that Joyce won't have to die now.  Big love on the chip removal too!  Looking forward to the update.

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madspuffyfan commented on Chapter 5 on August 12, 2016 12:26pm Liked

Loved it

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Chrissel commented on Chapter 5 on August 11, 2016 11:33pm Liked

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Rkf22 commented on Chapter 5 on August 11, 2016 08:46pm

Excellent start can't wait for more

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magnus374 commented on Chapter 1 on August 11, 2016 03:13pm

I like this. I have a soft spot for when the Scoobies are defending Spike. It seems like we will have a nice Angel in this story too. He's offten a villain so it's  good to see something different. Riley is off ten a villain too, well it does fit him.

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