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ScarlettDuck commented on One-Shot on March 31, 2018 12:51pm Liked

Adorable. Love the idea of this, but I doubt this would actually fool Angel. He should be able to smell Buffy on Spike every time he's near him.

Author's Response on March 31, 2018 12:54pm

Thanks for reading! 

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sandy_s commented on One-Shot on June 25, 2017 12:25am Liked

Loved this! I always imagined that Spike and Buffy were actually in touch during season five. It just made no sense that they wouldn't be. I wrote a version of that but I think I like yours better! Poor biggrin

Random side note, I have green eyes and my excuse on St Patrick's Day is that my green is built in. My husband says it doesn't count.

Also love that their secret rendezvous is on the law firm's dime and that Lorne knows!!!!! And Buffy makes Spike wear a green hat. And he does it to hear her laugh... and I love that they still cuddle lots along with the shagging.

And omg, my phone keeps autocorrecting with crazy stuff. Argh! heart

Author's Response on June 25, 2017 06:44pm

I'm glad you liked it, it's one of my stories that I'm always like: eh, that could have gone better. I think I was toying around with the idea of a longer fic in which Buffy and Spike were secretly meeting all during the second half of AtS S5, but it ended up being just this.

Hmmm...I side with your husband, you're not technically *wearing* your eye color wink

After all the sad I think, if given another chance he would so badly want to make her happy.

My phone corrects "fics" to "docs" frequently. You'd think it would have learned by now...

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Nyxella commented on One-Shot on April 22, 2017 04:12pm Liked

It took me awhile to read this one and I'm glad I did. hearthaha

Author's Response on April 22, 2017 04:46pm

I'd feel sorry for Angel...but it's Angel, so too bad! tongue

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tazmatic commented on One-Shot on November 17, 2016 08:09pm Liked

Oh Angel and his horrible Irish accent. Lol. I almost feel bad for him. Except he likes feeling bad. 

Author's Response on November 18, 2016 08:01pm

He does, he really, really does.

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flootzavut commented on One-Shot on October 17, 2016 04:42pm Liked

"The poor guy looked greener than normal, if that’s possible."

Bwahahaha poor Lorne *pets him* I totally think Lorne ships Spuffy *nodnod*

“Good god, you scared me half to life.”

haha that is a terrible, terrible pun, I hope you're proud biggrin

This is actually so plausible. Angel's head being so far up his own backside he can't smell Buffy on Spike? Yeah, I believe it!

Author's Response on October 17, 2016 04:48pm

Ugh- this story is not one of my prouder moments.

I figure Spike's got his de-Buffy-scent routine down pat. (also it's REALLY shaky in canon about the scent thing-sometimes they're blood hounds and other times not- so take your pick wink)

flootzavut Replied on October 17, 2016 05:25pm

Hey, it made me giggle, and given the summary, that was pretty much what I wanted/expected from it. You got in taking the piss out of Angel for his terrible singing AND you had Lorne AND it had shoot Spuffy. No complaints wink Not every story can be T3. (I may have read some silliness to take the edge of before I dived into the shitstorm that is the start of T3...)

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Cupcakes525 commented on One-Shot on October 09, 2016 04:58pm Liked

Super cute! Loved the twist at the end. Sneaky Spuffy!

Author's Response on October 09, 2016 06:23pm

My silly little Spike gets Angel plaster story! And I couldn't resist a Spuffy ending ;-)

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Elianne commented on One-Shot on October 06, 2016 01:54am Liked

Funny, beautiful and bittersweet at first..i would have enjoyed it a lot even if it had stayed that way, just a Spike and Angel story..the endIng was an unexpected delightful cherry on the top..:))*squeaking and grinning*..way better than my first reaction: the need to smack Angel and cuddle Spike was becoming unbearable..;P 

Author's Response on October 06, 2016 05:22pm

I really would have worked as just Spike and Angel having a drink, but I'm kind of obsessed with having Buffy and Spike back together in AtS S5 so I couldn't resist. I'm glad you enjoyed! biggrin

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alive_or_dead commented on One-Shot on August 31, 2016 03:49am Liked

I can actually picture Angel acting like this... And also I now have Danny Boy stuck in my head XD 

Author's Response on August 31, 2016 03:52am

Poor ole self-centered Angel...

