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honeygirl51885 commented on Frail on December 21, 2021 04:55am Liked

I would write you a longer review but I’m worried my cascading tears are going to short out my phone.  I’m. Literally crying buckets here over this beautifully sad and fulfilling story.  I have to get ready for work and my face is all splotchy!

What is it, love? What do you need?”

“I want…” her breath failed her and she struggled to get the rest out. “…one good day.”

“Ah, Buffy, love. I--” He gave an agonized moan and buried his face in her hair.

“Please,” she whispered. “It’s what I want. To die the way a slayer should - with the vampire who loved me.”

“Loves you,” he choked out. “Loves you so much…”

“Then do it. For me. Let me go, Spike. I want to die knowing I gave you what I could.”

I think I’ve read that section a half dozen times and every time the waterworks start again.  I used to think baby fics were my guilty pleasure, but I’m starting to think these “Buffy dying an old, happy woman” are.  I can’t seem to resist them when they pop up, even though I try desperately cause I know what they do to me.  This was just so lovely, kudos! hearts

Author's Response on December 21, 2021 09:43am

Thank you so much for the kind words. Don't know whether to apologize for the tears or smile because you have them, but I'm glad you enjoyed it (so to speak). :)

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TeamEricNSookie commented on Frail on April 03, 2021 04:50am

I am not sure how many times I've read this story... but everytime it gets me.  With the exception of who she spent her life with I imagine this is exactly how things would go in the end for them. 😢

Author's Response on April 03, 2021 04:33pm

It's probably pretty close - as you say, minus the time spent with Liam. Thank you for reading.

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infinitecrisis commented on Frail on March 26, 2021 01:45pm

 damn, i wish i didn't read this.

Author's Response on March 26, 2021 02:29pm


infinitecrisis Replied on April 23, 2021 10:49pm

Don't be. It is sad though. Wow, I have been reading your comics for more than 10 years or was it 15? I couldn't remember. I used to follow Spuffy Realm a long time ago but I like this site better. Better organization of seasons, categories, new story updates and comments. I even getting reply from the authors. Thank you all for your hard work and spuffy stories. Thank you slaymesoftly. Your callsign is awesome!

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Dynamite commented on Frail on January 24, 2021 07:59am Liked

Nice story, very heartbreaking though I don't really see Spike being able to stay away long if him and Buffy were in a relationship, no matter what she said or Angel/Buffy being able to have a happy marriage (marriage is a partnership and their relationship was always too one sided and very unequal to last). But still a beautiful story. 

Author's Response on January 24, 2021 05:22pm

Thank you.

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Dusty commented on Frail on January 19, 2021 08:06pm Liked

Ahhhhh I'm shattered! Lived up to your pen name with this one!! Beautiful work. So beautiful. 

Author's Response on January 19, 2021 09:10pm

Thank you so much. flowers

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Shayz commented on Frail on November 21, 2020 02:01am

On dawn this made .e cry like a little girl! So beautiful & heart wrenching. So glad I found this. What a lovely piece! d84;

Author's Response on November 21, 2020 03:53pm

Thank you so much. :)

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Elianne commented on Frail on May 30, 2020 11:13am Liked

Beautiful but also heartbreaking... i'm glad they could speak to each other in the end, although i can't stop wishing they could have had at lest a few more years in the end.. maybe by that tine they would have been both wiser and less mad with each other... i love that buffy had a good life  she deserved and it was the right thing to do when she realised spike wasn't coming back..but really *whining voice* did it have to be Angel???? I guess it's better than riley but still!!!!

I'llmake my peace with that because the Story was beautiful..  short but still very touching.. thank you..

And yes, i did cry...

Author's Response on May 30, 2020 07:14pm

Thank you. Yes, I struggled with it being Angel, but it really made sense. I don't think anything else could have caused that much trauma to the relationship once it was established, so Angel it was. *hands you a tissue* Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

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Ajmilone commented on Frail on May 16, 2020 05:23am Liked

Oh this was wonderful! Exactly what I needed! I was reading thinking “ok I got this, this isn’t so bad” and then Buffy asked for one good day and I lost it. Absolutely beautiful. I love the back story, too. That they were together and a human Angel showed up....ugh my angsty heart LOVES  it!

Author's Response on May 16, 2020 07:46pm

I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you for telling me so. :)

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Twinkles commented on Frail on April 24, 2019 11:32pm Liked

Oh 😢 Oh. 😭

Gorgeously written, thank you so much 💙💜

Author's Response on April 25, 2019 11:53am

I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks for reading and telling me so.

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Priceless commented on Frail on October 17, 2018 01:15am Liked

Lovely story, made me cry. 

Author's Response on October 17, 2018 05:42pm

Mission accomplished! :)  Thanks.

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Holi117 commented on Frail on September 13, 2018 05:18pm Liked

Read this overon fanfic last night and it hadme sooo emotional! Forsonething so short, it felt so gripping and natural, and just broke my heart! Also - Angel the forever douche managed to bug me even after he is long dead lol! I cant deal with this, its just too sad!! 

(Firmly cemented my headcannon of slayers being practically immortal becausemy heart cant take that one day this could happen in the buffyverse lol!) xxx

Author's Response on September 13, 2018 08:10pm

LOL  Thanks for telling me how it affected to you. It was just one of those things that demanded I write it.


