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sandy_s commented on Christmas fics on December 23, 2018 04:59am Liked

Was this two separate stories? They were so silly in the comics! Bout time they communicated! Also I love when dawn sets them up. Made me laugh that they were talking about love in Dowling’s bedroom. Best Christmas ever for Spuffy! heart

Author's Response on December 23, 2018 08:08am

Yes, two separate Christmas stories, just set in the same world. Ditto for the two New Years themed ones...

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infinitecrisis commented on Christmas fics on February 22, 2017 09:21pm

Thanks for the story. Not many people writing season 9 and season 10 where Buffy actually with Spike now. That's so much to explore. What about Spike and Buffy crashed landing in season 4/5/6 with the bug ship time travel... ;) etc Just an idea which might be fun. I always love your story for several years now. You are so talented in writing! Dowling is a good guy and like Clem, Jeremy, Beta-George and Beck, they are all Spike's friends outside the scooby. It is nice to have story about them. Thank you!

Author's Response on February 22, 2017 09:48pm

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I do like writing in the comics.

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Rabbit_moon1 commented on Christmas fics on December 19, 2016 06:47pm Liked

 Oh!  Wonderful little  Christmas stories!  If only the Season 9 comics had gone like this!  I would have been so happy.  The scene where Spike flew off with the bugs brought tears to my eyes.  It was so obvious his heart had been broken...again.  I can't tell you how much I hated the comics after that; not to mention the total disaster that was Season 8! (Ugh! I wanted to tear my hair out I was so disgusted!)  Your take on the comics is so much better and, frankly, more believable.  

You are a master at capturing Buffy and Spike's voices.  They sound so natural, it feels effortless.  That is exceptional writing!  My hat is off to you!

Thanks for a jolly holiday read!  I needed that!


Author's Response on December 19, 2016 07:09pm

Thank you for your kind words. :) I'm glad you enjoyed them. I found myself with nothing to do in comics canon until Spike came back. And now that they're together in canon, I'm not inspired again! 

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djellibabe commented on New Years Ficlets on December 18, 2016 07:05am Liked

 Most excellent! Just what I needed to get me all fired up for the holidays!

Author's Response on December 18, 2016 02:14pm

Thanks. Love holiday fics!

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annamatte commented on New Years Ficlets on April 12, 2016 02:56am Liked

I loved the bantering between them in the third story. 

“Nothing. It’s just…” He shrugged. “Was remembering a time when that much booze would have had you making adorable little faces.” He risked running a hand down her cheek, smiling when she didn’t flinch away. “Sometimes I kind of miss that little girl.”   It's nice to see that Spike remembers that scene of their past with a feeling of nostalgia. I liked it. And the kissing scene was great.

“Wasn’t planning to rip it off you, Slayer. I’m not completely devoid of self-control and common sense.” She glanced back over her shoulder and raised one eyebrow. “Who are you and what have you done with Spike?”   LOL. I loved it! :)

In the last story I liked the dialogues. The voices of all the characters sounded spot-on. I loved the scene where they talked about New Year’s Eves with Riley. Spike's admission came as a surprise to Buffy and the others. Their reaction made me smile.

I enjoyed to read the stories! There was the right mix of funny moments and sweet moments. Great job!

Author's Response on April 12, 2016 08:40am

I'm glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for telling me so.

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annamatte commented on Christmas fics on April 11, 2016 09:34pm Liked

These two stories were really sweet. I loved them! I feel almost a bit sorry for Dowling. Almost. :)

In the first story Spike was adorable with his insecurities and I'm glad that Buffy took the initiative and said to him what he was hoping.

In the second story I liked the drinking contest between Spike and Dowling. It was a funny scene. 

I loved the scene where Buffy tried to pull her lower lip trick on Spike, but he didn't take the bait because he knew Buffy too well. It's the way it's always been with the Slayer and her vampire.

Author's Response on April 11, 2016 06:36pm

I'm glad they rang true for you. Thanks for telling me so.

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magnus374 commented on New Years Ficlets on March 21, 2016 09:16am

More good moments for them, the lovely interaction is such a joy to read. It was also good to see that they have adapted to the new world and didn't kill Sandy just like that.

Author's Response on March 21, 2016 01:04pm

:)  Thanks.

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magnus374 commented on Christmas fics on March 21, 2016 08:17am


This was very nice. We could see the theme of insecure Spike who doesn't know were he stans with Buffy and are to scared to push. Buffy is missing him when he isn't there, but she has her own insecureties. I do like Dowling, he is a good guy, if Buffy wasn't into Spike he could have been good for her. I really liked all the interaction here.

Author's Response on March 21, 2016 01:06pm

Dowling was a decent guy. But he knew who Buffy really cares about.

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