Thank you for the read and review!

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-Carrie-Ann- commented on One-Shot on August 28, 2016 10:43am Liked

Angel you are a total nob head, how could Spike let him moon over Buffy? I suppose he was too clattered to smell Buffy on Spike?

Love these post series stories when all is well with Spuffy, loved it! X

Author's Response on August 28, 2016 10:55am

I figured Buffy and Spike had been sneaking around behind Angel's back for a while and have some system all worked out for making sure he doesn't stick of her when he goes to see Angel. And Spike probably got a big kick out of Angel mooning over Buffy, lol. It was all just a bit of fluff for St Paddy's day :-)

Thank you for the read and review!

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Kellydofc commented on One-Shot on July 31, 2016 01:35am Liked

That was so not how I was expecting that to go but it was super cute!

Author's Response on July 31, 2016 01:39am

Super fluffy story, I should hand out toothbrushes with it. Thank you for reading my sillyness! 

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KayleeDiane commented on One-Shot on March 30, 2016 02:41am Liked

I am so happy that other people think Angel's accent is terrible. The first time I heard it I was so embarrassed I almost turned off the episode. It was so bad I couldn't believe they kept letting him do it... I love St Paddy's day and I love this version of events. I wish Spike had actually called her in the show. Angel and Spike deciding to let her live her life seemed like such a cop out. This was adorable and Spike listing the things he loves about Buffy was perfect!

Author's Response on March 31, 2016 09:25pm

I can't believe they let DB continue doing that accent. He was fooling nobody! I'm glad you liked my crazy little story. I always figured even if they couldn't have SMG on the show they could have shown Spike having a one sided conversation, maybe during NFA, to give us/the characters some kind of closure :-/

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purrmonster commented on One-Shot on March 28, 2016 04:02am

 Hilarious!  LOVE it!  Ireland Forever!  :)

Author's Response on March 28, 2016 01:10am

Ha! I'm glad you enjoyed my holiday craziness :-)

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pfeifferpack commented on One-Shot on March 18, 2016 05:24am Liked

I really loved this. First a drunken Angel still deluding himself about Buffy.  So funny.  I can hear every bad rendition ever done of those tunes I've ever heard (and I've heard plenty).  Angel is in love with his pain, his tragedy and cuddling up properly.  Makes sense.  The old saying goes that the Irish have sad songs of love and happy songs of war and that fits the boy to a tee.

Love the twist that Buffy's been there for quite a while but kept it secret from Angel.  Yeah, I think Spike is right ... it's to keep from having to deal with Angel personally.  Smart Buffy!  Stay with your pretty and loyal vampire and avoid the dolt who left you after messing you up for so long.

Great little story that made me smile all the while through.


Author's Response on March 19, 2016 12:25pm

I'm glad my little bit of holiday fluff was able to make you smile! Angel really is his own worst enemy and Buffy is just entirely done with him (though Spike probably finds that harder to believe than he should).  As always thank you for the read a review!

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Rabbit_moon1 commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 10:20pm Liked

This was brilliantly funny, and touching at the same time.  

You captured Angel's brooding self-pity perfectly, and Spike’s amusing efforts to comfort the big, drunken git.  I laughed out loud several times.  Also loved that we had a happy Spuffy ending.  

Thanks for a great St. Patrick's Day story.  I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response on March 19, 2016 12:07pm

I'm glad I could give you a smile with my holiday fluff!

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SoaringClaws commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 08:01pm

 Perfect! Though now Danny Boy is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. At least it's festive I suppose.

Author's Response on March 17, 2016 06:03pm

Ha! I hope it's not being sung too loudly, slightly off key, and in a horribly fake Irish accent ;-) 

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magnus374 commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 07:25pm

This thing with Angel was both amusing and sad. He can be such a tragic character sometimes.