To be fair, I definitely have more than one fic in which it is at least hinted that Buffy will be immortal or close enough to it.


Holi117 Replied on September 13, 2018 10:09pm

Thank god! Because this was beautiful... but i also have weepy s5 “crush” spike saying 

‘this... with you? Its wrong! I know it!’ 

Deathbed buffy saying goodbye to spike, is too much for my fragile emotions haha.

But again, great work! Usually shorts like this dontmake me feel so strongly. X

Author's Response on September 14, 2018 08:24am


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Passion4Spike commented on Frail on September 11, 2018 05:30pm Liked

This is heartbreakingly beautiful! So many tears for both of them. weep  Thank so much for sharing it. Loved it! heart

Author's Response on September 11, 2018 08:36pm

Thank you for telling me you liked it. :)

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Cyne commented on Frail on June 27, 2018 04:14pm Liked

 Oh my God withe the crying and good, good angst. Well done!

Author's Response on June 27, 2018 06:48pm

Thank you. My job here is done...

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Nerdgurl commented on Frail on July 14, 2017 11:43pm

That was pretty depressing, good job!

Author's Response on July 15, 2017 11:57am

LOL Thanks.

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Wannabenyota commented on Frail on June 19, 2017 08:52pm

That was so touching! weepI am relatively new to the site. I just found you stories about two days ago, and I have not stop reading them. Good thing I am on vacation. Thank you for taking the time an effort to post them and I look forward to more great stories!

Author's Response on June 19, 2017 09:29pm

Thank you. I'm glad you found it affecting. :)  Hope you continue to enjoy my stories. Thanks for telling me so.

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SzmattyCat commented on Frail on April 17, 2017 11:09am Liked

Add me to the huddle of people sobbing over the corner.

At the same time, really curious about what spike has been up to all this time as he waited for the chance to say goodbye.

Author's Response on April 17, 2017 04:15pm

*hands you a tissue*. I suppose spike would have stayed drunk for a while when he realised it was too late to come back, then been sad for himself, but happy for buffy and her family. He would have probably had another woman or two in his life because he isn't good at being alone, but would never have forgotten her or what they.

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djellibabe commented on Frail on July 06, 2016 02:04am Liked

 Ok, so crying over my breakfast coffee, not a good look!

Author's Response on July 06, 2016 07:57am

Sorry? :)

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Odessa2010 commented on Frail on July 06, 2016 12:33am Liked

Good story. So bittersweet. I read it when I need a good cry. Sniff. 😢

Author's Response on July 06, 2016 07:58am

Thank you.

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nojiri23 commented on Frail on July 05, 2016 09:52am Liked

I've always loved this story! weepheartsheart

Author's Response on July 05, 2016 11:35am

I'm glad. :)

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magnus374 commented on Frail on July 05, 2016 06:40am

It was so sad, all that lost time and her marring Angel, is just wrong. It is still a good story though.

Author's Response on July 05, 2016 11:35am

Thanks. It is sad - meant to be that way. :)

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jhiz commented on Frail on July 05, 2016 04:24am

Strangely enough it isn't the death that I find so sad in this tale.  It is the length of time they stayed mad at each other.  That I find truly horrible.  I can't find death for Buffy, who knows what awaits, as a bad thing especially when you have given her such a long rich life.  Despite his own pain,it is moving that Spike still gave Buffy just what she wanted.

Author's Response on July 05, 2016 11:37am

Thank you. It is what they did to themselves that is the sad part. Just barely alleviated by having a chance to reconnect and say their "I love you"s before she dies. 

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ginar369 commented on Frail on July 04, 2016 11:10pm Liked

weep I can't believe she married Angel! 

Author's Response on July 05, 2016 11:39am

Well, not immediately, obviously. And not until she was sure Spike was not coming back.  But yes, she eventually ended up doing what Spike had so mistakenly believed is what she would want. Very sad all the way around.

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DeamonQueen commented on Frail on July 04, 2016 08:51pm Liked

This was a cruel and every sad fic, Yet at the same time it was really a beautiful one. Thank you for sharing it.

Author's Response on July 04, 2016 09:57pm

Thank you for reading. It is a sad fic, and yet....

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pfeifferpack commented on Frail on July 04, 2016 07:30pm Liked

Spike is awaiting sunrise on that roof you just know it.

Sad that the Slayers don't know that Spike sacrificed his life in the hellmouth and saved the world (or that Buffy's kids who clearly had dealings with the Council are also ignorant of Spike's past).  famous/notorious William the Bloody would seem to indicate his history prior to saving the world was known as well as his more infamous big bad deeds.  Not fair.

I rather resent Angel getting any cookies at all but it made for a sad yet believable story.


You're wacking us with the angst here the past couple of days LOL!  Lovely bit of writing, tissue worthy.

Author's Response on July 04, 2016 09:59pm

Thanks - yeah, kind heavy on the angst lately. Checking season 2 fics for something fluffier, but so far all I've come up with is a pwp. LOL And even it has kind of a sad ending (although followed a few laters later by a much longer, plottier fic with a happy ending.

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LavenderBlue commented on Frail on July 04, 2016 07:24pm Liked

 You mad me cry - very sweet, very tender, Thank you.

Author's Response on July 04, 2016 10:00pm

You're welcome. Thanks for reading.

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All4Spike commented on Frail on July 04, 2016 06:29pm Liked


Author's Response on July 04, 2016 10:01pm


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