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thenewbuzwuzz commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on September 14, 2016 08:41pm Liked

I love this

Author's Response on September 14, 2016 05:44pm

For some reason I really liked writing this chapter, I'm glad you enjoyed it too! 

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sosa lola commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on June 28, 2016 03:50pm

Can I just say I love how your chapters are named the same way as Friends' episodes? Also when reading the name of this chapter, you'd think it's a cozy Spuffy coffee drinking schmoop, but poor Buffy. I like how different Buffy and Spike see how naive a person is: Buffy feels it's Spike coming back for her. Spike sees it as a the opposite.  

Author's Response on June 28, 2016 12:46pm

I'm glad you're enjoying this and I really appreciate your taking the time to review. The way the chapters are named originally started as a combination of me thinking maybe I'd write a story that had a frame, and then each chapter could stand as an individual story within the framework. so often happens, I quickly became enamored and wanted to find out what was going to happen next and the free standing element went out the window. 

But...having the chapters named that way made it really easy to find them in my documents list! So I went with it! I also figured it would help readers. They would see the title of the chapter and quickly be able to identify if they had read it or not. 

What I didn't anticipate, and which got sort of strange is that sometimes I would sit down to write and the chapter name would come out first and I'd have NO idea why it was called that and where the chapter was going! The One Where Spike and My Mother Play Backgammon...the title came to me and then I was like...well, this could be interesting! 

Thanks for letting me know which things stick out to you and what you enjoy. I love to know what my reader's are thinking!

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Sunalso commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on June 23, 2016 06:57pm Liked

Oooph- rough.

You've got me twisted round enough that I don't know who's reliable at all, or who to believe.

Very good storytelling!

And for some reason I'm incredibly glad Buffy drank her coffee. (Foreshadowing?)

Author's Response on June 23, 2016 04:00pm

Mission accomplished! I was hoping that people would understand why Buffy is so confused and not be too harsh on her for not immediately assuming Spike is on her side. There is some seriously weird shit going on here. Yeah...that latte....damn girl, you are observant and perceptive! 

More will be revealed....see you at the next update!

Sunalso Replied on June 23, 2016 04:18pm

In case you're wondering...yes- I'm *that* person at bookclub...the one with the crazy theory because the author said xyz in chapter 4 and zyx in the last couple paragraphs of their story. Also I just nod and smile whenever someone leave me a review about how T3 is such a nice little time-travel fic ;-) 

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anatas commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on June 23, 2016 09:07am Liked

Poor Buffy. She is in a terrible situation faced with nearly certain death or even total annihilation from a source she cannot completely grasp. To make matters worse she doesn´t know who to trust. Basically she has to decide whether she trusts more, Spike (a vampire with questionable alliances but who has his socks in her drawer) or the council (the ones that supported her in the past, but their main alliance is to the slayer line, not her personally). So I am curious what Buffy is going to do.

I´ve noticed that you narrate this chapter without to many hints from the future, which I like because here it helps the suspense.

Author's Response on June 23, 2016 07:30am

I am glad that readers are feeling some sympathy for Buffy, because she really is in a tough situation. Not only is her life on the line, but now she has the Slayer lineage to protect as well!  I was afraid people were going to be hating on her for doubting Spike so much. I'm glad the confusion came across well.

More to come soon...Buffy won't leave you hanging! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. It makes my day to hear from my readers!

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yellowb commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on June 22, 2016 08:18pm Liked

That's oddly romantic -- that Spike just doesn't really care if she doesn't trust or believe him, so long as she doesn't die.  I guess it is also "romantic," in more of a doomed way, that Buffy's willing to die to save a calling she didn't get to choose.    

Author's Response on June 22, 2016 07:26pm

I'm glad you put romantic in quotes when you mentioned Buffy's commitment to her calling. Sigh...Hold onto that thought about Spike, you might need it later. (and Buffy might need you to give her a nudge!)

Too bad she can't let herself trust him, with his decades of experience he has so much to offer her. More is revealed very soon! Thanks for reading and reviewing. 

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magnus374 commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on June 22, 2016 06:57pm

It's a complicated mess. Buffy can't be sure who is telling the truth and who she can trust. She can think out several scenarios and they are all likely. Then there's also the problem with, what is the right thing. If the Council's plan to kill her is true, it could actually be the right thing to do, "the need of the many". It was such a great look into Buffy's mind. The part at the end with the crucifix felt like a really big moment. I also really liked her thought about the jam on the english muffin.

I wonder what Spike's plan is? He wants to bind her to the relic, could that lead to Ovid destroying the relic instead? Spike's plan could of course also be to save Buffy, not the Slayer. There are many things to think about. 

Author's Response on June 22, 2016 07:20pm

You definitely have a handle on all the layers of things happening. Even if Buffy lets herself believe Spike wants to save HER...she still has her duty as the Slayer, which he might not care about at all. I'm glad that so far no one has condemned the Council for their possible plan. There is no easy answer to this situation.

The thing with Spike and Buffy is she feels such a strong connection, but they have had so little actual time together, that she can never be sure if it's real or just a girlish hope. Things happen fast in the next few chapters, so there won't be long to wait to get some answers!

I really appreciate your reviews, always a great sounding board for me!  


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ginar369 commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on June 22, 2016 06:04pm Liked

I can imagine that evil can make some pretty complex plans. But to have a vamp bring you a relic that can dust them in an instant just to lower your guard? Sounds a bit far-fetched. I get it Spike isn't a choir boy but still....

Author's Response on June 22, 2016 02:28pm

Yeah, I know...Poor Buffy...still young and stupid. Her heart wants to believe but the Slayer in her isn't easily convinced. A lot happens in the next couple of chapters, hopefully she will come to her senses. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Ubikoctober commented on The One Where Spike and I Go For Coffee on June 22, 2016 02:45pm

Buffy how old are you? I mean right now, writing this.

Also is your real name just Buffy like jn the show, or is it Elisabeth?

Author's Response on June 22, 2016 11:53am

Thanks for reading and reviewing! Buffy will answer your questions in the next Q&A. 

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