I just loved the fact thst Buffy and Spike was seeing each other and Spike was just playing along with Angel.

Author's Response on March 17, 2016 06:06pm

Poor Angel- he really doesn't know himself or anyone else :-/ I'm glad you liked the Spuffy surprise at the end- if only I'd been in charge of Angel season 5...

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gonnaregretthis commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 03:43pm Liked

Dorky and schmoopy and happy and Angel is a dork.  Thank you!

Author's Response on March 17, 2016 06:16pm

Yup- I agree- Angel is a dork... :-)

Thank you for the read and review!

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Cryptwarmer commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 01:16pm Liked

So funny. I especially loved....She'll just tell me she's not cookies again and Oh god was he doing his leprechaun voice

Angel always was and always will be a sodden fool. Go Spike for the win!

Author's Response on March 19, 2016 12:08pm

Angel is seriously his own worst enemy- poor Spike for having to put up with hi! Thank you for the read and review :-)

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Blue Eyes2 commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 11:42am Liked

I'm so glad Spike called and more importantly got the girl. That sly devil indeed.

Author's Response on March 19, 2016 12:08pm

I couldn't leave him hanging ;-)

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jhiz commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 09:34am

This had the potential to be pretty sad... glad that you gave us a happy ending for at least two of the three characters.

Great description of the drunken scene in Angel's office.  I loved the image of Gunn fluttering about near the door and unsure of how to handle his drunken, oversized leprechaun of a boss. 

Hmm, how in the world would Spike get to shag Buffy every night and not reek of it in Angel's nose the next day?  Industrial cleaner on all his parts?  Poor Spike *snicker*

Thank you for sharing your St. Pat's Day challenge tale.

Author's Response on March 17, 2016 06:14pm

I thought about the smell thing- but decided that a long explanation didn't belong in my story- let go with Willow's made them a charm to hide Buffy's scent...

Thank you for reading my fluff (plot? who needs plot?) for the holiday!



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fyreburned commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 08:13am Liked

So cute! And Angel(us) always had such an *awful* Irish accent! 

I absolutely LOVE the song "Will Ye Go, Lassie Go"... my late fiance used to sing it to me. He also sang "Danny Boy" beautifully (and other Irish/Celtic songs, tho his specialty was Sea Chanties; but he wasn't Irish, but of Welsh descent). BTW, have you ever heard of a band called "Emerald Rose"? They're awesome, sing lots of Celtic music, plus some of their own, with a li'l kixk to it. They do a great version of "Will Ye Go..." (tho I thought it was called "Wild Mountain Thyme" for some reason) Highly recommend them! 

I adore Spike picking on Angel. Him leaving, knowing Angel was gonna have the MOTHER of all hangovers was a nice touch... as was Lorne cluing in on Spike's present/future shenanigans. And him going back to be with Buffy (right in the Old Poof's backyard) was just the icing on the whole cake!!! Enjoyed it!

Author's Response on March 19, 2016 12:11pm

I *LOVE* Emerald Rose- I had CDs of theirs before there was such a thing as itunes :-) I think 'Wild Mountain Thyme' is the older/more traditional name for the song, 'Will Ye Go,Lassie, Go' seems to stem from the middle of last century when people like Bing Crosby were recording versions of it. 

I'm glad my little bit of holiday fluff gave you a smile :-)

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spuffy forever commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 05:08am

Loved this, thes Angel is Irish parodie was a bit annoying, but the finishing line with Buffy waiting for Spike at his hotel room was just the fluff it needed. Happy Buffy came for Spike and is avoiding Angel

Author's Response on March 17, 2016 02:25am

Angel's making himself into a stereotype- playing a roll because he lost a part of himself, that role just happens to be drunk and annoying. I'm glad you liked the Buffy surprise at the end :-) 

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Robyn commented on One-Shot on March 17, 2016 03:12am Liked

Now this is how season five should have been.

Author's Response on March 17, 2016 12:16am

It would have been a lot more fun! 

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